SMCS Ch 18 — Good Timing

When I hesitated and stood frozen to the spot, blushing and unable to say anything, Leonon had a look of realisation on his face shortly and moved to the side.

“Let’s talk comfortably inside instead of standing like this. Come on in, Lorella.”

“Oh, right.”

But there was still nowhere I could look. It was all because… I felt like I’d only keep looking at him if I even took so much as a glance at him.

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IBOMLEW Ch 11 — Is My Body not Your Type?

Fervin’s body was overflowing with tension. His whole body heated up, and he couldn’t continue to maintain the sweet expression that he had unconsciously made. 

It was because all he could feel was Irwen’s burning lips in his embrace. Although there was a thin shirt acting as a barrier between them, it seemed worse than having nothing there.

He clenched his teeth hard enough to break them. 

His large hand pushed Irwen in the other direction, but she muttered in her sleep and burrowed her head back into his arms. There was a mixture of sleepy breathing and the deep breaths of someone trying their best to control themselves on the bed.

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IBVIAAN Ch 45 — A Teddy Bear That’s too Late

To be honest, I wasn’t that surprised. Since it was within the range of requests he could’ve asked of me. That was why I could also answer him right away.

[Ara] “Little Duke, our relationship was severed the moment the Duke of Darchez threw me away. There is no reason for me to return to the Duchy.”

I understood that it would be a shame for the Duchy to lose me, who had become a saintess. But wasn’t it too deceptive of them to grab onto the ‘useless child’ once they had become of use?

[Ara] “If you want me to do something as the Saintess for the Duchy, I can talk to the temple and consider doing so.”

[Alion] “It’s not that.”

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IBVIAAN Ch 44 — A Desperate Attempt to Make Up for It

Upon arriving at the Grand Duchy using the space travel portal, Lydia immediately started to work without further ado. Her job was easy since everyone who needed her touch was already gathered in one room.

Although there were many horned demons, and demonic creatures that would be outside the bounds of what would be familiar to humans, they didn’t bother her at all.

[Ryno] “You’re not a human, are you?”

Ryno asked as he looked at her, who he thought would’ve been much more startled, but was unusually calm, as if she was used to it.

[Ryno] “Seeing as you have no horns… Do you have more human blood than demon blood?”

[Lydia] “Just like how the size of a demon’s horns does not make a difference to demons, the presence or absence of horns also has nothing to do with how much of each side’s blood you have mixed in you.”

[Ryno] “So you are of mixed race!”

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IBVIAAN Ch 43 — Who Would I Trust, if not You?

[Ara] “Is it really the Little Duke?”

[Linden] “Yeah. I even double checked it since I couldn’t believe it either.”

I couldn’t understand why I was hearing that man’s name here.

[Linden] “To be honest, I also looked into everything where you and that woman were involved with each other since I had suspicions about a lot of things as well, but…’

In other words, he had run a background check on me without informing me, but it didn’t matter to me. Because I knew just how touchy Linden was on having all the information in his grasp first.

[Linden] “And the places I had stuck my hand in all had traces of the Little Duke presence.”

[Ara] “So apart from the poisoning case, the Little Duke had been investigating everything before that?”

[Linden] “Yeah. It’s too much of a coincidence.”

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IBVIAAN Ch 42 — The Type to Invite Scolding

The fact that no one came to the temple for healing was so humiliating to the point where there were no visitors to the temple.

[Priest] “So they’ve all fallen for the words of those Solarist bastards and are suspecting our Saintess, huh?”

I didn’t know the reason why, but a lot of the priests, including the Priest Trio, were busy expressing their anger.

[Ara] “Don’t be too upset. All we’ve done is give them a choice, there’s no need for us to forcefully heal them.”

They seemed angry at the fact that people were doubting me, but I didn’t really mind. Since the truth would be revealed one day, I thought it’d be better for me to think about how to catch Olivia red handed.

‘There must be someone who knows I sent her peppermint tea.’

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IBVIAAN Ch 41 — A Panacea for the Soul

As a general rule, demons were not allowed to stay in the human realm. In order for a demon to cross over, they needed the Demon King’s explicit permission to do so. This was due to the fact that in the past, a commotion caused by one or two demons had been the catalyst for a war that raged on between both the human and demon realm. 

It was a rule to prevent such friction from happening again. But there was an exception to that rule.

[Lecht] “If you are summoned by a human and obtain a human contractor, you will be able to cross over to the human realm without the Demon King’s permission on the condition that the only thing you will do will be to fulfil the contractor’s requests.”

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IBVIAAN Ch 40 — The Relationship Between That Man and Woman

I had no intention of stopping him from digging his own grave. But unlike me, there was someone who had to stop this from happening.

[Olivia] “There’s no need for you to go that far, right…?”

Olivia, who was gripping onto Ziken’s collar tightly, asked cautiously. But Ziken let out a sigh, obviously already misinterpreting the reason for her desperation.

[Ziken] “Livi, are you going to ask me to forgive her again?”

[Olivia] “That…”

[Ziken] “Don’t worry. I’ll investigate it thoroughly and get to the bottom of this case to make sure they won’t be able to get away with it this time.”

It was a statement from a man who firmly believed that I was the culprit.

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IBVIAAN Ch 39 — The Moment Everything in the Original Novel Flew Away

Meliara had given her peppermint tea. Olivia collapsed after drinking chamomile tea. But the one who tried to poison Olivia was Meliara?

What sort of planting a green bean only for it to yield a red bean1 nonsense is this? Feeling dubious, I asked one more time for confirmation.

[Ara] “You’re saying you collapsed after drinking the chamomile tea I gave you?”

Ziken temper flared at my question.

[Ziken] “What exactly are you playing at now, Princess!? To even poke at other people’s trauma like that…!”

