IBVIAAN Ch 21 — Give Me Permission to Kiss You

You’ve already finished planning the invasion of the Empire, haven’t you? Just when exactly will it start? 

What about the army? Are they already in the human world?

So was the reason why you came to the capital just to confirm if the invasion would go smoothly?

Why are you even invading in the first place? What exactly are you dissatisfied about?!

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You’ve already finished planning the invasion of the Empire, haven’t you? Just when exactly will it start? 

What about the army? Are they already in the human world?

So was the reason why you came to the capital just to confirm if the invasion would go smoothly?

Why are you even invading in the first place? What exactly are you dissatisfied about?!

<“Because the rose has withered.”>

What sort of emotional outburst is that? Why is the Empire no longer needed if the rose has withered? Roses wither every year!

“Would you like me to dine in your room? Or would you like to eat in a restaurant?”


My voice was distorted since I was immersed in my own thoughts and hadn’t heard what Tanma had said properly. My heart began to pound with anxiety about my future and worries of my safety. 

I looked at Tanma while hugging my blanket tightly as he spoke with his characteristically gentle smile.

“However, I recommend you go to the restaurant.”

His words seemed as if he were threatening me, ‘If you don’t go to the restaurant, even I’m not sure what will happen to you’.

“Going on a light walk along the way will be good for your body, not to mention that His Excellency is also waiting for you too. If you don’t go, he’ll probably spend a few more days having sleepless nights.”

Why was it that to me, the sentence had been filtered into, ‘I’m keeping my eyes on you to make sure you aren’t getting into any nonsense, so be prepared’?


Tanma, who was staring at me, cocked his head to the side as I swallowed dryly and just stared back at him.


“Yes, I’ll go!

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I answered straight away, scared that I’d hear more frightening words.

“Then I’ll call for Solte to help you get ready.”

Tanma smiled brightly and retreated from the room after replying as such. 

Just as my shocked heart had calmed down a little more due to his departure, Solte soon entered the room not so long after that.

She had come in with other maids as well. They kindly helped me in washing up and changing.

After being relieved for a while, I soon recalled the fact that this was the place where the Grand Duke of Arvis, the Demon King lives, and started to probe their awareness. 

Do they work here because they know the Grand Duke of Arvis is the Demon King? Then if that’s the case, are they also demons? Then what about the horns? Why don’t they have horns?

It was clearly said that demons had horns though. It was said that their physical abilities that surpassed humans as well as the abilities that were unique to each individual came from their horns.

So, although wings were a sole privilege that belonged to the Demon King, apparently all demons were supposed to have horns. 

Come to think of it, the butler, Tanma, didn’t have horns either, right? Then were they all just humans?

No, but if that was the case, Lecht is the Demon King and he obviously doesn’t have any horns either! 

Maybe he was hiding his appearance? It was probably that.

Since he had lived in the human world for 100 years, he’d easily be able to hide something like a demon’s appearance…! 

All sorts of endless possibilities entangled and filled my head. I arrived at the restaurant while I was distracted by my complicated thoughts.

Woof! Woof! Woof!

Seeing the three heads of the dog greeting me temporarily alleviated the thoughts that had been weighing on my mind. I stroked Kelber’s head with a spirit that cleared like a bit of bad weather.

‘It seems like even demons have pets.’

So it wasn’t a race devoid of any humanity after all. 

As I was feeling comforted by Kelber’s soft fur, I suddenly had a small epiphany.

“Kelber… are you also, perhaps…”

If it was a pet raised by demons… then it would also be a demonic creature. My hand, which was still stroking Kelber’s head, suddenly stopped.

So the monster that the saintess female lead and the crown prince male lead had to slaughter in the novel…! 

A demonic creature!

After all, it wasn’t normal to have three heads! But why didn’t Linden or anyone else say anything?!


Kelber came up to me, whining in complaint when my petting suddenly stopped. But I couldn’t pat him as naturally as before.

‘To think that I had the bravery of a fool! You’ve been sleeping with a demonic creature on your lap!’

The difference between knowing and not knowing something largely influenced my point of view on things.

“Ha, haha… I’ll show you affection later. Haha…”

Kelber tilted his head, whining, as I laughed awkwardly and slowly moved away. However, he didn’t go after me since he was a kid that understood what I was saying.

‘But you never know… what if he suddenly changes and bites me…’

Apparently demonic creatures could willingly change their size… So he could even suddenly become the size of something like a brown bear…! I need to be careful…

I crept sneakily into the restaurant. The attendants, who opened the restaurant door for me, the knights, who were standing by the door, even the waiters who could be seen as you walked in. 

There was no way for me to tell who on earth was a demon, who was human, who was aware of Lecht’s identity, and who was involved in the carnage following the invasion, so I became wary of everyone. I became even more frightened since everyone gave me a beautiful smile.

‘Apparently people who smile while stabbing you in the back are scarier than people who normally show their anger on the outside.’

I sat at the table with my nerves on edge, as if I was in the middle of a haunted house. But before my butt could touch the chair, the door opened once again as Lecht walked in.


He seemed to look bigger than usual, as he strode towards me. Probably because I now knew he was the Demon King.

I felt like I could see invisible wings and horns on him, and suddenly felt like I was under the illusion that I could even see the black energy I saw during his first meeting with Linden.


A hiccup leaked out of me. It was because of all the tension that I had built up within me on the way here.


I hurriedly covered my mouth with both hands. However, I couldn’t stop my shoulders from shaking from time to time.

As soon as I started hiccuping, the servants waiting around came up to me in the blink of an eye and poured me some water.

“Would you like some hot tea?”

“If you’d prefer a soda, I’ll prepare that for you right now.”

Seeing them react to my hiccups, to the point of making a commotion over it, I waved my hands while only taking a glass of water. They bowed their heads and retreated, perhaps because they knew I was fine.

However, as they moved away, Lecht filled my vision instead.

“What’s the matter?”

He stood right next to my chair and patted me on the back.

“Is the temperature of the restaurant uncomfortable?”

He seemed to think that the sudden hiccups were due to the temperature.

“Or did you put a strain on your body coming to the restaurant despite not being fully recovered yet?”


No, it’s clearly because I was surprised to see Lecht…

When I couldn’t bring myself to tell the truth, he added quietly.

“Why didn’t you just call me to your room? It’s fine to eat there if it’s more comfortable for you.”

He spoke in a tone which was a mixture of sterness and tenderness. The aloof attitude that I had seen over the past few weeks was so miniscule that I couldn’t find it, even after washing my eyes. 

It disintegrated the tension within me for a moment, but I came to my senses straight away.

‘Now that I’ve been found out, it doesn’t matter anymore… is that why…?!’

Until recently, you continued to show such a domineering and overbearing posture in protecting your dignity, but now that I know you’re the Demon King, you’re telling me to grovel at your feet now that I know, right?

As I was trying to rationalize my thought process like this, I found something strange in my logic.

‘On the contrary, that doesn’t really add up.’

If you want to say, ‘Grovel at my feet now that you know’, after you reveal that you’re the Demon King, you should be even more domineering, so why did you suddenly become even more tender?

When I looked at him with a look that said I couldn’t understand him, he moved his hand that had been patting me on the back and placed it on my head. He gently patted my head, slowly, as if he were soothing a child, a faint smile appearing on his lips while doing so.

“You look like you have something to say.”

I was terrified when the thoughts in my mind were revealed. My eyes flitted back and forth as I frantically thought about how to say it. 

Could I just outright ask him openly, ‘Are you the Demon King?’ 

Come to think of it, the only thing he revealed to me was that he was the ‘Grand Duke of Arvis’, and it was thanks to the novel that I knew that the Grand Duke of Arvis was actually the Demon King. So there was a good chance that he didn’t know that I knew who he was.

However, isn’t the issue too serious for me to pretend to be ignorant and let it go?

But I couldn’t ask, ‘Why did you invade the Empire?’ And if I ask, ‘Why is the Empire of no use to you now that the rose has withered’… rather, he’d probably be suspicious of where I came to know of that.

Should I just lightly ask, ‘Do you know about demons?’ Or how about, ‘What are your plans for the next two months?’

I was trying to wrack my little brain with all my might, my eyes flitting back and forth when a warm hand touched my cheek. His thumb naturally brushed lightly against my eyes.

“You don’t need to look around and read the room like that. You can ask me.”

How did you know I was reading the room? Do you perhaps have mind reading abilities?

As I swallowed dryly due to anxiety, this time, his thumb came down to the corner of my mouth. Before I knew it, my lips, which were habitually pursed, were completely and perfectly exposed to his touch. 

When his roughly callused finger slowly swept over my lower lip, my nerves jumped, as if something that had been my secret had suddenly been revealed. The thumb that ran slowly across my lip line lightly rubbed the corner of my mouth before slowly sliding downwards.

His large hand, which was covering my cheek, also traced down the contours of my face, before gently taking a hold of my chin.

All his actions overstimulated me, perhaps because I was already extremely nervous. I was extra sensitive to his touch, as if all the nerves in my body were directed to my face.

The smile floating on his lips grew a little deeper.

“Why are you so nervous again?”

So, am I not supposed to look nervous in this situation? I mean, my favorite face is this close… 

Wait, no, it’s not that. Rather, it’s being caught by the Demon King?

Thump, thump, thump, thump.

I could hear the sound of my heart beating diligently in my ear drums.

However, it was his languid voice that made my eardrums cry for a respite.

“There’s something I want to do to you right now.”

The lack of strength in his voice created a needlessly sensual and suggestive atmosphere. 

His face, which had approached little by little, suddenly became close enough for us to feel each other’s breath. As if the tip of his nose could touch mine, it tickled me.

“But if I do it without permission… you’ll be frightened and run away, right?”

What do you want to do? What can you even do in this pose? There’s only one thing I can think of though.

It can’t be. There’s no way. Lustful demons, be gone. Pure thoughts, come back.

…Even then, there’s only one thing that comes to mind?!

“I want your permission.”

“…to what?”

The thing I’m thinking of? Is it really that? So suddenly, without any warning? 

It’s not like we’re lovers who get hot and flustered just from making eye contact, right? And in a restaurant too? With everyone looking at us?

Pfft, no way. In any case, Lecht might be too embarrassed as well…

“A kiss.”

…or not.

He stared straight at me with a scorching look so strong the temperature couldn’t be measured.

His request for consent was heard once more through the sound of my heart beating loudly in my ears.

“Please give me permission. To kiss you.”

There was an indescribably excitement that couldn’t be hidden in his deep voice.


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IBVIAAN Ch 20 — The Demon King!

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A vast garden lay before my eyes. 

There were nine gardeners in sight as well as three large fountains. Each of the divided areas were decorated after different styles. At the end of the vast garden was a road wide enough for carriages, and behind that stood a stone wall that stood tall like a fortress. 

I seemed to have also had this sort of dazed feeling when I first saw this sort of view outside of the Periot Dukedom’s window… But this wasn’t the Dukedom. It didn’t even look like Chivan village, which was the last place I remember.

“This is…”

As I reached my hand outside the window, a cold air rushed through my fingers. I looked at the scene with a dumbfounded face as the woman from before spoke to me again.

“May I introduce myself before I assist you in getting ready?”

I whipped my head around. That overly-cautious attitude made me uneasy somehow.

“Greetings, Miss. I’m Solte, the one who will be serving you exclusively from today onwards.”


What kind of accommodation had people exclusively serving one person?

“Yes. There are two other people besides me, but one has gone to organize Miss’s clothes and shoes while the other has gone to prepare your meal.”

Wait, no matter how luxurious an accommodation is, to have three people… is impossible!

“Excuse me, wait a minute.”

No matter how ignorant I was of this world, there was no way I couldn’t realize that something was wrong when I opened my eyes to such an elegant room, a dazzlingly beautiful view outside the window, as well as three people who exclusively ‘served’ me.

“Who… no, not that.”

She clearly just introduced herself.

“Where am I? Why are you ‘exclusively’ serving me?”

I scanned my surroundings.

“What about Lecht? Is this Chivan Village?”

The only reason I was able to stay calm in this sort of bewildering situation was Kelber, who was by my side. The child who normally growls at strangers when necessary didn’t seem too concerned about Solte’s appearance. Rather, he sat there only looking at me and wagging his tail softly, as if he wasn’t interested at all. I was able to calmly enquire about the situation since Kelber’s behavior allowed me to know that I wasn’t in a dangerous situation. 

“Oh, my apologies. I didn’t realize that you’d need an explanation for that part.”

“No, it’s probably weirder for me to ask in this sort of situation.”

Waking up after sleeping soundly and asking, “Where am I?”. It would’ve been bewildering enough from Solte’s point of view.

“This is the central bedroom, located on the third floor of the main building in the Arvis Grand Dukedom. The reason I’ve been put in charge of taking care of you is because I’ve got the most diverse set of skills among the other maids and have been working the longest in the Grand Dukedom.”


I felt like I had been hit on the head by what she said. She went on, not knowing why I was shocked.

“If you are referring to the ‘Chivan Village’ which is located to the west of the Grand Duchy, then this isn’t the place. This is the residence of the Grand Ducal Family, which lies in the very heart of the Arvis Grand Duchy.”


“And His Excellency, the Grand Duke Lecht Arvis who you are looking for, is waiting for you in the study closest to the dining room so that he can dine with the miss at any time.”

Solte’s explanation was so detailed that I couldn’t even think I had heard wrong. However, I still hoped that I had heard wrong.

“Arvis, the Grand Duke?”


“You mean, the Lecht I know…? The one with silver hair, a deep voice, and golden eyes that are sexy, that Lecht is the Grand Duke of Arvis?”

Solte seemed to be a little puzzled at my question, which was so bewildering that she couldn’t even continue to speak properly, and just nodded with a smile.

“His Excellency certainly has silver hair and a deep voice. All our employees also think that his gold eyes are cool as well.”

She seemed to think that I was bragging about Lecht, so she smiled and agreed enthusiastically. But what I needed wasn’t agreement. It was a denial of what I said.

“So Lecht is… the Grand Duke of Arvis… Oh…”

My head spun as my legs lost their strength in an instant.



Solte grabbed onto me quickly as Kelber supported me with his head as I stumbled. My head continued to spin, even with their help. I felt as if white were flashing before my eyes. 

Grand Duke Arvis. He was a founding contributor to the empire as well as an existence even the emperor feared.

