SMCS Ch 25 — Sweet VS Sexy

The rays of the afternoon sun seeped over the massive mahogany walls.

Basked in light, the dragon that had been elaborately carved into the wall seemed to be able to come to life at any moment now.

Among the many drawing rooms in the Berhardt family’s mansion, the walls of the most luxurious drawing room of them all was adorned with ‘Dragon’, the legendary monster that had been defeated by the Order of Ecrestus’ first Holy Knight Commander.

The carving in the wall was also a symbol of pride for the Berhardt family, who had always led the Order of Ecrestus.

There, for the first time in a while, the Berhardt family gathered together and raised their teacups affectionately.

Thump, thump.

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The rays of the afternoon sun seeped over the massive mahogany walls.

Basked in light, the dragon that had been elaborately carved into the wall seemed to be able to come to life at any moment now.

Among the many drawing rooms in the Berhardt family’s mansion, the walls of the most luxurious drawing room of them all was adorned with ‘Dragon’, the legendary monster that had been defeated by the Order of Ecrestus’ first Holy Knight Commander.

The carving in the wall was also a symbol of pride for the Berhardt family, who had always led the Order of Ecrestus.

There, for the first time in a while, the Berhardt family gathered together and raised their teacups affectionately.

Thump, thump.

Long fingers that were so elegant it was hard to believe they belonged to someone who wielded a sword, tapped the table steadily. The teacup in front of that person had already become cold without ever having touched his lips once. 

At that time, an older woman who had her beautiful thick blonde hair in an elegant twist said quietly, “Your tea has already cooled, Leonon. Rita, could you get us another cup?”

“Yes, if you’ll excuse me.”

With a deft hand, the maid that had been standing by their side brought the cup that had been placed in front of him over to the tray. Only then did that person lift their head up. 

“Thank you.”

An awkward cough followed the end of his sentence. It was because he had finally noticed that all the eyes of his family were now on him.

“Are you waiting for something in particular?” Eliore, who was staring at her younger brother’s neck that had turned red without his knowledge, blinked her eyes mischievously.


“It’s almost time for the postman to come, so it must be the place where the letter’s coming from? You do that a lot these days, you know? Sticking out your neck as if you’re waiting for something, then sinking into depression again.”

Leonon’s older sister, Eliore, was second only to their mother in terms of tact and sensitivity. She quickly noticed his reaction, which wouldn’t have been easy for anyone else to pick up on.

“That’s never happened.”

However, Leonon shook his head resolutely. His formidable acting was also thanks to his experience of suffering from such an older sister since he was little.

Sure enough, seeing as her younger brother wasn’t moved at all, Eliore quickly became interested in something else instead.

“Oh right, I overheard this when I went to the boutique this morning. Apparently, the day before yesterday, Duke Periot’s marriage was finally declared invalid.”

At that moment, Leonon’s fingers twitched. 

“Apparently everyone was worried about how it would cause a huge problem since Duke Periot also stormed the place without having an appointment, but surprisingly, he headed back obediently without making too much of a fuss.”

“It’s definitely because he was in the imperial palace as well. No matter how powerful he is as a duke, he still wouldn’t have been able to act recklessly.”

When Viscount Xavier, who had a gentle look in his eyes, shook his head resolutely, Eliore took the back of her husband’s hand and kissed it cutely as if she depended on him.

Then, holding her husband’s hand tightly, she stuck out her tongue and continued to speak, “The fact that she fled and turned the wedding vows into ashes, how formidable. But just how in the world did she burn it?”

Her eyes sparkled with curiosity. It was a natural reaction since the news had long made the normally calm high society noisy with gossip. No matter where you went, everyone had been buzzing about the Duke and Duchess of Chambers. 

“How distressing must it have been. I’m sure she searched for every possible way out,” Duchess Florette Berhardt quietly added, leisurely savouring the fresh tea that was added by the maid. “What a determined and courageous young lady.”

“…Mother,” Leonon opened his mouth quietly at the same time. 

“What’s the matter, Leonon?”

“Have you ever… thought about wanting to burn your marriage vows?”

The Duchess answered her son’s question immediately without a moment’s hesitation, “Of course I have.”


His father, who rarely lost his composure, spat the tea from his mouth at that moment. However, Leonon was still serious and did not waver.

“What does it feel like?”

Handing her husband a napkin with a nonchalant face, the Duchess continued, “When you want to kill someone but can’t?”


The face of Duke Gale Berhardt, who was a symbol of bravery and was renowned throughout the whole continent but was also known for being clingy to his wife, finally turned pale. 

Nevertheless, Florette merely raised her cup gracefully, “It’s a hundred times better to burn your marriage vows than to become a murderer.”

“Wife, if you think I’ve done anything wrong… could you please at least let me know first?”

Eliore held her stomach and burst into laughter at the teary appearance of her father. 

It was the exact same situation as Viscount Xavier. Unlike their first meeting, where he had been so nervous he couldn’t even look into their eyes properly, he was now completely a part of the Berhardt family.

The Berhardt household had always been harmonious and full of affection for each other. Whenever the family had tea together, the atmosphere was always one that was filled with laughter and joy. 

At that time, a polite knock sounded from the other side of the door. 

Soon, the butler came in politely with a letter that had been placed on a silver tray. 

“A letter has arrived.”

Leonon sprang to his feet at those words. Due to his urgency, the table ended up rattling so violently that the tea was spilt.

“One is an invitation to an imperial banquet to commemorate the empire’s victory, while the other one is…”

He quickly snatched up the letter before the butler even finished his sentence. 

Then, a smile that was as tender and beautiful as a flower bloomed on his face upon confirming who the sender was. 

His family, who didn’t know what the reason for his appearance was, just stared blankly at the scene.

“Excuse me for a moment.”

“Where are you going?” Eliore asked urgently to Leonon, who had suddenly turned his back and was about to leave the drawing room. In her hand was the other letter he had not touched — the invitation to the imperial banquet.

“I’m going to send a reply.”

“What reply?”

There was no answer to her question. Meanwhile, Leonon had already disappeared in the meantime. 

“Just what is it?”

While Eliore was in the middle of grumbling, their father, who was staring at the receding back of his son, murmured to himself, “Just when will that brat find someone who will make him want to protect them with his own life?”

Although he had already retired, and Leonon, who was to succeed him, was filling the role of Holy Knight’s Commander splendidly, his father was still worried whenever he thought about his son.

“Don’t worry about those things too much. After all, you know you can’t force yourself to find those things,” Florette Berhardt replied with a subtle smile. “I’m sure a courageous young lady will appear someday.”

* * *

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“Good, this much is already very good.”

I smiled at the neatly decorated drawing room.

Not only had all the holes in the wall been repaired of course, but the drawing room now had furniture that was classy yet not extremely expensive, and we even managed to bring out a few sets of pretty dishware as well.

Ever since receiving a reply from Commander Leonon saying that he was grateful for the invitation and that he’d even be here tomorrow, the preparations were now all in place.

Now, the only thing left to worry about was…

「Total shares sold: 34,001 shares.」

“Please, tomorrow please…!”

Please let everything go smoothly tomorrow!

I closed the system window and prayed internally in my mind, then prayed again and again. It was because I was afraid that this area’s tyrant, the hype king, would commit some unexpected act again.

Like Winnard had said, it should be okay to not get a bonus cookie reward, but I shouldn’t let my guard down. 

“Miss, you should head out now. You’ll be running late at this rate.”

Joy came into the room with a shawl at that moment. 

Today was the day I had been invited to a small tea party. Most of the people attending today were regular customers that enjoyed visiting Leah’s store, or nobles who I had the pleasure being acquainted with a few times.

Most of them were from small families that had little to no connection to the centre of high society. Should I say that they were more like nobles who made a living off of the profits from running wineries or raising orchards?

Thus, I was able to accept the invitation without feeling burdened. Since they didn’t know my relation to Periot, nor did they even try to find out who I was either.

I climbed onto the carriage and hummed the whole way to the venue of the tea party. 

I had been stuck in the Dukedom without a single friend for two years, so it was hard for me to believe that I was finally able to go to a social gathering. 

Although it may be a menial daily routine to some, it was a great luxury for me. It was to the point where my shoulders started to tremble unconsciously from the anticipation. 

To think that there would be such a good day in my life. Yes! You’re now an insider, Lorella!

t/n: 인싸 refers to a social butterfly or a popular person. usually attached to people in a certain exclusive circle or who are privy to the latest trends, etc. opposite of a loner and someone who is not up to date with the latest trends

As they were all simple and honest people, I’m sure that we’ll be able to converse over some pleasant topics.

I believed that we definitely would.

Or at least I had certainly believed that to be the case before finding myself sitting in the private room of a salon that was today’s meeting place, sipping tea. 

“Apparently the competition behind the scenes to become Duke Periot’s second marriage partner is already extremely fierce! I heard that a young lady of a high ranking family as well as a princess from the neighbouring family have already sent letters to show their interest in marriage.”

“He’s handsome, young, and sexy. Moreover, he’s done a meritorious deed in the war so it’s understandable that he’d stand out. Although it’s unknown who will be his marriage partner in the end, it’ll still be something to envy.”

“I heard that the Duke likes to wear black leather gloves? Apparently when he sweeps his hair back, it’s super sexy… I really want to see it with my own two eyes, at least once.”

“His Majesty the Emperor said that he’d bestow him a great reward, so the North will only prosper from this moment forward… Just who in the world is the former Duchess for her to even file for a request to nullify the marriage?” 

The women sitting to my right continued to talk enthusiastically. I was the only one who couldn’t get into this hot topic. 

After a few words of greeting, all they had been interested in talking about so far was the handsome and sexy Duke of the North who had recently become single. 

Wait, excuse me. All of you should experience it for yourself first…

But I couldn’t say that. I couldn’t bear to talk and just quietly sipped my tea. 

Then, this time, the women to my left shook their heads. 

“I heard that the Duke is extremely cold. I heard even the servants who have worked in the mansion for a long time can’t speak rashly. Do you really think a man like that would know how to treat a girl well? No matter how good a man is at this or that, being sweet is still the best. Like a man like Commander Leonon.”

“Of course. Sweet, gentle, and perfect in both appearance and character! How good would it be if every man in the world were like Commander Leonon?”

“I completely agree with you. He would probably even pluck a star from the sky for the woman he loves. Oh, when will I ever get to go on a date with someone like that? I don’t know if it will be possible even in my next life.”


This time, I was choked by the tea in my throat. 

After all, I couldn’t integrate myself into either group, so I ended up just tilting my teacup to the point of drinking all the tea on the table. 

Someone asked me a question in an interested voice, “What about you, Lorella?”


“If you had to choose between the two, who would you choose? Commander Leonon? Or Duke Periot?”

“Come to think of it, I haven’t heard Lorella’s opinion yet. It’s exactly four to four right now, so the side you choose will win, Lorella.”

“Oh come on, hurry up and tell us! Do you like sweet or sexy men?”

Everyone looked at me with eyes that seemed to be sparkling. 

“Well, um… I…”

But I couldn’t answer. No, to be more accurate, it was more like there was no way it could be either. 

It was when I was only smiling awkwardly, wondering if there was any way I could avoid the whole situation. 

The lady next to me let out a self-mocking sigh, “Haa, it’s my dream to get a request to dance from both a sweet and sexy man at the same time. But in order for that to happen, I’ll probably need to at least go to the banquet at the imperial palace this time.”

Although she seemed to have tried to change the subject since she became bored while waiting for my answer, she now felt like a saviour to me. 

“The imperial palace’s banquet?”

It was a golden opportunity to not return to the topic of Leonon and Periot, so I asked quickly in order not to miss the timing. 

“Yes, a grand banquet will be held to commemorate our victory in the war. I heard that it’s apparently the largest in the history of the entire Empire? Apparently not only will all the prominent nobles of the capital attend, but also a delegation from the allied nations will arrive as well.”

“Goodness, it must be extremely extravagant.”

“Speaking of that…” 

When I showed interest in what she was saying, she turned to me completely and lowered her voice secretly, “Did you hear that countless guards will be mobilised this time? Apparently it’s ten times more than usual.”

“I heard about that too. They’re going to guard the road from the city wall to the palace without a single gap, right?” A young lady, who was listening next to us, also responded and intervened in our conversation.

It was interesting news for me, who had originally thought that I just had to change the topic. Leaning a little more towards her, I said, “They must be particularly concerned about security since it’s such a large banquet. Since nothing unpleasant should happen.”

But speaking of it, it did seem a little strange. In that case, wouldn’t they normally need to increase the guards on the town square and the main street? Was there a need to guard the city wall or road?

As expected, the young lady who had brought up the topic, accurately spoke about my doubts and shook her head excitedly, “The security around the Imperial Palace is always secure and tight. That day as well, it’ll probably only be a little congested with a dozen carriages at best.”

“Then why are they even guarding the city walls?”

“Because of the Black Snake Guild.”


“There are rumours that among the tributes that will be delivered on that day, is one that the Black Snake Guild has its eye on. It was originally the property of the Black Snake Guild, but I heard that they were completely deceived by a foreign country’s royal family and it was stolen.”

“Black Snake… Guild?”

“The Imperial Palace dismissed them as false rumours, but if they really didn’t care about the Black Snake Guild, then they wouldn’t have felt the need to increase their security like that.”

“Just what is the Black Snake Guild?”

I was dumbfounded by the name that I had heard for the first time. But on the contrary, there were eyes that were filled with astonishment everywhere, as if there could be no way I didn’t know about them.

“Goodness, how have you never heard of their name?”

“Oh, I… grew up in a foreign country, so…” 

Thanks to that, I scratched my nose awkwardly and tried to gloss over it naturally. 

“It’s known as the most dangerous guild in the empire. Its very nature is veiled in mystery and it rarely makes contact with people like us, so there’s no way for anyone to verify or check just how dangerous it is.”

“Apparently the head of the guild will do anything as long as it makes money. I heard even placing a hit to kill someone is no problem as well.”

“If anyone gets targeted by the guild leader, that very day is when their life ends. They say that the living hell they put people through is enough to make them beg for death.”

“I heard that even when the Imperial Palace placed a bounty on him, he escaped so smoothly it was as if they were only playing a game of tag. From what I’ve heard, he has a lot of followers, and the people who offer him helping hands aren’t just one or two either.”

Fearsome stories continued to rush in one after the other. Of course, it was also my first time hearing about them too. Since the North was such a remote place and no one had ever told me this sort of information either.

No, but how could a guild leader even have followers?

“Goodness, to think there was such a person in the world. Then I guess he’s some kind of dark lord, right?” While listening to their words diligently, I spoke with considerable strength in my voice, “It’s best not to get involved with such a person for the rest of your life. Isn’t that right?”

Above all, the best way to live life is for it to be simple and long. I also would have liked to live like that, if it weren’t for the shares I had to sell.

As I nodded to myself, I swallowed the resentment that seemed to be rising up inside me again, but then I suddenly sensed something strange. 

Up until just now, they had all been talking as if they were competing with each other, yet now they all shut their mouths, as if what happened earlier had been a lie. Not even one person showed even the slightest agreement with my words. 

“Everyone… what’s the matter with you all?”

For a moment, I couldn’t hide my curiosity.

“…It seems like I want to get involved with him.”


 At someone’s small voice, I replied, almost doubting my ears. 

“It’s said that if you catch a glimpse of him even once, you’ll end up squandering your own wealth trying to forcibly make a request that doesn’t exist.”

“I’ve also only heard rumours, but I heard that even his portraits are traded at an exorbitantly high price on the black market… There’s also a rumour that some young lady fell ill with lovesickness and ended up becoming bedridden.”

“If that’s true, I’d also like to get seriously involved, even if it’s just once.”

“Me too.”

“To be honest, I do too…”

The cheeks of the young girls, who were staring into space as if they were bewitched by something, seemed to have a strange flush to them.

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The Empress Dowager was looking for her?

Yan Shu found it somewhat surprising.

Slightly anxious, Ren Dong whispered in a small voice, “Could it be that Imperial Concubine Li and Talented Lady Zhang…”

— — After all, she had been the one to impersonate a servant of Linhua Palace and spread the story of Imperial Concubine Li’s paternal aunt around.

Unperturbed, Yan Shu said, “I don’t think so.”

Based on their relationship, the system would’ve already reported the news to her if something bad had happened.

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as translator, proofreader and editor!

The Empress Dowager was looking for her?

Yan Shu found it somewhat surprising.

Slightly anxious, Ren Dong whispered in a small voice, “Could it be that Imperial Concubine Li and Talented Lady Zhang…”

— — After all, she had been the one to impersonate a servant of Linhua Palace and spread the story of Imperial Concubine Li’s paternal aunt around.

Unperturbed, Yan Shu said, “I don’t think so.”

Based on their relationship, the system would’ve already reported the news to her if something bad had happened. 

Though of course, since the Empress Dowager had already passed down the command, regardless whether it was good or bad, she still had to go. Thus, Yan Shu hurriedly got up to change her attire and left.


