SMCS Ch 18 — Good Timing

When I hesitated and stood frozen to the spot, blushing and unable to say anything, Leonon had a look of realisation on his face shortly and moved to the side.

“Let’s talk comfortably inside instead of standing like this. Come on in, Lorella.”

“Oh, right.”

But there was still nowhere I could look. It was all because… I felt like I’d only keep looking at him if I even took so much as a glance at him.

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When I hesitated and stood frozen to the spot, blushing and unable to say anything, Leonon had a look of realisation on his face shortly and moved to the side.

“Let’s talk comfortably inside instead of standing like this. Come on in, Lorella.”

“Oh, right.”

But there was still nowhere I could look. It was all because… I felt like I’d only keep looking at him if I even took so much as a glance at him.

I cautiously held out the cloak I had in my hand after agonising over it for a moment. “If you’re okay with this…”

The cloak Winnard had draped over me at dawn was very long, perhaps because it was made for men, and also extremely luxurious. It would probably suit Leonon too.

“Huh? What’s this for…?”

“It’s quite windy today.” I raised my hand to point at his open shirt that was fluttering in the wind at that very moment.

“This…” Leonon looked down and hurriedly buttoned up his shirt. But his sweat-soaked shirt still stuck against his firm chest, so there was still nowhere for me to look.

“I apologise for showing you such a discourteous appearance.” Completely flustered, the entire area around his neck was dyed red as he hastily gifted me an apology. “I’ve even ended up showing you this sort of disrespect since I’m only used to dealing with unruly knights…”

“What disrespect, this much is nothing.”

I shook my head lightly, smiling as naturally as possible so as not to embarrass Leonon any further.

Ding dong!

「‘This area’s hype king’ is seized by terror and shock and purchases 600 of Ms Lorella’s shares.」

「Sister, what exactly do you think you’re doing right now? Why the hell are you trying to cover up such a good thing? I’m in front of your house right now. Just open the door for a bit, okay?」

I quietly took a deep breath in at the sudden message. I wouldn’t have known which point had sold the share if I saw this yesterday, but I could guess what the reason was now.

‘As expected, it’s that.’

I received an extremely big tip from these messages that were ‘comments’. Because it played a decisive hand in helping me infer the identity of ‘them’, which I had previously only been able to form a conjecture on. Now, their existence felt closer to me than anyone else, for me, who had shouted ‘next chapter!’ at the tense push and pull and playing hard to get of a chapter.

A reader knows a reader’s heart the best. What they wanted was as clear as if they had raised their hand. The me today was not the same as the me of yesterday who would be easily swayed by these messages!

I closed the window quickly and smiled brightly at Leonon. “Were you in the middle of training just now? I heard the sound of training when I was walking around earlier.”

“Yes, that’s right. I always go and observe their training as long as I’m free, but in the end, I’m unable to just observe them without getting involved…”

“Feel free to use it if you don’t despise it.”

I draped the cloak over the arm of Leonon, who was standing there as if he were insensitive to the weather. It was an act that had nothing to do with selling shares. Even if he had already buttoned up his shirt, I was still concerned that he might catch a cold from the chilly early morning air since he was still sweaty.

“Thank you.”

But contrary to his own words, Leonon did not wear the cloak. He just looked at it being draped over half his hand. The change in his expression was subtle, as if something had happened.

“What’s wrong?”

I was a bit flustered. Although I had already checked it over in advance before handing it over to him, it seemed to still have some dirt on it that had remained undiscovered by me.

“…it’s nothing.”

Leonon handed me the cloak back after a while and smiled softly.

“It’s not that cold.” Despite his beautiful smile, his voice was unusually stiff.

“Let’s go inside for now.”

Although the hand that escorted me was just as friendly as always, I couldn’t help but doubt the peculiar appearance he had just shown me.

‘What’s wrong with him?’

Tilting my head once more, I quietly followed him inside.

* * *

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Although I had also been inside the Headquarters of the Holy Knights during my stay in the temple, it was my first time entering into such a deep part of it. The interior of the Holy Knights’ Headquarters was just as splendid and sacred looking as the temple. It was so neat and tidy that it was hard for me to believe that this was a place where knights were living together.

The most important among them all was the hall of the main building where the Knights’ Commander’s office was located. Even though I knew it was a place not just anyone could enter, Leonon willingly guided me there and asked me to wait there for him to change his clothes and come out. 

The hall was constructed in a wide fan-like shape, with a heavy mahogany door behind it underneath a luxurious chandelier. Endless rows of tall decorative cabinets were lined up along both walls, and inside of them were a countless number of swords that felt as if they had seen time flow through the ages. From the colourful jewels embedded in the handles and scabbard, to the freshly sharpened blades that seemed to be able to cut you if you just so much as brushed against it. 

Even someone like me, who was an outsider, could feel the tremendous energy coming from these swords that were clearly more than just decorative ones. I kept staring at them for a long time before I heard the door opening behind me.

“You’ve waited quite a while, Lorella.” 

Strolling up to me was Leonon, who had changed back into his usual uniform. Seeing a refreshing smile on his lips, just like usual, I ascertained what I had felt earlier just to my mood. 

“This is where we keep all the family heirlooms that have been handed down from generation to generation in the Berhardt family.” 