So, Lecht…

“If that’s the case, since you like feathers, then we’ll go with that.”

That sweet Lecht…!

“You will be loved. Without a doubt, infinitely.”

That considerate Lecht…!

‘Was the Demon King?!?’

That day, for the first time in my life, I experienced how it felt to faint.

* * *

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<The ground rumbled with every step he took. The spot that he brushed past while exuding a dark energy froze over, as if it had been struck with the frost of night. 

Those eyes filled with vitality and the long hair fluttering in the wind aroused a bloody air. Those huge black wings, several times the size of his body that could destroy monuments with just a gust of wind from a single flap as well as those round horns protruding from his temple indicated that he was not a human being.

Having destroyed the capital in an instant, he stepped foot into the Imperial Palace. The Imperial Knights, who were in disorder fighting against the army he had brought, fought a bloody battle, but the Imperial Knights were far too lacking compared to the demon troops, whose abilities far exceeded that of humans. They fell like autumn leaves.

“Grand Duke Arvis! Why in the world are you doing this all of a sudden?!”

The desperate voice of the emperor, who had been driven into a corner, rang out. He had thought as long as he didn’t provoke him, he wouldn’t venture out from the Grand Duchy, but just what the hell had made him so dissatisfied to the point that it had made him turn his sword to the Empire? He couldn’t think of anything, no matter how much he thought about it.

The Grand Duke, who was looking at the emperor with an unreadable expression on his face, slowly extended his left hand, which had been clenched in a fist. What slowly fluttered out from his grasp were black rose petals.

“Because the rose has withered.”

The black rose petals were scattered in all directions, carried by the cool wind.

“That’s why the Empire is no longer needed.”

A voice that was mixed with such deep emotions it felt as if one was tearing out their own heart. 

“Their traces, I’ll erase them all. If I don’t, I think I’ll go crazy.”


“Though naturally, I’m not in my right mind right now either.”

The Demon King, Grand Duke Arvis, who was pretty much talking to himself, slowly raised his sword. 

And in that way, he destroyed the very empire he had built with his own hands.>

That was the Grand Duke Arvis I know. Suddenly appearing and establishing an empire, living there for 100 years disguised as a Grand Duke, then suddenly destroying the empire for reasons no one could understand. The Demon King. 

But you’re saying that Lecht is that Demon King. And this place is the Grand Duchy, which is no different than his base. 

So I… instead of fleeing the country, had on the contrary, crawled into the hideout of the very person who had destroyed the empire.

‘I’m crazy…!’

In any case, I think this life has been completely ruined! Losing my mind over that shocking fact, I covered myself with the blanket and tore my hair out. 

Even if it goes wrong, this is too big of a disaster! No wonder his out of this world appearance didn’t seem to look like a human’s; he was never a real human.

‘Didn’t the novel clearly say he has wings? And horns? And long hair?!’

I thought he was just one of the nobles the emperor trusted and considered close. And treating Linden sharply was due to the support of the emperor. But rather than that, he was an existence where there would be no consequences, even if he looked down on all the mortals in this empire. 

I hurriedly reflected on my past behavior. I hadn’t said anything that would cause any trouble, right? I hadn’t cursed at demons or the Demon King, right?

‘Didn’t I say some bullshit about having the Demon King be my escort?’

Oh my Lunar… What can I do? I didn’t want this. I just wanted to live a peaceful and pain-free life. 

But it’s not enough, even after suddenly singling me out as your child, making me a saintess, and making my plans of fleeing the country fly away, so you let me chatter some bullshit statement to the demon king.

It’s obvious that Lunar hates me. It’s obvious that a saintess is chosen, not as the child they love the most, but as the child they want to bully the most…!

Hnng. What should I do?’

How laughable it must have seemed for a person like me to ask him to escort me. How hilarious!

It was when I was kicking my blanket in shame as all kinds of dark history and trivial words I had said without knowing he was the Demon King came flooding into my head, one after another.

Knock. Knock.

A knocking sound was heard.

“Who is it…?”

With the blanket wrapped up to my neck, I asked cautiously.

“Miss, it’s me, Tanma.”


I said, breathing a sigh of relief when I heard that it wasn’t the Demon King, Lecht.

“Come in-”

But my words were blocked in an instant. 

Wait a minute. If Lecht is the Demon King, then Tanma, his closest aide is…? There’s no way  the butler serving the Demon King doesn’t know that he’s the Demon King. So does that mean that Tanma isn’t just an ordinary human being either…?


Suddenly having another realization, I froze when I saw the incoming Tanma. Even though I had seen him for several weeks, at this moment, he suddenly looked completely different.

“How are you feeling?”


“I’ve called in all the doctors and healer mages, but they’ve all said it’s nothing but simple fatigue.”

He clicked his tongue and came over to me.

If Lecht is the Demon King, then even if he can’t be, Tanma is definitely the second-in-command.

<The middle-aged aide always knew and carried out what the Demon King wanted, like a ghost. There was nothing that could stop him since there was nothing he lacked in skill, so their invasion proceeded without a hitch.>

This old man was also a dangerous old man…! 

I swallowed dryly as I watched the butler who was smiling mildly walk up to my bed.

“We are in the midst of preparing an elixir that helps improve anemia and physical strength.”

“Elixir… haha…”

Don’t tell me, it’s a medicine that demons take? Won’t I be taking it in vain if any side effects from taking it come up? Don’t tell me, you’ll overturn the continent just to find it, there’s no way, right…?

<The only thing they left in their wake was silence and devastation. Everything in the empire had returned to nothing.>

Although I hadn’t even read the novel that diligently, phrases from it kept popping up in my head. 

I shut my eyes tightly and shook my head. Let’s calm down. They still haven’t invaded yet.

There’s still two months lef-

Damn, we only have two months left?!

IBVIAAN Ch 19 — Even If It’s a Promise Only He Remembers

“…Is that so?”

The force behind the hug was stronger than anything I had ever felt so I hugged him back. 

In any case, it seemed like he was very moved by the fact that I was the saintess. I felt as if I needed to comfort him. Although I knew he was a very devout believer, I didn’t know that’d he’d be this happy upon the appearance of the saintess.

“Then, Lecht is now my escort knight, right?” 

this chapter is brought to you by mio
as translator, proofreader and editor!

“…Is that so?”

The force behind the hug was stronger than anything I had ever felt so I hugged him back. 

In any case, it seemed like he was very moved by the fact that I was the saintess. I felt as if I needed to comfort him. Although I knew he was a very devout believer, I didn’t know that’d he’d be this happy upon the appearance of the saintess.

“Then, Lecht is now my escort knight, right?” 

Even if I couldn’t satisfy all of the Lunar religion, I at least wanted to satisfy Lecht.

“Did I not hear it correctly? You said you’d protect me if I was the master of the holy relic.”

Although I didn’t need the life or soul he had talked about, I still would’ve been happy with his protection.

“You know you can’t go back on your own word, right?” 

As I joked around with him, the arms around me got tighter and tighter. As I was pressed closer to his body and could feel the tight muscles of his torso more clearly, my heart started to flutter.

Ah… A saintess shouldn’t be doing this sort of thing with a believer. 

Good thoughts… Good thoughts…

However, my efforts were sadly all wiped out by the small sigh he had let out near my earlobe. How could a sigh be so seductive? As I sang the national anthem in my head in an attempt to get rid of the wicked thoughts in my head, he slowly released me.

He held me by my shoulders and wouldn’t let go of me despite already releasing me from his embrace. His face was filled with more emotion than ever before. 

A slightly wrinkled brow, but a mouth that was slightly raised at its corners. It wasn’t pain, nor was it desperation either. Just what the hell is that emotion? 

To think that the emotions a believer could feel for a saintess who had finally appeared for the first time in 100 years could be so rich. Because they had been waiting so eagerly for so long.

After looking at me for a long time, he slowly said with a deep voice that seemed to have turned the temple into a cave.

I promise1.”

I, who had been smiling in anticipation at what he was going to say to me, suddenly felt my heart skip a beat. It was because of his face. Even though he was a kind person, it felt as if he had built a wall somewhere in him. 

However, I could see all the boundaries collapsing from his face at this moment. A gaze full of tenderness and affection. A faint, but extremely captivating and languid smile. He took my breath away in a completely unexpected way.

“Until the very day the world ends.”

Badump, badump, badump.

My heart dropped down to the floor and bounced up several times, like a rubber ball.

“Until not a single one of your wishes is left unfulfilled.”

I was clearly getting a sense of how frightfully awful fanatic devotion was. So it would only be right for me to feel scared and refuse him.

“I will stay by your side and keep you from all harm, I promise.”

He covered my face, which had become the color of a peach, with his large hands. He gently stroked my cheek with his thumb, as if it had become a habit. The hard calluses on his hand felt extremely soft.

“As long as you’ll let me.”

Ah… I guess this is why people become leaders of cults2.

His frighteningly sweet unconditional declaration made my heart flutter.

* * *

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On the road down the mountain, I was once again forced by the eagerness of Tanma and the priests to go down again on Lecht’s back. 

Although I had struggled to calm down my pounding heart at first, my body was exhausted from just receiving the sacred relic and his broad back was so warm. Soon, sleep overcame me.

Returning to Chivan village with me, who had fallen asleep, the group soon split in two.

“Then, we will contact you as soon as the preparations for the Saintess’s proclamation ceremony are complete.”

Lydia and the priests had to go to the main temple to prepare for a ceremony to proclaim Meliara as the Saintess of the God of Night.

t/n: author inconsistency. went from god of the moon to god of night.

On the other hand, while the temple was preparing to receive her as a saintess, it was decided that Meliara would stay at Lecht’s estate. 

Of course, this decision was naturally made without Meliara. Since she had been too busy sleeping to hear. 

However, Lecht didn’t think it’d be a problem since he had already told her that he’d take her to his estate if she was the master of the sacred relic. He had nothing to gain from dawdling around in Chivan village, so he was just about to set off.

“If you’re lacking in funding, please feel free to contact us at any time.”

While Lecht laid Meliara comfortably in the carriage, Tanma discussed the schedule with Lydia.

“Then, see you soon.” 

When Tanma returned to the carriage after finishing his conversation with Lydia, he found his master kneeling on one knee on the floor of the carriage, staring intently at the sleeping Meliara.

“Here is a blanket, Your Majesty.”

Tanma handed over the blanket which had been prepared inside the carriage. Receiving it, Lecht glanced at Tanma in response. Somehow, his voice seemed to be very cheerful, and his face looked refreshed.

“You seem to be in a good mood.”

“The partner my master has been waiting for for over 100 years has finally appeared, so of course I’m in a good mood.”

“I think it’s because of a different reason though.”

Despite Lecht’s suspicions, Tanma only smiled.

“I’m looking forward to the day I can welcome the Young Miss to the Demon King’s Palace.”

Although he had spoken kindly, he had actually said in other words, ‘You left the Demon King’s Palace unattended because you were looking for her’. There was a lot of dissatisfaction in his gentle tone, But Lecht had nothing to retort.

Because of his own insistence on waiting for her in the human world, Tanma had suffered a lot, whether it be acting as the Demon King’s deputy and proxy, or as the Grand Duke’s butler.

“Would it be better to hold the wedding in the Demon Realm~?”

Lecht, who was watching Tanma move away while humming a pleasant concern, turned his head again just for his eyes to land on Ara.


With her name on his lips, a tingling sensation rose from his heart and numbed all the nerves in his body. It was a pleasant sensation. 

He stretched his hand toward her face. The tip of his finger touched her forehead, then gently moved down along her face to her cheek.


Perhaps because she felt ticklish, she whined fretfully in her sleep and brushed her face with her hands. Lecht gently pulled his hand back. After rubbing her face for a while, she fell asleep again with a snore. 

A small smile crept across Lecht’s lips as he watched her fall asleep with her hand on her cheek. The past voice that had become a distant memory now echoed vaguely in his ear.

‘Just you wait! Later on, you’ll be so into me you won’t even be able to get out of it, Lecht!’

She, who had taught him compassion and affection, which he had thought to be the most meaningless and unnecessary emotions in the world.

‘You didn’t know? Lecht is very considerate. He’s a man who’s overflowing with kindness and warmth.’

She made him realize what it felt like to experience preciousness and affection when all he had known was nothing but absolute power and authority, and was the first and only woman in this world who loved and trusted him infinitely without any cost.

‘No matter what happens, we’ll definitely meet again. I know it.’

She had turned his life upside down and left it as well. She was the kind of woman who had shaken all his beliefs and so sure of herself to the point where it was harsh.

‘Then, I promise I’ll never leave you alone.’

So he had believed her. So he had waited with anticipation, leaning on that one promise which had been spoken with no witnesses or evidence, simply because it was her who had said it.

‘So please wait obediently, okay?’

As long as 100 years.

‘What did I need to be certain of?’

The fact that he had wasted his time going on about certainty was pathetic. The way she talks in her sleep, the way she seems flustered by his touch but doesn’t reject it, the way she sees things as she pleases and acts brightly.

‘So clearly, this is all you.’

Although the color had changed, the loveliness contained in those copper eyes looking up at him was exactly the same as that contained in those black eyes.

There was no part that wasn’t her.

“This time, I’ll definitely protect everything.”

Lecht whispered softly, hoping she could hear him in her dreams.

Even your laughter. Even your tears. I will protect all of your hopes, dreams, and happiness.

“Just stay by my side.”

Just like you promised.

‘Then, I promise I’ll never leave you alone.’

Even if it’s a promise only he remembers.

“That’ll be enough.”

As long as he didn’t have to fall into the swamp of waiting for a long time again, then there was nothing tough about it.

The 100-year wait was a suffocating amount of time, even for a Demon King with a long lifespan.

* * *

I seem to have had a very happy dream. 

Although I couldn’t remember it very well, already having received a great welcome to the morning, I lay down and stretched. The feeling of the blanket on my body felt very pleasant today. It was soft like silk and cool like 100% cotton.

“This place uses nice blankets…”

Mumbling as I hugged the soft blanket, I suddenly thought of what happened last night and opened my eyes.

Heok. How did I even get to this room?”

The last thing I remembered was that Lecht’s back was extremely large and warm. It seems like the tension I had in the temple had probably been melted by Lecht’s warmth, so I had fallen asleep on his back.

Recalling the embarrassing incident last night, I suddenly came to my senses, thinking that I should at least apologize to him for causing trouble.

