SMCS Ch 10 — Let’s Continue to Stay in Touch!

“We should get going, Duke.”


The coachman cautiously asked in a faint voice, but Periot remained silent.

However, a knight in a black helmet who was with him noticed that the Duke had blinked slightly at that moment. It was something that was only possible because he was one of the few subordinates who were trusted by Duke Periot, who didn’t allow strangers to be by his side.

“He said to set off.”

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“We should get going, Duke.”


The coachman cautiously asked in a faint voice, but Periot remained silent.

However, a knight in a black helmet who was with him noticed that the Duke had blinked slightly at that moment. It was something that was only possible because he was one of the few subordinates who were trusted by Duke Periot, who didn’t allow strangers to be by his side.

“He said to set off.”

As soon as the order was given, the coachman slowly moved the carriage. Then the knights who were guarding him immediately dug their heels lightly into their horses sides. 

Although there were quite a number of knights who guarded the carriage in order to escort the Duke, not one of them even made a sound.

The only sound around them was the sound of the horses’ hoofs galloping down the rough dirt path, as well as the sound of small rocks hitting each other.

This was because of the unusual atmosphere of Duke Periot, who was currently in the carriage. It was such a vicious aura that even the subordinates who had worked by his side for several years did not dare to roll their eyes freely.

Periot silently gazed at the scenery outside his window, his face devoid of any expression. Unlike in the North, the leaves, which were all an abundant fresh green, quickly passed by those black eyes.

“Give me proof that I’m your wife! Show me the marriage certificate, you psycho bastard!”

In an instant, Lorella’s voice echoed in his ears. Although she seemed to have spilled a lot more words other than that, only those words of hers kept coming to his mind.

How the hell did she know that her marriage vows had been burnt? She wouldn’t have been able to confirm it since she was too busy trying to escape. There was only one answer he could think of.

‘The very person who started that fire must have told her.’

That wasn’t the only thing he was concerned about. The worried gaze of the Holy Knights Commander, Leonon, who had not even once, left her side.

As soon as he recalled such a scene, his sharp jaw twitched, then convulsed shortly.


A rather low laugh escaped from between his lips.

Thanks to this, his subordinate, who was sitting across from him, couldn’t even breathe properly.

That was also because the Duke’s face, which had stiffened like a stone sculpture, and only jerked up the corner of his mouth, was the very picture of fear itself.

Although he had witnessed all sorts of horrific scenes a countless number of times while roaming the battlefield with Periot, this was the very first time he had been so afraid.

He continued to go over and continuously wipe the polished scabbard. Since if he didn’t, he flet as if he would suffocate under the heavy atmosphere.

But then, an indifferent voice sank into his ears.

“What could possibly break a barrier made from divine power?”

It was impossible for him not to realize that this question was referring to the divine power which protected marriage vows. The subordinate answered cautiously.

“Either strong black magic which directly opposes divine power, or it disappears on its own once the length on the protection contract expires…”

The subordinate was unable to continue speaking easily and paused for a while. However, it was clear that Duke Periot, had asked, despite knowing the answer himself, so he had no choice but to continue speaking until the end.

“It could also be broken with something that possesses a stronger amount of divine power than it. For example, a holy sword…”

The subordinate bit his lip after finishing the conversation with much difficulty. Only the sound of the subordinate gulping tensely could be heard, resounding throughout the quiet carriage.

“There wouldn’t be any other way, right?” 

“Yes. It’s strictly managed, so if there was another way, it would’ve already been made known.”

“…Right, then in that case, the confirmation should be finished quickly.” 

At that moment, Periot’s head slowly turned to the face the front.

“Unless Lorella has found another way.”

The subordinate couldn’t even answer, and bowed his head so low that his neck started to hurt.

All the while rubbing the goosebumps on his arm in the chilly air that was coming in.


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After Periot finally left, I just couldn’t bring myself to raise my head in front of Commander Leonon anymore.

Not only did I get a high-ranking Knight Commander involved in such a nonsensical thing, but I had even created a dark past where I had lost my temper and even cursed in front of him. The more I thought about it, the more embarrassed I became.

‘Now I understand why you didn’t reveal your circumstances.’

However, on the day I showed such an unsightly appearance to him, Leonon didn’t criticize me, nor did he think I was weird.

 ‘Don’t worry. I will protect you until everything has been wrapped up.’

No, rather, instead of criticizing me, he had even comforted me. Thanks to that, my heart was at ease.

…But of course, that didn’t last very long. 

“I’m going crazy, seriously!”

I tore at my hair as I shouted, staring at a system window in a room devoid of any other people.

“Why is such a guy to your taste?!”

What a preference!

