faq corner!

꒰  i have an issue with the website. it’s not working for me.

ayo lemme just apologise in adv bc i ain’t that tech savvy either hSDFLKJFD but if u have issues pls refer to the form down below!

꒰  i saw rude / offensive content on the site / in the comments. ꒱

if something makes you uncomfortable, please flag it and send a request via the form below. i don’t tolerate hate speech, whether it’s racism, homophobia, bullying, etc. this is a safe space for everyone. if it’s something in the comments, screenshots would be appreciated.

꒰  i have a novel that i’d like to request to be picked up. ꒱

if you’d like to request a novel for me to pick up, please fill out the google form linked here! please keep in mind due to various reasons, i won’t be able to fulfill everyone’s requests, but if it catches my eye, i’ll definitely check it out!

꒰  i have a question / concern that wasn’t answered here. ꒱

for any other queries, (once again) pls refer to the faq form down below. if i don’t reply within a week, (apologies in adv my life is quite hectic), i’ll try to get to you asap!

faq form!

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