“Huh? This isn’t my room though?”

As I got up, I realized that this wasn’t the room I had unpacked in when I had arrived at Chivan village. Then, whose room is this? Wait, no, is this the right room? Even the size of the bed I was lying in was bigger than the room I had unpacked in.

The first thing that came to mind was Meliara’s room back in the Duke’s estate. It was around that size, wait, no, even bigger than that room. 

However, unlike that room which had felt empty and deserted at that time, this room was filled to the brim. Of course, not only was the furniture pretty, but every single one of the ornaments were simplistic yet grand. It was a poised, yet luxurious room.

‘I don’t think this is our accommodation’s room.’

I went to move in order to confirm it. 

But then, I ended up kicking Kelber, who was lying at my feet.


t/n: onomatopoeia of dog whining

Kelber, who had been sleeping, suddenly woke up at the poof sound that came from my kick. He shook his head, then stuck out his front paws to stretch.

Woof! Woof!

Kelber jumped out of bed and gently wagged his tail at me, as if telling me to follow him.

“Kelber. Where are we?”

I followed after him. As soon as my feet hit the floor, I heard a knocking sound.

“May I come in, Miss?”

“Yes, please enter.”

Since they were probably an employee of the accommodation, I answered. It was a woman who was dressed neatly and wearing an apron that came in through the door.

“If you’re awake, would you like me to draw the curtains now?”

“Oh, yes, thank you.”

Although I thought they’d ask me, “What time would you like me to come in for housekeeping today?”, I still nodded, bewildered that they’d even draw the curtains for me.

As they pulled the thick curtains aside, the sunlight that had been hidden behind it poured in. I frowned slightly at the sudden brightness in my vision. As I blocked the sunlight with my hands and walked to the window, my squinted eyes suddenly widened again at the scenery outside the window.

“What is this…?”

[1] 약속하마 lecht uses the ending ‘마’ which is used as a final ending to a sentence to promise something to the listener so he basically double promises her AHHHH

[2] 광신교 refers to ‘fanaticism’ but i’ll be using it interchangeably with ‘cult’ depending on the context since they both do fit. i’ve referred to it as ‘cult leader’ just because it’s more understandable in english and also because meliara is referring to the blind affection and devotion cults lavish onto their leader or god (i.e. ymir in attack on titan)


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IBVIAAN Ch 18 — Be With Me


I let out a natural gasp at the scenery of the place where Lecht had dropped me off.

“How wonderful.”

That was my first thought upon seeing the temple of the moon god. Seeing as it was known as an abandoned temple since no one took care of it, I thought it would look gloomy, like a haunted house. But that wasn’t the case at all. 

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I let out a natural gasp at the scenery of the place where Lecht had dropped me off.

“How wonderful.”

That was my first thought upon seeing the temple of the moon god. Seeing as it was known as an abandoned temple since no one took care of it, I thought it would look gloomy, like a haunted house. But that wasn’t the case at all. 

The surrounding mountains were all covered in shadows due to the dense forest, but as far as where the temple was located, a lot of light fell through the foliage of the trees.

Although we set off right after lunch, the moon was already up by the time we arrived since the sun had set rather early. Although it wasn’t a full moon yet, the amount of moonlight illuminating the ground was still ample. 

The temple, which had been flooded with moonlight peaking through the leaves, was shining brightly. It was as if stars had been scattered over the temple roof.

The vines that climbed up the wall seemed to make the temple more antique than messy. Perhaps because of the shape of the surrounding trees, the temple seemed safe, as if the mountains around it were warmly embracing it.

“Watch your feet as you enter.”

Lydia opened the door and entered first. The heavy door squeaked, as if it had been left unattended for a long time. It wasn’t an unpleasant noise either.

The interior had an antique elegance of its own. The dust floating in the air danced softly under the moonlight coming in through the window.

“The cleanliness of this place is rather poor since it hasn’t been maintained very well, so be careful not to get your clothes dirty.”

At Lydia’s words, the three priests kicked up a fuss to defend my clothes. Thanks to the cute priests who were worrying down to the most insignificant and trivial details, I was able to bravely walk up with a light heart to the altar where Lydia stood.

When I stepped up to the altar, I was able to see the temple from a slightly higher perspective. It was just as cool as I had expected.

“Then, shall we begin the process without delay?”


Whether it was sightseeing or simply taking my own time. We had already delayed it for so long because of me, so I thought it would be better to conclude the procedure quickly.

“What should I do?”

The moment had now come for me to know whether the holy object they were talking about was the same as the defence cheat that I knew about.

“First, come here.”

I followed Lydia’s instructions. 

When I stood where she was talking from, I could see a clean bowl. Although it was rather old, it was clean and seemed to be very well kept, unlike the rest of the temple. As soon as I saw it, I could tell, ‘Oh, so that’s the holy object’.

As Lydia instructed, I lifted the bowl with both hands. As soon as my hand touched it, the bowl gave off a soft glow and began to fill up with something on its own.

“This is…?”

“It fills up automatically when being touched with the power of the moon god.”

Gosh, there were so many fascinating things. 

I took the bowl of water and walked further into the temple with Lydia guiding me. There were elaborate patterns carved into the floor. It didn’t seem like a pattern merely used as a decoration for the temple, but rather, it was large and profound, as if it contained some sort of meaning. 

Above all, what really stood out was the towering pillar that rose from the middle of the pattern. It was about the height and thickness of my waist, with the circular top hollowed out. It was a much gentler curve than the concave bowl I was holding onto currently.

“This is a ‘pillar’ which can be found in every temple. When a temple is built in a place within God’s reach, it’s the first thing that’s planted and carved, with the temple collapsing the moment it is destroyed.”

Lydia explained with a smile, as if it had been obvious to her that I’d been curious.

“How fascinating.”

“It’s because all temples are connected by the will of God.”

Will of God you say… What sort of god is the moon god?

“You just need to pour the water from the bowl in here.”

The place Lydia was referring to was the dip on top of the pillar. 


As I poured the water in, Lydia took the bowl away from me and asked me to hold onto the pillar.

“Please imbue the energy slowly, and as warm as possible please.”

As warm as possible you say. If I had heard this sort of phrase a few days ago, I would have wondered what it meant. However, I could understand what Lydia meant since I had made this sort of light and that sort of light and so on in the process of making a bunch of lights for Linden.

I infused the pillar with energy that was Linden’s favorite color. The pillar began to glow with my power. The water that was contained at the top gradually started to be absorbed into the pillar. 

Then, a breathtakingly beautiful scene began to unfold.


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The stream of water where my light had fused together with it started to flow along the patterns engraved on the floor. As the water filled the circular patterns, the surrounding area near my feet began to get brighter and brighter. 

The pattern was much larger than I thought. Centered around me, it slowly filled the floor and started climbing up the walls and the pillars as well. By the time all the fine lines had been filled up, the whole temple was bathed in light that was melded with my power. 

It was beautiful in a different sense to the time when only moonlight would flood through my window. It was such a picturesque sight that when I turned my head, even the noisy trio had been stunned into silence. 

The thought that anyone would have believed in God if presented with this sort of scenery suddenly flashed through my head. 

It was at that moment.


A single beam of light suddenly burst from the pillar. It flew from the area above me and flashed, scattering before it reached the ceiling. The light, which seemed to disappear in all directions, quickly began to converge in one place again.

And with a gentle breeze, an object slowly appeared. It was floating in the air, so incredibly large that it was hard to believe that it came from such a thin pillar.

“A shield…?”

Its presence overwhelmed the surroundings much quicker than the faint outlines from earlier.

Hum— Hum—

It vibrated gently, as if it were speaking to me.

“It’s a holy relic that has been passed down for 100 years. It has the ability to identify and confirm powers anywhere, as long as it’s a temple of the moon god.”

Lydia’s resounding voice was mixed with the resonating sound of the holy relic. 

“Unlike how anyone who has been confirmed to possess the divine power of the moon god, there is only one person in this world who can truly embrace and bear this.”

I could tell who it was, even without asking.

“It’s been said that this piece of armor has been reserved for the next saintess by Lunar.”

Lydia’s words confirmed my thoughts.

“It’s something that belongs to the saintess, that’s what I think.”


“Will you be able to turn my hope into faith?”

I proved myself as a saintess through that, and in a pretty way as well. I pulled my hand off the pillar, took a few steps back and raised my head. 

It was so I could fit the whole shield into my line of sight. Although it was silver, it didn’t feel particularly holy. Although the energy it exuded was rather overwhelming, I could also sense its feelings.

‘I can sense… its feelings.”

No matter how divine a holy relic was, it was still awkward for me to be able to feel the emotions of objects. However, the emotion I had felt in that object was definitely ‘deep affection’.

I didn’t mean that objects normally showed affection for me though. It was just that I could feel the love and affection that was put into that object when it was created. It felt as if it had been made, stitch by stitch, while thinking about the person who would use it.

Was it because of the elaborate designs on it? Was it because of its pretty appearance? Was it because of its mystical color? Did Lunar put their whole heart into it, just because it was a holy relic?

‘What was the person who made you thinking when they were making you?’

It was said to have been passed down for 100 years as an object that Lunar had left for the next saintess. That’s how long both Lunar, as well as Lunarisms, had been waiting for the next saintess, right?

I reached for it with a smile. My palms turned upwards. As if it were to hold my hand.

“I don’t know if I’m worthy enough.”

Will I be able to meet their expectations? Will the self-centered me, who hadn’t thought at all of protecting the citizens of the empire and had merely thought of hurriedly fleeing on my own at the sound of war breaking out, will I really be able to be the Saintess?

“Although I’m not sure, I’ll try to bear the responsibilities of a saintess.”

The love and affection you have in me. The hope of the Lunar religion. The expectations of the believers. Even though I’m worried about what will happen if I only bring disappointment, and how I’m scared of the fact that they may not like me when they meet me in person.

“Will you give me courage?”

I spoke to the holy relic with a sincere heart.

“Be with me.”

The shield, which only had an outline, gradually filled with light and soon began to glow to the point where it was dazzling.

Hum— Hum— Hum—

The entire atmosphere resonated with the shield, its amplitude of vibration awakening my soul. I let go of my power and submitted myself to my senses. 

My divine power, which began to scatter all throughout my skin, became one with the vibration of the shield and filled the air. As the temple slowly raised its sleeping head, something lurking silently within my soul poked its head out. 

A gentle breeze from somewhere blew in with a whoosh— and wrapped around me and the shield in unison. A gust of wind that was too soft to be called a whirlwind tickled me.

The shield, which had discovered a clear model, gradually became smaller and smaller before falling into the palm of my hand. Like the dissolving of a melting snowflake, the shield seeped into my body and climbed up my arm before settling within my solar plexus. 

The light of the shield, which had been humming to the beat of my heart, gradually faded away. At the same time, the rays of light which had spread all throughout the temple also faded away. The temple became silent, as if the one who had shown such a phenomenal appearance hadn’t been them. 

It returned to being a temple densely filled with dust. I was the only one who had changed. A new resolution. A confirmed identity. A genuine power that had been embraced.


Lydia was the first to welcome me back. She placed her hand on her chest, bowed her head, and knelt down on one knee to greet me. The hyperactive three priests also did the same. They saluted me with a serious look that was incongruent to their usual expressions.


Although I had heard that same word a number of times already, it now reminded me of those past memories.

“You may feel frustrated since there will be a lot of things I don’t know. You may also be unsatisfied since I may not measure up to how long you have waited. However, I will try my best to meet your expectations.”

I spoke frankly.

“So please take care of me.”

“The honour is mine, Saintess. I will assist you with all my might.”

I laughed awkwardly at Lydia’s excessively respectful words. It still felt a little awkward to be treated as such a high-ranking and divine person. But I’d get used to it someday, right?

However, even if that’s the case, I didn’t want to feel distant from them. At that thought, I naturally thought of Lecht. I suddenly thought that we’d become distant for no reason, since a faithful believer like Lecht might be too busy revering me instead.

I turned my head quickly.

“Then, Lecht is now my escort kni…!”

My playful words were swallowed back inside. It was because of the large pair of arms that had embraced me the moment I turned around. It was the scent I had kept smelling ever since I came here, and a scent that I really liked, so I could automatically tell who it was without even checking.

In the first place, there was only one person here who was able to engulf me in such a large embrace.


Although he had a tight grip on me, as if he were trying to hold onto a small bluebird trying to fly away, the force he exerted was cautious, as if he were anxious not to hurt me.

“As I expected, it really is you.”

His voice was more serious than usual.

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IBVIAAN Ch 17 — Be It My Life Or My Soul

Kelber, who was lying next to me with his chin resting on my lap, opened his eyes to look up at me, as if he was happy to hear my voice. He closed his eyes again as I continued to pat his heads, occasionally whining and sniffing with his nose.

“Going home.”

“Oh… so you live in the East. Whereabouts in the East?”


He remained silent. 

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as translator, proofreader and editor!

Kelber, who was lying next to me with his chin resting on my lap, opened his eyes to look up at me, as if he was happy to hear my voice. He closed his eyes again as I continued to pat his heads, occasionally whining and sniffing with his nose.

“Going home.”

“Oh… so you live in the East. Whereabouts in the East?”


He remained silent. 

Did you want me to guess or something? The capital of the Bakarta Empire lay more in the northwest than in the center, so when it came to the ‘East’, it encompassed quite a large amount of territories. There were such a large amount of areas that it became quite difficult to guess.

“It’s a place you’d like.”


Why is that? Is there a beach? Or a place with a beautiful night view? Are there a lot of restaurants? Or maybe there are a lot of attractions there too?

“A place with a good view of the galaxy, and lots of animals.”

“Wow, really?”

Then yes, you’re right! A place I’d like! Of all the scenic views, I especially liked looking at the night sky, and among all the things I liked, I especially liked animals as well.

“I really want to go there at least once.”

“You can come.”

Psh, how could it be as easy as that?”

I had to get certified as a saintess, find the cheat, and flee as well… hmm, well, fleeing the country is temporarily on hold.

t/n: i’m changing the translation of spirit previously to cheat since i’m not even sure if it is a spirit and cheat is more ambiguous.

Regarding that, I was going to speak to the high priest about that after my confirmation as saintess. Wouldn’t you believe a prophecy of invasion if it was given by god? Or would I be punished for using god’s name in vain? But wouldn’t that be better than suffering from the demon invasion anyway?