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At this time, a brocade uniform guard was reporting back to the Emperor in Qianming Palace. 

This small official travelled to Qingzhou Prefecture’s An De County to investigate and discovered that Beautiful Lady Li is indeed originally from Qingzhou. Her father, Li Huai Zhi, is an An De County governmental scribe. Her mother, Zhu shi, presides over the household matters and serves her mother in law at home. Beautiful Lady Li also has a younger brother who is seventeen and planning to take the provincial exams.

 微臣 (wēichén): ‘this small one’ used when an official refers to themselves in front of someone of higher power, usually the emperor

 氏 (shì): clan/maiden name. married women will still be addressed by their clan name unless of higher status

“Father Li is reputed in the area for conducting himself in an upright and honourable manner, his family clean and honest. When the imperial draft was held, the county magistrate of An De had initially wanted to send his own daughter to the palace, but who knew that her behaviour and appearance were only barely satisfactory and wasn’t able to be accepted. Thus, he could only recommend Beautiful Lady Li who was later selected as a candidate by the court official.”

Yu Wen Lan raised his eyebrow. That palace hall that had been completely filled to the brim with women, yet he could only remember her.

Though of course, that wasn’t the point. “Are the Li household originally from An De?”, he asked.

The brocade uniform guard responded, “The Li household has lived in An De for generations. Furthermore, they have had no previous dealings with the imperial court or any other vassal states either.”

In other words, the Li family was just a simple and small local official family, without any backing, nor any actual force to instigate anything. 

Yu Wen Lan asked again, “Back then, did anything happen on their way back to the capital?”

The brocade uniform guard said, “After investigation, nothing unexpected happened with the exception of it having rained heavily for a few days, thus delaying them for a few days.”

Delayed for a few days…

Yu Wen Lan pondered over it gloomily, could it be that the one that ended up being taken into the palace wasn’t actually the Li family’s daughter? Could they have been switched along the way?

He looked toward another person in the palace hall, the eunuch, Fu Bao, “What about you?”

Fu Bao quickly replied, “Your Majesty, since entering the palace, Beautiful Lady Li has always been cautious and kept to herself, living in seclusion and never stepping out of Yongning Palace to get acquainted with anyone else. In the harem, the only one who visits her occasionally is Talented Lady Zhang.”

Speaking until her, he looked over quietly, and seeing that the emperor hadn’t spoken, he continued, “However, Beautiful Lady Li fell ill a few days ago. She didn’t go out, nor did anyone go to see her either.”

Yu Wen Lan asked, “What sort of illness?”

Fu Bao replied, “An allergic reaction to peach blossoms.”

Allergic reaction to peach blossoms?

Yu Wen Lan frowned, “Where could the peach blossoms have come from in this season?”

Fu Bao said, “Your Majesty is noble and has forgotten such trivial things. There are peach blossoms in the Department of Horticulture’s greenhouse and just two days ago, a few had also been sent to the Empress Dowager as well.”

Yu Wen Lan couldn’t help but think again, since she often stayed in Yongning Palace, how could she have gotten an allergic reaction from the peach blossoms that were from the Department of Horticulture?

“However, Beautiful Lady Li still has a good appetite despite being sick, and has called for no less than four dishes and one soup in the past few days,” Fu Bao said again.

Yu Wen Lan, “…”

He couldn’t help but think of the last time he heard that voice at the New Year’s banquet — — “It’s still a blessing to eat good food without being sexually satisfied in life.

What kind of woman is this?

What was her purpose in entering the palace?

And why was it that even after investigating, there was still no abnormality that could be found?

While he was thinking about it, Fu Bao said again, “Right, Your Majesty, the Empress Dowager also just summoned Beautiful Lady Li as well.”


Yu Wen Lan raised an eyebrow, what did the Empress Dowager want her for?


At this moment, there was no one else in Ci’an Palace other than Yan Shu.

After arriving just now, the Empress Dowager asked her one question after another about how old she was this year, where her maiden family was from, and what her parents did — Yan Shu just answered them all honestly.

Just as she was about to speak again, she heard a voice outside announcing, “Announcing His Majesty…”

The Emperor was here?

One must understand that it was currently noon, and at this time, the Emperor was usually busy reviewing memorandums in the imperial study, so there was a collective shock in the palace hall.

In the blink of an eye, the man had already stepped into the palace hall, wearing a vermillion red dragon robe and a golden crown in his hair, making his countenance appear even more outstanding. 

Everyone hurriedly paid their respects to him, “Respectfully greeting Your Majesty.”

Yan Shu was a little dumbfounded, just what sort of great fortune had she come across today? It was first time coming to Ci’an Palace, yet she could still happen to casually bump into the Emperor here?

Glancing over at Yan Shu calmly, the Empress Dowager then asked Yu Wen Lan, “How come Your Majesty is idle enough to come over today?”

Yu Wen Lan: “Just grew tired of reading the account books and then remembered that it has been several days since I last visited Imperial Mother, so I came over.”

As he ordered for everyone to rise, he glanced over at Yan Shu out of the corner of his eyes.

Sure enough, she’s here.

Taking advantage of the timing, the Empress Dowager said, “Not too long ago, aijia received two Qingzhou snuff boxes, and upon recalling that Beautiful Lady Li’s family was from Qingzhou, I called her over to chat.”

Within Yan Shu’s heart, she exclaimed: Empress Dowager, this is precisely what it means to ‘immediately wield new knowledge’! You clearly just asked about my maternal family, yet now you’re using it immediately, truly worthy of being titled the previous champion of palace fights!

Yu Wen Lan, “???”

What do you mean by, ‘the previous champion of palace fights’?

Was this meant to be a compliment in praising the Empress Dowager for being powerful?

Of course, this wasn’t the main point.

Looking at her, he asked quietly, “Where in Qingzhou are you from?”

Yan Shu was taken aback. This was the Emperor speaking to her?

Yu Wen Lan: “…”

Very good. It was rare to hear an imperial concubine in the harem address him like this in her heart. 

Ren Dong, who had accompanied Yan Shu over, cheered on in her heart, [H-Heavens! His Majesty has finally spoken to mistress!!! The mistress is about to ascend to the top of the harem!!! Elders and fellow country men of An De County, our mistress has brought honour to us all!!!]

Yu Wen Lan, “…”

What was going on with both of them.

But looking at it like this, I suppose there’s nothing wrong with her background then?

Yan Shu replied, “Chenqie is from Qingzhou’s An De County.”

As she spoke, she glanced at him quietly and couldn’t help but let out a curse, [WTF, he looks even better from up close than far away! Isn’t this the so-called legendary modelling face?! Simply having no visual hole even when looking from 360 degrees!!!]

Yu Wen Lan, “???”

‘Visual hole’? ‘Modelling face’?

What’s the meaning of all this?

Why can’t he understand the voice in this woman’s heart?

Immediately afterwards, he heard her sigh in her heart, [Isn’t this simply just too much of a waste of natural resources?! God, for you to make such a handsome man unable to do it, doesn’t it hurt your conscience?!!!]

Yu Wen Lan, “…”

Fine, getting triggered once more, he finally remembered his business and asked her, “What does your family head do, and who is in your family?”

Yan Shu, who was as honest as a little white rabbit, lowered her head and said, “My father is the chief scribe in An De County, and chenqie’s family also includes a grandmother, mother, and younger brother.”

However, she scolded him in her mind, [You still have the face to ask? What sort of good draft are you still thinking of doing? Separating us flesh and blood! How would you feel if you couldn’t see your father and mother for three years?]

Yu Wen Lan, “???”

What does she mean by ‘he still has the face’???

This was the most disrespectful thing he had ever heard!

He should have had her dragged out immediately!

But once she’s arrested, it’ll inadvertently alert the enemy.

 打草惊蛇 (dǎcǎojīngshé): lit. beat the grass and scare the snake / fig. inadvertently warn the enemy

And he hasn’t heard the answer he wanted to hear yet.

So he continued to endure, trying to maintain a normal expression on his face and said, “An De is quite some distance from the capital, the journey here must have been extremely hard.”

After those words fell, the entire hall was shocked.

This was the first time His Majesty had said so many words to an imperial concubine!!!

So much so that he even cared about the arduous journey to the capital???

One must understand that in the past, even Noble Consort Zhou could barely attract a glance from him!

Everyone couldn’t help but turn their attention to look at Yan Shu.

Yet they only saw her drooping eyebrows and pleasing countenance, “Even if there were thousands of mountains and ten thousand rivers, merely being able to accompany my lord would make me unable to contain my joy.”

[Fuck his grandma’s legs! We were on that road for a full month! That fucking idiot of a county magistrate didn’t hesitate to sacrifice other people’s happiness for the sake of wealth and glory, causing this old lady to sit in prison as a grass widow! One day, you’ll see if I’ll ever have a chance to kill you!]

 守活寡 (shǒuhuóguǎ): ‘grass widow’ refers to women who are wives in name but are unable to enjoy a married life (unable to have sex) e.g. a woman whose husband is often away, etc

Yu Wen Lan, “…”

Fine, he wasn’t even a little surprised. This woman seemed obedient, but was in fact, rebellious to the marrow of her bones.

Naturally, he couldn’t hear the system talking to Yan Shu at this time either, [First of all, as an imperial concubine, you must gain the Emperor’s favour first if you want to surpass the others.]

Yan Shu, […]

This task was indeed somewhat difficult.

She suddenly had an idea, recalling that besides ‘The Plain Woman’s Sutra’ and ‘Legendary Manual for the Bedroom’, there also seemed to be a ‘spring rejuvenation’ acupuncture that was quite effective as well. It was said that a certain emperor in the previous dynasty had used it to maintain his health and that he had still been just as vigorous as a young man despite being fifty or sixty years old…

t/n: spring is often used as a euphemism for sex

Yu Wen Lan’s eyebrows twitched once he heard her. S-Spring rejuvenation acupuncture???

How does she even know about that?

He tried his best to smooth down his eyebrows which were on the verge of twitching and said again, “How long has your father been in office? Has he always been in An De?”

Yan Shu replied, “Replying to Your Majesty, chenqie’s father has been An De’s chief scribe for as long as I can remember, and it has been so for more than ten years already.”

Alas, her father had been upright and honest all his life and didn’t have the habit of ingratiating himself to any faction to the point where even a county magistrate was ignored by him. If it hadn’t been for that dog county magistrate making things difficult for them, why else would she have been forced to enter the palace?

Emperor, oh Emperor, don’t just pay attention to the capital, since there are also many local dog officials too.

Yu Wen Lan, “…”

How did it become normal again?

What she said did have some truth to it.

At this moment, the Empress Dowager suddenly asked him, “Right, these past two days the rumours about the Lin Wu Marquis manor have spread like wildfire and have caused quite a commotion, just don’t know whether they’re true or not?”

Yu Wen Lan returned to his senses and said, “It should be true. Marquis Lin Wu is waiting to enter the palace today and wants to sue Marquis Xia Yi for seducing his wife. He also wants to request for her to be removed from her position as legitimate wife and divorce her.”

Just thinking about the headache that would come with it, he couldn’t help but pinch his brows.

However, he soon heard the girl click her tongue in her heart, [Marquis Xia Yi and Marquis Lin Wu Madam had an affair before marriage, so how could it have been an adulterous one? Marquis Lin Wu can sue all he wants, but he won’t succeed!]


What, before marriage?

Just how did she know about the matter between these two people?

Who would have thought that shortly after that, he heard her sighing in her heart again, [Since Marquis Lin Wu has this sort of fate, he might as well put in all his effort into having another son. Otherwise if one day he finds out that his heir isn’t actually his own, he might actually collapse!]

Yu Wen Lan paused abruptly.

What? Marquis Lin Wu’s heir wasn’t his?

Again, how did she know about this???


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A certain emperor: ??? What exactly is going on?!!

A certain author: You will come to get used to this.

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SMCS Ch 24 — I’ll Make Sure You Come Back to Me

“I definitely sent them. …Almost every single day without fail.”

At a time when words I couldn’t believe were echoing in my head, the sound of a bell that could be only heard by me continuously rang out as if it couldn’t miss this opportunity to. 

Ding dong!

「‘Trying a taste of the obsessive maniac’ proudly buys 3000 shares.」

「Come on down here~ Just have one bite~ How is it~ It’s tasty right~?」

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as translator, proofreader and editor!

“I definitely sent them. …Almost every single day without fail.”

At a time when words I couldn’t believe were echoing in my head, the sound of a bell that could be only heard by me continuously rang out as if it couldn’t miss this opportunity to. 

Ding dong!

「‘Trying a taste of the obsessive maniac’ proudly buys 3000 shares.」

「Come on down here~ Just have one bite~ How is it~ It’s tasty right~?」

Ding dong!

「‘That bastard isn’t the male lead, right?’ also refuses to lose and buys 3000 shares.」

「What’s the good in coming and saying those things now? Stop being clingy and fuck off!」

However, the system window that constantly blinked at least for now with the names of friends that I hadn’t seen for a long time as well as the number of shares that were rising as if they were competing against each other didn’t enter my eyes at all. 

“What… are you talking about?”

“It’s just like I said. I sent them whenever I had time.”

Eyes that stared straight at me without wavering even once. Determined and without a hint of avoidance.

“Though I’ve never received a single reply.”

A memory from the past suddenly flashed through my mind. 

Emma, who had always been sensitive and anxious, was in a good mood whenever she received news of her son. Thanks to this, even the servants of the mansion looked forward to Periot’s letter.

Even though the letter wasn’t addressed to anyone in particular, and only contained a few lines about how he was doing recently, as if he had written it out of duty. 

‘That’s why whenever he occasionally asked about the welfare of those in the mansion, everyone was always deeply moved by it.’

Truthfully speaking, that’s why I was always even more upset and aggrieved.

Since I thought that even though we were bound together on paper, my husband still treated me like I was air.

After repeatedly gnawing at my lips, I asked cautiously, “So many letters… could someone have stolen it?”

“Who knows.” Periot’s face became expressionless again, as if he had never smiled in the first place. “What I’m saying is the truth. Though whether you believe it or not is entirely up to you.”

If what he said was the truth, then there was someone who not only stole the letters, but also blocked the servants from telling me about it too. 

I didn’t even have to think it over for very long. Because there was only one person who was capable of doing that. 

A person who thought I was like a thorn in their side. Emma Chambers.

Glancing at him, I quickly changed the subject by taking advantage of the time he took a sip of tea with an elegant gesture. 

“How are the people in the mansion doing?”

Feigning disinterest, I suddenly thought of the maid who was serving me and touched the rim of the luxurious teacup. She was the only one who I had gotten close to in the entire Duke’s residence.

“I think her name was Betty…”

With a slight wrinkle in his brow, Periot seemed to think for a moment before nodding slowly.

“There are no servants who have quit, so she should be doing well.”

He was so cold-hearted that he didn’t even have any interest in how the people around him were doing. I came to realise that fact again.

However, the main point of what I was trying to get at would start to be revealed now. Even with the beating around the bush that I did, there was no way he had no idea what it was about. I opened my mouth cautiously. 

“How is… Mrs. Emma?”

Periot’s jaw twitched for a moment before hardening once more. The furrows at his brow deepened as well.

Moments after, a voice so low it sounded gloomy finally rang out. 

“She is residing in the west of the mansion.”

“Huh…? Why?”

“Because of various issues that occurred during that time.” After a moment, he added in a softer whisper, “Your older brother is held there as well.”

There seemed to be something that lay west of the Duke’s residence. I had almost no reason to go there, so my memory of it was dim. 

The breeding grounds for the hunting dogs as well as a pond, a small annex locked with a big padlock, and…

A stone chamber where people who were no longer in this world now slept.

‘…No way, it can’t be. Come on. I-It can’t be true.’

But at that moment, as if to make matters worse, the surrounding area was suddenly plunged into darkness while the fat raindrops continued to tap noisily at the window drearily. 

“If you’re curious, why don’t you go and see for yourself?”

Boom! Clap!

As soon as he finished speaking, a flash of lightning flashed outside the window as a loud noise sounded. A neat row of teeth shone blindingly white between the lips of Periot, whose mouth was upturned at the corners.


Thanks to that, I almost screamed without realising it and bit my lips shut.

“I-It’s alright. Not now… later!”

I waved my hand, trying to calm down my pounding heart. 

Yeah. It’s not a big deal. He just locked them up in a separate building!

…Wait, but could I even say that confinement wasn’t that big of a deal?

Amidst the confusion going on inside my head, I suddenly heard a knock from outside the drawing room. At Periot’s short answer, a person came in and bowed politely. 

It was the officer from before. 

“Apologies for interrupting your conversation. Since it’s getting dark, I thought I’d turn on the lamp.”

Periot’s head slowly turned toward the window, as if he had only then just noticed the loud sound of the rain.

“So it was raining…”

It was when he murmured that in a raspy voice.

Ding dong!

「‘Trying a taste of the obsessive maniac’ buys 1000 shares with a disbelieving heart.」

「If Periot uses a three fold umbrella when it’s raining, you’ll be getting the death penalty.」

 3단 우산: basically an automatic modern umbrella that we have. it’s called ‘three fold’ because the metal framing folds three times

Another reserve death penalty was haphazardly handed out.