A sigh leaked out of my mouth. I heard that filing a petition to the Imperial Palace was a fairly long and complicated process. I barely had enough time to hang onto that, but now I even had to embrace such an ordeal.

With my eyes wide open, I slowly read the last message that had popped up once again.

「‘Trying a taste of the obsessive maniac1 has bought 300 of your shares.」

「‘Trying a taste of the obsessive maniac’ smacked their lips and purchased an additional 200 shares.」



What should I do?

Although it wasn’t an amount of sales that was enough to make my eyes roll into the back of my head, but it was still one that was hard to ignore.

Numerous contradictions in my mind repeatedly bloomed and withered.

After struggling for a while, I looked out the window and muttered to myself.

“It’d be better for me to listen to other people’s opinions rather than to make the decision on my own…”

But then I shook my head. Who could I consult about this? It’d be a relief just for me not to be treated as a lunatic.

If there was someone who I could confide in, then there was only one. And that was the person who had come to find me, saying that they were a guide, Winnard Veldrian.

However, even though I didn’t know, I could still roughly guess how he would answer. If you don’t, you’ll die, so in the time you’re using to think about this, even selling just one more share would be good.

Although we had only ever seen each other once, I was sure of it somehow.


I took a few deep breaths and finally got up from my seat, clenching my fists.

“Okay, I’ve made up my mind.”

Then I proceeded to shout, as if proclaiming to the world.

“A lion won’t graze on grass, even when it’s starving!”

It was a decision I had reached after thinking for a long time. Just a few hundred shares, it’d be enough for me to just earn that elsewhere. It wasn’t as if there were only obsessive maniacs who could buy my shares.

So let’s never associate ourselves again with that crazy Grand Duke of the North! Right, that’d be better.

No, but wait. If we think about it again, a few hundred shares is still something… 

“What the heck!”

I slumped down in my seat, holding my head which was full of lingering regrets.

But then, I heard a knock at the door.

“Excuse me.”

Hearing that familiar voice, without even having to ask who it was, I quickly ran to the door and opened it.


My heart seemed to purify itself just by looking at that shining blond hair and those friendly eyes that seemed to resemble a puppy.

“I asked the priest and he said you were resting in your room, so… I didn’t know if I’d be disturbing you or not.”

“No, you’re not disturbing me at all. I was just about to take a walk since I felt so stuffy in here.”

“I see. As it turns out, I also just happen to be free right now, so would you like to go with me?”

I smiled broadly in a positive sense. 

Yeah, at times like this, the more diligently I had to work to sell to the hype king.

In fact, I stayed at the temple for a few more days after Periot left. It was just in the event that something unforeseeable would happen.

Meanwhile, Leonon would come and check in on my wellbeing in person whenever he had spare time. He seemed to be worried that I might have been shocked by what had happened at the lakeside.

Of course I was shocked. Not because of Periot, but for some other reason… 

I chatted with him about this and that and headed to the backyard full of white lilies. 

On the way there, we not only encountered some priests, but also a few members of the Holy Knights. As soon as the knights saw Leonon and I, they greeted us in a polite manner.

It wasn’t just that. The gazes that followed Leonon’s every step and gesture were full of admiration and loyalty, and when he occasionally stopped and asked how they were doing, they would rejoice like an excited boy.

To think that the popularity of the new Knight Commander, who was now in his third year, was this. I could once again feel how much Leonon was loved and trusted as a leader. 

Thanks to this, my heart became even heavier.

It was because I had belatedly recalled that this kind commander, who was loved by everyone, had been dragged into something extremely ridiculous by me.

What if I got stigmatized as a nuisance by the members of the Holy Knights Order? Everyone wouldn’t point at me while clenching their teeth, saying, ‘don’t you dare touch our Commander!’.


As I was walking with these thoughts in mind, I heard a friendly voice next to me. When I turned my head to meet his eyes, Leonon hurriedly corrected his words with a red face, as if he was flustered.

“Oh, my apologies. You wouldn’t really like to be referred to as Duchess.”

“It’s alright, Commander. Even so, if you could, please call me Lorella instead.”

“Alright. Miss Lorella. It’s nothing, but…”

“Without the Miss.”


Leonon paused for a moment before whispering my name, Lorella, in a slightly lower voice. At the same time, I could hear the sound of shares being sold, as if they had just been waiting, but I waited for what he would say first.

“You said you had family in Aurea. That… were you talking about Count Mayred?”

Although it was a sudden question, I now had no need to hide it, so I meekly nodded my head.

As long as he knew that I was married to Periot, it wouldn’t have been too difficult for Leonon to find out who I was.

“I personally found out just in case. Duke Periot passed through Aurea and went straight back to his fief. Count Mayred wasn’t found to be in any danger either.”