He kindly provided an explanation, as if he had seen me snooping around the cabinets earlier. 

“You’ve come after much trouble, so would you like to take a closer look inside? I’ll show you around.”

“Yes, that sounds good!” I nodded quickly, my eyes twinkling.

“How about having tea together after that as well?”

“Yes, that sounds good as well…!”

Nod, nod, nod. Like a wooden doll with a bobble head constantly moving its head up and down, I nodded continuously at his words.

‘At first, I only came here because of panic, but coming here seems like a good decision in the end.’

I had that thought since my heart seemed to be incredibly at ease. The gap between me and my rival, which made me depressed just by thinking about it, the fatigue of pulling an all nighter, and the worries that made my head throb all melted away in front of his gentle smile.

“If you exit this hall and cut across the hallway at the end, you’ll see a large greenhouse. It’s an extremely beautiful sight, so let’s start the tour from there.” 

After he said that, Leonon led me around slowly after dismissing the guards around the area. There were only the two of us walking in the wide hallway. I couldn’t even hear any footsteps due to the soft carpet in the hallway. 

As I walked along the majestic pillars engraved with the sculptures of brave knights, I heard a low yet warm voice in my ear, “…are you sure you’re alright?”

“Oh, yes.” I quickly flashed a smile at him upon realising the actual meaning behind his question. 

“Thank you for your letter. To be honest, I was going to send you a reply first, but… when I came to my senses, I ended up making the mistake of coming to visit you so discourteously. I just wanted to tell you that I was very thankful for your concern.” 

“What discourtesy, it’s not like that at all. After all, I did tell you that you could come and find me any time. It’s just that…” Leonon paused and continued with an even graver expression on his face. “Your face is still filled with anxiety, so your heart must ache even more. You don’t seem to have slept properly either.”

“Oh, that’s…” 

I couldn’t find the words to reply to his sharp observations. Was it that obvious? I pinched my own face unconsciously.

“I heard that Periot not only led his own soldiers into the mansion, but also detained Count Mayred in the North. How audacious must he have been, to even use your own family as hostages…” 

Leonon’s voice became even deeper. In addition to that, I could see a blue tendon protruding from the back of his hand from him clenching his fist so tightly. 

“So, how about speaking directly to His Majesty the Emperor?”

“Speaking about it to who… what?!”

Unlike me, who was simply shocked by the unexpected name that had popped up, Leonon was extremely serious. 

“I will arrange for you to have an audience with him. If you tell him the whole story, Uncle will definitely take action.”

“N-No, that…”

“I tried to just endure it and watch since I could tell that you didn’t particularly want to go down that route, but it’s gone too far now.”

N-No! There’s no need for the Emperor to personally take out trash like that!

“Commander! Well, the thing is…”

It was clear that Leonon was only aware of the fact that Periot had come to the County, and not what had happened within it. I hurriedly told him the details of what had occurred. Everything, about how I was locked up and then released. 

“Then the debt collectors came to the mansion…”

I couldn’t bear to elaborate on what happened after that, so I lowered my head. My face was flushed red with embarrassment. 

“No way, to think that Count Mayred was that sort of person…” Leonon looked at me for a moment with a look of disbelief, then nodded calmly. “It must have been hard for you.”

“So what I’m saying is… Although I don’t know when that time is, I don’t want to face my brother until the wound in my heart heals.” I added, deliberately lowering my eyes. My voice was even trembling now.

“You might think I’m being weak, but…”

“What do you mean, weak? You’re not, Lorella.” Leonon placed some emphasis on my name. 

“It’s not your fault. There is no one who can criticise you. No, rather, they would think that you were incredible for persevering in such a difficult situation.”

“Do you really think so…?”

“At least that’s what I think. If you really were a weak person, you would have been in a hurry to run away to avoid it.”

His firm answer made my heart flutter. 

Yeah, that’s right, I’m not running away. Rather, I was far from running away, and was trying my utmost best to survive by trying to sell shares in some way or another. 

When I bit my lips and couldn’t continue to speak, Leonon whispered in a voice that didn’t even tremble, “Everything will be fine. No matter what happens, I’ll be by your side.”

His firm but sweet form of consolation touched me greatly. It might’ve escaped my notice at first, but I guess what happened last night had hit me with quite a big shock. Seeing as my eyes were starting to fill up with tears, even at this sort of simple consolation.

I had believed that all of ‘them’ who had bought my shares would be on my side. But they weren’t. They weren’t on anyone’s side, and compared to Sable, I was nothing short of not even worth looking at for them. 

I became furious as I shouted out that they were all traitors, but on the other hand, I felt sad. I even felt like I was an abandoned child. 

But Leonon’s consolation covered all of those feelings. My expectations had been raised to the extent where I thought that even if everyone else turned their back on me, this person wouldn’t do so.

I burst into tears at my indescribable gratitude and emotions. I secretly tried to wipe away the tears around my eyes, but before I could do so, I felt a warm body touch my face.

“When you feel like crying, you should cry as much as you want.”

A friendly smile greeted my face when I looked up. Leonon, who was carefully and tenderly rubbing the area under my eyes for a moment, soon pulled my head gently into his embrace. 

Suddenly, a strong beat coiled around my ears. Seeing as the same vibrations were resounding within me as well, it must’ve been the sound of my heart. 

