IBVIAAN Ch 40 — The Relationship Between That Man and Woman

I had no intention of stopping him from digging his own grave. But unlike me, there was someone who had to stop this from happening.

[Olivia] “There’s no need for you to go that far, right…?”

Olivia, who was gripping onto Ziken’s collar tightly, asked cautiously. But Ziken let out a sigh, obviously already misinterpreting the reason for her desperation.

[Ziken] “Livi, are you going to ask me to forgive her again?”

[Olivia] “That…”

[Ziken] “Don’t worry. I’ll investigate it thoroughly and get to the bottom of this case to make sure they won’t be able to get away with it this time.”

It was a statement from a man who firmly believed that I was the culprit.

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I had no intention of stopping him from digging his own grave. But unlike me, there was someone who had to stop this from happening.

[Olivia] “There’s no need for you to go that far, right…?”

Olivia, who was gripping onto Ziken’s collar tightly, asked cautiously. But Ziken let out a sigh, obviously already misinterpreting the reason for her desperation.

[Ziken] “Livi, are you going to ask me to forgive her again?”

[Olivia] “That…”

[Ziken] “Don’t worry. I’ll investigate it thoroughly and get to the bottom of this case to make sure they won’t be able to get away with it this time.”

It was a statement from a man who firmly believed that I was the culprit.

Olivia bit her lower lip. Ziken brushed his thumb over her lip upon discovering it and smiled.

[Ziken] “The habit that appears whenever you’re anxious has come out again.”

[Olivia] “…”

[Ziken] “Don’t worry. I’ll make sure to protect you from that woman’s retaliation or anything like that.”

He really said anything he wanted, despite being in front of the person who was directly involved in the incident… 

But that probably wasn’t what she was worried about anyway.

[Olivia] “But…”

[Ziken] “Trust me, Livi.”

The disjointed conversation between her, who was caught up in anxiety, and Ziken, who was just making wild guesses, looked so ridiculous to a third party who knew the truth.

In the end, Olivia couldn’t help but nod her head. Realistically, there was no justification for Olivia to stop Ziken from actually investigating the facts of the case. No matter how much she was called a ‘kindhearted saintess’.

Appreciating the patheticness of Ziken, who had driven his own lover into a corner, I interrupted their discordant conversation and asked.

[Ara] “Then shouldn’t Your Highness step aside and go chase after him immediately?”

I spoke while looking at the sick people surrounding me. There were a lot who had run away at the sudden confrontation, but there were still a lot who remained. I could tell how desperate they were, even without asking. Since I had seen how they were constantly monitoring the situation and seemed uneasy over whether I’d really get taken away or not.

[Ara] “I need to heal the people here.”

There were still a lot of people who were waiting for the divine power’s touch in places other than here too. 

I was thinking of investigating the past between Olivia and myself, as well as the relationship between Olivia and Frody in my spare time while I healed them.

Nevertheless, Ziken, who always got in the way every time, didn’t let it go very easily this time either.

[Ziken] “I can’t let someone who’s still under suspicion, like you, continue to heal people.”

His words naturally caused the expressions of the people beside him to darken. 

I tried to speak while holding back a frown. 

[Ara] “Please do not harm the innocent people around you just because of your suspicion which is directed towards me, Your Highness.”

There might not be many people since the epidemic hadn’t had a severe outbreak yet, but after a while had passed, there would be people in need of urgent care coming out soon. Turning a blind eye to them all would be too harsh.

[Ziken] “I don’t know what else you’ll do if I leave you here.”

[Ara] “Then assign someone to monitor me.”

I could just do it while avoiding the eyes of the monitor if it was for the investigation. It was more important to heal these people first. 

But Ziken didn’t allow that either.

[Ziken] “Then I’m just burying my head in the sand. How am I supposed to believe that you’ll actually heal people?”

[Ara] “…”

I couldn’t even find any words to respond to his words that were suspicious of even the fundamentals. What use were my words to someone who didn’t even believe my intentions?

Someone who would resolve my concerns appeared exactly at that time.

[Lydia] “That part is our responsibility.”

The composed voice that came from the entrance caused all of our heads to turn in unison. Lydia, who was so elegant even the act of her taking off her hood seemed so, was walking towards me.

[Lydia] “Saintess, how have you been?”

She was the first to greet me.

[Lydia] “I’m quite late, aren’t I?”

She also added that it took quite a long time to gather all the priests who were scattered outside the capital. Lydia only turned her gaze to Ziken and Olivia after greeting Lecht with a look.

[Lydia] “It’s been a while, Your Highness.”

[Ziken] “I didn’t expect even the High Priestess to come.”

Ziken greeted Lydia with a courteous appearance, completely different to the one he had when he faced me.

[Lydia] “Please speak comfortably, Your Highness.”

[Ziken] “How could I do that? You’re the High Priestess.”

Lydia spoke in a tone of amazement at his words that were full of respect.