No, excuse me, esteemed readers, there are no three fold umbrellas in this place…

However, the image of Periot holding up a three fold umbrella while looking up at the sky with his forehead furrowed was immediately pictured vividly in my mind.

The fact that it was him in that state, and not anyone else, I couldn’t help but think that image was extremely inconsistent with his character. 


The chilling and frightening atmosphere suddenly melted into thin air. I desperately clenched my teeth to hold back my laughter.

In the meantime, the officer, as well as the servants of the imperial palace who entered with him, proceeded to light all the lights in the drawing room. While our teacups were being refilled, the officer asked politely, “Duke, if it’s fine, would you like me to bring you a cigar?”

Ding dong!

「‘Trying a taste of the obsessive maniac is anxious this time as well and buys 1000 shares.」

「If Periot smokes, even outside, death penalty.」


Is there any way not to get the death penalty?

At the surprise attack, my lips and fists were tightly clenched as Periot raised his hand slightly in refusal. 

“No, it’s fine.” Then, he directed his gaze at me and asked, “Why are you laughing again?”

“…I didn’t laugh though.”

“You clearly laughed. Earlier on, and now as well.”

“You must’ve seen wrong.”

“You definitely laughed.”

Even though his words were like that, the one who was actually smiling was him, not me. 

A soft and natural smile had spread across his face at some point.

Because the appearance of him smiling was so strange, I found that my gaze kept drifting to him since it seemed too different to his usual self.

While avoiding Periot’s gaze multiple times, of course.

* * *

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Perhaps because he thought our conversation would go on for longer, the officer visited the room once again with fresh tea. My teacup was once again filled with a deep orange coloured tea with fragrant steam rising from it.

Lifting my cup, I glanced at the floating system window.

「Total shares sold: 34,001 shares.」

It had already exceeded 30,000 shares at some point. 

The last message that was posted was, ‘If Periot drinks honey because of the cold rain, death penalty’. The message came shortly after the officer had said that they’d bring us another tea.

Fortunately(?), Periot was not executed. Since all he had asked for was a strong red wine that was the colour of blood. 

As soon as the officer left, our conversation was cut short and awkwardness descended upon us once again.

‘I should’ve just said that I was going since I finished drinking already…’

Since I had already achieved my goal anyway.

Swallowing my regrets, I fiddled with the memo box on the table. 

I pretended to examine the crystal penholder, but then dropped the pen and watched it roll toward Periot’s feet. 


While I was flustered, unable to do this or that, he silently picked it up and held it toward me. 


Just as I was about to quickly take it and put it back, the second challenge came abruptly.

‘Wait, why isn’t it going in?’

There was no problem when I took it off though. Is this not how you’re meant to put it in?

I tried to put the penholder back into the slot by turning it the other way, but no matter what I did, it didn’t click in place. 

After suffering for a while, a large hand soon came into my view. 

Periot, who took the pen from me, tilted it slightly and pushed it forward in place. At that moment, the pen was fixed into its original position with a thud.

“There’s another thing that is exactly the same as that, you know?”


“We have the exact same memo box as this one in the reception room of the first floor. Have you ever used it?” Periot still spoke lightly, with both corners of his lips upturned.

That reception room, which was attached to the rear garden and would be cramped if filled with several guests, was instead, extremely luxurious and had an antique feel to it, making it the perfect place to receive important guests.

Each table and every single chair were extremely costly pieces of furniture, with rows of priceless paintings on the walls and even beautiful sculptures that carried a long history with them.

Furthermore, when summer returned to the north, the beautiful rear garden that could be seen through the wide window gave the view and entrancing landscape that seemed like it was a picture.

Therefore, it was Emma Chambers’ pride and joy, a space that would fill her with arrogance. Occasionally, on days when guests with lofty backgrounds come to pay a visit, she would always entertain them with tea there.

Due to that fact, I wasn’t able to come and go freely from that place. The memories of being tormented for days on end after accidentally entering just once were still vivid in my mind. 

When I had no answer at all, Periot frowned slightly, as if finding it odd. No matter how much I agonised over it, I came to the conclusion that I had no choice but to tell him the truth.

“I’ve never used it.”


“Because I couldn’t go in whenever I wanted to.”

As soon as I finished speaking, Periot’s eyes trembled greatly. For a moment, a heavy energy that made it as if I couldn’t breathe descended over us. 

The silence lasted quite a long time. 

Discreetly swallowing dryly, I berated myself for not having just kept quiet, but soon, a soft voice seeped through my ears. 



“What other places have you been banned from?”


Can I really say this?

To be honest, I did hesitate a little, but I found it too hard to lie in front of eyes that seemed to be set ablaze.

“The greenhouse in the rear garden… and…”

A place that was filled with beautiful flowers that were in full bloom all year round, something that was rare to find in the cold north.

Emma forbid me from going in, saying that I wasn’t allowed to go in recklessly and damage the flowers with the hem of my dress.


“The east hallway on the second floor…”

Emma, who was excessively materialistic and vain, had several dressing rooms that were larger than most bedrooms. It was no exaggeration to say that all the rooms other than her own room which was also located in the east hallway were her dressing rooms as well. 

Thus, she didn’t even like me stepping into that hallway. Of course, even if I was given permission to go freely, I would still reject it in the end.

Since if something was found to be missing, it was obvious who would be blamed as the thief. 

Though of course, these were all things of the forgotten past and had nothing to do with me anymore.  

“Anything else?”

However, Periot, who had a hard glint in his eyes, continued to urge me for answers.

In the end, I had no choice but to go on speaking, as if I was tattling to him.

All the while keeping my dry lips moist with the gradually cooling black tea.

* * *

It was well past two hours when I finally got out of that drawing room.

My resolution to only stay for half an hour had been overshadowed.


As we stepped out to be seen off by the officer, Periot’s men, who were waiting outside for him, strode up with something. It was a cloak for when it rained. 

I raised my head to look up at the sky. There was still heavy rain pouring down, as if there were a hole in the sky.

As for me, who had only been accompanied by one coachman, I had no choice but to get battered by the rain. It was also because the carriage couldn’t be placed right in front of the door of the attached building due to its structure. 

“Please wait a moment. I’ll bring you something that shields you from the rain.” The officer looked toward me before hurrying back inside. 

“We should head back.”

In the meantime, a subordinate handed the cloak to Periot before retreating as if to get out of the way. Despite the fact that he was also drenched, his deep sense of loyalty toward taking care of him was extremely obvious. 

I fell into shallow agony for a moment. 

Although this is our final meeting, we should still bid each other farewell, right?

When we were able to hold a calm conversation for the first time, he wasn’t as crazy as I expected, and our talk also flowed more smoothly than I expected…

‘Yeah, we should say goodbye. Since you also received his help with the incident with your bastard older brother too.’

Um… but the question was, what to say?

It was awful being together with you, so let’s not meet again? Or, I’ll live well, so you should too?

It was when I was agonising over the same thought over and over again. 

Periot, who had taken the cloak without a word, suddenly turned back around toward me. 

Then, he came toward me and abruptly wrapped both of his hands behind my back.

Before I could take a step back and avoid it, a heavy cloak fell on my shoulders.

“Why are you…”

It was the moment I looked up at him with my eyes wide open in amazement.

“Don’t think that this will be the last time.”

A clap of thunder reverberated in my ears.

“W-What did you say?”

“Didn’t you hear me say it clearly before? That I’d make it so that you’d come back to me out of your own free will.”

Despite his lips being curved in a thin line, his eyes were devoid of any smile.

His unwavering eyes were filled with nothing but me. Like a beast crouching in the dark awaiting its prey.

“…I’ll definitely make it so it’s like that.”

As if he were making a resolution to himself, a steely voice that spat out each syllable sounded in my ears.

“I’ll definitely see you soon, Lorella.”

For a moment, I stood there staring at the large hand that was tying the knot on the cloak. I couldn’t even find any words to say in response. 

You’re going to let me come back to you out of my own free will? How? And by what means? And you’ll even see me soon?

You’re not really going to do something like an actual obsessive maniac… are you?

When I came back to my senses, Periot had already turned around and strode out into the pouring rain. 

“W-What in the world do you mean?!” I shouted loudly at his distant back view, but an answer never returned. 

“Just what on earth are you going to do?!” I shouted again, stamping my feet in anxiety, but Periot never once looked back. 

* * *

The downpour was so severe that it was difficult for someone walking in the rain to even open their eyes against it. Periot was no different, and was quickly drenched from head to toe in moments.

A thin stream of water flowed down his dishevelled hair.

“D-Duke. Just where are you going?!”

As he walked past the carriage and continued onwards, the subordinate rushed to follow behind him. Yet, his footsteps never stopped. 

“Because I couldn’t go in whenever I wanted to.”

“The greenhouse in the rear garden… and…”

They were all the only tranquil and beautiful places in that desolate mansion. 

He didn’t know. That she had been left alone in the cold ducal residence without ever once enjoying any of it.

In any case, perhaps the more accurate way to put it was that he had never tried to get to know about it. 


Although there was another voice behind him calling for him at the top of their voice, Periot continued to move forward quickly.

With only the terrible downpour pounding at his shoulder painfully.

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SMCS Ch 23 — A Story I Didn’t Know

With one hand on the door frame, Periot came in and looked over the officer with a scathing gaze silently for a moment. Handsome features that couldn’t be hidden by his icy expression seemed to be highlighted even greater today.

However, I was so flustered that my eyes almost rolled back in shock.

D-Did he perhaps just hear me cursing him?

…It certainly seems like he heard everything?

No, that’s not the problem right now!

I looked over at the officer hurriedly.

‘You said he wouldn’t come today! You very clearly said he wasn’t going to come today though!’

this chapter is brought to you by mio
as translator, proofreader and editor!

With one hand on the door frame, Periot came in and looked over the officer with a scathing gaze silently for a moment. Handsome features that couldn’t be hidden by his icy expression seemed to be highlighted even greater today.

However, I was so flustered that my eyes almost rolled back in shock.

D-Did he perhaps just hear me cursing him?

…It certainly seems like he heard everything?

No, that’s not the problem right now!

I looked over at the officer hurriedly.

‘You said he wouldn’t come today! You very clearly said he wasn’t going to come today though!’

As if he had noticed my silent protest, the officer shook his head violently with a pale face. Judging from his wild gestures, it seemed like he didn’t know about it either.


Perhaps because he didn’t wish for this to happen, the officer suddenly jumped between Periot and I, creating a barrier.

“S-Suddenly appearing without prior notice…”

“Can I not?” Turning slightly toward the officer, Periot spat out in a low voice.

“Well, t-that isn’t the case… but I’d appreciate it if you could make an appointment in advance when you decide to visit next time.”

In the end, the officer, who was overwhelmed by Periot’s intimidating momentum, lowered his head and squeezed those words out quietly.

I jutted out my lip in bewilderment.

No, excuse me?! If even you’re scared, then what should I do?!

Although I wanted to flee like my heart was screaming at me to, I still hadn’t signed the confirmation notice of me having received the confirmation of my annulment without any problems. 

If I knew this would happen, then I would’ve just hurriedly signed it and been on my way! That way I wouldn’t have had to run into this particular person…!

A deep sense of regret suddenly bubbled up from within me.

In the meantime, Periot had lightly pushed aside the officer and was coming closer toward me. Then, grabbing the back of the chair with both hands, he whispered quietly, “Go on, Lorella.”

Although I wasn’t really sure whether he wanted me to hurry up and go on with the signing or continue the backtalk I had been doing earlier…

But thanks to that, I began to come back to my senses.

Right, wasn’t this the Imperial Palace? The organisation that had the highest rank of authority in the entire empire.

In this place, my marriage was officially recognised as invalid. So there was no reason for me to be afraid at all.

Raising an eyebrow, I wrote my name down in one smooth stroke, as if forcefully bringing more attention to the document before me. 

“Then… it’s all been finalised now.”

The officer came over quickly with the documents I had handed over to him and politely opened the door for me. 

Seeing his urgent movements, although it seemed like he wanted to get this awkward and uncomfortable situation over with quickly, in the end, he still didn’t forget what his duty was.

“Duke, as of today, Lorella Mayred now has nothing to do with the Duke of Chambers household. That fact… please remember it well.”

At those words, Periot only jerked one side of his mouth up sharply. As if he had just heard a bad joke.

Then, he calmly crossed his arms and said to me, “Do you not even have time for one final cup of tea?”



I almost doubted my ears for a second. The officer beside me also called out to him with a pale face.

“Isn’t it okay since there’s no law saying that you can only drink tea with people related to your household, and that it’s fine, even if you’re complete strangers?”

It was then.

Ding dong!

「‘Trying a taste of the obsessive maniac’ purchases 1,000 shares.」

「Adding hazelnut syrup to Periot Americano is worthy of the death penalty.」

And without fail, the message window appeared once again.

It isn’t the mood for that right now though!

However, when I saw that shiny system screen, my survival instinct immediately started to twitch. As if I was a gambler who had finally visited the racetrack after a long time, my body started to become restless.

Now that I think about it, wouldn’t this be a great opportunity to sell shares? 

To be honest, I had been neglecting selling shares a little since I had been so preoccupied recently with getting my life together. Besides, a cup of tea with him should be fine since we were in the Imperial Palace.

I nodded toward Periot.

“Alright. It’s not like we can’t.”

I could feel the officer’s shocked gaze on me, but I continued to smile indifferently. “But, only for half an hour though.”

Despite the fairly strict time restrictions, Periot shrugged his shoulders as if he understood. 

Alright. Let’s just sell and leave, nothing more or less than that.

Just for half an hour…!

* * *

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The officer led us to a separate drawing room inside. 

Although the study earlier was already extremely luxurious, this place was so grand it couldn’t even be compared to that of earlier. 

…It even seemed to have a romantic air to it somehow. 

A red sofa and a tea table adorned with white lace. With a vase on top of it that was filled to the brim with a bouquet of pink roses. 

No way… you didn’t think that there was any room for a reunion between us, did you?

Although it was a rather unpleasant misunderstanding, it wasn’t that important whether the officer thought so or not. Since all I had to do was sell shares right now. 

But speaking of that, what would be the best way for me to do that?

Although being resolved to do so was good, I was still worried because the situation was extremely different to the last.

I couldn’t just force out tears and snot and spit out a cringe comment like, ‘In any case, m-maybe it’s not that I dislike being by your side…’ like I had last time at the County. 

With documents that proved the invalidity of our marriage and a coldhearted signature, that sort of clumsy performance would be of no help to me today. 

Besides, there was also the possibility of Periot seeing through that. Although he was a bastard, he wasn’t an idiot either…

However, esteemed ancestors with messed up eating habits who ate obsessive maniacs may be watching this situation with intrigue, so I really couldn’t just leave after drinking tea either. 

I mulled over this for a while until I felt a strong gaze. When I lifted my eyes, which were only fixed on the teacup in front of me, I made eye contact with him.

A heavy silence descended between the two of us once again. 

‘But why did he suddenly ask to drink a cup of tea together for no rhyme or reason? What sort of wind blew in today?’

Although I had accepted his offer with a clear objective in mind, it was still a mystery as to why Periot had brought it up.

I couldn’t open my mouth easily and sat like a stone statue with my back straight only looking forward.

As a result of that, I had no choice but to observe the appearance of Periot, who sat opposite of me. 

The very first thing that caught my eye was his hand, which was leaning rather arrogantly against the sofa and holding the armrest. Scars littered the back of his hand, as if they were veins.

Although it often slipped my mind because of his pale and smooth skin, those scars made me realise that this was a person who had been fighting on the battlefield for the past two years. 

His hair, which seemed to have been slicked back more than usual, was not at all dishevelled. His black silk shirt matched his exceptionally pale skin wonderfully, and his black vest, which was tailored to fit him, further accentuated his solid chest and broad shoulders. 

On his jacket that was adorned with pearl buttons was exquisite embroidery that could only be noticed if you were looking closely. 

I hadn’t been aware since I had never paid attention to it. However, upon closer examination like this, he seemed to be the type to care quite a lot about his clothes on the inside. 

‘Are you going to go to the imperial palace later?’

Oh, wait, this is the imperial palace.


That was when I heard my name.

Looking up, I discovered that he was looking right at me. 

Those bright black eyes seemed to contain the entire night sky bottled in them. It was when I was trying not to be distracted by those deep eyes that seemed to contain some unknown darkness in them.

“I was wondering if you’ve been well.”

A deep voice that was characteristic to him sounded.

“Ever since that day.”

I still couldn’t open my mouth. Since I hadn’t expected him to bring this up. 

“Judging by your complexion, I’m relieved to see that you’re doing better.”

I was about to say that it was thanks to the fact that he had stopped chasing after me, but I held it in. I didn’t want to be the one to trigger a fight first just because I had mentioned something useless.

“To think you had such a knack for business, I wasn’t aware of that at all.”