“N-No… I’m not crying anymore…”

My face became exceedingly hot. Even if I didn’t see it myself, it was obvious my face would’ve been coloured a bright shade of scarlet radish. 

I didn’t want him to see that sort of face of mine, so I pretended not to know and burrowed my face deeper into his arms. 

Ding dong! Ding dong! Ding dong! Ding dong!

The bell rang like crazy, but I only focused on accepting his patting hand without even glancing at the screen.

* * *


My jaw dropped again as soon as I entered the greenhouse. Just like Leonon had said, it was a place so beautiful it was enough to make my eyes widen. 

The sight of tender, verdant shoots of greenery that sparkled and emitted a green light from all directions was so refreshing it seemed like my heart was washed anew just by looking at it while the rare and colourful flowers that I had never seen before were in full bloom, as if they were showing off their elegant appearance. However, the most eye-catching of them all was an old tree that was nestled in the middle of the greenhouse. 

“Do you like it?”

“Yes! It’s my first time seeing such a beautiful place.”

As I was swinging my head back and forth, immersed in the sights, I spotted an inconspicuous swing hanging underneath the old tree. As if he had noticed where I was looking, Leonon smiled and led me there. 

“It’s the Knights’ Sacred Tree. It was originally a pair of trees, but one day, one of them was struck by lightning, and only one remained. The swing is made from the burnt lumber that remained from the other tree. With the hope that they could be together, even if it’s only possible with this method.”

So it’s like that. The swing that hung from the white branch that stretched out to the side was as if the tree had only been there since it was born. 

But what was really fascinating was actually the branch rather than the swing. The branch, which was white enough to be mistaken for marble, was especially thick, and shiny, more so than the rest.

“Would you like to have a go?”

“I do, but…”

I became a little anxious when I looked up at the swing hanging from the branch, no matter how thick and strong it may be, but Leonon said confidently, “Don’t worry, it won’t break. I check it regularly every time, so it’s safe.”

At his words, I approached the swing hesitantly. However, it wasn’t easy to get on the swing with a dress on since it was higher than I expected, so I hesitated at what I should do. 

“Pardon me.”

My body suddenly floated in the air. Without even giving me time to scream, my body was already on the swing before I even knew it. I quickly grabbed onto the rope of the swing as my body tilted backwards. 

Leonon coughed shyly and quietly changed the subject. “There’s a legend that says that this white branch is actually a unicorn horn instead.”

“A unicorn?”

“Yes. It’s a legendary creature whose horns can withstand the force of dozens of elephants stepping on it and not break. When the first Knights’ Commander cut off its horn and planted it under this tree, the tree then sprouted surprisingly beautiful white branches. Of course, it’s only a legend, but…”

Leonon continued to speak as he gently pushed the swing. “I don’t know if it’s because I grew up using this place as a playground ever since I was young, but I believed the story to be true for quite some time…”

But then he eventually shut up. “I was young back then.”

I could see Leonon’s face turn red as he gave a vague explanation.

“That’s a wonderful legend. I think I’d even believe it too.” 

When I responded with a deliberately big smile, Leonon scratched his temple with an awkward smile still on his face and pretended not to know. 

His appearance was so amusing that I burst into laughter once again. The more I got to know him, the more friendly he seemed to be, yet on the other hand, he also seemed rather boyish. 

But… to think that he was the Emperor’s nephew. Today was the first time I found out that the Berhardt family was actually an imperial household. 

I was far from the high society scene since I was confined in the Duke’s mansion, and no one would tell those sorts of things to someone who was only the Duchess in name. 

Although I was rather curious about the details, I wanted to focus on this moment right now more than anything else. 

This space that only held the two of us. 

There was a strong fragrance that came from the flowers everywhere, a temperature that was neither too hot nor too cold, and a swing that was swinging joyfully back and forth. Being upset all night seemed like a lie all of a sudden. 

…And of course, apart from all that, the system window was also ringing noisily.

Ding dong! Ding dong! Ding dong!

The bell rang so incessantly that it felt like there was an earthquake.

“If you don’t mind, may I ask you a question?” Then, through the clamour of bells, I heard Leonon’s voice.

Again, sensing his somewhat stiff tone, I immediately stopped thinking and quickly answered, “Yes, of course.”

“Who does that cloak belong to? It looks like it’s made for men…” He pointed to the bench on the other side of us. On top of it was the cloak that I had folded up nicely before getting on the swing.

“That… I borrowed it from the coachman.” I answered quickly after a short deliberation. “Since I thought the wind was rather chilly today.”

Although it was something that was too luxurious for a coachman to use, I couldn’t exactly say that it was a cloak that my secret guide gave me, so I simply gave an appropriate answer.

“Oh, I see.” 

In an instant, a smile that resembled a flower in full bloom soon appeared on Leonon’s face. And on top of that, I thought I could see the nape of his neck turning red, just for a moment. 


There was suddenly an awkward silence. I glanced at him to gauge his reaction, but Leonon’s mouth remained closed and showed no signs of opening, simply continuing to push the swing. 

“It couldn’t have possibly bothered you if it belonged to another man, right?” 

Unable to stand the awkwardness, I ended up speaking first, an exaggerated smile on my face. But the reply that came back to me was rather unexpected.