[Lydia] “That’s strange.”

[Ziken] “What do you mean?”

[Lydia] “Then why are you so courteous to me, who only takes care of people on behalf of god, and yet so disrespectful to even speak informally and raise your voice at the Saintess, who is the child of god?”

Ziken, who had a benevolent smile on his face as he asked, immediately stiffened at Lydia’s answer. She had only coldly stated the facts, but it was still a satisfying line nevertheless.

‘It’s probably because I’m firmly entrenched in that bastard’s head as ‘that vicious bitch’.’

He must’ve taken on such a rude attitude since before he saw me as a saintess, he had previously viewed me as a wicked woman who had harmed his lover.

Ziken did a double take as he looked alternately between Lydia and I, like someone who had heard something that he never could have thought of. Nevertheless, the expression on his face clearly showed that even if he was dying, he still hated the idea of being respectful toward me.

Lydia started to speak once again, ignoring him who displayed such an attitude.

[Lydia] “I will hereby guarantee it with the name of the High Priestess right here. She is not someone who would dare to do harm to people.”

If it was the Priest Trio who said that, I would’ve just thought that they took my side unconditionally since they just liked me, but it felt different when Lydia, and not anyone else, said something like that. So this is how it felt to receive someone else’s complete trust in you.

[Lydia] “However, I will not cause any disruption to your investigation if you wish to do so, Your Highness.”

She even expressed her confidence at how he wouldn’t be able to find anything, even if he conducts an investigation.

[Lydia] “Rather, if you allow it, I’d be happy to assist Your Highness in catching the man who dared to frame our Saintess. But in return…”

[Ziken] “In return…?”

[Lydia] “While the investigation is being conducted, the Saintess’s residence will be changed to the Great Temple.”

[Ziken] “!”

If we’re talking about the Great Temple, not even the imperial family could bring their knights in there without their permission. If we took that point into consideration, then it would definitely be the safest place for me in this situation.

[Lydia] “I’d like to take this time to inform everyone here. The Saintess will be staying in the Great Temple of the God of Night until the full story of the incident has been revealed.”

Lydia declared without even seeking Ziken’s permission. 

She was relying heavily on using the fact that I was the Saintess after highlighting it. She was appealing to the fact that despite not having a proclamation ceremony, I was still an existence worthy of being protected by the Lunar religion since I was Lunar’s Saintess. 

If Ziken still insists on taking me away right now, it would be tantamount to a declaration of war against Lunarism. Ziken couldn’t respond hastily, perhaps because he also understood the underlying meaning behind her words.

[Lydia] “If anyone is in need of healing, please come and visit the Great Temple at any time.”

Lastly, Lydia turned back toward me with a gentle smile on her face.

[Lydia] “The Moon God’s Saintess right here, Ara, will heal you.”

The words of her, who had even remembered my wish of being called ‘Ara’ instead of ‘Meliara’, completely reversed the atmosphere in which Ziken had the upperhand in. 


* * *

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We all headed back to the Great Temple after the long battle between Ziken and I ended. 

The Great Temple was even more spectacular than the temple I had seen in the mountains. Although it wasn’t particularly flashy at any place, there was still a subtle beauty to it. 

The priests who Lydia had contacted had gathered together and naturally greeted me warmly. Although there were priests who asked for a handshake or guidance, none of them were as unusual as the Priest Trio.

[Ara]Phew, I’m exhausted out of my mind.

It had already become nighttime by the time I finished greeting everyone. Only after Lydia had butted in and kicked everyone out did I finally have time to catch a breather.

[Lydia] “I told them to make preparations to welcome and receive people right away starting from tomorrow. Are you sure you’re okay with that, Saintess?”

[Ara] “Of course I am.”

I was overflowing with divine power. It was enough, not just for me to use, but also for all the priests combined to use if they wanted to.

[Lydia] “I feel a bit apologetic for only telling you now that you’ve arrived, but not everyone who comes will believe you’re innocent.”

[Ara] “I know. There will be people who don’t believe me and are just feeling me out, but there will be more people chasing after me because they believe me coming after them because they don’t have any other options left.”

Normally, as a human being, you’ll even chase after a god you don’t believe in if you’re in a desperate enough situation.

[Lydia] “Yes, that’s right. Although it’s possible for the divine power of Solarism to relieve symptoms, it’s difficult for them to completely heal someone.”

Unlike the divine power of Lunarism which ‘purifies’, the divine power of Solarism only has the power to heal festering skin, but is unable to remove the disease itself. So in the end, the only option left for them is to seek out the Lunar religion.

[Ara] “It’ll start getting busy soon.”

[Lydia] “We’ll be the ones to deal with the rude ones, so you won’t have to worry about that.”

[Ara] “Thank you, Lydia.”

[Lydia] “No, I should be the one thanking you. We haven’t even held the proclamation ceremony, yet you’re already working so hard.”

