IBVIAAN Ch 4 — Flowers in Both Hands

The man who had just entered the restaurant, scanned his surroundings and stopped when his eyes met mine.

I couldn’t move either, too captivated by the man’s deep gaze.

‘I didn’t know we’d meet again.’

Thump thump thump thump.

My heart suddenly started to beat foolishly.

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The man who had just entered the restaurant, scanned his surroundings and stopped when his eyes met mine.

I couldn’t move either, too captivated by the man’s deep gaze.

‘I didn’t know we’d meet again.’

Thump thump thump thump.

My heart suddenly started to beat foolishly.


The puppy’s cry, which expressed his joy to see me, was a bonus instead.

Breaking the brief silence, Kelber ran up to me and leapt up, placing his front paws on my thighs.

As he tried to lick my face, I burst into laughter and rubbed his face.

“It’s nice to see you again too!” 

The man, who came to break up the excited greeting, pulled on Kelber’s leash. When he pulled the leash of the middle one, all the heads were also pulled back at the same time.

“Get down, Kelber.”

With just a few words, Kelber calmly got down to the floor.

I let out a small exclamation of admiration at how well trained he was. He was both charismatic, and even made training his dogs seem charismatic.

His voice was both strong and lovely at the same time.

“So we meet again.”

I gave him a pretty smile, since I was happy to see him again.

But instead of greeting me, he just stared at me and proceeded to say something rather ridiculous.

“Your hairstyle has changed.”


I brushed back the baby hairs that had fallen past my ear.

“I tied it up since it felt uncomfortable.”

When I had met him during the day, my hair, which had been let loose, was now tied up.

“Does it look weird?”

I asked stealthily. Is it so bad that you’d comment on it as soon as we meet again?

“I like it. It’s refreshing.”

“Really? That’s a relief then.”

I tucked my hair behind my ears and smiled bashfully. Receiving compliments has always been an enjoyable thing.

“Are you also staying here today?”

“For now…”

He muffled the end of his words as he alternated his gaze between me and Kelber.

“That seems to be the case.”

“I heard that there are a lot of pretty decent single rooms still on the top floor that are available. Oh, and the wild boar meat here is also really good.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

As I was chatting to him, Linden tugged my sleeve lightly.

“Meliara. This person is…?”

He had a look of a young child who was extremely wary of strangers as he asked.

“Oh, I ran into him by chance during the day. He’s the owner of Kelber over here.”

Come to think of it, since he was a noble, would he recognise Linden?

I remembered that he had been dragged away by a butler who seemed to have raised him as well. Although the commoners wouldn’t recognise Linden by his face, the high-ranking aristocrats would.

Then, a thread of suspicion suddenly came to my mind.

‘Then in that sense, I’m also the daughter of one of the three major dukes.’

Though of course, now disowned.

Although it wouldn’t have been known to everyone yet, this man still didn’t call me ‘Princess’ either. Besides, it would come out rather naturally too.

‘Do you not know my face?’

It came to mind that he may not be a high-ranking aristocrat.

Then wouldn’t you be surprised to hear that Linden is a prince?

“Nice to meet you. I’m Linden Ezzarson von Bakarta.”


Linden’s self-introduction made me feel a prick in my conscience for no reason.

‘Everyone in the restaurant will be shocked if you’re that loud…!’

Upon looking around anxiously, I discovered something even more shocking.

Our surroundings were severely quiet, and everyone was even looking this way. However, it was a different sort of tension from being shocked by the appearance of the prince.

‘Don’t tell me… the people I had simply thought were all mercenaries and travelers were actually all Linden’s own escort knights?’

I thought he had simply been walking around freely since commoners didn’t recognise his face, but to think that the knights must have been watching him from where they were hidden all this time!

‘Well, to be fair… he’s a prince who never knows how many poisoned arrows might come down at any moment, so there’s no way he’d just be roaming around by himself.’ 

I quickly looked at the owner of Kelber. 

How shocked must he have been. Just as I was thinking of going to comfort him by telling him not to worry, the man however, simply nodded his head indifferently and took a seat next to me.

The forehead of Linden, who had been ignored, wrinkled slightly.

But he soon regained his composure and smiled.

“Isn’t it basic courtesy for one to return a greeting after receiving one?”

His laugh seemed to sarcastically be saying, ‘why are you like this, you rude bastard’.

However, Kelber’s owner, who was far from being embarrassed or offended, spoke casually.

“Why should I?”


“Although you may think it’s nice to meet me, it’s not for me. So I don’t think there’s a need for me to return your greeting.”

I could feel the sincerity in his voice when he said that, so this time, not only Linden, but also my eyes widened in shock.

Wow, this is the first time I, who had lived in modern times, had seen a My Way1.