“I’m sorry that I just did what I liked. However, it seemed as if you had been depressed this whole time, so I wanted to give you some encouragement and good news…”

Leonon scratched the back of his head in embarrassment, then smiled kindly.

“You must have been worried about the safety of your family members. Both the Count, and everyone else in the mansion are safe. So you don’t have to worry too much.”

“Th-That’s right…!”

I didn’t hide the corners of my lips that went up in a smooth arc, but revealed it all.

Never once had I worried about the wellbeing of my family, nor of my brother, whom I had only seen once, but Leonon’s news was like a cool waterfall cascading down to a thirsty person.

Periot had returned straight to his fief!

Still, I was worried I would have had to continue staying in the temple just in case he had gone to over turn the County upside down. Of course, although it was a very comfortable place, and everyone was kind to me, I couldn’t be indebted to them for the rest of my life.

Especially since my brother, the Count Mayred I remembered in my mind, was a timid human being who couldn’t even look into Periot’s eyes properly.

Although I had only seen him once after possessing this body, there wasn’t anything else to think about since he had continuously trembled throughout the wedding ceremony.

‘Even if by any chance, my brother happens to overhear the news and tries to persuade me, it’d be enough for me just to hold on until I could put in a complaint to the Imperial Palace.’

After that, even Periot wouldn’t be able to do anything.

“I… I want to go and see how my older brother is doing, but would that be okay…?”

After thinking about it for a while, I opened my mouth and mustered up the most pitiful voice I could. Then, Leonon nodded immediately, as if he had already guessed what I would say.

“Of course. Just let me know and I’ll prepare a carriage for you right away.”

“Thank you. Then…”

As I was about to say that I wanted to ask for it right away, I suddenly paused momentarily.

Wait a minute. 

What if the situation turned out better than I had expected? Of course, it was my wish to just settle down in the County and remain there, but the problem was that there might not be any reason for me to come here ever again.

The excellent shares vending machine… that was Leonon, I might not ever be able to meet him anymore! That absolutely could not happen!


I blinked nonchalantly and looked up at him. Then, those eyes that were as blue as the deep sea, but were warmer than anything else in the world, met mine.

“I’m fully aware that the official headquarters of the Knights of Ecrestus isn’t a place for me to come and go without any business. I know that, but… would I be able to come back here again?”

“You’re saying something obvious again. If it’s Miss Lorella, everyone will gladly welcome you back here anytime.”

Although Commander Leonon smiled kindly and responded with a gentle smile, I shook my head violently on the inside.

‘No! This isn’t it!’

There was nothing for me to see in the knights if it was without him. Moreover, since he was a very busy person, there was a high possibility that I wouldn’t be able to meet him again, even if I went to visit the Knights Headquarters again as I pleased.

It would be better for me to make it clear and confirm it right here.

“So, what I’m saying is… I feel so sad to think that I may not be able to meet with the Commander again like I am right now…”


“Yes, so…”

I pretended to be on the verge of tears to no avail and continued to talk.

Although I wished that even a single drop of tears would flow out, nothing came out in the end, so I had to resort to lowering my eyes and covering my mouth with my hand.

“What should I do when I want to see you…”

At that moment, I could see the Commander’s eyes tremble slightly.

“Whenever you want to, you can contact me… n-no. I’ll contact you from time to time… to see you.”

Although I was concerned about his somewhat stiff voice, it fortunately didn’t seem as if he found it unpleasant or uncomfortable. Rather, he just seemed a little shocked by what I had said.

“Really? Then we can continue to meet each other?”


“You’ll come and see me, even if there isn’t a special purpose for the visit?” 

“Of course.”

“Oh, what a relief!”

I was so happy that I forgot all about trembling and being coy, and shouted out loud.

“Then, please promise me.”

I smiled broadly and quickly stuck my pinky finger out in front of him.

Leonon stared at my hand for a few moments without saying a word, then gently linked his pinky with mine. I didn’t know why, but his face suddenly became red, as if it were on fire for some reason.

Ding dong! Ding dong! Ding dong!

The loud sound of the bells rang out, one after the other. Beyond the screen, where the numbers had started to rise rapidly, I saw Commander Leonon standing among the lilies which were swaying in the wind, blushing.

It was truly such a beautiful and delightful sight.

[1] the word 광공 was originally derived from bl novels, but is now known widely across novels as a character who is overly obsessed with the female/male lead.


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  2. Bruh i feel like the plot is merely being dragged by ‘selling of shares’. It’s slowly becoming a shallow romance. I honestly hate that the author has forced the FL to have this romantic situation that she doesn’t want herself, all she wants is to survive from this shitty set-up of becoming the main lead. I would have honestly enjoyed it more if the author had made lorella bloom a romance more naturally than being influenced by the consequences of this survival game.


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