“If you’re the owner of that thing, then…”

Lecht said softly to me, who was still lost in my own trivial thoughts. 

“I’m thinking of taking you there.”

“To your house?”


The look in Lecht’s eyes as he gazed at me deepened for an instant. A spark appeared in those golden eyes I liked so much. 

“Lecht and the butler as well. Are you inwardly Lunarism fanatics?”


“Since I’ll monopolize your house if it really turns out that I am the saintess you know.”

Even though it felt like it was a result of fanaticism since I was the saintess, completely devoid of romantic air, it still didn’t feel too bad.

“That’s fine though. A believer like Lecht should be monopolized as much as possible.”

Even though he had a cold expression on his face, there would be no one else who could take care of others so well. He was also skilled in martial arts, so he’d protect me if anything happens.

Huh…? Come to think of it, didn’t I have Lecht…?

At that moment, a brilliant thought flashed through my mind.


I quickly reached out and clasped his hand. Lecht looked at me with wide eyes as Kelber suddenly woke up with a whine, perhaps because he was startled by the sudden noise.

“If I’m confirmed to be a saintess, you’ll protect me, right?”


“No matter what happens, you’ll protect me, right?”

To think that I was so anxious about the invasion with such a talented person by my side! How pathetic! 

Although I felt bad since it felt like I was taking advantage of his abilities by capitalizing off the fact that I was the saintess, Lecht was a fanatic believer anyway, so as long as he was, it should be fine. It didn’t seem like he’d hate it either.

“If something dangerous happens, or even if the whole world is overturned on its head! Even so, protecting the saintess can surely prove that you’re an extremely devoted believer, right?”

I gently fanned his ego and devotedness to the faith and eagerly held his hand in order to prevent him from hitting me if he caught onto what I was saying.

As I looked at him with twinkling eyes, he, who was speechless for a while, slowly stretched out his hand that was not being held by me. His hand touched my face and slowly swept my hair back, like a stream of water flowing backwards. The feeling of his fingers brushing through my blue hair was warm.

“I will give my all just to protect you.”

His replying voice was much deeper than usual. He combed his fingers through my hair and whispered in an ardent voice, as if he had been completely soaked in salt water.

“Whether it be my life or my soul.”

My heart began to pound in an instant at his expression that had softened slightly, different to his usual cold expression. 

No, I didn’t mean for you to stake everything like this though…

His words which were clearly very burdensome came to me in a bewildered flusteredness. As a believer, those words were just onces of faith to the saintess, but I kept assuming it to mean something different because of his languid voice.

Badump, badump, badump, badump, badump. My heart, you’ve worked hard today as well.

“Nothing will harm you with me by your side, so don’t worry.”

It was the moment I gained a reliable escort knight. 

But of course, the fact that I felt more of a ticklish and heart pounding feeling rather than a reassured feeling was a secret I kept only to myself.

* * *

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“Saintess—! Our pretty saintess has arrived—!”

A cheerful voice calling to me echoed through the streets as soon as I got off the carriage.

“This way, Saintess! We’ve got the best room here, all cleaned up and blessed already!”

Wait, cleaning is understandable, but is it necessary for it to be blessed?

“We’ve also prepared the fruits that you like! Oh, you must be hungry so should we have dinner first? Vegetables, meat, fish, everything is possible!”

I burst into laughter at those words that seemed to belong to a hawker at a street market.

This feels surprisingly good after you get used to it though? Feeling happy over the affection that they poured on to me, I laughed and followed after them.

“As long as I can eat together with the priests, anything is fine.”

Heok! Please give me a warning if you’re going to say something that will make my heart race!”

Huhhhh… As expected, the saintess’s words can even heal hearts…”

Now I could roughly figure out each of their temperaments. A priest with many tears, a priest with a loud voice, and a priest who prefers to show through his actions rather than words. Although they were all at different ages, apparently they had been appointed as priests in the same year. 

When I entered the lodging, the high priest, Lydia, was there waiting for me as well.

“Am I late?”

“That’s not the case. I just arrived in advance since I had something I had to prepare.”

We sat around a large table and made plans for the future. It was about the procedures that were needed to certify the saintess, specifically regarding tomorrow’s itinerary where we would be going to the temple.

In any case, I was still going to the temple, so the destination had remained the same, but somehow, it had become a trip with a very different resolution from what had been decided at the beginning of the trip.

Of course, it’s not like I hated it. Naturally, it was fine.

“And that guy said, ‘Well, the saintess ate his soup first’! That’s wrong, she clearly had my bread first!”

“By dipping the bread in the soup, obviously the soup hits the tastebuds first!”

“She obviously went to grab my bread first! Then obviously my bread would come first! The soup is also impossible to eat without my bread!”

Pfft, were you guys still fighting over that?”

I was here with these cheerful people who showered me with affection over every single little action of mine.

“Miss, here’s a napkin.” (Tanma)


There’s also a butler, who takes care of me like this, and also an adorable Kelber who only follows after me.

“It’s hot since it won’t cool off. Drink this.”

There’s even Lecht, a believer who’d even risk his own life to protect me, so how could I not be happy?

* * * 

The mountain road from Chivan Village to the temple was even steeper than I expected. There wasn’t a separately paved road, nor was there a road formed by the frequent commute of people.

Due to this, it was such a rough climb to the extent that even believers who had heard of the abandoned temple didn’t come and find it, thus leaving it neglected.



Lecht grabbed me when my feet slipped on something that was collapsing. Although I was a little flustered since what he had grabbed onto was my waist.


“It’s dangerous.”

He tightened his grip on my waist as if he was trying to say it was alright, even if I fell again. In a daze, I swayed in his arms in an ambiguous state, one that wasn’t fully in his embrace, nor was it one where I was pushing him away either.

“It’ll be uncomfortable to walk like this…”

That was the only thing that came to my mind as an excuse.

Well, I truly meant it, to a certain extent at least. How am I meant to walk if you hold me like this? It’s impossible to walk backwards like this too. 

While I was being indecisive about this and that, Lecht released his grip on me. Although it was a pity that the warmth disappeared, before that feeling could even settle in my heart, Lecht suddenly kneeled on one knee with his back toward me.

His back was the widest back of a man I had ever seen. I wasn’t so slow that I didn’t understand that his gesture clearly implied for me to get on his back.

“You don’t have to do this…! I can walk by myself.”

Of course, even though I had slipped at a rate of five times per minute, I still hadn’t fallen yet. 

I tapped him on the back to indicate for him to get up, but he didn’t budge.

“Get on his back, Miss.”

Tanma said softly as he approached me.

“It’s fi…”

“Oh, you fell? What if you sprained your ankle!”

He spoke with a loud voice that wasn’t appropriate for the situation, one sentence after the other. As soon as he did so, one of the priests who had gone ahead shouted.

“What did you say?! Our saintess sprained her ankle?!”

Argh!!! This damn mountain ridge!”

“That’s why we said one of us should carry you!”

I glared at Tanma at the sight of them panicking all over the place. He did that on purpose. Just listen to them! However, Tanma was just smiling proudly, as if my glare didn’t even sting his eyes.

“The priests are worried. Please get on.”

Tanma guided me to Lecht’s back with both hands. It’s not like you can say ‘Please get on the carriage’. Can a butler do that? Isn’t Lecht your boss? What if you get in trouble later?

Words of protest bubbled up my throat, but only a sigh escaped from my lips. I should’ve felt annoyed, but his smile was so pleased that it felt embarrassing for me to get angry.

“Then, excuse me.”

I covered Lecht’s back with my body. I felt warm, as if I was lying on a fluffy sofa, his cool scent enveloping me. 

He rose up from his position with his hands under my thighs and my knees. He supported me firmly so that no strength would be exerted from my arms, which were hanging around his neck.

I was worried that he’d be able to feel my heart that was touching his back speed up. However, I didn’t want to move away and lose the warmth that was transmitted through the touching of our bodies. 

With every step he took, we moved up and down slightly, his body temperature giving me a sense of stability that went beyond warmth.

“This is nice…”

Since he was giving me a piggyback ride anyways, I rested my face against him. As I buried my cheek into the nape of his neck, his refreshing scent permeated deeper into my lungs.

“I feel like I’m only ever receiving things from Lecht, so I’m sorry.”

“Not at all.”

He immediately responded to my small apology.

“There’s absolutely no problem with this.”

At the quick reply, I smiled and whispered.

“Why? Is it because I’m the saintess?”

Lowering my head further, I buried my face further into his neck.

“Even though I didn’t expect it from you, you’re surprisingly religious.”

The fact that he’d be extremely faithful in trusting god with such a serious and cold expression wasn’t consistent at all. Just based on the aura he exuded, I didn’t think he’d be someone of extremely strong faith. It was more likely for him to be a god. 

I guess it’s lucky for me to be Lunarism’s saintess, otherwise I’d receive the same treatment as Linden, right? Would you change my treatment to that if I was confirmed not to be the saintess?

Although I didn’t think that would happen, I became upset for no reason. Although it’s touching when someone who normally isn’t nice treats you warmly, a person who changes after being good to you for a while is even worse.

“I hope I can quickly confirm that I’m the saintess soon.”

I hoped that even this slight anxiety would disappear quickly. As if he was cheering my heart on, I felt Lecht’s arm which was holding me tighten its grip a little. 

“So that I can use Lecht as an escort knight.”

When I added that on at the end playfully, I could hear Lecht smirk— no, laugh.

After that, it was silent. There was only the sound of the rustling of fallen leaves as we stepped on them, all the way until we arrived at the temple. 

But there was no awkwardness at all.

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IBVIAAN Ch 16 — Cut In Line

In the awkward silence that followed, only Kelber’s whine could be heard.

I carefully ruminated over what I’d say upon seeing the dazed expression on his face.

“Ignore my useless words. I’m sorry for upsetting you.”

To start off, I thought I should begin with consoling him, since it seemed like the cause of his spilled tears was me.

I stretched out my hand toward his face. His tears streamed down my thumb as I tried to wipe them away from his eyes.

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as translator, proofreader and editor!

In the awkward silence that followed, only Kelber’s whine could be heard.

I carefully ruminated over what I’d say upon seeing the dazed expression on his face.

“Ignore my useless words. I’m sorry for upsetting you.”

To start off, I thought I should begin with consoling him, since it seemed like the cause of his spilled tears was me.

I stretched out my hand toward his face. His tears streamed down my thumb as I tried to wipe them away from his eyes.

Linden slipped away from me and hurriedly turned his head away, as if he had just noticed that there were tears in his eyes. Although his tears were quickly wiped away, the tip of his nose, which had turned red from crying, was particularly conspicuous due to his pale face.

Although I did feel a bit sorry for him, he looked so much like Rudolph that I ended up laughing out loud.

Since even he, as a schemer, had already expressed his true feelings to me, I also thought that I should be honest with him as well.

“I’m not sure if you know, but I genuinely wish for your peace and happiness.”

It had been that way ever since I read the novel.

Linden was an extremely pitiful second male lead.

It was to the extent where I had suddenly wondered, wouldn’t it be okay to make him a little happier too?

I hoped that the rays of happiness would reach him as well, even if it was only something trivial.

However, if the Goddess of Happiness really doesn’t intend to walk beside him, even if it’s just for a moment, then…

“So that’s what I’m saying. Go back to your grandfather.”

Since it was such a miserable fate, the Goddess of Regret and Misery should at least leave him alone.

“Doesn’t your grandfather come looking for you every time he collapses? Hmm?”

I reached out again in the direction of Linden, who still didn’t budge. I gently brushed my hand through his messy hair.

“Go and check up on your grandfather’s health and keep him company too.”

“Haa… Do you know how contradictory your words are right now?”

“Are they?”

I wasn’t sure what the contradiction was though. All I knew was that he would regret it later if he didn’t go back now.

“Meliara. Show that to me again.”

“Huh? That?”

He suddenly said something totally unrelated whilst the topic was on going back to his grandfather.

“The cluster of lights you create with your powers.”

It was a rather meaningless and purposeless request. It was also extremely out of the blue.

However, although I was puzzled by it, it wasn’t a difficult request for me to fulfill, so I held out my palm.

Soon after, small balls of light sprung up from the palm of my hand. They, who had seemed like balls of moonlight at night, now seemed like dandelion spores during the day.

The cluster of lights left me and went over to Linden’s outstretched palm.

They sprinted up Linden’s arm in a frenzy, as if exclaiming, ‘I know this guy! It’s a kid we know!’. The rays of light that had wrapped around Linden’s arms and upper body soon scattered all over the place.

Linden watched the whole process silently.

“You know.”

He cut off my words and said, perhaps to ask me to make more.

“You didn’t ask me for a reason earlier.”

“Reason? Oh, the reason why you wanted me to make it for you?”


“That… isn’t it because it doesn’t matter what the reason is?”

It’s not like you can hurt me with the light I made. And it’s not like it’s that hard for me to do either. Couldn’t I just show it to you since for whatever reason, you wanted to see it?

While I muttered softly under my breath, he added.

“It might not be a big deal to you, but for me, it’s something I need. Then, shouldn’t you use that to get something from me in return?”

“Psh, no way. How are you meant to live if you judge everything in the world like that?”

“I did.”


“I’ve lived like that all my life. It wouldn’t be a big deal to me, but after discovering what the other person needed, I’d keep it in my hand, make a deal, and take what was beneficial for me from them.”

No, because why are you suddenly revealing yourself to be a schemer now? The person listening is getting flustered.

“That’s right, it wouldn’t have been a big deal for you to make these lights. But I was desperate for it.”

I could vaguely see now that he wasn’t talking. That night under the moonlight where he had looked fragile. It was clear that he was referring to the day I had constantly used up my divine power.

“I’ve always had to calculate, had to pay a price, and had to be shunned.”


The following words suddenly reminded me of a paragraph from the novel.

<He, who was always shunned, was always lacking somewhere. Rather than becoming numb to the rejection, his fear of it grew instead.>

And the reason he was drawn to the Saintess, Olivia.

<That’s why he was drawn to Olivia. Because other than his grandfather, she was the only one who didn’t shut him down for no reason.>

“You’re the first one. The first person who treated me like this, regardless of how much I could give you.”

<“You are the first person who has not calculated over what benefit you could steal from me, or what profit could be gained if you sold me.”>


I couldn’t help but sigh.