But this time, an unexpected topic came up. I blinked my eyes quickly. 

How on earth did you know about that?

“…Haa.” A small sigh escaped from my mouth automatically.

I guess I had to take back the idea that I had thought of just now. Since it wasn’t that you didn’t chase me, but that you just didn’t get caught chasing me instead.

“It seemed to be going considerably well. It’s incredible.”

Regardless of whether he knew how I felt or not, Periot praised me with his usual flat tone which was devoid of any resentment.

“Well, it’s… nothing special.”

 Never thinking that I’d hear this sort of thing from him, I ended up bluffing due to the embarrassment.

“I would’ve helped you if you had told me. Feel free to tell me if you need any help later on as well.”

“Oh, that sort of thing won’t happen. Since it’s going quite well.”

After my curt reply, I raised an eyebrow and stared at him.

Although I couldn’t say it right away since I had missed the right timing, I was determined to draw the boundary clearly this time. 

“Like the officer said earlier, you and I are now people that have nothing to do with each other. So you can stop doing those sort of things now.”

“Those sort of things?”

“Sending people to keep tabs on me! Do you know just how unpleasant that feels for the victim of it all?”

Periot blinked slowly, then opened his mouth with a determined voice, “I have never done such a thing before.”

“Liar. Then how do you know about my business?”

“Because one of my subordinates is originally from Aurea.”


“His younger sister was apparently a regular of that place. I heard that they even went to the store together.”

Although our eyes made contact, he never avoided my gaze. There was no sign of lies in his expression, his tone, or his eyes.

“Oh. I-Is that so?”

Thanks to that, I ended up feeling extremely awkward. I was so mortified it felt as if my face were burning up from embarrassment. 

“Don’t tell me you suspected that I had been digging into what you’ve been doing?”

“I-It’s because your words confused me! If you say something like that without any additional explanation, wouldn’t anyone who heard that think in that direction like me?”

I ended up pushing the blame onto him out of shame. Even though it was nothing more than my stubborn persistence in being right, Periot thought for a moment without saying much and nodded lightly. 

“I do acknowledge that. Since I don’t have a talent in speaking well.”


I burst out laughing for a moment without realising it. 

“Then are you considered to be perfect if we exclude that point?”

“Isn’t that the case?”

“What are you saying?”

I burst into another round of laughter. Much louder than the one earlier.

Seeing as he had responded without any change in his expression at all, he must’ve truly meant it then. 

That crazy groundless confidence, I guess that was a basic characteristic that was given to Northern Dukes.

No matter how I thought about it, it was so ridiculous that I couldn’t stop the laughter from leaking out. 

“Gosh, I should practise having that much self confidence for myself as well.”

Thus, I gave him a scolding in jest for no reason, but at that moment, I noticed that tips of Periot’s lips had hooked upwards smoothly. 

It was an extremely natural smile, one that I had never seen before until now. 

Unable to hide my shock, my lips fell open slightly. 

However, Periot went on regardless.

“You were also filled with many talents. Not only in business, but in other fields too.”

“What… are you talking about?”

“For example, a talent for making me into a crazy bastard.”

My god, what did he just say?

“You don’t seem to be aware of it yourself, but you’ve always been a crazy guy though?!”

“And you’re also good at cursing.”

“That was also how I’ve always been. It’s just that you never knew before. You know it’s already too late for you to blame it on a fraudulent marriage though, right?”

Perhaps it was because it was my first time facing his smile. I suddenly felt that all of this seemed to feel unreal.

To think that I sat face to face with Periot and had a conversation with him while smiling. Ever since he came back from the battlefield, we’ve raised our voices at each other every time we’ve met. 

I thought he was a crazy bastard, a madman, a psycho. There was a time when I screamed at him to fuck off, and when it was at its most severe, I truly detested him for being so disgusting. 

But talking normally from a calm position, I suddenly felt like this wasn’t the Periot that I knew. Although we still bickered over things, we were still able to communicate surprisingly well…

Perhaps this was all possible because we had nothing to do with each other anymore.

“That’s right, it was a fraudulent marriage.”

At that time, a voice as gentle as the wind passed softly through my ears.

“We hadn’t even spent a single day together in those two years.”

The smile around his mouth had also disappeared at some point. A quiet silence fell between Periot and I once again.

I wonder what the reason was. The silence, which had been so familiar before, came as a rather uncomfortable feeling today. 

“E-Even just exchanging letters, I wish we had even just done that at least.”

Scrambling to find words to say, I blurted out whatever came to mind. As soon as I said that, Periot’s gaze, which had lowered heavily, suddenly turned toward me. 

And those lips, which had been silent all along, opened slowly. 

“I went back to the mansion and pondered over your words.”

“What words…?”

“It was: someone who was on the battlefield for two years and didn’t even bother to send a letter back, and now you want to talk.”

“Oh, that…”

My words were interrupted by Periot, who spoke at the same time as I did.

“I definitely sent them.” 

He whispered quietly in a righteous voice, his upper body slightly leaning toward me.

“…Almost every single day without fail.”


author’s note


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SMCS Ch 22 — At Times, Ignorance is Bliss

“…Thank you, please come again.”

My hand that was holding the bill trembled like a leaf that was barely hanging off its branch in the midst of a strong typhoon. I almost let go of it several times because I didn’t have any strength in my hands.

It was also because the customers had ordered a total of six coffees.

this chapter is brought to you by mio
as translator, proofreader and editor!

“…Thank you, please come again.”

My hand that was holding the bill trembled like a leaf that was barely hanging off its branch in the midst of a strong typhoon. I almost let go of it several times because I didn’t have any strength in my hands.

It was also because the customers had ordered a total of six coffees.

It was a task that I never would’ve been able to complete myself if I hadn’t swapped with Leah in the middle.

After the customers left, we were plunged into confusion before we could even properly bask in the joy of receiving our first order.

Leah, who was organising the empty glasses in the now empty shop, tilted her head and asked, “Just what could be the reason? Do you have any guesses, Ms. Lorella?”

“Who knows…”

However, I didn’t have a specific answer.

When asked why we had sold so much and what made the coffee good, the customers had all left in a hurry without even telling us the reason. They had all just said that it was because it was good.

“Although I don’t know what the reason is, I hope everyone will come again.”

I nodded my head at her voice that somehow seemed excited.

Of course, my entire arm still ached to the point of numbness, but I didn’t care if my arm was going to fall off if it meant customers would continue to come back like this.

‘As long as it sells, not even 100 cups of dalgona coffee would be a problem!’

I repeated this mantra to myself, clenching my fist with determination. 

Then a few days later…

My wish actually came true.

* * *

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The first customer who had come visited the store again the next day. The customer of that customer also came back. Along with new customers, as if they had all made appointments with each other.

The orders were all the same. Dalgona coffee with plenty of condensed milk in ice-cold milk.

“Excuse me, have you finished making my order yet? I only asked for two.”

“I think I ordered first though, so when will it come out?”

And not long after, a bizarre sight of various madams queuing in front of the store soon appeared. Regardless whether it was raining or windy, it never changed.

…Wait, what’s going on here? Why is there such a sudden increase?

But that wasn’t the only strange incident.

“Goodness, I see you’re here as well.”

“Oh my, hello. Don’t tell me… you as well, madam?”


Customers blushed simultaneously whenever they bumped into someone who they were acquainted with. Even if they made eye contact, wasn’t it just staring into their eyes? 

It was the same whenever I talked to them. When asked why they visited the store, they all avoided my gaze and said that they were just here to ‘drink coffee’, as if they had all agreed on it in advance.

‘Just what is it?’

This wasn’t the only place that sold coffee though.

My curiosity only grew larger.

But more importantly, I could never miss this opportunity.

I dispatched all the maids in the mansion. However, seeing as even that wasn’t enough, we recruited Leah’s acquaintances, and even the priestess that I had been acquainted with at the temple.

It was no exaggeration to say that I had brought together literally everyone that I knew.

Thanks to this, the kitchen was crammed full of people, yet no one said a word.



Only desperate groans leaked out from time to time.


Having already stirred the whisk for a long time, a groan soon burst from between my lips. My mind wandered while my upper body slumped forward simultaneously. 

After being transmigrated into a strange world, the thing I yearned for most desperately wasn’t fast internet, my phone, a TV, or airconditioning. Instead, it was an electric whisk!

“Miss, are you alright?!”

Shocked, Joy, who was sitting opposite of me and had been rubbing her arm tearily, caught me. “Swap shifts with me, alright?”

“I can’t. I-I haven’t done forty whisks yet…”

“I’ll do it…!” Joy replied solemnly and snatched the whisk from my hand. Then, she closed her eyes tightly and began to stir like crazy.

“Ms. Lorella… there’s a customer outside right now…” Those words flowed out of the mouth of Leah, who was sitting next to me and still somewhat fresh, energetically whisking away. By now, the number of customers that had just come must have increased again, so someone should go out to man the front.

Half pitying myself and the other half agreeing with her words, I clumsily stood up.

And sure enough, once I went outside, there were twice as many customers as before.

“Excuse me, I’d like to order!”

“Could I also order two extra drinks?”

As soon as I appeared, there were shouts from all over the place. It almost seemed like hell.

…Save me.

Almost having audibly screamed, I clenched my lips tightly together.

I forced my numb arm to write down every customer’s order carefully. Then, just as I was steeling myself to return to the kitchen once again, I spotted a familiar face.

It was that same guest that had come on the very first day.

“Excuse me ma’am! Please wait!”

I emptied my coffee and turned around to grab her.

“Oh, hello.” As soon as she saw me, she covered her mouth and let out a sheepish laugh.

“Ma’am, I apologise, but since you’re the most frequent customer, I’m just going to ask you plainly.”

I got to the point with a solemn expression on my face.

“Why do you visit our store so frequently?”

That’s right. Even if my arms falls off when it falls off, I had to find out what the reason was today. Just why there was a sudden rush of people. And just why no one would tell me about the taste of the coffee!

“Is the reason you’re coming because there’s something special about the coffee? Or is there another reason?”

“Um, the thing is…”

Just like how the other guests had, she didn’t answer again this time, simply fidgeting with her fingers and blushing. Nevertheless, I couldn’t afford to back down today either.

“This is something we must know in order for us to keep the store open in the future. So please feel free to just speak frankly.”

At those words, the customer seemed to agonise over something for a moment before shifting her mouth closer to my ear. 

“The truth is… the constipation latte here is an extremely hot topic these days.”

“Oh, right. Pardon?!”

W-What latte?

“I know that’s not what it’s officially called, but everyone has been calling it that after someone called it that.”

Then she waved her hand as if it wasn’t her. 

“Back then, no matter what method I tried, all of it was useless, but after drinking just the constipation latte, the effect was immediate!”

“No, that cons-, that’s not its name…”

“To be honest, it’s also helped a lot of people other than me. That’s why I’ll continue to by again from time to time.”

Thanking me with a bright smile, the madam turned around and disappeared. I… couldn’t bear to chase after her, who was already far away at this point.

Even during that time, the customers kept streaming in. All of them shouted orders for one, two, three cups in front of me.

I see. So that’s why so many people had come and ordered as if they were competing against each other, and while they waited for the coffee, would gaze off into the distant sky with reddened faces…

Fufu, I see.

…Constipation latte.

My eye twitched at that very moment.

I’m a main character candidate too, yet it couldn’t have been anything else?! Why did it have to be XX latte?!

Never had any female lead in any world developed and sold something that helped lavatory situations. Besides, coffee was the ultimate king of elegance and sophistication!

How could I be the only one like this?

Why only me?!

Tears trickled from my eyes yet again.

* * *

Fortunately, my heartache didn’t last for very long.

The cure for it was no different.

It was money.

“Whether it’s a constipation latte or an enema latte, who cares?!”

Why would I care when I was making so much money…!

Oh, if you’re in the middle of eating, I truly apologise.

I bowed out of habit toward the system window that was floating in the air beside me.

Then, I looked back toward the ledger and smiled.

Thanks to XX latte, the increased number of customers began to show interest in other products besides the coffee. For example, products like the cheese balls and fatcarons. 

Because of this, our sales began to rise steadily in a steep curve. To the point where sometimes, other products would be sold out before the coffee. 

Whew, this time I actually feel a strong sense of patriotism.

Furthermore, despite the fact that we decided not to stir the coffee a hundred times, the latte still continued to sell well. The reason being that I now knew from experience that the effect didn’t come from the whipped foam itself. 

Of course, when I finally confessed the truth, a riot almost occurred in the kitchen, but…

Although my shares hadn’t increased and I had instead been attacked by hate comments, I was still extremely proud at the fact that I had achieved these results with my own two hands.

It was a relief that I hadn’t driven someone else’s store to ruin, and the fact that the initially penniless me, was making steady income, although it wasn’t much, also gave me strength.

As the business started to stabilise, not only was the financial situation less suffocating, but I also had more breathing room too.

Thanks to Leah hiring two efficient and friendly employees, I began to show my face at the shop whenever there was a problem or there was something to discuss.


Opening my eyes rather late this morning as well, I got out of bed feeling refreshed and opened my large closet.

The once empty space had been filled with luxurious dresses and shoes. 

All of it had been arranged as I couldn’t overcome Joy’s pestering.

The moment the profits came in, Joy called all the designers to the mansion, as if to nag me. She had said that it was the least I could do to break free from the stereotype of a single woman.

I also agreed to some extent, so I spent quite a bit of money on dresses and shoes at first.

And after that, I bought a small gift for Commander Leonon and sent it to him along with a letter thanking him for his help.

Even holding multiple banquets wouldn’t be enough to show my gratitude, but to do that, I would still need more time to prepare.

Rather than waiting until then, I still wanted to express my sincerity, no matter how small of a gesture it would be. I also thought it was more meaningful since it was bought using the money I had earned myself.

In any case, I was looking through the closet with a happy heart, wondering what dress I should wear today when I heard a knock at the door.


Mm, come in.”

Joy’s round face poked out from behind the door as soon as I answered. Despite the rainy day today, I couldn’t help but smile involuntarily when I saw her curly brown hair and exceedingly kind grey eyes.

“Did you sleep well, miss?”

“I did, how about you?”

“I did as well!” 

Joy ran toward the bed with a big smile on her face. However, the trembling of her shoulders seemed somewhat different than usual.

“What’s wrong? Did something happen in the morning already?”

“Miss, this arrived today!”

She presented something from behind her as she answered at the same time.

It was the most sophisticated looking envelope I had seen in my life. Although I couldn’t see which household’s seal was on it, I could still tell it was of some sort of importance.

“Where did it come from?”

I had only sent the present to Commander Leonon yesterday, so there was no way he had already sent me a reply…

It was when I muttered something along those lines and flipped it over.


My eyes widened to the point they almost popped out as my fists clenched unconsciously.

“Finally… it’s finally here!”

“Yes, miss!” Joy also nodded tearily.

It was a letter from the Imperial Palace.

It could only be the resolution they had come to about my request for my marriage to be annulled that I had sent the other day.

* * *

The day after the letter had arrived.

I was sitting by myself in an unfamiliar building.

Apparently this place, which was located right next to the entrance of the Imperial Palace, was where all the departments that dealt with various civil complaints and the mediation of disputes between the nobility were situated.

Naturally, since it was a building that was attached to the imperial palace, there was nothing that could said about its grandeur. In addition to the grand decorations, even the desk and chair that was in front of me gave off an imposing air.

I sipped at the steaming hot high quality black tea in front of me in an effort to control my pounding heart.

“Thank you for your patience, Ms. Lorella.”

At that moment, the door on the other side swung open, and a man in a crisp cloak appeared. It was the official of the Imperial Palace that I had been introduced to earlier.

“What was the result?”

I sprang up from my seat in a hurry. Despite the fact that I could already anticipate the result, I still couldn’t suppress my trembling heart. 

“Yes, as per my notification earlier, the marriage annulment has been granted. This will continue to be stand in effect unless the Chambers presents the exact same marriage certificate with both your thumbprints on it.”

Oh yeah! This day has finally come!

Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray!

I bit my lip as hard as I could to prevent myself from cheering three times.

Seeing my appearance, the officer nodded, as if he could understand how I felt.

“I know how you must be feeling right now. Actually, that’s why I told you that you didn’t need to come here in person either… In addition to the first notice we sent you, we’ll also be sending you a notice on the final results by post as well.”

“It’s alright. It’s an important matter so of course I had to come here personally.”

Since I can’t possibly guess what that psycho would do in the meantime. 

“It’s been hard on you. The same result will be sent to Duke Chambers’ household as well.”

“But as you said earlier, you didn’t receive a single reply from them…”

“It’s probably an indication of their disagreement, but since there’s no validity behind that, you won’t need to worry about it.”

“Oh my, is that so…?”

I blinked my eyes as if I were surprised.

All the while secretly cursing them inwardly, ‘Just who do you think you are to disagree with the imperial court’s decision?!’

“My lady is free now. The Chambers household no longer holds any authority over you.”

Although I tried to keep my composure in my own way, I couldn’t hold it in when I heard that sentence.