“…it bothered me.”


“I said, it bothers me.”


also are they rlly not gonna talk abt how the first knights commander allegedly cut off a unicorn’s horn,,, ???? like wtHFDSLKFJDFSJ

IBOMLEW Ch 11 — Is My Body not Your Type?

Fervin’s body was overflowing with tension. His whole body heated up, and he couldn’t continue to maintain the sweet expression that he had unconsciously made. 

It was because all he could feel was Irwen’s burning lips in his embrace. Although there was a thin shirt acting as a barrier between them, it seemed worse than having nothing there.

He clenched his teeth hard enough to break them. 

His large hand pushed Irwen in the other direction, but she muttered in her sleep and burrowed her head back into his arms. There was a mixture of sleepy breathing and the deep breaths of someone trying their best to control themselves on the bed.

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Fervin’s body was overflowing with tension. His whole body heated up, and he couldn’t continue to maintain the sweet expression that he had unconsciously made. 

It was because all he could feel was Irwen’s burning lips in his embrace. Although there was a thin shirt acting as a barrier between them, it seemed worse than having nothing there.

He clenched his teeth hard enough to break them. 

His large hand pushed Irwen in the other direction, but she muttered in her sleep and burrowed her head back into his arms. There was a mixture of sleepy breathing and the deep breaths of someone trying their best to control themselves on the bed.

Fervin decided to just seal the restless lips in his embrace with a tighter hug. He held Irwen tightly in his arms and whispered in her ear, “How can you sleep so comfortably while I’m here? Am I not attractive? Am I not your type?”

She wrapped her hand around his waist, as if in reply to his question. It was clearly just an unconscious sleeping habit that she had unconsciously done in her deep sleep. But all of this was a temptation for him.

“Yeah, well in any case, I was the one who fell in love first, and the one who wanted this in the first place was also me.” He stroked his wife’s soft hair and buried his lips in them for no reason. 

He closed his eyes in an attempt to sleep. It was a calculation that tried to bury his current time of anxiety with sleep, since he wasn’t able to endure staying awake any longer.

That was when Irwen let out a deep sigh and rubbed her face against him.


It was the moment the instinct he had tried to put to sleep woke up again.

Fervin decided to just give up on trying to sleep. Since it didn’t make sense for someone to fall asleep when someone they loved was there in the first place.

Just how many hours had passed already? Fervin lay there for a long time with Irwen in his arms. Naturally, he couldn’t sleep. 

The cottage in this place had become a hideout for him to escape several times from Irwen’s verbal harassment, but it had now turned into a lover’s hideout. His whole body was burning with heat and was feverish. 

He released Irwen from his embrace momentarily and unhesitatingly took off his shirt. His scorching hot body was then exposed to the cool air that came from the rain. Although he had already exposed his upper body which was like a sculpture, it was still hot enough for him to frown. 

Hnng…” Irwen curled up, as if she were cold. 

Fervin grabbed the quilt in his hands to cover her quickly and then abruptly gathered her into his embrace. 

Irwen seemed to be warmed up by the heat radiating from his body. She mumbled in her sleep with her eyes closed and slept soundly. 

Fervin smiled unwittingly at her figure. Thinking about it now, he didn’t know how many years it had been after their wedding since he hugged her like this.

Irwen, who seemed to be as cold as ice, was quite warm. Was her heart also this warm? He thought it’d be good if what he knew about what she was like on the inside could be the amount as how much he touched her. He couldn’t figure out what she was thinking inside, ever since she had woken up after collapsing. 

Even though she used to have a bad temper before, she would at least be honest and spew out whatever she was thinking on the inside, but despite being kind now, he couldn’t figure out what her true thoughts were.

Naturally, there was also something else he wanted to hear from her. It was his secret wish from the moment he first saw her. 

Gently sweeping her hair with his hand, he whispered, “I love you.” That was what he wanted to hear. From when they first met, until now.

At his touch, she clung to him, as if it were an unconscious sleeping habit. A soft and squishy sensation was pressed against his chest. Fervin bit his lip at the soft flesh that was felt beneath the thin material of the dress.

It wasn’t just his face burning anymore. Fervin felt his whole body flaring up as he tried to stifle his groans. He tried to endure it by biting the middle finger on his right hand. His body reacted to everything she did. 

He took his lips off his innocent finger and headed toward her face. His lips that seemed to almost burst with heat, seemed to be descending on her lips, but then went further down. He kissed her collarbone which seemed to shine like ivory reverently, as if he were worshipping the most noble thing in this world.

He had barely held back from kissing her loveable lips. It was because of his own conscience that refused to allow him to kiss her without her consent. So he could only continue to endure it. 

However, he wasn’t sure how long this would last. Irwen seemed to have complete faith in his self control since she could even show such a defenceless appearance to him, but he could no longer believe in his own self control. 

Although he had managed to refrain from doing so today by resorting to the pain brought about by self harm, if he managed to win Irwen’s heart by the time appointed by the elders where they were meant to sleep together, then… 

Fervin bit his finger once again upon finding himself heading toward her lips.


There were red teeth marks clearly engraved on his hand. And throughout the night, he continued to try and tamp down his desires with pain. The blood from his hands splattered onto the white bedsheet. 