It wasn’t a grand enough confession for it to be called a love confession, but it was still without a doubt, Linden’s sincerity.

I knew because I had already read it.

As much as when he said those words to Olivia, it was said that it was an emotion that came from the bottom of his heart, one without any gimmick or mask. It was said to be the moment when he revealed his bare face, the one which he was the most embarrassed of.

A childish face came to mind.

“If there was another reason why I didn’t want to go back right now that I haven’t said yet… then you probably would’ve made me go back in return for creating that light for me.”

His words made me tilt my head.

“Isn’t that a little out of the question?”

Both were beneficial to him.

One was that he would be able to stand guard by his grandfather’s deathbed, and the other was…

Come to think of it, why did you like my cluster of lights so much? Talking about it had made me curious to know the answer.

Is it because they’re pretty? Because they’re warm?

I decided that I’d ask him that next, but he cut in first.

“It’s not. Since they’re both things that would only benefit me.”


He smiled at my response, as if he understood me perfectly. It was a smile full of despondency.

“It’s hard. People who can’t be calculative.”


“Apart from my grandfather and mother, this is the first time someone has treated me so sincerely.”

He slowly reached out and grabbed my hand.

“It’s really hard.”

I find it hard to scheme and calculate everything like you though…

He looked down at the hand holding mine tightly and finally said, “Okay. I’ll go and see my grandfather.”

“Really? Good choice!”

After talking round and round in circles, he finally chose to go back home.

I smiled broadly with joy. Linden also allowed a faint smile upon seeing mine.

“You only told me to go back solely for my peace of mind, and not with any other secret motives, right?”


“Since those are your sincere feelings.”


I nodded my head repeatedly at his words that continuously hit the mark.

He smiled, as if he thought my indignation was cute, and pulled the hand that he was holding and brought it to his mouth.


His lips touched my fingers.

I stiffened due to the sudden contact and his eyes crinkled into crescent moons, as if he enjoyed my reaction, adding with a smile.

“It seems like I’ll end up doting on you at this rate.”


There seems to be something strange about the flow of this story…?

It was when a flustered noise came out of my throat.

There was a sudden hand gripping his wrist. Then, it gently wrapped around my hand after taking it out of Linden’s grip, as if protecting it.

“If you’re done talking, then we should leave now.”

Lecht turned his back toward Linden and faced me. 

He, who had been the exact one to separate the two of us, wrapped his hand around my hand which had just been held by Linden.

My hand fit right into his.

He wasn’t even a professional basketball player, so what were his hands so big for… or was it just my hands that were small…

He started rubbing his thumb against the back of my hand. 

It was a slow and meticulous caress.

“We still have a long way to go. We’ll have to depart now in order to get to Chivan in time.”

It would be a different story if we were just going by ourselves, but the fact that we had already arranged an appointment with the Moon God’s high priestess and priests would make it rather troublesome.

However, my worries weren’t on the time, but rather, my hands.

“Th-That’s right… we should go…”

His touch, which had started with the back of my hand, was now touching my fingers. 

As if he were trying to wipe something off of it.

My heart fluttered for no reason because of the size of his large hands, but my heart became even louder when he began to rub my hands with his long fingers.

Although I was flustered, I was also happy at the same time, so I just left my hand to him and merely satisfied myself with wiggling my toes in my shoes.

I wasn’t even aware of why the tips of my toes would curl at the tingling sensation whenever I touched his hand.

“That’s why I told you to go intervene earlier. Saying I’m not sure, I have to wait for the temple, it was out of place… now someone else has cut in line, cut in line for that pretty hand. Tsk tsk.”

It seemed like Tanma was murmuring and clicking his tongue next to me.

Was it just me or were the shoulders of Lecht, whose gaze was still on the hand that was rubbing me, drooping lower and lower?

“I really don’t understand this guy either.”

Linden’s voice, which came from behind Lecht’s back, quickly brought me back to my senses. 

I hurriedly pulled my hand out. I quickly hid my hand behind my back, flustered that I was enjoying his touch.

“W-Well then, Linden! I guess we’re going to have to go our separate ways here!”

I looked for Linden, who was meant to be right next to me. Lecht, who seemed to be immovable, unexpectedly moved aside. 

Although it wasn’t that he completely moved aside, rather half his back still covered me when facing Linden.

“You’ll make it safely to the capital, right?”

“Meliara, how old do you think I am?”

“Oh, was it useless for me to worry? Haha.”

Although I laughed awkwardly, I still honestly couldn’t help but worry. He was a prince who didn’t know where or how his enemies were hiding.

“Are you coming back to the capital after you finish what you’re doing?”

I flinched at Linden’s question. 

I was thinking of fleeing the country by using that excuse though… Well, I guess I can only say goodbye to fleeing the country now, since I’ve got the whole saintess of the Moon God thing going on.

‘What about the demon invasion?’

Should I at least let Linden know too? Tell him to get ready? He’d look at me like I was a crazy woman though. 

How did Linden die again? Should I go back for a while to prevent him from dying? There was no way I’d be able to save the whole capital anyway, so shouldn’t I just try and protect the people who are important to me?

As my complex thoughts continued, I heard Linden’s voice again.

“Don’t tell me, are you thinking of never coming back again?”

I waved my hand in surprise at the shocked expression on his face.

“No, it’s not like that! Of course not!”

I couldn’t bear to upset a handsome man, so I hurriedly tried to explain.

“It’s because I was thinking of traveling. That’s why I don’t know when I’ll be back.”



I smiled and nodded at Linden double checking again. I hoped that my smile looked convincing.

“Thank goodness.”

He seemed to retreat with a small mumble, but stopped and looked back at me.



He let out a groan, pondering for a moment, and then asked.

“When we meet again, can I call you ‘Ara’?”

I was wondering what you were going to ask me.

“Of course.”

There was no reason for me to refuse him calling me by my real name.

Linden smiled brightly, as if he liked that answer.

“Okay! Thanks!”

It was the first time I had seen such a pure and bright smile of his.


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When the original party of three was reduced to only two, the carriage suddenly felt exceptionally spacious. There was only an awkward silence that made me wonder if I should have asked the butler to ride with us.

‘Seems like I had a lot to talk about with Linden…’

I felt his absence belatedly. How pleasant and comfortable it was to talk with Linden. 

Of course, it wasn’t as if I hated the situation now. 

Lecht, who watched the scenery passing by with his chin in his hands, leaning against the window, gave off the flavor of sightseeing. 

Even while his head was turned at an angle. Even while he had an unreadable expression on his face. The sharp jawline and sleek neckline that fell below the silver hair. Eyes that were clear, yet not stiff.

Somehow, he was a man whose Adam’s apple was even a cause of envy.

However, the most attractive of them all were those gold eyes of his.

“What is Lecht going to the East for?”

After watching him for a while, I decided to try my luck when the silence became too heavy.

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“i’m going to end up doting on you at this rate.” AHHHHH ?????!!!!

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the author fleshing out linden’s character as well !!!! was living for his backstory and how his calculations and scheming personality is a byproduct of his environment, BUT it was v touching to see how his grandpa and mother still tried to raise him with love && affection WE LOVE TO SEE IT

BUT NOW my guess is that we’ll finally delve more into what lies in the abandoned temple, lecht and meliara’s past (or not past???) and lecht’s character as well now that linden’s out of the picture (which i’m VERY MUCH looking forward to hehehehe)

IBVIAAN Ch 15 — I’ll Decide Who’s Precious To Me

“Oh my, what is this?”

After receiving a warm send off from the villagers when leaving the inn, I unknowingly spoke in a friendly tone to the object in front of me.

“I changed the carriage to a more comfortable one since you said the previous one was too uncomfortable.”

Tanma explained with a smile.

“I think this will definitely be more comfortable, but…”

Was this really a ‘carriage’…?

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as translator, proofreader and editor!

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“Oh my, what is this?”

After receiving a warm send off from the villagers when leaving the inn, I unknowingly spoke in a friendly tone to the object in front of me.

“I changed the carriage to a more comfortable one since you said the previous one was too uncomfortable.”

Tanma explained with a smile.

“I think this will definitely be more comfortable, but…”

Was this really a ‘carriage’…?

What was standing in front of me was far from what I knew a carriage to be.

First, there were no wheels. There were no horses either. There were only two slugs that were bigger than most cows, carrying what seemed to be a ride which looked around the size of a house.

‘I don’t even know which part I’m meant to be shocked at.’

The enormous size of the slugs? That there were no wheels? The fact that there were no horses yet it was still called a ‘carriage’?

Perhaps I wasn’t as shocked since this was after I had already met Kelber. 

A slug harnessed sedan chair… 

Yeah, well… something like that could exist too!

This is a world where my hair is blue and Linden’s hair is pink. Magic and divine power are a reality as well.

“Oh, this seems to be the first time you’ve seen a carriage like this! Fufu. It’s a local specialty of our region. It would be rare for you to see it in the capital.”

Tanma said proudly.

“Despite its appearance, it’s still extremely fast.”

The snails…?

“Ohhh, right.”

Although what he said was unbelievable, I had no choice but to believe it since the person who had used it before said so.

“As long as Young Miss just rides it once, you’ll also get drunk on the feeling and only be able to use this as your sole means of transportation from there on. Fufufu.”

He kept smiling, as if he were absorbed in bragging about his local specialty.

Unable to find a proper response, I smiled awkwardly and walked toward the slug. The feeling of seeing such a large slug was different compared to those that were the size of my finger.

I carefully stretched out a finger and stroked the slug.

‘I thought it would be extremely sticky and slippery, but…’

It was extremely different to what I had imagined it would feel like. Perhaps the feeling of a plate that has just been cleaned? Furthermore, the long antennae that were wiggling toward me were…

“So cute…!”

It was obviously much cuter than I thought…?!

I thought I only liked furry animals, but that clearly wasn’t the case. 

I liked everything, as long as it was cute! There was no helping it, even if I was a face dog1! How could you not like something when you see something this cute?

I hugged the slug’s neck tightly while I was at it. I felt like I was hugging a soft leather pillow…!

“Hugging you feels different to hugging Kelber too!”

Linden approached me when I was in a good mood while rubbing my face against it for no reason.

“You used to hate things like that.”

“Huh? Me?”

“You said you didn’t like things like animals. Since you couldn’t stay presentable.”

So Meliara was someone who didn’t understand the loveliness of animals. 

What a shame!

“I decided to reconsider it again. Since there are no children who will give you an infinite amount of affection like these babies will.”

Animals will be the only ones who will trust you and love you unconditionally without calculating like humans do.

“Even though I’m not sure about the sophisticated cats or birds…”

Linden looked at the slug and I with a complicated expression on his face.

“This sort of horse…”

“Woof! Woof! Woof!”

“What a thoughtless dog…”

Kelber, who had rushed to my side at some point, tugged on my clothes, as if he didn’t want me to only hug the slug.

“You’re very pretty as well. You’re cuter than every other puppy, so don’t worry.”

I stroked all three of Kelber’s heads with as much affection as I gave to the slug. It was more accurate for me to say that the three of them just shoved their heads underneath my hands, one after the other, without needing me to move them at all.

“Sure enough, you’ve changed.”


Damn it. I told you not to say that since it stings my conscience.

As I tried to sneakily avoid Linden’s sharp questioning, Lecht came toward me at a good time.

“Let’s go.”

“You’ve finished talking?”

I saw that he had been having a very serious conversation with the priests earlier.

“We decided that we’d travel separately first and then meet at Chiban Village.”

Although his tone was stiff, I smiled, knowing that it was one of Lecht’s charming points.

“But isn’t the temple there an abandoned temple? Is doing it there fine too?”

One of the procedures I had to undergo in order to confirm whether I was a saintess or not was to check my reaction with the holy objects in every temple. Of course, the temple I was going to was the closest temple of the moon god.

“Apparently it wasn’t that they were specifically shut down, but rather that there wasn’t a sufficient number of new priests to be dispatched to it instead.”


That seemed like a rather painful topic… I didn’t know they had to leave the temple unattended due to a lack of priests…

“But what about that holy thing?”

Since that was the same place I was going to find the spirit… could that perhaps be…?

‘No way, the temple wouldn’t only have holy objects, so both the holy objects and the spirit could be there too.’

…or was it too naive for me to think so?

‘If the spirit is a holy object, am I going to have to steal it sneakily?’

Wouldn’t that obviously cause a big problem…?

But I had to go to the temple first to see whether or not it was actually a holy object.

“What were you going to say?”

“Haha, it’s nothing!”


“Then, shall we continue on our way?”

I switched the topic.

As I headed for the carriage, Lecht, who was standing next to the carriage door, reached his hand out toward me. 

The rather large hand put me into a good mood for no reason, so I smiled brightly and grabbed onto it. My body floated without needing my feet to touch the foothold, and I landed easily in the carriage.

“According to what the butler said, this carriage will reduce my motion sickness, so we can head to Chiban Village without stopping…”

“Your Highness!”

…or so I thought, but now what? The heads of Lecht, Linden, and myself, all turned toward the people who were running toward us.

“Now what sort of fuss are you making?”

When Linden scolded him with a hint of anxiety in his voice, the knight tried to talk while taking a breather.

“The Head of the Ezzarson Guild has collapsed.”


The news he had delivered explained why he had run to us so hurriedly. 

Linden’s face hardened. I bit my lip as I watched his pale face turn aghast.

‘I forgot. That Linden’s grandfather would pass away around this time.’

I had gotten caught up in so many incidents that I had missed out on this important fact.

“Is it his respiratory problem again?”

“It may be because of that, but apparently a heart attack has also come along with it.”

The knight bowed his head with an apologetic look on his face. 

A tendon could be seen sticking out of Linden’s fist which was clenched tightly together. As he looked at the ground with an expression that seemed to say he was preoccupied with many thoughts, his face grew darker and darker.

Then he took a heavy step toward me.

“Let’s go. If we drag our feet any longer, we’ll be late to our appointed time.”

My eyes grew wider at his response.

“You’re not going to go back?”

They just said that his grandfather had collapsed. Wasn’t that also a complication?! This could probably wait until tomorrow. But you said that you’re going to continue on with us to the temple instead of going back to your grandfather?

“This sort of thing has happened a lot before. It’ll be fine.”

He placed his foot on the foothold of the carriage as he said so. However, I used my whole body to block his path into the carriage.