“Thank you so much!”

As I became so ecstatic that my shoulders started to tremble, the officer responded with a smile, “You must be relieved.”

“It’s refreshing! From now on, I won’t even put the North in my thoughts anymore!”

The sorrow I had experienced disappeared, as if it had been washed away immediately. I wanted to exclaim to the world just how wonderful this feeling was.

“No! Rather than that, I wish there was only east, south, and west in this world…!”

It was when I raised my voice to the fullest extent, filled with that exact feeling.

“…I guess I should apologise about that.”

A low voice sounded from behind me.

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IBVIAAN Ch 66 — Erased Certainty

I had heard the account of having black hair and black eyes several times. However, I too, had looked like that in my previous life as well. So I had never thought of making such an association when I first saw Song Ara.

“Because Your Majesty is the one who saved us!”

The bright appearance of Song Ara flashed through my mind. She quickly adapted to a place that she was seeing for the first time and gained the favorability of those around her. Her bright personality and her pretty way of speaking also matched with the saintess from a hundred years ago that they talked about.

this chapter is brought to you by mio
as translator, proofreader and editor!

I had heard the account of having black hair and black eyes several times. However, I too, had looked like that in my previous life as well. So I had never thought of making such an association when I first saw Song Ara.

“Because Your Majesty is the one who saved us!”

The bright appearance of Song Ara flashed through my mind. She quickly adapted to a place that she was seeing for the first time and gained the favorability of those around her. Her bright personality and her pretty way of speaking also matched with the saintess from a hundred years ago that they talked about.

“Seems like every one of us is living with precious memories, one by one.”

I was plunged into confusion in an instant when I thought it might be Song Ara. I felt chilled down to my fingertips.

Lecht pulled me, whose tongue was stiff and was unable to reply, over to his side. He wrapped his arm firmly around my shoulder and pulled me into his embrace, shooting back sharply at Frody, “Do you think that I can’t even recognise my own woman?”

Lecht’s furious voice erased the anxiety that had risen to the tips of my fingers.

“You’re the soul I’ve been waiting for a hundred years for.”

That’s right. Lecht would know better than anyone else, so there was no way. I had no reason to be anxious as long as the rose, which contained a piece of my soul, shone.

“Don’t tell me, that woman’s claiming to be the reincarnation of the saintess from a hundred years ago?” Frody asked, as if he were dumbfounded.

“There’s no reason for me not to.”

“But that woman had this sort of thick black hair and eyes though:?” Frody said, glancing down at Song Ara at my words.

Lecht was the one who responded to that. “You must be stupid for you to assume that she would look the same as she did a hundred years ago in the first place.”

At Lecht’s growl, Frody openly scanned me up and down slowly with narrowed eyes. “No. You’re not that woman from back then.”

Frody shook his head. As soon as I caught sight of his deepening smile, it became clear that he was only here to pick a fight.

“Back then, that saintess was not as polite toward me.”

Dumbfounded by his evidence that proved it wasn’t me, I let out a sigh that was close to a laugh and said, “Then will you believe me if I treat you impolitely?”

Frody’s expression became rather bitter at my unintentionally provocative tone. Nevertheless, he quickly muttered with a meaningful smile, “I thought so before as well, but the saintess this time is really exploding with charm. To the point where even I covet it.”

Lecht’s arm around me tightened at the words that he had added with blazing eyes, while I pasted on a forced smile. “If you’re done spouting nonsense, would you please let go of Song Ara and disappear now?”

I also wanted to ask him to take responsibility for causing the ruckus he had here. However, Kelber also seemed to have had no smaller part in the property damage that had taken place, so we just ended up brushing over it.

If we tried to pursue it right now, it would become troublesome since it would even involve those who had allowed him to enter the Demon King’s Palace in the first place. Even though Frody continuously picked fights with Lecht, he still wasn’t someone who was banned from entering the Palace.

And above all, Song Ara’s safety was still the top priority.

“There’s still no guarantee that this child isn’t that woman from a hundred years ago, right? Then I don’t really want to let go of her.”


“Since I’m curious. Just what will my little brother choose; his past relationship, or power?”

He insisted that I wasn’t the woman from a hundred years ago to the very end. He was just provoking me. There was no reason for me to fall for it, so just as I was about to tell him to keep his hands off Song Ara, Lecht said in a low voice, “I’ll show you that there won’t be a need for me to choose.”

A huge teleportation circle began to form throughout the garden. Not a short distance teleportation circle, but an ultra long distance one. Large enough for it to connect from the human realm to the demon realm.


“Hold on tight.”

I was going to ask why he would fall for such an obvious taunt, but Lecht simply hugged me tightly with a look that asked how on earth he was meant to endure that. At the light that burst forth from the teleportation circle on the floor and engulfed us, I clung onto Lecht tightly first.

It may have been more difficult than usual to teleport, especially after Song Ara had appeared and numerous additional barriers had been set up. Nevertheless, Lecht carried on doing so as if he had no qualms. Furthermore, it was more sophisticated than other space travel portals since there was no sensation of motion sickness.

After waiting with our eyes closed for a while, a cool breeze enveloped us. The place we had arrived in was the garden of the Grand Duchy.


When I turned my head at the sly sigh, Frody was with us too. With Song Ara still in his arms.

Even when she slept in the same bed as me, once she fell asleep, she’d sleep so deeply it was like she was a log… Nevertheless, it still made me anxious when she didn’t wake up in this situation. But even if that was the case, I was still cautious since I thought I’d startle her if I called out to her to wake up.

Still worried, I made eye contact with Frody. His eyes crinkled as he smiled, as if he had read my thoughts. At any rate, he was a hateful fellow.

“Will this be enough for an answer?”

The black rose, which was made with a piece of my soul, emitted a pretty glow toward me today as well.

Hmm~?” Frody snorted as if he found it interesting. Then he added, “Are you sure that can be proof?”

“What more do you want?”

At my question, Frody flicked his fingers while hugging Ara in his arms. “Move.”

“How dare that bastard to…!”


Muso, who had come with us, was furious, but I raised a hand to block him.

“But, Your Majesty…!”

“I don’t know what you’re trying to do, but go ahead and try.” Despite Muso’s protests, I replied calmly and took a step back without taking my eyes off Frody.

It was obvious what he was up to, but I didn’t have a clue on ‘what’ he was going to do. And there was no way he was going to ruin the rose all of a sudden in this situation.

To be honest, I was actually a little curious. What had he prepared for him to be so confident? It was clear that if I tried to block him, he’d only become more energetic and say more unnecessary nonsense.

“Nothing will change anyway.”

No matter what it was, I wanted to nip it in the bud right here. Lecht followed my lead.

When I stepped away from the black rose, the black rose, which had been shining with excitement, became silent again.

All of Frody’s actions in holding Song Ara and moving in the direction of the rose entered my vision. But it was then.

“Huh…? Why is it shining? Shouldn’t that only react to Her Majesty?” The rose began to shine accordingly to Muso’s words as Frody approached it.

“See? It’s the same. So how can this be proof?” Frody said triumphantly in a voice that had a mixture of ridicule in it.

Why did it shine?

When I became flustered and couldn’t find the words to reply, the angry voice of Lecht suddenly came out. “What sort of trickery are you trying to pull?”

“What did I do? That’s just what that child’s existence is.” Frody said aggrievedly as he placed Song Ara on the ground. With such light steps that felt as if the soles of his feet hadn’t touched the garden floor, he retreated. The rose’s light remained, even after he withdrew.

“As you both know, isn’t this the first time I’ve seen this child? Does it make sense for me to do something?” Frody raised his hands and smiled. Although he had a smile that was so hateful it made one’s teeth ache, there was still nothing wrong with what he said.

Song Ara had fallen into this world during my welcoming banquet. Frody hadn’t participated in the event. We had even spent every waking moment together ever since she had fallen here. So how could you explain this situation…? It was confusing.

‘Does it perhaps… react like that to every soul that’s from earth…?’

At that time, when absurd doubts were sprouting in my mind, I felt the strength of the hand that was wrapped around my shoulder. Lecht’s expression, which I had turned to take a glance at, made my heart drop. Eyes that were wide open and slightly parted lips.

Lecht wasn’t the type to reveal his emotions in his expressions. That’s why this was also the first time I had seen such a shocked expression of his.

I seemed to be shrouded in an even greater confusion than when I had seen the rose shining toward Song Ara. I took a step back instinctively.

Lecht turned his head in surprise at my movement. “Ara.” He called out to me calmly, as if he had returned to his senses. “In any case, something seems to have gone wrong.”

“Gone wrong?”

“Something… so…”

However, unlike what he said, he wasn’t able to find a way to explain it. I was already so flustered, so just how flustered was he?

“Lecht. The woman you’ve been waiting for… is it me?”

“What…?” A clearly bewildered Lecht.

“You said you knew because the rose was shining.”


Lecht alternated his gaze between me and the rose with a look of uncertainty on what he should do on his face. There was no explanation or clarification that came out from those slightly parted lips either.

Instead, he grabbed my shoulder and said, “There’s no way I wouldn’t recognise you. It’s not anyone else, but you. I don’t know what’s gone wrong with that. No, it doesn’t even matter now.” Words and sentences mingling between the gap of his mouth came gushing out. “What use is a piece of a soul when you’re right here with me? You’re already back in my arms.”

I was able to sense his urgent feelings since I knew that him uttering gibberish was a habit that came out whenever he was flustered.

“I know. You’re the one I’ve been waiting for.”

Then, his lips, which had inched closer for a kiss, stopped just short before reaching me and paused in the air.

“I’m sure.” He looked at me with eyes that seemed to appeal for me to believe him.

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To be honest, I was still confused. Now that the rose that had given me confidence in the first place had now erased all my existing confidence, I felt as if everything I had believed in had now turned upside down. However…

“Ara.” Lecht’s desperate gaze that was cast toward me extinguished all such confusion.

Yeah, who cares if the rose is a bit weird? Quite some confusion had probably sprung up after a hundred years. Or maybe it just shone toward anyone that was from earth. Who cares?

I tiptoed slightly and pasted my lips against his. When my lips descended on his with a chuu sound, he drew me into his arms, as if he had only been waiting. And proceeded to pour out kisses onto me. The heat that rose so intensely was so hot that it was to the extent where we couldn’t even feel the winter wind that was lashing at us so sharply.

Our deeply intertwined breaths didn’t even give me any time to think of my anxiety and confusion. He swallowed all my breath and senses, as if he were scolding me for being shaken for even a moment.


The scorching breath that flowed out from our lips that had barely parted turned the cold air white. Amidst the cold of the early winter, the only ones who were burning up were us.

“The rose was never meant to convince me of you. I already had confidence in you.” Lecht’s tender voice gently permeated my ears. “I’ve loved you for more than a hundred years, so how could I not recognise you?”

His voice was sulky, to the point where you could even detect a hint of blame. At his extreme cuteness, I was able to relieve myself of my anxiety.

“That’s true. All I needed to do was trust you, Lecht. I’m the one who was wrong.” I whispered and stroked the top of his head.

Leaving himself to my hands, he nodded. The arm that was wrapped around my waist tightened slightly.

The time that only belonged to us was soon broken by Frody’s voice.

[ start typing here ]

IBVIAAN Ch 65 — As Much as You Love Me

“Apparently they found no sign of a modified teleportation circle.”

Frody was lying face down on his bed and browsing through a report that his subordinate had brought back. From the beginning to the end, it talked about a woman who had broken into the venue.

“That’s how the punks in the Demon King’s Palace work.” Frody got out of bed with a smug smile on his face. His pet snake followed after him by itself. The long gown that he wore which was still dragging along the edge of the bed left a scent of gold osmanthus in every place he passed by.

“Then, shall we get going then?”

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as translator, proofreader and editor!

“Apparently they found no sign of a modified teleportation circle.”

Frody was lying face down on his bed and browsing through a report that his subordinate had brought back. From the beginning to the end, it talked about a woman who had broken into the venue.

“That’s how the punks in the Demon King’s Palace work.” Frody got out of bed with a smug smile on his face. His pet snake followed after him by itself. The long gown that he wore which was still dragging along the edge of the bed left a scent of gold osmanthus in every place he passed by.

“Then, shall we get going then?”

“Will it be alright? They might get suspicious if you go now for no reason…”

“Rather, it’d be more suspicious if I don’t go.” Frody stepped lightly, readjusting the gown that had slipped off his shoulder again. “What would my little brother think if I didn’t show up when such an amusing story was circulating throughout the demon realm? Right?”

“I see. It was me whose thoughts were lacking.” The subordinate who gave the report retreated and lowered his head. “Have a safe trip.”

“Hehe~. I’m already thrilled just imagining it—just what sort of reaction will my little brother have?”


“And the reaction of the saintess who believes in my little brother without end.”

Frody hummed in a happy mood and slowly headed toward the Demon King’s Palace.

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* * *

I shouldn’t have said that I’d try this on unnecessarily… I think this was the first time in my life I had worn something so embarrassing. I hadn’t even worn hot pants during my university days since it was uncomfortable…

‘As expected, a person really does become weirder when they start dating…’

It’s precisely dating, because even while being aware of the fact, you still get weirder, right?

“Is this really how you wear it…?” I flushed as I checked the clothes wrapped up underneath my gown.

“Of course.”

I had already asked several times, yet Solte had only given me the same answer with a gentle smile on her face.

“Uhh… I don’t think this is right…”

Knock, knock.

I was about to say that it would be better for me to take it off since it looked so awkward when a knock sounded at the door. I hurriedly rearranged my gown that had been partially taken off and wrapped it around my torso.


Although I heard Lecht’s incomparably sweet voice, I couldn’t breathe. My heart felt as if it were about to jump out of my mouth with its pounding.

‘Why did he come over so quickly…?!’

It was after my desire to show Lecht and see his reaction had already disappeared. I mean, I didn’t look like a person who should be wearing something like this when I tried it on in the end!

However, Solte greeted Lecht with an excited expression on her face. “Miss is inside.”

Solte left the room as Lecht entered. “Have a good time.”

Although it was a courteous voice, there was still happiness that emanated from it.

Entering the room, Lecht was just as puzzled as I was. Holding a bouquet of flowers in one hand, he was in his polymorphed appearance since Song Ara seemed to have frozen and gone into shock when she saw his demon king appearance. Thus, I had asked him to maintain his human form only while the child was still here. And in precisely Lecht fashion, Lecht took that into consideration everyday.

“The child from the other world that I encountered in the garden earlier told me that I had to go and see you today.” He slowly approached me. Although it was the same behaviour as any other day, my heart started to beat faster and faster. “I heard you decided to sleep separately now.”

I guess Song Ara had already tipped Lecht off. I couldn’t figure out how much she had already told him, so I glanced at him with an uneasy heart. Nevertheless, he seemed to have heard nothing except that Song Ara had now decided to sleep separately.

“You said that you’d continue to stay by my side no matter what, so… why are you doing that?” Coming closer toward me, he had a worried expression on his face as he saw me wrap my gown tighter around myself and stiffen up.

“Are you cold?” He set down the bouquet he was holding onto the bedside table and clasped my shoulders with his large hands. Looking around the room, he stroked my shoulders with his long thumbs. “Why didn’t you wear something warmer?”

“It’s not that, but…”

“Or were you waiting for me to warm you up?”


My face flushed red at Lecht’s mischievous words.

Lecht smiled and kissed me briefly on my forehead at my reaction. “I’m joking.”

He seemed to be joking more often these days.

Ever since I had confessed to him, coupled with the fact that he was more at ease as well now that I had returned to the demon realm as well, Lecht seemed to be more enthusiastic and aggressive in his actions as well. Although he spoke quite bluntly, the joke clearly still contained some amount of sincerity. It was obvious that he had taken a step back and was waiting until I allowed him to come closer.

“I’ll feel quite troubled if you’re only joking.”

That’s why I felt like I had to take the initiative to approach him first.

Lecht, who was moving toward the heating equipment on one side of the room, suddenly stopped in his tracks. “What…?”

“That… it’s true that I was waiting for Lecht to personally give me a warm hug, so it’ll be troubling if you were only joking.” I spoke each word carefully to Lecht, who was wondering if he had heard correctly and asked me to repeat it once more.

Lecht stiffened for a moment. Staring at me with his eyes trembling violently, he spat out with bated breath, “Asking for a hug…”

Lecht cautiously asked once more, just in case he had misheard.

Instead of answering him with my words, I unwrapped my gown. When the cord was loosened, the gown naturally fell open, and the clothes I was wearing inside were soon revealed.

Lecht’s eyes widened slightly, his pupils shaking harder than a candle in front of a harsh gale.

As I watched his Adam’s apple bob up and down naturally, I allowed the gown to slowly slip off my shoulder. “I’m cold… Are you just going to keep looking at me like that?”

As soon as I asked sullenly with an expression that was not at all sullen, the distance between Lecht and I quickly disappeared. One hand that was cupping the nape of my neck quickly dug into my hair. His other large hand swept up my waist, causing the gown to slip off even further.