* * *

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The next day.

I woke up from the morning sunlight that was shining strongly through the windows. This place was my bedroom, with ivory wallpaper covered with lily of the valley and roses, red carpet, and silky duvets that made a rustling sound. It was the couple’s bedroom that I occupied and used by myself, to be more precise.


Mrs. Tilly, who had swept open the curtain and dusted it off, came running toward me when she discovered me. The expression on her face was so happy it could’ve been mistaken for someone who had just found the most precious treasure in the world.

“You’re awake! It would’ve been even better if you had woken up when Master had left earlier though.”

“W-Wait…” I interrupted Mrs. Tilly’s chattering. “Why am I here? I was definitely in the cottage last night, so how did I wake up in my bedroom?”

“Oh, just look at my mind right now. You were asleep when you came here, so naturally you wouldn’t know the situation at that time.” Mrs. Tilly clasped her hands together with an ecstatic light in her eyes. “Master came to the mansion this morning with madam in his arms. He was the one who brought madam here! He handled you so carefully it was as if madam was as fragile as freshly fired porcelain made by the master himself!”

“Really?” A voice full of doubt slipped out of my mouth. I couldn’t imagine Fervin treating me as gently as freshly fired porcelain.

Mrs. Tilly added excitedly, “Master said he would come and sleep here on the appointed day where you have to sleep together from now on. Although the master said that he’d sleep somewhere else if you preferred another place, this is the couple’s bedroom though?”

“Sleep together…”

“We will do our best to help the two of you not feel uncomfortable in the future when you sleep together, madam. I’ve already informed the elders of the Carlisle family, but they’re very happy with the atmosphere between the two of you, and are already retrieving the day that you’ll sleep together from the astrologer! My word, something’s finally happening!” Mrs. Tilly trembled violently, clearly overwhelmed with emotion. 

Reality seemed to weigh heavily on my shoulders. Since I had said that I would fulfil my duties, I had no choice but to follow through with the day of sleeping together. 

“Only sharing a room on the day of sleeping together…” I let out an unintentional sigh.

But Mrs. Tilly seemed to have misunderstood me. With an insidious light in her eyes, she said, “Madam, don’t worry. Don’t tell me you think that Master will leave you alone in this lonely place every night? He will come and stop by often to see you once he’s finished with the state affairs, madam.”

My eyes flitted in every direction in a fluster. But I soon regained my composure. He wouldn’t touch me recklessly since we had already made an agreement. Although I hold respect for fulfilling my duties, having children was clearly a separate matter from fulfilling my duty. Yeah, at least I can be relieved in that respect.

Mrs. Tilly chatted busily while she attended to me. It was the first time I had seen her so excited like this.

“By the way, did you have a good night last night, madam? Well, I didn’t expect for you two to spend the night in the cottage, but I think it’s very romantic in its own way! Oh, also, did the musk pouch have any effect at all? That pouch of musk is so rare that there are only three in the empire, and was a special gift from the elders of the family to the master. Its effectiveness is also extremely rare. Apparently this can make a couple’s affection for one another surge like a waterfall, even if they’re a couple that’s cold towards each other or one that’s on the verge of a divorce… Has the relationship between the two of you gotten better at all?”

Mrs. Tilly’s eyes seemed to be glistening in anticipation, as I turned my head away from her burdensome eyes. The musk pouch, perhaps brought back by Fervin, was wrapped in leather and was placed on the table. 

Just how hard of a time did I have because of that thing! Fervin even thought I was trying to seduce him because of that! I had a lot of things I wanted to say, but Mrs. Tilly’s eyes made me swallow my complaints.

“I’m not sure about anything else, but don’t use the musk pouch from now on. It was too excessive.”

“Oh, I guess that’s true.” Mrs. Tilly had that peculiar expression on her face once again. “That’s true, the master wanted you so much even without that musk pouch, it was my mistake.”

“Aunt, Aunt Tilly!” Mrs. Tilly’s niece, Marianne, rushed to the door hurriedly, out of breath. 

Upon seeing her expression as if the world were collapsing, Mrs. Tilly asked worriedly, “What is it, Marianne? What sort of news did you receive for you to make such a fuss?”

Marianne looked at me and reported excitedly, “Master is coming back early today as well. He will come back around two o’clock this afternoon and go to the boutique with madam, so should I get them to prepare dinner a bit earlier?”

Mrs. Tilly looked at me in a fluster. “It’s probably for the dress you’ll wear to next week’s ball… Did you hear about this from the master, madam?”


I was in such a strange situation yesterday, so I naturally didn’t have time to talk leisurely about these things. 

“There’s a letter here as well, madam.” Marianne handed me a letter that had been written on a high quality piece of parchment paper. 

The letter, which seemed to have been cautiously written, had traces of smudged ink everywhere, with the following words.

I’ll be back at two in the afternoon today, so be ready, since we’re going straight to Madame Vertain’s Boutique.

“Madame Vertain? Goodness!” Mrs. Tilly cried out in delight. “To think it’s a dress from the arrogant Madame Vertain, who only deals with the imperial family! To think it’s the boutique that has to be booked a few months in advance, even for the Empress! Madam, I’m sure the master has fully prepared for your appearance at next week’s ball!”