I could feel the knights surrounding us flinch, perhaps because they had thought that his rudeness had gone too far.

Linden lifted his finger slightly to restrain them.

He spoke while still smiling.

“You seem to be close with my older brother. If that’s the case, then that might be why you aren’t happy to see me.”

No matter how much they opposed each other, I didn’t think they’d shed all pretense of courtesy this fast, but…

“Even if that’s the case, shouldn’t you at least tell me your name?”

In any case, Linden seemed to be trying to deescalate the situation somehow.

However, the man didn’t seem to have the slightest intention in helping him with his efforts.

“Why should I?”

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He said the exact same thing as before.

This time, Linden’s smile faltered noticeably. The raised corners of his lips trembled slightly.

Not only that, but his knights all started to rise from their seats. It was the moment when their swords were unsheathed from their scabbard.


This time, Kelber’s fur bristled as he bared his teeth. Perhaps because he had three heads, but his growl seemed to be three times more menacing as normal dogs.

Linden’s gaze slowly moved from Kelber, to his knights, and then finally, to the man.

“What do you think will come out of this?”

Although he was still smiling, it was definitely a threat.

I wasn’t the only one who felt this sort of tension, but the expression of the man who owned Kelber didn’t even change a single bit.

‘Should I come forward and stop them…?’

Although I wondered what sort of help my words could possibly be to them, I still opened my mouth to stir up the atmosphere.

However, before I could even say anything, an enormous pressure started to overwhelm and envelop the room.

“That’s what I was going to say.”



At the owner of Kelber’s low remarks, several knights behind him fell to their knees. They clutched their chest and trembled.

Although I also felt as if my stomach was being squeezed, as if something was on top of it, it was clear just by looking that the pressure felt by the knights was different to the feeling of awkwardness I felt.

‘What’s going on…’

I couldn’t figure it out if I didn’t know the cause. 

The black energy that had burst out in an instant from the man who was sitting next to me was seeping into the bodies of the knights. I avoided it skillfully. 

‘Black energy? Aura? What is this?’

Although I didn’t know what it was, one thing was certain: the fact that this man was an incredibly formidable person.

Even Linden, who was set up with the foundations as an excellent mage in the original novel as the second male lead, seemed to be clenching his fists due to the bothersome energy.


Linden’s voice trembled slightly.

“No way…”

However, the man turned his head to me, ignoring Linden.

Although it was an act that could be said to be disrespectful toward the prince, Linden, who had already witnessed his capability, didn’t bother to make a point of it.

The reason why they couldn’t make a big fight here and cause Linden to seem like the victim was probably because he would a lose more than he would gain.


He looked at me straight in the eyes and spoke.

“It’s Lecht. My name.”

“Oh. My name is Meliara.”

I responded in bewilderment to the self-introduction that didn’t seem to match the atmosphere around us.

The gaze he looked at me with was subtle as he muttered quietly.


My shoulders shuddered in that moment.

‘Right. If you look at it, you could get Ara out of Meliara.’

I was surprised the moment I heard my name from my previous life.

“If you want to call me that, then you can. Haha.”

I tried to laugh it off, but then he suddenly said something out of the blue.

“Don’t you recognise me?”


He didn’t seem to be talking about when we met in the afternoon.

How would I know who you were?

When I looked confused, as if I really didn’t know, he added cautiously.

“Have you… never met me before…?”

His voice had softened to the fullest, and the eyes he used to observe me had become completely gentle, the sharpness from before nowhere to be seen.

I wondered if this was the same person who seemed as if he was about to devour all the knights until just now.

I felt as if I had glimpsed the affectionate side he had been hiding, a warm breeze blowing through my heart.

“Well, I don’t know.”

I smiled, pretending to be calm, and said.

“I think today is my first time.”

If it was me, I knew I wouldn’t have forgotten such a handsome face.

‘Did he perhaps ever meet the original owner of this body?’

If that was the case, then I’m sorry, but it wasn’t in my memories. So, of course, the only thing I could was pretend to be clueless.

“…or maybe not.”

His eyes darkened as he muttered softly.

I felt sorry for no reason for not remembering…

“Although I don’t remember meeting you before, won’t it be fine if we get to know each other more from now on?”

I smiled as brightly as I could as I spoke.

Although I didn’t know what kind of meeting he had with Meliara in the past, there was no law against building a new relationship with me.

Relationships with handsome men have always been welcome.


However, he didn’t respond to my suggestion.

Hey… it’s a bit embarrassing, so can you at least say yes or no…?

I, who always felt awkward when it was silent, let out a haha before adding.

“Although I did say that, I won’t have much time since I’ll be busy with something from now on. Haha.”

Although I did say that I’d get to know him, the truth was that I had to find the spirit and to go and seek asylum somewhere.