Without even giving me any time to be surprised, Lecht quickly swallowed my lips. The whole sensation made my heart pound to the point where even the air seemed to have become sweet. It felt as if this time and space only existed for us.

My body was pushed back by the force of Lecht, who was holding me tightly. As I was pushed back a step or two, my body hit the dressing table behind me, and he naturally sat me on top of it. As our eye levels had now become more similar to each other, he became even more unhesitating in his advances.

Haa, mmph.

Even the little sighs that I let out for a bit from between my lips were all swallowed up by him again as he held my lips in his mouth. A piece of flesh penetrated through that momentary gap and pushed its way into my mouth roughly.

It was much more intense than the kiss we had shared in the sky with the demon realm at our feet. He was always so sweet, but now I could finally see just how strongly he desired me and how much he had already endured. I could feel the desire of him waiting for a hundred years, and even after that, how much he had endured and restrained himself after that, in all its totality.

I grabbed onto his collar and pushed him away slightly at his sweeping kiss that was so intense it took my breath away. I thought he might have already lost all reason, but he managed to notice the strength I had put into my hand and parted from me momentarily.

Haa, Lecht…” I was exhilarated at his heated eyes that stared at me from right in front of my nose as he leaned his forehead against mine.

Amidst all of this, my heart was filled with the affection and tenderness of him, who had cupped the back of my head with his hand so that it wouldn’t bump into the mirror. I couldn’t believe that someone could cherish me to this extent. Wasn’t it just one’s great fortune to be able to meet a person who could give this sort of love in their life? And the fact that it was Lecht also caused me to be happy beyond belief.

I raised the hand that was holding onto his collar and cupped his cheeks. I stroked his loveable face that was hotter than mine, and whispered, “I love you.”

Lecht’s breath, which had still been flowing out lightly, suddenly stopped. There was no expression of shock or fluster. On the contrary, he had just simply frozen out of shock.

After a moment, his pupils slowly began to waver, and his face gradually started to contort. It was an expression that appeared due to a happiness that was so great he couldn’t handle it anymore. It was a happiness that seemed to bring tears to his eyes, yet he didn’t want to cry, and made him want to smile, yet smiling didn’t seem to be able to express all the emotions he was feeling right now.

I knew that feeling all too well. Because I was feeling that same exact happiness right now.

“I love you, Ara.” He whispered with a scorching breath. He slid up his hands that had brushed my back and waist, cupping my cheeks affectionately, and whispered continuously, “More than you could ever imagine… I love you so much that I can’t even express it all with these words.”

“I know.” I kept stroking his face and smiling.

My nose kept scrunching up by itself, so perhaps my face even looked ridiculous right now since I was smiling slightly as well. Nevertheless, Lecht still looked at me with a gaze that seemed to think even that expression was so adorable it made him go crazy.

“I will try my hardest to love you as much as you love me.”

“…That’ll be tough. If you know just how much I love you.”

“That’s hard to say, since I think I’ll be able to.” Staring into his golden eyes that aroused me, I said, “Just how much you love and cherish me.”


“I think it’ll be too easy for me to love, and continue to love such a you, even more in the future.”


“I love you.”

With all my heart.

He carefully kissed me again. It was a kiss filled with the utmost care, that was completely different from the one earlier, which had raged on continuously as if there was no tomorrow.

The hand that had been cupping my jaw swept past my neck and back and wrapped itself tightly around my back, dragging it towards him. I also wrapped my legs tightly around his waist.

It was the moment he held me so tightly it seemed as if the sound of our heartbeats had merged into one.

Crash!! Boom—!

The building shook slightly with the large explosion.

Surprised, I clung onto Lecht tightly and turned my head toward the sound while Lecht also hugged me, as if to protect me.

Soon after, a few sharp voices intersected one another.

“Sir Frody! Just what are you doing right now?!”

“You white, peeled potato bastard!”

It was the voices of Tanma, who would never normally raise his voice, and Muso, whose voice was filled with anger.

Awoo—! Woof! Woof!


With Kelber’s howling and the fierce hissing of snakes, the cause of the disturbance was easy to understand.


I heard the sound of teeth grinding from beside me. It sounded so loud to the point where I was worried their teeth would break, so I turned my head back in surprise. “Calm down, Lecht.”

Patting a tendon that was protruding from out of his jaw, I said, “I’m sure they’re having another meaningless argument again. Let’s go check it out together.” I picked up my clothes that were in the dress room next to the dressing table and pushed Lecht slightly. “Just wait a moment. I’ll be right back after changing.”


Doing a once over on how I looked, Lecht sighed deeply. He rubbed his angular face that had an annoyed expression that was rare for me to see on his face. Although I’m not sure if it was intentional, the black mana that curled up from his feet to his waist was quite a frightening situation as well.

“Don’t go down by yourself. Don’t you dare. Since I’m scared.”

To say that I was scared was a lie. But I thought he’d probably break Frody’s neck straight away if I let him go down alone like this.

Perhaps because my lie worked, Lecht nodded and took a few steps back.

“I’ll wait.”

Although he said those words as calmly as he could, it was a voice that emanated a deep rage.

* * *

By the time I changed my clothes and went down outside with Lecht, the situation had already turned chaotic.

Kelber, who had already inflated himself to the size of a house, and Frody’s five-headed snake, whose size wasn’t any less either. Neither of them could hide their agitation and were in a state where they were littered all over with injuries, perhaps because they had already had a major fight.

Muso’s sharp wind was also circling around the garden. Even Tanma, the butler, was carrying a weapon – a crossbow. His pink eye that was hidden behind his monocle shone in a particular light.

Frody stood in front of him. With Song Ara in his arms.

“I’m just here to greet the protagonist of the rumours who I’ve been so curious about, so isn’t this reaction from everyone just too overexaggerated?” he whispered in a tingly voice, as if asking what he had done wrong.

“You’ve stirred up too much of a racket for this just to be a greeting.”

“Oh, Saintess? So you were with my little brother?” Frody smiled at me, pretending to be innocent as soon as I interrupted. He clearly would’ve been able to sense Lecht and I, yet he pretended to be unaware.

I gripped onto Lecht’s hand tightly at the sight of the black haze that was emanating from Lecht’s body becoming thicker. I tried to convey with my fingertips to ask if he was alright and if he could calm down while looking at Frody.

“Why is that child in your arms?”

Frody was hugging Song Ara lightly in his arms with a princess carry. Seeing that she didn’t seem to wake up with this disturbance and how it didn’t seem like she had simply fallen asleep, a thought flashed through my mind as I frowned.

“What have you done to such a young child?”

Taking Frody’s ability into consideration, I was immediately concerned about the child’s condition. Friday’s ‘enchantment’, which robbed one of all their senses and eventually eroded their mind, would simply be too powerful for an ordinary child to shake off.

“What do you mean what have you done? Just what kind of person do you see me as?”

A bastard who could even use a young child for their own amusement?

“Regardless of what you think, I’d never use my ability on a kid like this.” Perhaps because my expression had revealed my true thoughts, he said in a voice that seemed to have been wronged, “I had just arrived but then found the child sleeping in the garden. That’s why I was just trying to take her to your room.”

Song Ara liked to look at flowers, so that didn’t seem to be complete nonsense. Nevertheless, I didn’t believe it entirely either.

“I understand, so I’ll take the child now.”

“But since seeing this rumoured kid, I suddenly had a thought.” I stretched out my hand, but Frody ignored it and brought up another story. “An unidentifiable way of appearing. Black hair… and apparently even black eyes? Hearing all of this, doesn’t it remind you of someone?”

I frowned once again since I couldn’t understand all of his words at once. However, Tanma and Muso flinched, as if they knew what he was talking about. Their flusteredness could be seen in the wind and the direction in which the crossbow was aimed in.

With a smile that raised the corner of his mouth, Frody said, “Little Brother, it seems like your lover from a hundred years ago has returned again. What are your thoughts on that?”

Only then did a small sigh flow out from between my teeth.

Come to think of it, why had I never thought of that? A child who suddenly appeared out of the blue. Black hair and black eyes like that of the woman a hundred years ago. An immense amount of sociability that captured the hearts of many people. And… the name, ‘Ara’.

A sliver of anxiety that I had never felt before suddenly swept through my heart.

IBVIAAN Ch 64 — What’s Wrong with Being Perverted Between Lovers?

From there, the welcoming banquet fizzled out. 

Since a woman had suddenly dropped into the venue, everything had descended into chaos. And to top it all off, the atmosphere had become even more awkward since I had stopped the guards who had thought she was an intruder and tried to punish her. 

Nevertheless, the child who was crying out of fear seemed like a high school student, no matter how many times I looked at it. So I couldn’t just leave her to herself.

this chapter is brought to you by mio
as translator, proofreader and editor!

From there, the welcoming banquet fizzled out. 

Since a woman had suddenly dropped into the venue, everything had descended into chaos. And to top it all off, the atmosphere had become even more awkward since I had stopped the guards who had thought she was an intruder and tried to punish her. 

Nevertheless, the child who was crying out of fear seemed like a high school student, no matter how many times I looked at it. So I couldn’t just leave her to herself. 

I finally managed to persuade the knights, who tried to follow me as an escort, claiming that she was suspicious, and eventually brought the child to my room by myself. Obviously, that included Lecht and Kelber as well.

“So, to summarise it all, you suddenly lost your senses on your way to the internet cafe after sneaking out of self-study, and when you opened your eyes, you found yourself in that place earlier.”

Huhuuu, yes…” Song Ara blew her nose and sipped on the warm tea that the maids had prepared. Compared to her teary appearance when we first met, this seemed to be a much more genuine appearance.

“A senior in Daehan High School…” 

I rubbed my forehead at the student ID that was found in the child’s belongings. Daehan Private High School was often talked about a lot and was involved in many scandals since it was a place where the children of the cream of the country’s richest families and conglomerates gathered.

‘It’s the media that keeps inflating the news—looking at it right now, they’re no different to ordinary high school students.’

She was ‘on the way to the internet cafe after skipping self-study’. It was such a normal sentence that I ended up feeling a little sour. 

“It’s not like there was an accident either. You didn’t fall into a manhole or anything, right?”

“No way, no matter how much I walk while looking at my phone, there’s still no way that I’d fall into a manhole.” Song Ara, who was saying that, then shouted ‘Ah!’, placing down her mug and fumbled. “My phone!”

There wasn’t a pocket in her uniform jacket, nor in her skirt. Song Ara flipped her bag upside down and shook it, but there was no phone that dropped out. 

“I must have dropped it when I lost my senses… Hing… I just bought it last month though…”

“It wouldn’t have worked here anyway.”

“Where exactly is this place?” Song Ara quickly gave up her thoughts about her phone and looked at me upon hearing my words. 

Although the tip of her nose had slightly reddened since she had cried for so long, she was still extremely cute since her face was the type that was round, and her eyes were also large due to her double eyelids. The beauty spot at her jawline also made her young face even cuter.

“Hey, that mister… is his horn real?” Song Ara hid behind me and pointed at Lecht while talking. 

The sound of her using ‘mister’ to describe him made me laugh. I quickly put away my expression and said, “Yes, the horns are real, and like I said earlier, this isn’t Korea, nor is it Planet Earth, but rather, it’s a completely different world.”

“Wow… so it’s something like a fantasy world, right?”

“That’s right. Did you not read <A Divine Retribution> that was serialised on Series?”

Song Ara shook her head. “I don’t normally read webtoons or webnovels…”

That’s what I had also suspected, seeing as she hadn’t even heard of the title before. It had even topped the rankings for several months, so if you had even a smidge of interest in it, there would’ve been no way you had never heard of the name before.

“Anyway, it’s a world that’s similar to that of the novel. To be more exact, what happens in the novel occurs in the ‘human realm’, while this is the ‘demon realm’.”

As I was speaking to her, I had the thought that it wouldn’t have been of any help to know about the novel anyway. Since this was the demon realm anyway.

“So eonnie is either a reincarnator or a transmigrator… and this is the demon realm… so that mister is the demon king, right? So is that puppy over there Cerberus or something…? No, that would be at the gates of hell…”

 t/n:  언니 is used by younger females to address older females. can be translated literally to ‘older sister’ as well, but i think i’ll just stick with the korean term.



But somehow as she was talking, Kelber’s three heads suddenly barked simultaneously, causing Song Ara to scream and cling onto me. 

Hing… I normally like dogs… but he just looks too scary…”

At her sniffling appearance and body that seemed to cling to my arm, I laughed while calling out to Kelber. “Good boy. He’s no different from other dogs. Go on and pet him.”

Kelber, who ran over quickly, placed his head on the end of the bed where we were sitting and wagged his tail gently. I stroked Kelber first, and after looking over at him cautiously, Song Ara also hesitantly placed her hand on Kelber’s head. 

“So soft…!”

Since Kelber had closed his eyes and stayed still at her touch, Song Ara gained more confidence as she started to pet him more proactively.

“There’s nothing to be scared of. Although the guys here may look different, they’re all still exactly the same in the end.”

Whether it’s earth, the empire, or the demon realm. The way people lived was all the same. I had felt it while I was in the Grand Duchy, but even more so when I came over to the demon realm. 

“But that mister over there is a ‘king’—the king of this world, right?” Song Ara removed her hand from Kelber and shifted closer toward me. 

“That’s right.”

“Wow… then is eonnie the queen then?”

My breath became stifled when the child asked me such an innocent question. 

“No, well, we aren’t married…”

“But everyone calls you ‘Your Majesty’, so isn’t that like, ‘Your Majesty the Queen’?”


Ah, how was I meant to tell her about the complicated story from a hundred years ago that I had become entangled with?

“Aha! So you’re not married yet, so you’re both engaged then?”

I mean, that’s kind of… it’s true that Lecht and I were in a relationship, but we had never actually talked about marriage. So we weren’t engaged. But a hundred years ago, we were married or did something similar to that, and it wasn’t like I would say no if asked to do it again… Even I got confused trying to explain our relationship!

“Anyway, eonnie is the top figure in the hierarchy in this world, right?”

“No, the top figure is Lecht…”

“No way, I can tell who’s in the higher position just from the way that mister is looking at you eonnie.” Song Ara snickered and hugged my waist tighter. “Then I’ll just stick right next to you eonnie. Since this is the safest place to be, isn’t it?” She nestled her face against my chest and looked up at me with her eyes shining. “Eonnie’s name is also ‘Ara’, right? Hehe, please take care of me, eonnie.”

Was it a survival instinct, or was she just normally this adorable? I didn’t know which one it was, but I laughed anyway at the appearance of Song Ara who was smiling brightly and clinging stickily to me. It was a smile that was so bright, it was to the extent that it even made the viewer feel better. Let alone feel burdened at the appearance of a person I had only met for the first time today approaching me so unhesitatingly, I even took a liking to her. 

“Okay. Just stay safely by my side. I’ll find a way to send you back.”

“Alright! Eonnie is the best!” 

Song Ara squealed happily and dove into my arms. Sensing the bright atmosphere, Kelber also barked a few times and wagged his tail, trying to squeeze himself in between me and Song Ara. 

Lecht was the only one who didn’t like this situation. He was staring at us with an expression full of dissatisfaction. 

“Just for the time being.” If there really was no way for me to send them back, then I thought that I would just protect the child until she became an adult and found a place to stay. 

Lecht let out a sigh at my apologetic expression. “How could I stop you if you want to do it? Then just do that,” he said in a resigned voice. 

After hearing that, Song Ara laughed quietly and buried her head into my arms, whispering, “Just look how much that mister is into you, eonnie…! How romantic—!”

It was a sentiment that made me even more embarrassed than her, who had said those words.

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* * *

A thorough investigation was conducted on how Song Ara had gotten here, and why she had suddenly fallen into the venue. However, no matter how much was investigated, there was nothing that came out of it. 

It was impossible for us to know the identity of the light that had covered the venue in the first place. I had wondered if she had been teleported, but they had said it wasn’t that. It had felt similar, yet different, so the guards and the researchers related to it were reportedly agonising over the investigation. 

What was fortunate was Song Ara’s ability to adapt to the situation. 

Eonnie, eonnie! What is this? It’s really tasty!”

“This is a fruit that’s native to the demon realm. It looks similar to a raspberry.”

At first, she felt uneasy about leaving my side in case those ‘scary misters’ would come and point their spears at her again. But as she lived closely with me, eating together and sleeping on the same bed, she actually adapted to the demon realm faster than I thought she would. 

“Oh, right. The gatekeeper mister from earlier did say that as well. Apparently demonic creatures aren’t particularly divided by species! They’re all just ‘demonic creatures’!”

Was it because everyone in the Demon King’s Palace treated her kindly due to the way I took care of her like a younger sibling?

“Just like how sparrows and pigeons are both birds, yet don’t mate, I thought demonic creatures were also like that, but apparently they aren’t!”

She showed a tremendous amount of sociability, and before I knew it, most of the employees had already met her. Rather, I could also see that Song Ara had an easy to approach appearance, while for me, it was harder since I possessed the image of the ‘Demon King’s woman’.