I was also rather bewildered by this goodwill of Fervin’s. Although we said we’d fulfil our duties to one another, I had no idea why he was doing this kind of favour to me. Despite being flustered, the ticklish feeling on one side of my heart, however, didn’t feel too bad though. However, I still wondered why he had suddenly changed up his ever-consistent attitude in front of me. 

That was when Marianne sneaked up beside me and asked, “But madam, did the two of you perhaps fight last night, or did you enjoy a night of conjugal bliss… Ouch, it hurts, Aunt Tilly!”

Mrs. Tilly pulled Marianne’s ear and glanced at me in embarrassment, lowering her head. “My apologies, madam. I will firmly re-educate her on proper etiquette.” 

I waved a hand at her to release Marianne. I was curious about the cause of curiosity leading up to Marianne asking me such a question. “No, it’s fine. What exactly were you curious about, Marianne?”

“There were blood stains all over the bed sheet, and not just one, but several.”

I swept a look over my body with a flustered heart. Although it was a reasonable suspicion to have of me since she said there was blood, I shook my head. I slept too well last night for that doubt to be true. All my muscles and the fatigue that had been piling up in my whole body were completely relieved due to the good night’s sleep I had last night.

Mrs. Tilly, who was next to me, cast a probing glance toward me and said quickly to Marianne, “Just what in the world did you see? That wasn’t a blood stain, but a wine stain. I personally washed it myself, so why couldn’t you tell the difference?”

“Master was the one who spilled the wine? But the master was the one who caught the wine glass I was about to drop when I carried it the other day.”

“He probably made a mistake while he was drunk. That’s how all sorts of strange things happen in the first place.”

It was a tone that seemed to be putting an end to the topic.

* * * 

Fervin Carlisle woke up an hour earlier than usual, but ended up coming to work an hour later than usual. It happened after he moved Irwen into her bedroom and ended up admiring her visage long after the morning sun had already risen. 

He was someone who was always punctual, so everyone he met in the palace ended up urging him, asking him what happened for him to do such a thing.

“What happened, Duke Carlisle? Did something happen at home?”

“You’re even an hour late. Are you sick or something?”

“No, it’s nothing like that.” Contrary to Fervin’s curt answer, a faint smile formed on his face. It was quite novel to see a hint of warmth grace his face, which was normally always as cold as an ice box. 

People quickly noticed. Something good had happened!

“Although I heard that you and the Duchess got along well these days, now it seems like the rumour really is true, huh?”

“Oh, well…” Fervin’s lips twitched, as if he valued his words like gold. However, the back of his neck was already red. At the appearance of the atmosphere becoming softer, people continued to speculate.

‘Just how much had changed for us to see a smile on the ‘Duke of Carlisle’?’

News of the change in the Duchess of Carlisle had begun to come in from all over the place after her sudden collapse and recovery. There was also news that not too long ago, she had invited several other nobles and members of the imperial family to perform moving songs as well.

The Emperor liked her singing, the Duke of Sibelom praised her for her beauty, and the social butterfly of high society, Marchioness Celestine, had openly said she had fallen in love with her sophisticated stage presence and wanted to have tea with her. 

Everyone was curious. Just how much had the Duchess changed to the point where everyone wanted to get along with her?

“Everyone who attended the party that was held at the Duke’s mansion praised the Duchess’s beauty, singing skills, and class, without leaving out a single compliment. So when will we also be able to see your wife?”

Fervin’s eyes crinkled beautifully at their interest in Irwen. Even his brilliant platinum blond hair seemed to shine more, as if reflecting his refreshing mood. “You’ll be able to meet my wife at the imperial palace’s ball next week.”

“I’m looking forward to it. It’ll be the first time everyone’s seeing your wife at the imperial ball, right?”

“That’s right. I’ll definitely look out for the both of you and say hello then.”

Fervin’s face would’ve stiffened in the past if there was such a hot interest in Irwen, but now, he only had a subtle smile on his face. Just thinking of her was a good thing. 

In the soft atmosphere that was different to how he was usually, the people around him continued to converse pleasantly. Seemingly drunk on the atmosphere, one of them brought up the topic everyone was curious about without any hesitation.

“Now that the relationship between the two of you is quite good, can we expect any news of a successor soon? Hahaha!” Seemingly unaware that Fervin’s face had turned cold momentarily, he continued to speak, “The two of you must be healthy, so it’ll only be a matter of time before you have a baby. Later, I’ll have my wife send some quality medicine that’s good for pregnancy.”

“That’s a matter for us as a couple to take care of. And…” Fervin’s warm face disappeared and instantly transformed into a chilly face. Seeing that there were some people who seemed to be at a loss, he added firmly, “I won’t tolerate anyone putting any pressure on Irwen either.”

His oppressive tone made them all stiffen. Lowering their gaze from his cold eyes, they nodded simultaneously upon spotting an injury on his finger in the shape of a tooth mark. 

He seemed to be able to see rumours of, ‘Oh, seems like his relationship with his wife took a turn for the worse recently’ in the air. 

Fervin hurriedly hid his finger and his face became even colder. He didn’t think it could get this awkward. He hadn’t thought that the traces of last night’s desire could be misleading to others. 

Without even a moment for him to calm down, he faced the final boss of misunderstandings.