He looked up at me with a voice that seemed to have lost all its strength.

“Go back to your grandfather.”

“…I said it’s fine.”

“It’s not very convincing for you to say that with a face that obviously screams that it’s not okay.”

His shoulders flinched at my point. 

How could I possibly not know when a guy, who normally hides his own feelings, is revealing his inner feelings so clearly to me?


I called his name softly. As if his appearance was one that seemed to be standing precariously on a bridge that was about to break soon, I reached out and held onto his hand.

Haa… I was going to let it go since I thought it was just me being too self-absorbed, but as expected, I can’t.”


“The reason you’re following us to the East, it’s because of me, right?”

“…I told you, it isn’t.”

Although he still denied it, I continued to reply truthfully after a beat.

“Since I had my engagement broken off with the Crown Prince, you’re accompanying me in order to ensnare me because you think I’ll be an advantageous chess piece you can use if I turn to your side, right?”

Whether I had truly hit the mark with my point or not, his expression was one that was filled with helplessness. 

It was normally extremely difficult to read his facial expression, but I was able to read his mind immediately because of the mess his mind was in right now. That’s how much I could tell the news of his grandfather had shaken him. 


“…I told you, it isn’t.”

Like a child who had just been scolded, he bowed his head and gripped my hand tightl, repeating the same words under his breath over and over again.

“I’ve been disowned.”

I decided to inform him openly of my situation. 

At that, Linden’s head whipped up as fast as a flash of lightning. His eyes which were round like saucers, seemed to be extremely shocked.

“If you were a little more quick-witted and observant, you might have guessed it, just from the fact that I had been walking around like this without a single maid or escort. Or maybe you’ve already done a background check on me, I don’t know.”

“…I haven’t done one though.”

Whether or not I had hit the mark again, his shoulders flinched once again, but he still successfully managed to find a response.

“The Duke said that he’d erase my name from the Duchy’s genealogy because I made the Duchy into a joke. So I told him to go ahead and do it.”

“You actually agreed to that..?”

“Yep. Even if I tried to cling onto it, nothing would change in the end anyway.”

This wasn’t something I said just because I knew the ending was doomed. 

After her engagement was broken off and she had been abandoned by that faction, there was no family that was willing to offer a marriage to her unless they wanted to lose access to the temple or no longer be able to show their faces in society. 

There wasn’t even a chance for her to become the next Duke since there was also a successful older brother before her. 

There was no point in remaining in the Duchy too, since even if she lived off of them for a while, there was no future there other than being a lonely loser.

“Since I didn’t need the Duchy either, I didn’t have any other reason to remain in the Duchy too, so I thought now would be a timely opportunity for me to try and live the life of someone who wasn’t a princess. So I decided to take a trip to the East.”

I couldn’t exactly say, ‘I’m going to flee the country!’, so I just smiled and packaged my words prettily. 

Linden looked at me without speaking. Those eyes of his were full of confusion.

“That’s why, Linden. It’s a waste of your time to try and use me as a political chess piece.”


“I’m sorry for only telling you now. I was going to tell you last time, but then you said that you were going because of something else instead, so…”

He, who had prepared a bunch of excuses, shut his mouth, wondering if there was a need for him to pull them apart.

But the situation is different now. 

He might not even be able to stand guard by his grandfather’s deathbed. Yet he was still trying to capture the useless, good-for-nothing me.

“So go back. Your grandfather, I’m sure he misses you.”

I whispered with an apologetic heart. 

Instead of answering, he just held my hand even tighter. It felt like a request for courage. 

He started to talk after a moment of silence.

“I’m not sticking close to you just because you’re a princess.”


“At least not now.”


When I didn’t reply, he added, “I’m really not.”

I wasn’t able to easily believe what he said, since I knew all too well how thoroughly he had been moving in order to bring down the crown prince. 

I was flustered and rather pitied his attempts at presenting himself nicely, even in this situation.

“Linden, you don’t have to put so much effort in front of me.”

I tried to speak as gently as possible.

“I don’t have a grudge against you, nor am I trying to find any fault in you. I’m not even blaming you.”

How could I possibly blame you when it was your background that made you like this? You’re just as much of a victim as well.

“You don’t even have enough time to give to those who will be of help to you and those who are precious to you, yet you put so much effort into me and aren’t afraid you’ll miss your time with them.”


“I don’t know what exact thoughts you had when you approached me, and what you’re trying to get through me.”

I’m only trying to make a vague guess of it.

“But what I want to say is, it doesn’t matter what it is.”


“I’m saying this because I feel sorry that you’ve wasted your time.”


Linden, who had only bowed his head and said nothing for a long time, whispered quietly.


“You’re not wasting my time.”

When I asked again since I couldn’t hear what he said very well, he raised his head and looked up at me. I inhaled sharply when I finally checked his expression.

The tip of his nose which was slightly scrunched up was tinged red, and his pretty blue eyes were wet with tears.

“Don’t say that.”

It was an expression that seemed to have genuinely been hurt. The emotions were too deep for me to consider it as an act.

“Don’t talk like you’re just nothing, as if I’m doing something pathetic.”

His eyes were filled with resentment. However, I could also see a great sadness that was even larger than that. 

Just why… What on earth did I say wrong for you to make such an expression, as if you’re a mistress that’s just been abandoned…!?

He added, staring at me with an expression that seemed like his tears were about to fall at any second.

“I decide where my time should be used for it to be the most valuable.”

That voice was clearly choked up, but his tone was firm, without any waver.

“I’ll decide who’s precious to me, so…”

His face was arranged pitifully, and his voice resembled the growling of a beast, so I swallowed loudly, my nerves taut. 

“If you don’t want to see me go crazy, then don’t say such a thing so carelessly.”

Somehow, I felt as if I had touched something of this scheming man’s that I shouldn’t have touched. 

[1] face dog refers to someone who likes [sb/st] based on their appearance

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also rlly like how meliara highlighted the fact that linden is a victim too and that he’s just a product of the environment around him and that his behaviour is just a reaction to the schemes he’s had to endure.

IBVIAAN Ch 14 — A Smile That Gives My Heart a Critical Hit


Lecht replied calmly at the shocked Linden’s question.

“It looks like you’ve been ‘blessed’ by that blonde saintess.”


All people are born with a vessel for divine power. If that vessel was filled with your own power, then you would have ‘divine power’, and if it was filled with the help of another, then you would receive a ‘blessing’ and become a believer.

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as translator, proofreader and editor!


Lecht replied calmly at the shocked Linden’s question.

“It looks like you’ve been ‘blessed’ by that blonde saintess.”


All people are born with a vessel for divine power. If that vessel was filled with your own power, then you would have ‘divine power’, and if it was filled with the help of another, then you would receive a ‘blessing’ and become a believer.

Linden was born with an affinity to magic, but lacked an affinity for divine power, so he had been ‘blessed’ directly by the saintess last year. Not because he wanted to become a believer of Solarism, but rather to approach her since he was curious about what sort of woman the woman his older brother liked was like.

Although it wasn’t unusual for a prince to receive a ‘blessing’ from a saintess, when it was pointed out by Lecht, Linden felt as if he had been caught red-handed for no reason.

“That’s not the power of the sun god.”

“Your Excellency.”

Tanma, who was standing silently next to Lecht, intervened. He had an expression that seemed to say that there was no need for him to say that.

“Does he really have to know? In any case, it seems as if Ara cares about this guy.”


Linden felt as if those words of his were rather strange as well.

If this man were really interested in Meliara, he would’ve felt displeased with him, who she ‘cared’ for, as well as his claims of her being his ‘most precious friend’. If he were a man, he’d at least be jealous.

However, this man seemed to be someone who was above that. He wasn’t broadminded enough to accept it. Rather, it just seemed so insignificant to the point he didn’t even care about it.

Even though it poked at Linden’s pride, the strange feeling of acceptance surging up in him was still uncomfortable.

“It’s not that I’m disgusted with Solar’s power. They’re just different in nature, since it reflects the power of that god. But that clumsy imitation in your body is disgusting, so empty it out.”

“What you just said… don’t you know that’s a very dangerous statement for you to make?”

It was a statement that claimed that the saintess’s ‘blessing’ was fake.

“Do you think I’d care about that?”


Lecht, who added indifferently, turned his head back to the door. 

If word of this ever leaked out, he would end up provoking the Temple of the Sun God.

He didn’t care that the Temple would risk their lives to eradicate him?

‘So His Majesty the Emperor hadn’t been saying to be careful for no reason.’

His attitude that seemed to say, ‘what’s the big deal’ was so arrogant that it seemed rather incredible.

“Why are your thoughts like that?”

“It’s just the truth.”

Linden examined Lecht’s expression. This was the first time he had ever seen someone so difficult to read.

‘He doesn’t seem like someone who would lie about something like this.’

He was definitely the sort of man to think that all such schemes and lies would only be committed by insignificant people.

So that meant that that was at least the complete honest truth from that man.

This… needed to be further investigated.

“If you’re curious, how about we start with the situation this time then?”

He added, as if he had read Linden’s thoughts.

“If you’re talking about the situation this time, don’t tell me… the epidemic?”

“I think I’ve given you enough hints with this.”

“Why are you telling me this?”

Was it really because Meliara cared about me? 

But no matter how much he thought about it, it was simply too weak of a basis. 

Apart from Meliara, he was a man who had constantly dismissing Linden with the consistent reply of, ‘Why should I?’ to any question until now. It was information that felt to abruptly friendly.

“Because there are many ways to easily get things done without putting in much effort in the world.”

So, if he were to interpret it into his own words, it would be, ‘I want to throw a stone at the saintess, but it’s too much of a hassle, so I’ll just use Linden instead’.

How many people in this world would say that they would use a prince so openly?

Linden didn’t try to pick a fight. Since it’d be really helpful if all of this turned out to be true.

“Thank you for those intriguing words. Please do so again in the future.”

“…Why should I?”

Though he was still an uncooperative man at the end. 


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“Linden, what are you thinking so hard about?”

I tapped on the shoulder of Linden, who was staring at the table with a serious expression.


He looked at me and smiled brightly, as if he were coming to his senses again.

“Just because. I was just thinking that I should probably give the knights a bonus since this situation has occurred.”

“Oh! That’s a good idea. Linden, you’re such a great boss!”

To think that you were a boss who would give bonuses after doing hard work! You knights better take care of Linden properly! Such a boss wasn’t common at all!

Although this wasn’t something I’d receive as well, my mood turned for the better for no reason as I smiled and looked ahead.

The boisterous banquet was in full swing. Not only the restaurants, but places everywhere in the village were currently holding banquets like this.

The theme of such banquets was simple. Appreciating a mundane life. 

Due to the sudden incident that had broken out, everyone was extremely grateful with the lives they had regained, as if they had suddenly realized they had been taking the peace they thought would always be guaranteed for granted.

Although in the end, we still couldn’t figure out what had been the start of the situation in the first place, it was still fortunate that everyone turned out okay anyway.

Just as I was watching the people dance and sing happily while piping my cream beer, the three musketeers suddenly rushed toward me.

“Would you like to dance with us, saintess?”

“The beautiful dance of the beautiful saintess! Hic hic, I might even faint from happiness.”

I waved my hand in refusal as I held in a laugh at their over-exaggerated reactions.

“I appreciate the offer, but I think just sitting here and drinking would be more enjoyable for me.”

I looked shakily at the beer in front of me. The three musketeers that were the priests seemed to think it were a shame, but quickly gave up and left the table.

“Don’t you like dancing? I remember you quite liking it though.”

Linden asked as they left.

“I do like it, but I’m not very good at it.”

When I smiled regretfully, Linden stretched his hand out toward me.

“Then, do you want me to teach you?”

“Although I appreciate the offer, I’ll have to refuse. I’ll become an outlaw who steps on other people’s feet whenever I dance.”

“It’ll be fine if you just learn how to do it properly. No one’s good at doing something right off the bat.”

“I’m always hopeless when it comes to coordinating my body. Won’t I destroy the fantasy of the priests who expect my dancing to be beautiful?”

I turned my head to see that the three musketeers were all shaking their bodies along with the other villagers, perhaps because they were drunk. It looked so amusing that I ended up bursting into laughter.

“It’d even be believable to think that they were laughter evangelists1 rather than priests of the moon god.”

I would always burst into laughter whenever I was with them. Although most of the instances were rather absurd, the amusing moments far overshadowed them.

I kept watching them with a smile until Linden called out to me again.

“But Meliara.”

“Huh, what is it?”

“You were a believer of Lunarism?”


Although it was a pretty random question, it was still something he could’ve been curious about.

“I wasn’t, but…”

“Right? Weren’t you originally a believer of Solarism? The entire Duchy believed in the sun god. So how does it make sense for you to become the saintess for the moon god?”

“It was probably because the Duke believed in the sun god. However, I…”

To be more exact, I was a believer of neither the sun or moon god.

“To be more precise, I was agnostic. There wasn’t a particular god I believed in.”

“You didn’t have a particular god you believed in?”

The expression on Linden’s face became peculiar. He was looking at me with a face that seemed to belong to someone whose last piece of meat had been robbed by his best friend.


“How could that be?”

“I just… didn’t have one?”


I just said that I didn’t have one because I didn’t have one, so how am I supposed to answer you when you ask me how I didn’t have one again…?

“It’s not that I deny the existence of the sun or moon god. I’m not an atheist. Should I say that I’m agnostic2 instead, to be more exact? It’s not that I think there’s no god, but rather, I don’t recognise a god?”

At Linden’s expression that seemed as if he had just been broken up with, I hurriedly started to spout gibberish in order to convince him.

“So, it’s more like how could we possibly dare to discern God? How could we possibly define ‘God’ with our standards, or something like that?”

“What are you talking about…”

You’re right. What sort of dog eating grass nonsense3 is this? 

In any case, realizing that my bullshiting couldn’t cure his wounds(?), I hurriedly shouted out.

“It means that the gods in this world are all incredible!”

In order to drive the point home even more, I even gave him a thumbs up, but Linden looked at me with an expression that seemed to say that he couldn’t comprehend what I was doing even more.

It was when I was about to die of embarrassment.


I heard a sound of laughter from the other side. 

Wait. The sound of laughter…?

When I turned my head in surprise, there was Lecht, who was sitting next to me, his head turned slightly to the side in order to cover his mouth with his fist.