“Apparently, if they just mate with someone they like, they’ll end up giving birth to a demonic creature that’s never been seen before.”

It was also cute to see the child fascinated by the things that I had once heard and been fascinated about. Did Lecht feel like this when he looked at me? Although the fact that she had a natural cuteness to her also played a part, she was fundamentally just a child who was filled with innocence and naivety.

“Right, right! There were a couple of larger demonic creatures that were picking on a tiny baby, so I went and scolded them. I did good, right?”

Her cheerful nature and character that was unable to endure injustice was also one of the reasons that made me like her even more. 

Although I had guessed to some extent upon seeing she was a Daehan High School student, it was clear that she was also a child from a formidable household when she started to talk more about her family. And even the youngest daughter of a household that any Korean would have heard of before. 

Perhaps because she had grown up receiving only an enormous amount of love, she also had a tendency to be stubborn, but it was to the point where it was loveable since she seemed used to giving love to others as well. The reason she was able to be brave also seemed to be because she still didn’t know to be scared of the world, and didn’t think that anyone could hate her either. It was probably also thanks to this somewhat reckless personality of hers that she was able to adapt so quickly to the demon realm as well.

“Right, eonnie! I asked Solte eonnie earlier and she said that she’s done preparing my room! I can sleep separately tonight!”

“Hmm? You said that you were scared and that we should continue sleeping together though.”

“Come on~. Still, how could I keep taking up the time of a person who has a fiance every night?” 

Song Ara squirmed with an even more embarrassed look on her face than I had as she used the word, ‘fiance’. 

To me, who couldn’t find the words to reply because I didn’t know what her words meant, she added, “I’ll take Kelber and sleep somewhere else today! Don’t keep kicking out Mister Demon King because of me, so today, the two of you… hehe.” Song Ara covered her mouth with a napkin and sprang up from her seat with an indecent smile.

“You’re really sleeping by yourself? Will you be okay?”

Just as I was going to ask why she was suddenly doing this when she was a child who normally didn’t like being away from me even for a moment, Song Ara then said coyly, “Of course! I’ll have Kelber with me too anyway.”

Having spoken bravely, Song Ara sprang up from her seat and gestured to Solte to come over. Solte then approached us with a box that she had been holding, as if she had only been waiting for the signal. 

“I feel really sorry for Mister Demon King because I feel like I’ve been hogging you too much… so I prepared a present!”


I smiled, finding it praiseworthy that she had the time to prepare a present, as Song Ara said with a face full of excitement. “It’s sleepwear! I painstakingly chose it out for you!”

Then she burst into happy giggles and disappeared with Kelber.

Wondering, ‘Why is she being like that?’ I opened the box and immediately knew why.


It was a present that I couldn’t help dropping my jaw at. 

At me, who was so flustered by the contents of the present that I couldn’t find the words to say, Solte asked, “Then, would you like to return to your room and have me help you try it on?”

“W-What do you mean help?! I won’t wear it!” I slammed the lid on the box with a completely red face. 

It was sleepwear alright. Yeah, it was sleepwear, but…

“H-Hurry up and take it away!”

How could I wear that piece of string, where not even a single piece of cotton could be found? Shameful!

I pushed the box containing the wild clothes (?) in Solte’s direction. But as Solte slowly put away the box, my eyes still continued to dart there. 

Hmm… it’s an extremely embarrassing looking outfit, but… 

‘No matter how I think about it, I’m just not used to it—there isn’t actually anything strange about it though…?’

Yeah, it’s a little sly and promiscuous, but…

‘What’s wrong with being perverted between lovers…?’

I began to rationalise without end in my head. And most of all, there was only one thing that I was really curious about. 

‘What sort of expression would Lecht have if I wore that…?’

The curiosity that was rising from my heart was even more powerful than the shame that wrapped around my body. 


Solte, who had reached the door at a pace that was even slower than a sloth’s, turned her head sharply like a weasel at my call. 

“Ahem. Bring it here. No, to the room…” 

The words that I would try it on at least once didn’t seem to want to come out of my throat. My face turned red instead.  

“I-It’s because it’s rude to throw away a present without even using it! That’s why!” After throwing out an excuse that no one would ever believe, I jumped out of my seat and rushed toward my room. 

Solte followed after me with the box in question.

IBVIAAN Ch 63 — The Demon Realm’s Best Male Aphrodisiac

The maids showed off their skills today as well for my welcoming party. It seemed to take much more time and technique than when the priests had put in their utmost effort for the proclamation ceremony. 

“Just how in the world did they twist my hair up like this?”

It was so fascinating since they hadn’t even used hairspray. 

“The venue itself will be warm, but you’re going to take a walk outside, then please call for us and ask for a shawl.”

“Okay, then I’ll do that.”

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The maids showed off their skills today as well for my welcoming party. It seemed to take much more time and technique than when the priests had put in their utmost effort for the proclamation ceremony. 

“Just how in the world did they twist my hair up like this?”

It was so fascinating since they hadn’t even used hairspray. 

“The venue itself will be warm, but you’re going to take a walk outside, then please call for us and ask for a shawl.”

“Okay, then I’ll do that.”

I had deliberately chosen a dress that revealed my shoulders and arms so that I could show off the pattern on my shoulder blade. So it was natural for the maids to worry about me feeling cold. 

“I matched the earrings with the necklace… Then, what would you like me to do for your bracelet?”

The bracelet I was wearing was the one that Lecht had given me. Although it was a pretty and delicate bracelet that suited my preferences, it was slightly monotonous and too plain compared to my current outfit. 

“This will be enough.”

Nevertheless, I didn’t want to replace this with another bracelet, nor did I want to layer it with anything else either. 

I was fiddling with that precious bracelet when Solte bowed her head toward the entrance of the dressing room. “You’ve come, Your Majesty?”


When I turned my head, the sight of a joyful Kelber wagging his tail happily greeted me, and Lecht, as expected, was there as well. 


Lecht, whose horns and long hair remained unconcealed, was leaning against the dressing room’s entrance. 

“What about your wings?”

“Tanma nagged at me and said that my clothes don’t have any holes for it.”


The wings showed off the authority of the demon king, so they weren’t revealed unless necessary. But seeing as I liked his wings, Lecht often took them out to show me in my presence. That’s probably how he got nagged at by Tanma.

“But you’re still able to have your horns and long hair?”

“Because I think you like this appearance of mine more.”

I laughed at his words and ran toward him. Wrapped up in his warm embrace, I whispered, “That’s not true. I’ll like it all, as long as it’s Lecht.”

Lecht widened his eyes slightly, then smirked soon after, brushing my cheek with the knuckle of his finger. “If you continue to keep provoking me like that, then we might not be able to go to the welcoming ceremony.”

“That would be troublesome! Everyone had worked so hard to prepare for this already!” I loosened my arm that was holding onto his waist and clutched his hand tightly instead. “I’m not going to let go of this hand today.”

“I had no intention of letting go either.”

Lecht led me toward the venue of the banquet. While matching my non-committal pace that was the result of not having worn such high heels in a long while.

When we arrived in front of the venue, the gatekeeper looked at me with his eyes wide open. It was an expression as if his whole soul had flown away. 

Judging by the demonic creature that was standing beside him, it seemed like they were the gatekeeper and demonic creature that had been guarding the main gates the day I had arrived. The demonic creature whose name was ‘Zibik’, looked at me today as well and wagged its huge tail.


Kelber, who didn’t like me smiling at other demonic creatures, enlarged himself and barked at it, causing the gatekeeper to finally come to his senses.  

“Please enjoy your time today.”

“His Majesty and the Saintess are now entering!” Another gatekeeper came from inside and announced the arrival of Lecht and I as the other gatekeeper opened the door for us. 

The venue, which had been buzzing until the door opened, quickly became quiet. All of their eyes were now on me and Lecht. The place we had stepped into was a balcony on the second floor that was overlooking the entire venue, so it was even easier for us to draw their attention.

‘So you made us enter through the second floor on purpose.’

Here, in the demon realm that valued hierarchy highly, he had made them look up at us as the demon king and the saintess. 

The only sound that echoed throughout the event hall with no music was my heels as I descended the stairs. I felt burdened by their stares and nervous at the same time, so my legs kept losing their strength. 

But Lecht, who was familiar with all this, just held my arm tightly. Relying on that reassurance of his, I was finally able to arrive at the seat of honour that was all the way across the silent event hall.

“You’ve all done well in coming all the way here to welcome the saintess.” Lecht’s heavy voice resonated throughout the hall. Whether or not it was because it now contained magic as well, his voice seemed to feel even more magnificent and weighty. “I won’t dampen the mood by giving a speech, so let’s start the banquet right away.”

As he finished curtly and waved his hand, the waiting band immediately began to play the music they had prepared in advance. The silence, which seemed to breathe its last breath with the music, soon disappeared, as the sound of people’s voices soon filled that void back up.

Huu, I almost couldn’t breathe—that would’ve been a big problem.”

Holding onto Lecht’s hand tightly, I leaned against him as he smiled at me, brushing my cheek with his thumb.

“You’ll get used to it. Since you’ll be living like this for the rest of your life.”

“Oh my, are you saying that I should stick to your side for the rest of my life, Lecht?”

“Even if you aren’t by my side, it’s only natural for you, who is the saintess of Lunar, to be treated like this.” And with an expression that seemed to say that he had left some words out, he added, “Though of course, apart from that, it’s true that I want you to stand by my side for the rest of your life.”

Thanks to him, who was trying to appeal to me without missing a beat, I was able to relieve the accumulated tension that I had gained when I entered the hall. 

“You’re so beautiful today, Your Majesty!”

“Thank you, Muso.”

Muso’s eyes shone as he brought us to the seats that had been prepared for Lecht and I. 

Woof! Woof!

Even Kelber seemed rather excited and stuck around my feet, pushing his head onto my lap. Unlike when we were in the human realm, Kelber stood guard by my side with the size of a tiger instead of a large dog. In my eyes, Kelber at this size seemed just as cute to me as ever, since I knew that he could probably enlarge himself to the size of a seven storey building if he wanted to. 

“There are many people who would like to greet you, my lady. If it’s fine with you, would I be able to start sending them up one by one?”

I nodded as Tanma asked me while I sat next to Lecht in my seat. 

Ever since I had arrived in the demon realm, there had been a torrent of requests and letters to meet me in the Demon King’s Palace. Nevertheless, Tanma and Muso made the collective decision to refuse them all on my behalf, stating that they would all see me at the welcoming banquet. 

Thus, maybe that was why the nobles who greeted me were largely divided into two categories. 

“Greetings, Saintess. You don’t know just how long I’ve been waiting for the day I finally meet you, Saintess…!”

Those who were thrilled by the fact that they had met me and seemed to be at a loss of what to do with themselves.

“I am ‘Robla’, the one who is in charge of managing the lush continent in the west. I was here a few days ago to meet you, but it seemed like it was really hard for you to make the time.”

And those whose pride was scratched by the fact that I didn’t meet them.

It was difficult to judge who was right and who was wrong. Although saintesses were necessary and important existences to the demons, demons were also a species that were the type to risk both their life and honour on their pride at the same time as well.

One thing that such a diverse group of people had in common was that they had all brought gifts. Was it because I always brought Kelber everywhere, or because they had all been made aware of my love for animals that included demonic creatures?

“This is a sky ray. They’re extremely docile and gentle creatures. The dots that you see now will glow blue at night.”

“White fire foxes are creatures who deeply assimilate with their owner’s feelings, so they are particularly good at distinguishing between who is an ally and an enemy. Although the flame by its tail is rather weak since it’s still a baby, it’ll easily be able to destroy an entire village when it becomes an adult.”

There were a lot of them who gave me adorable demonic creatures which I had never seen before as a gift. A fox that resembled a weasel and lightly shook its tail which had a white flame at the end of it, and a bat bird that seemed like a stingray and flew in the air instead of in the water. As if what I had seen when I had come to the palace hadn’t been all the demon realm had to offer, unique looking kids kept constantly coming out. 

It was also Kelber, who was naturally the most displeased whenever a new demonic creature was presented. 


Shh. It’s okay, you’re the prettiest, Kelber.” I had to keep patting his head since it seemed like he was seconds away from mauling the baby demonic creatures.

The gifts that I had seen were so diverse, it was to the point where even the accessories and jewellery that were occasionally mixed in between them seemed a bit too plain.

“What sort of fruit is this?”

The thing that was as fascinating as a demonic creature was a specialty product that they had brought. 

“This isn’t a fruit, but a herb called ‘Alcant’! It’s a specialty that’s only grown on our Mindoongmori Mountain, and can be eaten just as it is as well—however, the best way to consume it is to boil it like tea and mix in a little honey with it.”

t/n: 민둥머리 can also be translated as ‘bare/bald head’ but idk if that’s actually the mountain’s name so imma just leave it in korean form HGSDLFKJDS

Its colour resembled a grape, but it looked exactly like a ginger. It also seemed easy to eat, since its size was only that of a cherry. 

“To be honest, even though it’s a gift for the saintess, the one who should actually eat it is His Majesty instead!”



Tanma almost burst into laughter while Muso choked at the noble’s words that had been said with a grin.

“Why? Can I not eat it?”

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“Ah… You can still eat it, Saintess, but it’ll be more effective if His Majesty eats it.”


At the tilt of my head, the woman mustered up her courage to reply, “Because it’s the most recognised male aphrodisiac in the demon realm!”


I widened my eyes and turned my head away, blushing as if I couldn’t hear all the dirty thoughts the demons around us were thinking. Some tried to hold back their laughter while others simply turned red as well. 

At the effect that I never could have imagined, I froze and wasn’t able to shut my jaw that had dropped. The only one who was smiling was the noble who had presented it. 

“W-Wait, why did you, such a present…” I had to thank her for the gift, but I was too flustered and wasn’t able to speak properly. 

Lecht, who was sitting by my side, leaned over slightly and turned his head to look at my face when I ended up only being able to utter some odd noises. And asked a question that added even more fire to this already flustering situation. “Should I try eating it?”

“E-Eat, what do you mean eat?!” I shrieked in surprise and slapped his shoulder. “Do you have a problem?! Even if you don’t eat it, it’s enou…!”

I was once again rendered speechless upon reflexively replying to his playful question. 

“No, I mean…! Lecht!” I glared at him with a crimson face when I realised that I had fallen into his trap. 

But he just looked at me with a pleased look on his face and smiled. “Then, should we just try and check it out once?” He grabbed me by the waist and got up from his seat. 


What do you mean check…?!

As I pushed at his chest with a face that had turned the colour of a pomegranate, he whispered with a cheeky smile on his face, “Let’s go and dance.”

Then, he led me to the centre of the hall. It would be more accurate to say that he simply held my waist and moved me there. Moving me to the centre of the floor, he stood facing me. “You like to dance.”

“No, but how could you say such a thing in that sort of situation…!”


“They’ll all think of something weird…”

He lowered his head when I jutted out my lip and complained. He stuck his face close to my cheek, as if his lips were seemingly about to touch them, and asked, “Is that why you don’t want to dance?”

“Who said I didn’t want to…” Although my heart felt like it was doing backflips due to the misunderstanding and my face had already turned beet red, dancing together would still be good. 

“But I don’t know how to dance…” I had never learned how to waltz or tango.

“Unlike human balls, there’s no need for formality.” Lecht said affectionately at my concern and lifted my arms to hook around his neck. Lecht and I just swung our bodies leisurely in time with the calm music. 

“Do we look like penguins with our waddling?”

“If you’re a penguin, then I’m a penguin too.”

“No way, where in the world would I find a penguin this good looking?” I leaned against his body. It felt good since his arm that was supporting my waist felt firm. 

“Do you really think I don’t need to take alcant?”

Tch, stop playing around!” 

He enveloped my fist in his hand after I hit his chest painlessly. 

“Just why did that woman give me that as a gift…” I grumbled in vain and leaned my head against Lecht’s chest. 

Lecht smiled as well, resting his chin against my head. His deep laughter was even sweeter than the music that echoed throughout the hall.

“Lecht, you know…” Perhaps because I had hit him for playing a joke on me over the aphrodisiacs, I suddenly remembered his desolate room. As expected, I kept being bothered about leaving him to sleep in there by himself. “I’ve been thinking about it, and we…”


When I was about to say, ‘Why don’t we just share one room’, a sharp scream suddenly pierced the atmosphere in the hall. The sudden scream caused both mine and Lecht’s heads to turn at the same time. 

And unidentified light was surging from the ground where the disturbance was coming from. Had one of the demons gotten out of control and gone on a rampage? But to say that was the case, the light that could be seen seemed to be far too ominous and foreboding. 

Lecht and I rushed over immediately. Walking past the nobles that had huddled together and were murmuring with each other, the guards had raised their weapons and surrounded something. 

‘An intruder?’

How was that possible in such a heavily guarded place? Although I was also curious about the method they had used to do so, I was even more curious about who it was. 