* * *


“As expected of the Emperor!”

“You’re just as cool as you are today, Duke Carlisle!”

When Fervin appeared in the drill hall with the Emperor, the guards greeted them with loud shouts. The Emperor would often make unscheduled visits to the drill hall, and each time, he would apply for a match with Fervin. 

Although the match between Fervin, who was the Chief Commander of the empire, and the Captain of the Imperial Guards also drew a lot of attention from the soldiers, his match with the Emperor was explosively popular. It was especially popular since Fervin, the empire’s best warrior, would be showing off his splendid swordsmanship against the Emperor. 

“Please have a great match today as well!”

“I think I’m falling in love with you!”

“I’ve already fallen for Duke Carlisle, please accept my feelings!”

The two of them took off their outerwear, cheered on by the countless number of soldiers. 

When Fervin handed his outerwear to Sir Dobre, the Captain of the Imperial Guards, he blushed, as if it were an honour. Although Sir Dobre, who was standing next to Fervin, was also in good shape, it simply wasn’t able to be compared to Fervin’s taut body. 

Seeing the white shirt clinging to the muscular body, the Emperor flashed a mischievous smile. “It’s not like our relationship is one where we’ve only met once or twice, so why are you so shy? How long are you going to take to prepare yourself for this match?”

“Just this much is enough for the match.”

“It’s not good enough for me.”

In an instant, the Emperor took off his shirt, revealing his lean body. Fervin looked at him in bewilderment, but he was adamant. “Let’s take it off refreshingly and exchange sword moves today. Don’t tell me, are you perhaps insecure about your own body?”

Fervin raised his eyebrows at the Emperor’s provocative words. “There’s no way. What I’m most confident about is my body.” 

Fervin took off his clothes coolly, unlike before when he had hesitated. 

Fervin raised his eyebrows, as if nothing had happened when the Emperor opened his mouth, as if he were about to say, ‘I knew you’d hesitate’.

“Why, do you feel uncomfortable seeing this?”

“There’s too much of a difference between your body and my body! No matter how I look at it, your body is even more built now!”

Fervin snorted without replying to him, as if he were saying ‘That’s only natural’. There was even an admiring cheer from the surrounding soldiers.

“It’s art, it’s a sculpture!”

He was greatly respected by both men as well as women in the empire.

That white body that was filled with muscles in the shape of an inverted triangle would seem like a sculpture to anyone looking.

He took up his sword and started to spar with the Emperor. How many times had he slashed with his sword without any murderous intent?

Openly observing Fervin, who seemed to be particularly glowing today, the Emperor asked, “Right, so how did you spend your night, Mr. Devoted Husband?”

Instead of answering him, Fervin hurriedly pointed his sword at him. “What are you talking about, Your Majesty?”

The Emperor narrowed his eyes and pointed at the deep wound in his right hand. It was the wound that had appeared after he had bitten his innocent finger in an attempt to rein in his lust for Irwen last night.
“I’m talking about that wound. It looks like it’s been made by a woman.”

“Focus on the match. I won’t go easy on you, even if it’s you, Your Majesty.” Fervin’s face flushed red as he swung his sword even harder. 

Although the Emperor was pushed back, as if he were overwhelmed, his laughter that leaked out, as if to say this was fun, was unstoppable.

Clang! It was the moment the sharp edge of the sword met another blade.

The Emperor whispered evilly in Fervin’s ear, “It’s alright, Fervin. There are also women who leave their markings on men in relationships. So don’t mind the wound. It looks like it must’ve hurt as well though.”

“I said it wasn’t like that.” Fervin’s green eyes flickered heatedly. 

He couldn’t bear to say that he had bitten himself while trying to contain his lust for Irwen. In any case, he didn’t want to explain it in this place anyway. Especially in front of so many people in a place like this. 

Keeping his silence instead, a tendon protruded from his sword-wielding arm.

“Hey, easy, easy! Stop making it difficult for me.” Even though the Emperor seemed to be on the verge of collapse judging by his words, his face was still full of laughter and he seemed to be enjoying himself. He seemed to conclude that the wound on Fervin’s finger had been made by a woman. 

“That’s why you should’ve taken it easy, how hard you go is exactly how hard they’ll bite.”

Fervin’s face turned crimson red. In an instant, he overwhelmed the Emperor with his skills and threw the sword he had taken away from him far away as he fell to the floor. A round of applause erupted from his surroundings, congratulating him on his victory.

Leaving the boisterous noise behind him, Fervin bent over to look at the Emperor lying below him. “Your Majesty, it’s not your place to meddle in someone else’s marriage without even knowing anything.”

“At least the affection between you husband and wife is on the right track now.”

At the appearance of a smile blossoming on the face of the Emperor, who was a friend who interfered in other people’s love lives, Fervin kindly said, “You can still smile so brightly after losing the match?”

“It’s not like I’ve only lost to you once or twice, so who cares. Anyway, like I’ve always said, you’re better off sticking with your handsome body than that sort of flowery speech. Was it effective?”


Although he had clearly stuck with his body yesterday, he could still clearly remember his failure. On the contrary, Irwen fell asleep while only his body had been excited, causing him to suffer the whole night. 

When Fervin’s expression transformed into one of nervousness, the Emperor muttered quickly, “Oh, your body must not be your wife’s type.”