However, he couldn’t hide the laughter that was flowing out, nor his shoulders that were shaking. His eyes which were folded finely into crescents and the corners of his mouth which were slightly visible above his fist. 

But I was surprised by the easygoing atmosphere around him most of all. 

Wow, to think that was the laughter of an uptight and firm man. It was neither a refreshing or delightful laugh, nor was it an awkward smile either.

It was just a small simple burst of laughter. 

However, it was enough to give my heart a critical hit. This was a seduction that went beyond unexpected charm. 

Standing behind him was Tanma, who also looked at Lecht in surprise, perhaps because this sort of scene couldn’t be seen very often. Even Kelber, who had been dozing off underneath the table, was looking at Lecht with a ‘huh’ sound.

As I stared at his enchanting appearance with my eyes in a daze, his golden eyes met mine. He said to me, still with his fist covering his mouth.

“That’s right, all gods are incredible.”

There was a smile on his face as he said so. My face heated up as I felt a sense of teasing there.

“D-Don’t tease me…!”

Although Linden had been confused and didn’t seem to know what I was talking about, Lecht seemed to have noticed that I didn’t have anything to say, so I had just rambled on endlessly without anything meaningful to say.

Pfft. You’re right. It’s indeed foolish for us to define God by our standards.”


I could feel my face redden in real time. My ears were burning, and even my hands which covered my cheeks were about to heat up. 

As I stared at him with a tearful look on my face, he reached out his clenched fist toward me. A large, reliable hand reached out to brush against a handful of hair that had arbitrarily scattered loosely near my neck. As he tugged at it gently, my hair swept through his fingers as if it were flowing water. 

He bent at his waist and kissed a small strand of hair that seemed to get tangled and manipulated between his fingers. There were clearly no nerves in my hair, but it felt as if I could feel the sensation of his lips touching my hair. 

A scorching sensation quickly ran down my spine and shocked my tailbone. From there, the sensation of that feeling spreading to all my nerves in my whole body made me feel as if there was electricity at the ends of my fingers and toes.

All my attention was focused on the hair he was holding, and my entire being was focused on him. 

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe in God. It’s okay for you to believe in another god too. But let’s make this clear first so we can move on.”

“W-What is it…?”

My whole body was extremely tense with nerves, so I asked him in a trembling voice. He stared straight into my eyes and whispered quietly with a light smile.

“You are the child who has been chosen by Lunar, the moon god.”

“Is that so…? Because I’m the saintess of the moon god?”

Though it hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Was it because Lecht’s voice was so full of confidence? It was something that I had already known, but I felt excited, as if it was the first time I had heard such a thing. My whole body felt light, like it was floating, as if I was on top of a cloud.

“You will be loved. Without a doubt, infinitely.”

My heart pounded loudly with a badump badump sound. I wasn’t sure whether it was because I was nervous from his actions or whether it was because my heart was fluttering from his smile. Or perhaps it was just due to the surprise I felt at what he had said, without a single doubt in his mind. 

Although it was hard to tell what it was, I was certain that all my nerves were focused on him.

“So just trust me this one time.”

…I felt as if I were about to believe in a religion that didn’t exist. 

[1] 웃음전도사 originates from the term ‘행복전도사’ (happiness + preacher), popularized by preacher choi yunhee whose sermons often centered around happiness similarly the term laughter evangelist refers to those that spread laughter.

[2] to clarify, atheist and agnostic is not the same. atheists typically do not believe a god exists, while an agnostic is someone who doesn’t believe it’s possible to know for sure a god exists or someone who is not committed to believing in the existence of a god/God.

[3] 개 풀 뜯어 먹는 소리 is a proverb that means ‘impossible’ and stems from the idea that dogs are carnivores like wolves. (source: namuwiki)

[4] sound of someone holding in their laughter.

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“You will be loved. Without a doubt, infinitely.”


IBVIAAN Ch 13 — An Inescapable Pit of Emotions

At some point in time, the three musketeers who had been running towards us had finally arrived on the first floor.

“Gosh, what should we do?! Our saintess’s beautiful face has shrunk to half its original size!!”

Huhuhu…! That’s why I told you not to overwork yourself!”

“Oho, then I wonder just who was the one who had said that the appearance of our saintess working was dashing?”

The three musketeers were just as lively as usual today.

this chapter is brought to you by mio
as translator, proofreader and editor!

At some point in time, the three musketeers who had been running towards us had finally arrived on the first floor.

“Gosh, what should we do?! Our saintess’s beautiful face has shrunk to half its original size!!”

Huhuhu…! That’s why I told you not to overwork yourself!”

“Oho, then I wonder just who was the one who had said that the appearance of our saintess working was dashing?”

The three musketeers were just as lively as usual today.

“Saintess, please come over here! I’ve already prepared a chair and table.”

“I’ve already wiped it to the point it’s shining. After all, our beloved saintess shouldn’t come into contact with even a speck of dust.”

“The food will be out soon. Something that’s warm that’ll relieve your fatigue!”

Although I hadn’t even said a single word, they all moved in different directions for me. 

I desperately wanted to hide at the sight of them, who seemed blind to the fact I was embarrassed by the people around us looking at us, but Lecht sat me down on the chair they had prepared for me as if it were natural. 

Then, Lecht settled down in the chair next to me. 

“Water, milk and juice, have all been prepared for you to drink. Of course, the rice flour drink you drank last time is also here.”

“Rice flour…? Oh, the multigrain shake…”

“What do you want?”

“U-Um, there are so many options…”

When I hesitated, Lecht beckoned toward Tanma who was next to me.

“Bring it all out.”


“Yes, I understand.”


Lecht, who shows excessive care as if it were natural, and also Tanma, who follows his orders as if it were natural. 

These men… even though you pretend you’re not, inwardly, you’re no different from those hardcore fans, the three musketeers, right…? Is the appearance of the saintess of the moon god that incredible?

It would’ve been rather ungrateful of me to tell them not to do so, so as soon as my eyes flicked back and forth, a variety of food and drinks came out. It was such a generous sight it seemed as if the table legs would bend under its weight. 

Did they want me to eat all of this by myself…? You’re sure this isn’t actually a buffet instead?

“You all must be hungry, right? Sit down. Let’s eat together.”

“Were you worrying about the stomachs of our lowly selves?! To think that the next saintess is such a nice person! We’ve succeeded now!”

Hic, hic, hic… I can’t believe I’m sitting at the same table as the saintess…! To think that this sort of honor would be bestowed on me whilst I was still alive…!”

No, I was actually suggesting to eat it together since there was to much, but I didn’t know that you’d actually interpret it that way.”

“I did it since it’d be a waste if there was a lot leftover.”

If I just leave the story as it is, it felt as if the story would swerve off in a strange direction and people might begin to praise me, so I just spoke honestly instead. 

However, hardcore fans weren’t hardcore fans for no reason.

“How wise, to even think about food wastage!”

Huhuuuu, she’s even someone who cares about the environment… Our saintess is the best…”

Sigh… Let’s just not talk at all.

Uwahhhhh, I’m going to trust god diligently and donate a lot from now on…”

“Aren’t you already a priest…”

“I’m already doomed. I covet the beautiful appearance of the saintess so much that I’ll fall into the depths of hell due to excessive greed anyways.”

“Pardon? What sort of reason to go to hell is that?”

“Okay, let’s go to hell together. I’ll go happily.”

Huhuuu, the rye bread is so tasty… the saintess is so pretty…”


I eventually burst into laughter listening to their continuous stream of words.

“Hahaha! What’s with you all? Ahahaha!”

Saying that you’d go to hell for seeing my face too much, and saying that you’d go to that same hell happily. Although I’m sure the rye bread was delicious, was it possible for one to cry because I was too pretty?

They were all just nonsensical words, yet they all had one thing in common. 

The fact that they liked me.

It’d be a lie for me to say that I wasn’t burdened by their blind liking toward me. 

However, there wouldn’t be many people in the world who could hate and reject someone who liked them. Especially if it was such a pure show of affection like this.

“I’ll keep a firm hold of your priests so you don’t fall into hell, so stop crying and eat.”

I laid out a lot of rye bread, which was the local specialty here, in front of them.

“Eat well and help me out. We need to gather our strength in order for us to put the village in order.”

I decided to accept their blind faith and unconditional love. 

Let’s first put aside my worries over whether I should accept being a saintess or not, and what I should do with fleeing the country. Whether or not I’m the saintess, I would enjoy their lavishing of affection on me first. 

That’s not something that’s too hard for me to do, right?

“Yes, saintess!”

“I’ll follow you!”

“Thank you for the food!”

Watching them boldly stuffing food into their mouths, I was able to continue eating with a happy heart.


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The sound of Meliara’s laughter resonating was so refreshing it was even able to pass through the closed window. There was a man who was watching her outside of the window near the alley.

‘Was she someone who knew how to laugh like that?’

Linden’s expression was complicated as he leaned on the other side of the alleyway, looking at her.

The first time he had met Meliara was at the temple. 

His first impression of her had been, ‘she really is pretty’. 

Although he had known that she was a beauty through the rumors, she really was very pretty. 

However, it hadn’t been very pleasing to see her yelling at Saintess Olivia, and seeing her cling to his older brother, the Crown Prince, had been rather disgusting.

The only reason he had approached her was because she was the Princess of Darchez, and was also his brother’s fiancee. 

Since he had thought that as long as he used her properly, he’d be able to suck out the sweetest juice1.

The woman he gradually got to know more of was no less of a miserable person than he was. She severely lacked affection. 

Thus, she was a woman who would open her heart to me with just a few whispers of sweet words and wide smiles. 

Thanks to that, he was able to extract some information on the crown prince as well as the resources of the nobles who stood in the Duke’s faction.

Though of course, she later noticed what he was doing and tried to keep her distance. Since there was no need for her to be hated by the Duke over helping the Prince of Misfortune.

Nevertheless, she was a woman who couldn’t heartlessly cut him off. Because even the false affection he had given her was like a much-needed rainfall in a drought in her heart.

‘I thought I had her all figured out.’

However, ever since he had reunited with her in the capital, she had changed. 

He had thought she had come to meet him since she had personally come to the inn that he owned, but…

“Y-Yeah, how have you been?”

The smile on her embarrassed face seemed as if she didn’t know she’d meet him. He had wanted to tease the innocent expression he had seen for the first time.

“Call me Linden.”

“You know, just like how I’m your only friend, you’re my only friend as well.”

He thought she’d push him away like always while saying, “Please don’t be like this”. 

However, he heard something surprising instead.

“If Your Highness ever needs comfort someday, please come and find me. Although I can’t say anything particularly cool, I can still lend a listening ear to you.”

It was a refreshing surprise.

Was she someone who could afford this sort of mindset? 

No, the woman he had clearly known obviously wasn’t like that. She was a woman who was always urgently trying to attract even the slightest bit of visible affection to herself. She was a woman who couldn’t afford to be considerate and understanding to the emotions of those around her.

“Alright, Linden.”

…She wasn’t a woman who knew how to smile so beautifully.

“I’ll show you as much as you want. I can show you until my divine power runs out.”

She wasn’t a woman who knew how to make a sacrifice for others. 

Linden bowed his head and looked down at his palm.

“Did you think I couldn’t even do this for you?”

There was no way she could be this warm. It was obviously not possible.

“If it’s hard, complain.”

“Hic…! Huhuheung…”

Seeing her sobbing over a few words of comfort which was like nothing, Linden felt his heart breaking. 

Just how many things had she bottled up and held onto tightly inside? 

Instead of changing after her engagement got broken off, perhaps she had always been like that. 

Perhaps she had lived hiding her true self due to the crushing pressure of being the crown prince’s fiancee as well as holding the position of a princess. 

And now that she had been freed from it, maybe her true character was being revealed.


Linden closed his eyes and instinctively leaned his head against the wall. 

The warm lights she had made that evening probably wouldn’t be forgotten any time soon for a long time. 

In any case, perhaps he had fallen into a deep pit of emotions that he couldn’t escape from now.

What had started off as simply being her companion in order to find out why Grand Duke Arvis had showed an interest in her had now developed into a burden too large for him to handle. 

It was a burden that burst out of his heart, one that he couldn’t get rid of on his own.

“Your Highness.”

Linden, who was taking a deep breath, opened his eyes at the voice of his subordinate calling out to him. 

When his eyes flitted over, he saw the special agent he had sent to bring news from the capital.

“What of the news I told you to investigate?”

“It’s exactly as you’ve expected.”

Linden turned his head around to fully face him. 

“A few days ago, the saintess of the sun god, Olivia, disappeared from the temple and was discovered not too far from here, collapsed, exactly like you said.”

That beautiful face furrowed their eyebrows and frowned.

“The temple seems to have been working on something discretely, but… this doesn’t seem to have been the first time they’ve done exactly as you’ve thought.”

It was the moment the Pandora’s box, which shouldn’t be opened if you were a believer of the sun god, was opened.


Last night, while Meliara was still asleep, Lecht and Linden both stood in front of her room.

“If you have something to say, then say it.”

Lecht was the first to break the silence, perhaps because Linden’s constant glancing irritated him. 

His voice was so sharp it felt as if a sword had just brushed past, completely different from when he was dealing with Meliara.

Linden asked boldly, not feeling too particularly hurt by it.

“I know the Grand Duke isn’t interested in ‘this side’.”

When it comes to ‘this side’, it naturally referred to politics. And when it comes to Grand Duke Arvis, he was famous for ignoring all exchanges of power.

“I have no interest.”

“Then to Meliara, why did you…”

A few weeks ago, Linden thought Meliara would no longer be worth investing in as soon as he heard that the engagement between Meliara and the Crown Prince had been broken off. 

When she had even come to his own lodging that he owned, he thought to just deal with it appropriately and shake her off, since it seemed as if she were trying to cling onto her last straw. 

Though of course, he had been a little shocked by the change in temperament which was different to what he had thought when he met her.

However, wasn’t the Grand Duke Arvis, who had suddenly appeared out of nowhere, showing an interest in her now?

So he followed them.

If he could use Meliara to bring Grand Duke Arvis into politics, then that would signal the sound of the tide overturning all of the Crown Prince’s supporters at once.

Of course, all those numerous calculations he had made had already started to fade away the moment he faced Meliara’s divine power, but Linden tried not to forget the initial purpose of this trip.

“I’m curious as to why the Grand Duke is paying so much attention to Meliara.”