Huh…? I’m bleeding… Then, i-is this a real spear? This isn’t a film set?” The bewildered voice of a girl was heard from amongst the guards. “W-Where is this? Is this really not a hidden camera prank?”

Although I was familiar with the things she was talking about, they were all words that the demons in this place would never say. A strange feeling rushed up my spine. Pressing down my pounding heart, I pushed aside the guards that had formed a tight wall around them. 

Sitting on the floor was a girl who was trapped at the ends of a sword and a spear. The moment I saw the cute appearance of a girl with half of her long straight hair tied up, my breath stopped. Contrary to the intensely coloured striped tie, the ambiguous grey jacket was undoubtedly part of a school uniform, no matter how much I looked at it. To top it all off, the prestigious high school emblem on the chest of the jacket further proved my guess.

“A high school student…?”

The child, who had been shakily hugging their backpack tightly, soon burst into tears at my murmur. “I’m sorry I skipped self-study…! I’ll never skip school anymore, so please send me back home…! Huuuuu…”

There was a name tag stuck under the high school emblem on the jacket. It was a name tag with the name ‘Song Ara’ clearly embroidered on it. 

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No matter how anyone else looked at it, Talented Lady Zhang was in an extremely bad mood tonight.

When she returned to Linhua Palace and sat in front of the mirror to remove her makeup, she said hatefully, “I wasn’t the one His Majesty was looking at tonight.”

Her palace maid, Chun’e, hurriedly rushed to console her, “Talented Lady, don’t let your imagination run wild1. If it wasn’t you that His Majesty was looking at, could it be that he was looking at Beautiful Lady Li? Just look at how shabbily she dressed.”

“It’s exactly her.”

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No matter how anyone else looked at it, Talented Lady Zhang was in an extremely bad mood tonight.

When she returned to Linhua Palace and sat in front of the mirror to remove her makeup, she said hatefully, “I wasn’t the one His Majesty was looking at tonight.”

Her palace maid, Chun’e, hurriedly rushed to console her, “Talented Lady, don’t let your imagination run wild1. If it wasn’t you that His Majesty was looking at, could it be that he was looking at Beautiful Lady Li? Just look at how shabbily she dressed.”

“It’s exactly her.” 

Talented Lady Zhang gritted her teeth, “She deliberately dressed like that. Everyone dressed up grandly to the best of their abilities, yet she was the only one who was dressed frugally. How could she not stand out that way?”

As it slowly dawned on Chun’e, she said, “If it’s like you say, then Beautiful Lady Li’s mind is simply too deep.”

Talented Lady Zhang snorted coldly, “She even said that she wouldn’t go in the afternoon, yet when she went, she deliberately dressed like that. She really has good schemes!”

Chun’e quickly said, “As the saying goes, a biting dog never barks. This kind of character that has their mouth tightly sealed shut and doesn’t utter a word normally are usually the ones who are the most formidable characters!”

 咬人的狗不叫 (yaorendegoubujiao): someone who will actually act on something will never warn you beforehand (derived from idiom, ‘a barking dog never bites’.)

What a good dog that never barks!

Upon thinking about the way she acted at the banquet once more, Talented Lady Zhang became even more resentful. 

Well great, now she had made an enormous mistake that caused others to laugh at her, and had even almost been accused of the criminal charge of disrespect! However, His Majesty hadn’t even taken a glance at her, and only looked toward Yan Shu.

Li Yan Shu!

To think that a woman who came from such a remote and desolate town could unexpectedly have such great abilities!

But then she heard Chun’e say worriedly, “Then in this way, wouldn’t Beautiful Lady Li be the first to be favoured?”

Talented Lady Zhang quivered in shock.

If Beautiful Lady Li was favoured with that countenance of hers, would any of them still be able to have good days ahead of them?

They wouldn’t!

She pondered for a while, then said, “Take a pouch of silver and go take a trip to the Laundry Bureau2.”

She beckoned for Chun’e to come closer to her and relayed her remaining orders in a low voice that no one else was able to hear.


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Having stuffed herself with delicious dishes at Rouyi Hall, Yan Shu’s body had warmed up and didn’t feel cold at all when returning to Yongning Palace. After washing up, she burrowed into her blankets for a good night’s sleep. 

In her dream, she dreamed about the Lunar New Year’s Eve banquet once more, with mala hot pot, crispy roast pork, cream lobster, flame grilled fish — all foods that she had wanted to eat in her previous life, but couldn’t.

 麻辣 (mala): lit. numbing and spicy / referring to a kind of spiciness that is used as a base in hotpot, soup (malatang), etc.

Drooling out a night’s worth of saliva, she woke up bewildered and dazed the next morning to a ding sound from the system. 

[The melon from yesterday has had new progress. Marquis Xia Yi heard that Marquis Lin Wu had noisily broken off his relationship with his wife and plans to reminisce on his old dream with Marquis Lin Wu’s Madam.]

 重拾旧梦 (chongshijiumeng): depending on the context, can refer to recalling past memories, and in this case, would be in reference to meeting one’s first/old love with the old dream being the past memories.


Yan Shu immediately came to her senses extremely energetically, [Then the future heir actually belongs to Marquis Xia Yi?]

System, [No.]

Yan Shu’s eyes widened, [Even this isn’t true? Marquis Lin Wu’s Madam is truly too formidable!]

System, [Don’t worry so much about other people. Today, I have a melon of yours.]

Yan Shu, [My melon? What melon of mine?]

Before the system could speak, Ren Dong came into the room while carrying a bundle of clothes, saying from outside of the bed’s canopy, “Is master awake now? This servant has just ironed your clothes for you, so put them on while they’re warm.”

It was already extremely difficult to crawl out from underneath the blankets in the morning during the cold of winter, and it was even more so when she had to put on clothes that were still icy cold. Thus, in order to make her feel more comfortable, Ren Dong would iron out her clothes in advance every day.

Groaning, Yan Shu finally sat up and asked the system as she picked up her clothes, [What melon of mine?]

System, [There is someone who is trying to harm you.]


Just as those words had just been said, she suddenly sneezed as soon as those clothes were in her hands. She was suddenly stunned.

There was someone who was trying to harm her?

And in the next instant, she proceeded to sneeze again.

This caused Ren Dong to be startled, “Master, could it be that you caught a cold? It must have been that you didn’t have enough bedding last night. This servant ought to have given you another blanket…”

 奴婢 (nubi): this slave/servant

“I’m afraid it isn’t a cold,” Yan Shu rubbed her nose and threw away the clothes in her hand, “It should be that the clothes were contaminated with something.”

Ren Dong stared blankly at it, “Don’t tell me it’s peach blossom powder?”

Yan Shu was allergic to peach blossoms. Just one touch would trigger all kinds of reactions, from constant sneezing and a blocked nose to rashes that would appear all over her body. She could even have anaphylaxis and find it difficult to breathe, which could be deduced that her allergy was quite severe. 

Judging from her symptoms just then, it did seem that she was having a relapse in allergic reaction.

Thinking this, Ren Dong hurriedly threw the clothes far away, yet did not forget to say in confusion, “But right now it’s winter, and the peach blossoms shouldn’t have bloomed yet.”

Yan Shu thought for a moment, “Don’t know whether the few in the Department of Horticulture’s3 greenhouse have bloomed yet.”

Ren Dong understood in a flash, “That’s right! The Department of Horticulture’s greenhouse has all sorts of flowers!”

But how could this peach blossom powder appear on clothes that had just been washed without any rhyme or reason?

Ren Dong heaved out a sigh, “You normally don’t even venture outside the door and only know how to eat the whole day, so how could you possibly still provoke another’s annoyance?”

Yan Shu: “…These words, you make it as if I’m just a good-for-nothing.”

 饭桶 (fantong): lit. a rice bucket / fig. a good for nothing

Ren Dong: “…You more or less are, ahem ahem…”

Meeting Yan Shu’s glare, Ren Dong quickly changed the subject, “That being said, in the end, just who in the world would hate you to that extent for them to even come up with such a poisonous idea?!”

Yan Shu thought it over for a moment, “There is no one else in this palace who would recognise me apart from Talented Lady Zhang.”

Hearing that, Ren Dong thought carefully, “Whenever the peach blossoms bloom in spring, you never go out, so it isn’t difficult for others to find out about the peach blossom powder after asking around. In this way, don’t tell me that it really is Talented Lady Zhang’s doing? But why would she want to harm you?”

Yan Shu was also unable to understand her, “Don’t tell me that I ate too much last night and caused her to be unable to eat her own fill?”

Ren Dong: “…”

What sort of outlandish motive did that count as? Did you think that everyone’s thought process would be like yours?

“Maybe it’s because she caused a fuss at yesterday’s banquet and felt as if she didn’t have any face left, so just wanted to vent her anger on you!” Ren Dong angrily said, “Whatever the case, you can’t have suffered for nothing, so let’s go and complain to the Empress Dowager!”

On the other hand, Yan Shu suddenly sobered up, saying, “Let’s not even mention whether or not I’ll be able to appear in front of the Empress Dowager first. At present, these are all merely our own speculations. Without even a shred of evidence against her, she could completely deny the whole situation, so why should I risk everything to have the Empress Dowager accept this as the truth?”

Ren Dong paused and said unwillingly, “Could it be that we can only suffer in silence for nothing? She’s only a talented lady, yet she’s capable of committing harm to others wantonly with that low status of hers just by relying on her natal family’s wealth and connections! Is there even any order in this palace anymore?!”

Alas, she was the only one who felt sorry for her beautiful and sweet-tempered master who neither strived  nor fought for anything. She was made to suffer in vain within the palace, simply because her natal family was further away, her father more upright and honest than others, and her family a little poorer than others.

The world really was unfair!

Who would have thought that her master, who had never consistently strived nor fought for anything, suddenly smirked and said, “Who said we would only have to suffer in silence for nothing?”

Ren Dong was stunned, “Then what else could we do?”

“Come,” Yan Shu beckoned her over and leaned closer to her ear, “This is what you should do…”


At noon, Talented Lady Zhang was leisurely drinking tea when she saw Chun’e quickly come in through the palace door.

Seeing that no one else was around, Chun’e said, “Talented Lady, Yongning Palace has just invited over an imperial physician. They’re currently decocting the medicine right at this moment and the whole courtyard is filled with the strong scent of medicine.”

“An imperial physician was invited over?” Talented Lady Zhang raised an eyebrow, “That seems quite serious, don’t know whether or not she has rashes all over her face now.”

Let’s see just how she can gain favour now!

Chun’e hurriedly said, “This servant failed to make any inquiries on that, so how about we go and take a look?”

Talented Lady Zhang waved her hand in satisfaction, “Forget it. Who would want to see that ugly appearance? Even if we go, we’re bound to be unable to meet her in the end. How could she possibly face anyone like that?”

Chun’e nodded and went along with what she said, “This servant heard Ren Dong say that this illness would only go away after ten days to half a month. She won’t have any way to scheme then!”

This was exactly what she wanted, so Talented Lady Zhang nodded her head in satisfaction.

Nevertheless, she heard Chun’e say once more, “Right, this servant also just overheard a rather novel piece of news.”

“What happened?”

“Apparently something happened in the manor of Imperial Concubine Li’s paternal aunt!” said Chun’e.

“Imperial Concubine Li’s paternal aunt’s manor?” Talented Lady Zhang said rather impatiently, “Why are you going around in circles like this? Just who is that?”

“It’s Marquis Lin Wu’s manor!”

Chun’e said, “The paternal aunt of Imperial Concubine Li is the Marquis Lin Wu manor’s Madam, so isn’t Marquis Lin Wu’s manor not her paternal aunt’s home?”

Talented Lady Zhang thought about it and then said, “What happened?”

Chun’e hurriedly leaned in closer, “Apparently Marquis Lin Wu brought in a little concubine a few days ago. This angered the principal wife so much that the Madam caused a ruckus, and in the end, the servants in the manor offered up evidence of Marquis Lin Wu Madam having had an affair for a long time with other people, and even having had one with a lot of people!”

“Unexpectedly there’s even such a thing?” 

Talented Lady Zhang’s eyes widened.

Chun’e nodded vigorously. “There are already a lot of people in the palace discussing it, so do you think this matter could be false when this sort of shameful incident has already made its way into the palace?”

“That does make quite a lot of sense!”

Talented Lady Zhang snorted, “Serves her right!”

If it hadn’t been for Imperial Concubine Li’s deliberate provocation last night, then she wouldn’t have found herself in such an awkward situation. 

Hmph, there was no one in the entire capital who was unaware of the fact that although Imperial Concubine Li’s natal family the title of Count Yong Liang, it was practically a household that was empty and lacked any power, with the whole family relying on their paternal aunt’s in-laws. So if these in-laws were to break up at present, Imperial Concubine Li would be the one that would be embarrassed!

Thinking of this, Talented Lady Zhang said, “Continue to ask around and update me if you receive anymore news.”

“Yes.” Chun’e nodded hurriedly.


At this moment, Imperial Concubine Li was sitting restlessly within Yimei Palace.

Upon seeing that Zhang Bao, the little palace eunuch, had hurriedly come to stop in front of her, she quickly asked, “Have you looked into it? Where did that piece of news come from?”

Zhang Bao said, “This small one has finished looking into it and found out that the first to tell people about it was a palace maid that came from Linhua Palace and was headed to the Laundry Bureau.”

 小的 (xiaode): this small one (talking to superior)

Linhua Palace?

Luxiu, a palace maid, said, “Isn’t that Talented Lady Zhang’s place of residence?”

“That’s right.” Zhang Bao nodded his head as well, “Apparently this Talented Lady Zhang’s natal family is the capital’s Weaving Bureau’s envoy, having bribed every department in the palace before, and thus, has quite a lot of acquaintances.”

“What a slut!” Imperial Concubine Li gritted her teeth, “I only said the truth yesterday, yet she unexpectedly dared to retaliate ah! Even having arranged to smear my paternal aunt and my Count Yong Liang’s innocence for no reason?!”

Lu Xiu and Zhang Bao hurriedly echoed her words, “Your Ladyship, this is a major issue and we must not let her off lightly!”

An insignificant little talented lady dared to offend her, an imperial concubine that was several ranks higher than her in status, this was simply just too daring!

Imperial Concubine Li sneered coldly, “Fine then, doesn’t she love to talk and sing? Then let her know just how formidable I am!”


For something like allergies, everything would go back to normal soon after throwing away the source of the allergy. Thus, Yan Shu pretended to be sick on the surface, but was actually resting within her palace and eating deliciously.

It was an entirely different story for Talented Lady Zhang though.

First, she suddenly had vomiting and diarrhoea in the middle of the night, then suddenly had a high fever and after taking bitter medicine for two days with great difficulty, finally recovered. However, her voice had become hoarse and gruff, seemingly able to picture a rough man with a beard and sideburns talking whenever she opened her mouth, truly quite frightening.

She wasn’t outstanding in the harem in terms of appearance, with the only thing she was able to rely on being her voice, yet now her voice was destroyed, causing her to be extremely hateful.

After gritting her teeth and spending a large amount of money, she finally discovered some clues4. It turned out that she was poisoned, and that the other party was after her voice.

Unable to get over her anger, she wanted to bring her complaint to the Empress Dowager. However, don’t know how many people already resented her for stealing the limelight at the New Year’s banquet, so they obviously wouldn’t allow her wish to be fulfilled…


When Ren Dong came to report to her, Yan Shu was sitting on the kang5 and writing something. 

After Ren Dong finished speaking, she maturely lamented, “Shooting the first bird with a gun, as expected, it’s better to keep a low profile, that way you’ll at least be able to preserve your life!”

Ren Dong nodded vigorously, “Who told her to harm others first; serves her right!”

Then she asked curiously, “Master, what are you writing?”

Yan Shu said, “Since I have nothing to do, I’m trying to write a story.”

Having eaten so many melons left and right, all of them full of strange twists and turns and eye-catchingly bizarre as well, she didn’t even have anyone she could gossip over them with, so why not edit it a bit and make them into folk tales? Perhaps one day it would be able to be brought to the market and published, even maybe making her a sizeable amount of money.

After she finished speaking, she was about to start to write again when she saw the little palace maid, Lian Xin, come in to report, “Master, a decree from the Empress Dowager has asked for you to go to Ci’an Palace so she can have a word with you.


the author has something to say:

A certain emperor: Why did zhen not appear in this chapter?

A certain author: You’re banned from speaking for a chapter.

A certain emperor: You dare?!

A certain author: ??? Want to be banned another chapter?

A certain emperor: …Mother.

[1] 胡思乱想 (húsīluànxiǎng): to indulge in flights of fancy

[2] 浣衣局 (huanyiju): second of the eight bureaus in the inner palace, responsible for providing laundry services to the palace and imperial family

[3] 司苑 (siyuan): department of horticulture is in charge of the produce and greenhouse of the imperial family

[4] 蛛丝马迹 (zhūsīmǎjì): lit. spider’s threads and horse tracks / fig. traces or clues

[5] 炕 (kang): a heatable brick bed

modern day kang bed
mala hot pot
crispy roast pork
cream lobster

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