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IBVIAAN Ch 38 — My True Feelings That Even I Doubt

I asked Lecht cautiously after sending back the ghostly pale Ziken.

[Ara] “Lecht, you weren’t actually being serious… right?”

[Lecht] “What do you mean?”

[Ara] “About accepting the challenge.”

Although I tried to quell my anxieties, my efforts were futile in the end due to Lecht’s reply.

[Lecht] “Of course it’ll be a war if he touches you.”

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IBVIAAN Ch 37 — I Just Avoided the Bad Ending

Ziken’s arrogant smile that was directed toward me somewhat reminded me of a hunter’s satisfied smile upon capturing his prey. I let out a snort in disbelief at his absurdity and opened my mouth while trying to hold back my laughter.

[Ara] “It’s imperative to take action quickly in an epidemic like this. We had to start implementing restrictions and quarantining quickly to prevent endangering other areas from being infected.”

[Ziken] “Even if that was the case, that still doesn’t mean you have the right to take control of the area without permission.”

So you just want me to dazedly watch on until I get your permission while the epidemic spreads all over the place?

[Ziken] “And, who sets the criteria for a ‘dangerous’ situation? Then haven’t you now created a justification for anyone in the empire to seize authority if they, like you, can exercise authority that hasn’t been delegated to them by simply determining a situation as ‘dangerous’?”

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IBVIAAN Ch 36 — I Believe in Her More Than Anyone Else

By the time we arrived, Saintess Olivia and the Solarism priests were already taking care of the people. They seemed to have come as soon as they heard the news.

[Ara] “So you’ve come as well, Saintess.”

I approached her, thinking she was just as kind-hearted as I expected, but my path was suddenly blocked by a particularly sharp voice.

[Solarism Priests] “Don’t come any closer to our Saintess!”

The Solarism priests stood in my path and had hidden Olivia behind them.

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IBVIAAN Ch 35 — The Worst Situation

While holding Ryno in my arms, I used my head to gesture at the gryphon to Lecht. That was an indication for him to do something about it.

But Lecht, however, had a carefree expression on his face, as if he was asking me why I was doing this. On the contrary, he shot a glare at Ryno. 

When I averted my gaze slightly, Tanma, who was next to me, also had a smile on his face, no different from how he usually would.

No, why are you all so relaxe…

That was when I suddenly remembered what Lecht had told me before.

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IBVIAAN Ch 34 — Don’t Ever Come See Me Again

I ended up oversleeping, perhaps due to the fatigue of staying up late for a few nights since I was having too much fun.

[Ara] “Huam~”

[Kelber] “Woof!”

[Ara] “Yes, did you have a good sleep too, Kelber?”

Kelber wagged his tail in greeting as soon as I woke up, still by my side despite the sun having already risen high in the sky. 

After taking a quick shower and changing, I walked lightly to the dining hall on the first floor. Feeling excited at the thought of going to the restaurant we had talked about yesterday, the smile on my face disappeared after I found someone completely unexpected waiting for me.

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IBVIAAN Ch 32 — How are You Alone?

Linden swallowed a sigh at the words of Ziken, who clicked his tongue as if he was pathetic. 

He already knew that Grand Duke Arvis had no interest in politics. The reason he had even come here was entirely because of Ara. Despite not having a single expectation of that since he already knew, he still didn’t want to explain it to Ziken, who was unaware of that and came to such a conclusion. 

He was waiting for his pathetic older brother to leave after finishing everything he had to say, but then he said something he couldn’t just ignore.

[Ziken] “No matter how much effort you put into pulling the Princess of Darchez to your side, it’s still my power in the end.”

Linden’s expressionless mask on his face cracked slightly.

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IBVIAAN Ch 31 — To Treat the Grand Duke like a Child

The funeral ceremony ended successfully. After I gave the last blessing, I was forced to return to the accomodation first due to the fussing of the three musketeers who said that I ‘have to take a break’.

[Ara] “Thank you for coming with me.”

I said to Lecht after finishing dinner.

[Lecht] “It’s only natural since I couldn’t have let you go by yourself.”

[Ara] “Still, you don’t normally like to make public appearances.”

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IBVIAAN Ch 30 — Because it’s You

“Since when did the both of you become so close?”

Although he was looking at me, the question itself seemed to be directed at Linden.

“Since Older Brother broke off your engagement with her?”

Linden replied leisurely. His following comment that he added was surprising.

“Back then, I held it in since it’d be Sister-in-law who’d get criticised for no reason if I was close to her.”

He was provoking Ziken. He was adding more pressure to my earlier request for an apology from Ziken by turning it around and saying, ‘You have a fiancee, yet Older Brother is having an affair?’

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IBVIAAN Ch 29 — Standing Right in Front of You

Ziken must have felt it too since he suddenly retreated a few steps back. However, he stepped forward again to retort, perhaps because his ego was wounded.

“What’s with you?”

The surrounding area became even noisier with whispers of, ‘What’s wrong with that person’, and, ‘Did they come with the Princess?’. Although it was a natural consequence of Ziken’s shouting, I could tell without even having to look around that all the attention in this large funeral hall was now focused on us.

“Who is interrupting the conversation between the crown prince and princess?”

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IBVIAAN Ch 28 — If I Can Ask For an Apology

Perhaps because I was distracted by my worry and anxiety, we were able to dash to the capital without my motion sickness acting up.

My mood was complicated when I came back to the place I had grandly promised to flee from. However, there was no time for me to feel sentimental. 

We went straight to the funeral ceremony of the Head of the Ezzarson Guild. We couldn’t take Kelber with us, so he had to stay at the accommodation with the butler.

‘It really is a funeral ceremony fit for the head of Ezzarson.’

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