reincarnating as my husband’s mistress

reincarnating as my husband’s mistress

남편의 정부로 환생한 심정을 서술하시오

author: 뚜또리 (duddori)

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As a grand duchess with a body like glass, I lost my life in a severe seizure. 

No, rather, I thought I had lost it. 

“…I want you.” 

Then, I was reincarnated as a woman who looked just like me.

However, isn’t this woman’s body too healthy?

The joy of having a healthy body is brief, everyone says this to me this.

Because this woman is my perfect husband’s mistress.

I attended my own funeral in order to hear the truth.

I saw a handsome man there, crying even more than my own husband, as if the world had suddenly collapsed.

Who is that man, who I’ve never seen before?

And actually, this woman…

…Is she my husband’s mistress?

ahhhh i saw this novel when i was browsing 웹소설 and HABSJDBSJ the art is IMMACULATE lemme just tell u that first like mMMMM and the novels premise is rlly interesting too ?? love it AHHHH GET EXCITED !!!

i’ll be gradually adding to the gallery down below with each chapter bc naver adds art to their novels and UGH NOVEL ART HITS DIFFERENT IM TELLING YOU !!

also i changed the title from the original tl which is [ describe how you feel about reincarnation as your husband’s mistress ] to just [ reincarnating as my husband’s mistress ]

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