“I have something I want to confirm.”

“Are you talking about whether she’s the saintess?”

When faced by the pinpointing of Linden’s question, Lecht’s gaze shifted slightly toward Linden.

His gaze passed over him lightly before resting on the door once again.

“That has nothing to do with you.”

“It does. Meliara is my most precious friend.”

There was a bite in Linden’s voice. It resembled a provocation along the lines of, ‘I’m a friend, but what are you?’.

“As long as you continue to show an interest in Meliara, I have a duty of protecting her to keep her safe.”


Lecht murmured softly at Linden’s resolute words. 

As if he was truly insignificant, he snorted quietly before turning his head to face Linden.

At that moment, Linden felt as if he was facing a large amount of darkness. The sort of dark quagmire that you could never hope to get out of once you step foot into it.

“Then you should’ve first erased that unpleasant energy in your body before coming.”

“…it’s only a difference in beliefs.”

Linden, who had been going strong, faltered when he thought that him being a Solarism believer was the reason why he couldn’t become friends with her, who was destined to become the saintess of Lunarism.

“Beliefs? And just what exactly is that belief? The sun god? Or that ‘saintess’?”

“Of course it’s the sun god.”

“…do you perhaps, not know?”

He wanted to believe it was a nonsensical question, but Lecht threw in a small comment.

“The ‘blessing’ in your body isn’t from the power of the sun god.”

[1] 단물만 빼먹다 is an idiom that describes gaining a lot using your own/other’s position without making any effort yourself.

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i’m literally willing to bet that our fl can do anything and they’d still be on their knees for her (as thEY SHOULD TBH !1!1)

chapter really blessed us with beautiful art + linden’s pov ?????
tbh b4 this i wasn’t rlly buying his act, even when he was acting vulnerable with meliara in ch10 i think it was when she was showing him her divine power, but i’m pleasantly surprised with his reaction!
tbh i like that he’s cunning and scheming + we get to see how he saw the og meliara (my heart truly aches for her, girlie deserved so much better)

i don’t think i’ve mentioned this either, but i’m rlly loving the pacing for this novel too ??? i love how it isn’t rlly draggy in the beginning and how it’s straight to action, literally every chapter there’s something happening or furthering the plot along, 10/10 pacing i love it
(BUT THAT CLIFFY WAS ILLEGAL ;-; i rlly want to know what sort of power linden has since we alr know he’s a rlly talented archmage)

IBVIAAN Ch 12 — If You Like It, Then We’ll Go With That

I was once the biggest tomboy in the orphanage. There was no other child who could make up such creative pranks like me, nor was there ever a child like me who received the most scoldings from the teachers.

“Teach, here’s a present~!”

“Ahhh! What is this?!”

I would bring a frog as a gift and hide it in the teacher’s desk drawer.

“Ara, did I or did I not just finish erasing all the graffiti you drew last time?”

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I was once the biggest tomboy in the orphanage. There was no other child who could make up such creative pranks like me, nor was there ever a child like me who received the most scoldings from the teachers.

“Teach, here’s a present~!”

“Ahhh! What is this?!”

I would bring a frog as a gift and hide it in the teacher’s desk drawer.

“Ara, did I or did I not just finish erasing all the graffiti you drew last time?”

“I drew a new drawing! This time, it’s a puppy that even the teacher would like!”

I had scribbled as if marking areas everywhere, regardless of whether it was on wallpaper or an outer wall. With the other children, I would make the teacher suffer by hiding all of the teacher’s writing aids in the playground or deliberately get myself extra dirty during playtime.

“Ara Lee! Just where on earth did that child go again?!”

Whenever I heard my name ring out loudly in the orphanage, I would feel happy for no reason. Even if it wasn’t love, I found it satisfying as long as I had a stake in the teachers’ heads.

Then one day, the director of the orphanage called me in. I walked in grumbling, wondering if they were going to tell me I had caused a mess or scold me again, but the director of the orphanage unexpectedly didn’t look angry. Instead, they gave me the coke that I liked and had me sit down on the sofa.

“Although I’m not sure you think of me, I sincerely support your future.”

The director, who had only approached me intimidatingly, spoke in a friendly voice that didn’t suit them. 

“Now that you’re a full-fledged teenager, I have something that I have to tell you.”

It was about a month before my middle school entrance ceremony.

“You should’ve felt it in primary school, but you are very different to the other kids in your school.”

“Because I don’t have a mom and dad?”

“…That’s right.”

I vaguely remembered that the director had smiled painfully at the fact that he had thoughtlessly spit out.

“But compared to other kids who only have one mom and one dad, I have five teachers who are like my mom and five uncles who are like my dad.”

The cleaning lady, the bus driver who drives me to school, as well as the faculty staff uncle on the second floor who gives me candy everyday.

“Yes, we’ve always cherished that positive spirit of yours.”

The director patted my head affectionately.

“But Ara, this world is not as optimistic or as tolerant as you are.”


“Since you are different from other children, the world will view you differently, even if you do the exact same thing.”

“Um… it’s hard for me to understand what you mean.”

The director spoke in a more serious voice.

“It means that you will have to start taking responsibility for your actions and words.”

I left the director’s office without understanding what it meant in the end. It was only after entering middle school for a few months that I finally came to understand the meaning of what they said.

“Ah, I was hit in the back by my mom again because I was playing games yesterday. Aren’t my mom’s slaps getting more painful day by day?”

As always, my classmates were chatting about what was happening at home. It was a conversation that was rather trivial since everyone had experienced something like that. So I also shared my daily life that was rather trivial.

“Me too. I was watching the video you sent me yesterday but got hit on the back by the teacher for using my phone while eating.”

But the moment I said that, the surroundings immediately became quiet. The two in front of me looked at me in shock and seemed taken aback. They tried to gauge my mood, exchanged glances with each other before asking me cautiously.

“This might be crossing the line, but… do the helpers at the orphanage normally hit a child like that?”

“Do they do it often?”

I was speechless. It was something I often saw. Children who were scolded by their teachers for just playing on their phones. At worst, they’d be confiscated. So I had talked about it casually, but the conversation had gone in a completely unexpected direction.

“If that happens a lot… isn’t that child abuse then…?”

“Do they hit you really harshly? Then… shouldn’t we report this?”

“What sort of nonsense are you talking about? It’s exactly the same as when you got smacked on the back by your mom for using the computer.”

“Isn’t… isn’t that a little different from this…?”

Even the friends who asked were cautious. Their voices were full of doubts, as if they weren’t sure.

“My mom is my mom. The orphanage helper is… um…”

I pursed my lips tightly at the sight of my friend’s eyes darting here and there without finding the right word. I wasn’t sure what sort of existence a mother was since I had only seen it in books and videos. But if what was in those books and videos was a mother, then to us, our mother was the helpers at the orphanages. However, other people didn’t seem to see it like that.

“Ah, in any case, if it gets worse, be sure to tell us, okay? Since that’s a really serious problem.”

“That’s right. We’ll protect you.”

My two friends said firmly, but that only confused me. As I looked back on that days conversation several times on my way home from school, I began to understand what the director had said to me. Even if i did the same thing, the world would view it differently. So that’s what it meant. In my point of view, what those children had experienced and what I had experienced hadn’t been very different, but my ‘complaint’ had suddenly inflated into a serious social problem. And then I realized.

‘I probably shouldn’t complain about things like that anymore.’

That would make those who heard it feel awkward, and may even harm those around me. Upon realizing that, I changed my behavior. I became cautious in order for them to be unable to find any faults in me, and didn’t speak recklessly on ‘trivial complaints’ that would clearly show the difference between us. 

I didn’t think it would be that difficult. Wasn’t it just having no one to rant to about my injustice and being unable to relieve my anger and shutting up and retreating when I came across an unfair situation? In other words, it simply meant that I wouldn’t be able to let anyone know about those minor ‘complaints’ that anyone could make, such as, ‘How nice, we didn’t get any money for new year’s’. 

I thought it wouldn’t be a big deal. But I didn’t realize until later.

How big of a difference it would make over whether I was able to spit out a small word of complaint or not. Everytime I swallowed a complaint, it felt as if a small stone was weighing down on my chest, and over time, as the stones piled up and up, they eventually crushed me. My small, insignificant worries that I had turned a blind eye to began to fester. 

Accurately trying to explain what the problem was only yielded an ambiguous answer, so it was difficult for me to shake off this twisted emotion that had come from someplace. Even though I was clearly aware of how it was affecting me, I swallowed every single grudge I had and internalized it, as if it had become a habit. I destroyed myself internally and caused my fatigue to quickly pile up, as if I was waiting for someone to give me permission to complain to them.

But someone said something like that to me for the first time. If it’s too hard, it’s okay for you to complain. It was a phrase that alleviated the heavy burden that the world had put on me.


Something which had been tangled deep in my heard suddenly threatened to surface as I grabbed the collar of the person hugging me and started to sniff. I didn’t want to cry, but my tears kept flowing out.

I knew that everyone was having a hard time. Since there’d always be talk of chronic fatigue and suicide on the TV and the internet. So I knew that there were people who endured worse conditions than me, and that there were a lot of people who bore a greater responsibility than me.

The same was true of this epidemic. They almost lost their lives, and some could lose their friends, colleagues, or even their only family. Knowing how frightening and difficult it must have been, I had no choice but to follow the doctors for three days until I collapsed out of exhaustion. Since my fatigue couldn’t possibly be compared to their pain. 

So even though I knew my pain was extremely insignificant… even if that was the case, I still hoped that someone would understand. I wanted to complain.


I eventually burst into tears.

I didn’t tell you that I wanted to complain, but you knew. What was this, it felt warm and grateful. 

Although I was extremely shy and embarrassed, I felt relieved to be able to think, ‘It’s okay for me to do that too’.


I buried my face in the man’s shoulder and shook off my grievances for a while


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Isn’t everyone aware of it? When you cry, it feels as if the whole world resents me, so you cry harder, but after you finish crying, the belated embarrassment that comes rushing in so big.


In what right mind would a grown woman cry like that in the arms of an unfamiliar man? Oh, right. I must’ve cried because I was out of my mind.

…But now what should I do?

With my face still buried in his firm shoulders, I urgently tried to wrack my brain for ideas. Now, no matter how much I squeezed my eyes, the tears didn’t seem to want to come out anymore. I was so embarrassed to the point that I couldn’t bear to lift my head up that I wished that I had just collapsed from exhaustion after crying instead. 

Then his voice resonated in my ears.

“You must be hungry after lying in bed for such a long time.” 


As soon as he finished speaking, the sound of thunder roaring sounded from my stomach.



A moment of silence passed.

Ah shit… so embarrassing…! Where’s the doghole? Even if it’s a mouse hole, I just want to stuff Lecht in it and run away…

“I heard that their rye bread is their specialty here.”


“Would you like to go down and eat? Or would you like me to bring it to your bed?”

To what he had added, my stomach answered instead of my voice.


Another short moment of silence passed as I felt a puff of breath from his laughter brush past my ears. Embarrassed, I didn’t even have time to ascertain to what that sound was.

“Excuse me for a moment.”


As soon as he finished speaking, my body suddenly felt light. I looked down at him, startled by the sudden elevated view I had.

“Wh-What are you doing!”

“Because you didn’t seem to want to move.”


It’s because I’m too embarrassed to raise my face!

“I thought you didn’t have any strength in your legs since you hadn’t eaten anything, so I thought to just move you directly by myself.”

“My legs are fine…!”

So I had said that in a way of inadvertently wanting to be let down, but he replied with an irrelevant answer.

“If you’re uncomfortable, should I hold you differently?”

“That’s not what’s important right now.”

“If you hate it, then I’ll put you down.”

The words of him, who was looking up at me, made me speechless.

“It’s not that I hate it, but…”

Although I was surprised, I didn’t hate it. Although it was embarrassing, it was never something I hated. It was the first time someone had lifted me up like this after the teachers at the orphanage had done it when I was very young. Oddly enough, my heart felt slightly ticklish, perhaps because it had also brought back a lot of my childhood memories.

“I’m heavy…”

But unlike when I was small, I was now an adult. Both my height and heart had grown so much that it had now become heavy.

At my muttering, Lecht let out a hmm before saying.

“If this is heavy, then what the hell is light?”

Those words that contained sincere questions sounded sweeter than nonsense such as, ‘No, you’re light’, or, ‘It’s fine’, so my face flushed bright red.

“Then something like a feather… that’s light…”

Embarrassed by his needlessly serious question of him asking me to tell him, I hid my face with both hands and muttered softly in reply.

“A feather you say.”

He repeated my gibberish and little by little began walking.

“Feathers are hard.”


“It’s hard to hold onto something so light it might fly away.”


My face, which had barely calmed down, turned red again. Was he saying that feathers were hard or that it’d be hard for me to be like a feather? I didn’t know exactly what he was trying to say, but my brain automatically interpreted his words in a sweet way. I felt my heart flutter at those meaningless words of his.

As I shut my mouth in order to reorganize my thoughts by myself in my fantasy, he quietly added. 

“Even if that’s the case, since you like feathers, then we’ll go with that.”

He said while staring at my blushing face.

“Your job is to do whatever your heart desires. It’s up to me to follow you.”

Thump thump thump.

My heartbeat was the first to respond. Then my breathing hitched and halted, the nerves in my whole body tingling and coming to a standstill. My face was already red so I didn’t know if it could turn any redder, but what was certain was that my cheeks were as hot as the stones in the desert. Lecht was clearly saying this because I was the saintess.

As a saintess, just going your own way will be enough. We will simply follow after you on our own.”

What he had said obviously hadn’t been any different from what Lydia said. But why did it sound so different? Was it because of his handsome face? Is it because I’m a straight woman, and Lydia is a woman and Lecht is a man? Or… 


My thoughts, which had been floating around in confusion, were cut off by a sudden disturbance.

wow this chapter is one of my favs! i like how they delved into meliara’s past life and how that shaped her as a person as well as how the author highlighted the importance of not bottling your own feelings up and how detrimental it is in the long run of ur mental health.

ngl i did loki nearly tear up when ara cried PLUS I ALSO LOVE LOVE LOVE THE DYNAMIC BETWEEN THE ML AND FL LIKE URGHDSLFKJSFJ sobbing screaming throwing up shitting tears, god i hope my next breath is my last but i also love them sm HGDSLJFSDFJ