The handsome man was enjoyable, but avoiding the collapse of the empire was more important.


“Yes. I’m planning on going to the eastern village of Chiban.”

The village of Chiban was right before the Arvis Grand Duchy, and was the closest village to the abandoned temple of the Moon God.

“So, next time I see you…”

“Then I’ll go with you.”


I felt flustered for a moment since his reply had come back even before I had finished my question. 

This wasn’t the conversation I had been expecting though?

The conversation I had been expecting was that I would say, ‘So, next time I see you, let’s have a cup of tea together’, and then he’d answer ‘let’s do so’ in reply.

Although it was a pity for me to leave a handsome man, I couldn’t just give up on my survival just to see more of him.

But what do you mean by us going together…? Didn’t we only meet for the first time today…?

Upon seeing my perplexed expression, he said.

“I was also scheduled to head to the east.”

“Ah, is that so…?”

“Furthermore, the security outside of the capital isn’t too great, so it’ll be safer for you to move around with me.”

That’s… true, I guess?

There was no guarantee that I, who didn’t even know any self-defense, would be safe on my way to the abandoned temple of the Moon God.

‘If I look at it from that angle, then it would be safer for me to go with Lecht…’

I mean, his skills seemed to be great, just judging from the black energy that had blown in the wind earlier.

However, I couldn’t just shout, ‘alright!’ without any hesitation.

In any case, he was also someone who I had only met for the first time today.

Though I did say that there were no bad people amongst animal lovers. Though he was handsome enough to melt away all my vigilance and alertness!

‘But accompanying him for a few days was a different story, right…?

He said, as if he could see the concern showing on my face.

“Would you feel more at ease if I swore on the Lake of Moonlight that I’d protect you?”


He suddenly pulled out a dagger before I could even respond properly.

“No matter where you’re going, I swear that I’ll take full responsibility for you safety until your arrive.”

At the same time, upon seeing him reach out to cut the tip of his finger without any hesitation, I hurriedly stretched out my hand to stop him.


I grabbed his hand which was gripping onto the dagger with both hands.

“There’s no need for you to go so far!”

Swearing on the ‘Lake of Moonlight’ was the most supreme oath one could make for those who believed in the Moon God.

It was said that if this oath was violated, that the Moon God would then curse the souls of those who took that oath and sentence them to ten thousand years of suffering.

But to think that you would do that! And so willingly as well!

Any of my remaining anxiety was immediately washed away.

“Let’s go together!”

It takes about a week to reach the abandoned temple of the Moon God.

Although I didn’t know where this man’s ‘schedule in the east’ was, there was no way it would be at the temple, so I was sure that we’d split ways in the middle.

To think he’d make a vow to the Lake of Moonlight just to accompany me for a few days. That could’ve been a disaster.

Still, even if that was the case, I was still grateful at his willingness to do so. My heart fluttered for no reason.

“I was also at a loss at the thought of going by myself, but now that Lecht is going with me, I feel reassured.”

When I spoke with a bright smile, he put away the dagger he had taken out and nodded slightly.


The combination of his reply in a deep voice and those golden eyes of his that were slightly downcast made my heart flutter very easily.

Looking at that handsome face, I smiled happily at my daydream of a week-long feast for my eyes, until Linden suddenly tugged at my sleeve.

“I’ll go as well!”

“Why you as well…?”

“I, I also have something to do in the east.”

Really? I think you just stuttered though?

“Take me with you too, okay?”

The way he looked at me pitifully was cute, like a whining rabbit. How could I say no to a face like this?

“Just do as you like.”

In fact, it wasn’t as if I could do anything to stop him from coming.

No matter how much he’s called the ‘Prince of Misfortune’, he was still a prince anyway. Who could possibly stop him…


I turned my eyes to Lecht. If it was Lecht, I felt as if he would even be able to block the way of a prince.

“That’s fine, right?”

“I’m just accompanying you on your way.”

Fortunately, Lecht didn’t try to make it difficult for anyone this time.

“Then, let’s set off tomorrow morning.”

I said while alternating my gaze between the two of them.

Lecht on my right. Linden on my left.

Gosh. There are flowers in both hands.

Although they weren’t my flowers, it was still a pleasant night nonetheless.


[1] 마이웨이 (My Way) refers to those who do not care about other people’s opinions and tend to act according to their own thoughts without listening or caring about others, only going ‘their way’.

author’s note:
i’m also confident that i can hold onto flowers properly too…


anyways, it’s literally chapter 4 and there’s already a showdown between the ml and second ml HNGSDFLKJFDJFDSJ i’m rooting for lecht but soft boy linden also has a soft spot in my heart tho HGLDKSFJFDS

tbh i’d be meliara in this situation, i’m weak to good looks COME HERE I’LL RAISE YOU

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