Truthfully speaking, I didn’t need a grand event like a proclamation ceremony or whatever, just because I was the Saintess. But to them, it was a procedure that had to be followed in order to show the dignity of the Lunar religion, so I just smiled in response.

[Lydia] “Get some rest then.”

After Lydia left the room, only Lecht, Tanma, and I were left in the room.

[Ara] “You’re also staying here, right Lecht?”

[Lecht[ “In the room next door.”

[Ara] “That’s a relief…”

How I truly felt leaked out of my lips without me knowing as I covered my mouth quickly, surprised by what I had just said. 

[Ara] “Oh, that… It’s because even though the temple is safe, I feel a bit more secure if you’re here…”

Lecht smiled as if he understood the additional excuse I had blurted out.

[Lecht] “Where would I, your escort be, if not here?”

Does he know how reassuring it is for him to call himself my ‘escort’ at a time like this?

[Ara] “To be honest, I was a bit scared when the Crown Prince brought in his knights. I wondered if I’d really be dragged away when I had done nothing wrong at all.”

Although I had pretended to be strong in front of Ziken since I didn’t want to lose to him, my heart was actually racing wildly at the time.

[Ara] “But you drew your sword and stood guard next to me so I was able to say everything I wanted to say. Thank you.”

[Lecht] “You don’t need to thank me for something I would’ve done naturally.”

[Ara] “But still, it’s something I’m grateful for, so of course I have to thank you.”

To be honest, I was even thankful that he said that what he did was a given.

I gave him a pretty smile. Lecht smiled with me. His smile in a room that was dark since it was night, despite the lamp being lit, had a different sort of charm to it. It was bewitching.

[Ara] “But…”

A person naturally came to my mind just as I was thinking it was bewitching.

[Ara] “About what the butler said earlier.”

I looked at Tanma, who was standing behind Lecht and asked.

[Ara] “Is it true that he started the rumour about me?”

[Tanma] “I’m sure. He apparently also carries around a small snake as a pet too.”

The fact that people saw that and didn’t care meant that Frody had humanised himself, and the pet snake was under an illusion spell, like Kelber.

[Tanma] “He doesn’t seem to have any intention of hiding his own identity.”

[Lecht] “Probably trying to feel out my true intentions.”

Lecht, who had stayed by my side silently throughout everything, spat out as if he was annoyed.

[Ara] “Why Lecht…?”

The two of them didn’t seem to get along very well last time we met either. Frody kept deliberately provoking Lecht and getting on his nerves while Lecht just ignored Frody as much as he could. He seemed to have not responded since he hadn’t crossed his bottom line yet. I could sense that their relationship was much more complex than just one of hostility.

[Ara] “You might think this is a bit odd, but I thought Saintess Olivia was the one who did it.”

[Lecht] “The woman with blonde hair?”

[Ara] “This time as well…The tea that I apparently poisoned. The truth is…”

I calmly began to explain. Of course, excluding the fact that I had read it in a novel and that I was Ara Lee and had possessed Meliara’s body. 

The fact that the tea I had given her was a different type of tea, and the fact that she seemed a bit off during the situation today. So, in many ways, I explained how all my previous incidents also had many dubious aspects to it as well.

[Ara] “I know it may seem strange to be so suspicious in the absence of any concrete evidence.”

I didn’t know the entire story either, so it all sounded vague, even to me. 

[Ara] “But for some reason… the way Olivia’s complexion changed earlier…”

[Lecht] “It’s not strange. That’s enough for your suspicion of her to be reasonable, and you’ve come to the right conclusion.”

[Ara] “Do you really think so?”

Lecht spoke resolutely, as if he fully trusted my tentative thoughts that stemmed from my gut feeling.

[Lecht] “This incident is probably that woman’s fault too.”

[Ara] “But didn’t you say Frody was the one who started the rumour… What’s with Frody and Olivia?”

How did the two of them get to know each other, does Olivia know that Frody is a demon, so on and so forth. I had a lot of questions. Lecht seemed to know, so I quickly asked him.

[Lecht] “There’s something I didn’t tell you since I thought it had nothing to do with you. I would’ve told you earlier if I knew you and her were this entangled with each other.

[Ara] “What is it?”

Lecht pressed his forehead as if he had a headache and spoke as if he were sighing.

[Lecht] “That blonde woman and Frody are in a contractual relationship.”

[Ara] “Contractual…?”

There wasn’t anything strange about it, since anyone would enter into a contract when they make transactions. It was just that Lecht was so serious I could only guess that the contents of their transaction was anything but lighthearted.

[Lecht] “It’s a contract where in exchange for Frody’s power being lent to her, that woman then serves as a medium for Frody to remain in the human realm.”

I couldn’t help but widen my eyes. What he told me was, as expected, a grave story on a completely different level.

im actually really curious about the relationship between lecht and frody since i don’t think their relationship is purely one of hostility either,,,hopefully it gets revealed soon!!

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