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IBVIAAN Ch 45 — A Teddy Bear That’s too Late

To be honest, I wasn’t that surprised. Since it was within the range of requests he could’ve asked of me. That was why I could also answer him right away.

[Ara] “Little Duke, our relationship was severed the moment the Duke of Darchez threw me away. There is no reason for me to return to the Duchy.”

I understood that it would be a shame for the Duchy to lose me, who had become a saintess. But wasn’t it too deceptive of them to grab onto the ‘useless child’ once they had become of use?

[Ara] “If you want me to do something as the Saintess for the Duchy, I can talk to the temple and consider doing so.”

[Alion] “It’s not that.”

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To be honest, I wasn’t that surprised. Since it was within the range of requests he could’ve asked of me. That was why I could also answer him right away.

[Ara] “Little Duke, our relationship was severed the moment the Duke of Darchez threw me away. There is no reason for me to return to the Duchy.”

I understood that it would be a shame for the Duchy to lose me, who had become a saintess. But wasn’t it too deceptive of them to grab onto the ‘useless child’ once they had become of use?

[Ara] “If you want me to do something as the Saintess for the Duchy, I can talk to the temple and consider doing so.”

[Alion] “It’s not that.”

He bit his lower lip at my words telling him to request something different since I had no intention of returning.

[Alion] “It’s true that my father was the one who told me to bring you back since you became the saintess. I won’t deny that. But I’m saying that I want you back, not just because of that reason.”

[Ara] “…I don’t quite understand what you’re saying.”

Why else would he want Meliara back, if not for the reason that she’s now a ‘saintess’?

His lips moved slightly, but he couldn’t find anything appropriate to say. Instead, he placed the box that was next to him onto the table. 

Curious as it is about what was inside the box that he had brought together with him, he pushed it closer toward me.

[Alion] “I brought it back when I was returning from the expedition this time.”

He was beating around the bush when it was clearly a gift. All sorts of thoughts ran through my head for a moment.

A gift? Was Alion the type of person who would care enough to give Meliara a gift? 

That didn’t seem to be the case when I snuck a look sideways to check Meliara’s expression. Since she had a shocked expression on her face too. 

I looked suspiciously at the box for a long time before I reached my hand out.

[Ara] “I can open it, right?”

I opened it after I confirmed he had nodded his head. 

Inside was a teddy bear that was big enough to fit in my arms. It was a teddy bear that was ordinary enough to be found anywhere.

[Alion] “I’ve never once… properly behaved like an older brother before.”

[Meliara] Ah.

It wasn’t me, but Meliara, who let loose a sigh at his explanation of his gift. She covered her mouth with trembling hands. She looked like she was about to burst into tears at any moment now. 

I understood without even having to ask.

Something she wanted to have at least once, but never had the chance to receive, even once. She never once had a stuffed toy that aristocratic girls would naturally have in their ordinary childhood. 

Since no one bought one for her, nor was she in any position to ask for one.  

[Alion] “When I came back and heard that you weren’t at the Duchy anymore, I thought you had just run away from home in a childish fit of temper. And after only listening to our father, who said that you talked back to him and complained, I went to pick you up without even trying to understand your reasoning behind it properly…”

He, who seemed to be laying out his justification, trailed off in the middle of his sentence. His lips moved slightly before he continued on carefully.

[Alion] “The moment I saw your expression when you said we should never see each other again, I knew. That you really had no intention of coming back.”

[Ara] “…”

[Alion] “So that’s why I also missed my opportunity to say this.”

[Ara] “Say what?” 

He hesitated again at my question. He seemed to be thinking, ‘Is saying this really the right thing?’ After a long while of hesitating, he whispered.

[Alion] “…I’m sorry.” 

My eyes widened at the words that flowed out of his lips. Meliara also seemed just as shocked when I turned my head to look at her. The sight of her trembling hands that still covered her mouth was extremely pitiful.

[Alion] “When I was little, I hated you because I believed the words of those around me when they said that my mother died because of you, just like a fool would.”

He slowly began to tell his own story. I considered whether or not I should stop him, but I waited quietly since Meliara seemed to want to hear it.

[Alion] “Then one day, I heard what you said when you were crying all by yourself.”

“If it weren’t for me, my mum wouldn’t have died, my brother wouldn’t be sad, and my dad wouldn’t be angry all the time.”

[Alion] “It wasn’t something a child of only nine years would say.”

[Ara] “…”

[Alion] “I immediately came to my senses the moment I heard those words. Just what on earth was I doing to my little sister?”

As if it wasn’t enough for her not to receive the generous love of her family, she was even shunned and abused at such an age. Since they were siblings with a nine year age gap, Alion, who turned eighteen, immediately realised his past wrongdoings.

[Alion] “But I couldn’t get closer to you without hesitating. You already found being around me so uncomfortable…”

Alion was also not someone who could suddenly change his behaviour to treat someone else warmly. Rather, the guilt of what he had done to her until now would’ve more likely caught him by the heels instead.

[Alion] “I couldn’t even protect you from our father since I was too weak…”

Moreover, to Alion, the Duke was like an unsurpassable mountain. He wasn’t brave enough to stand up to his father and protect Meliara at such a young age.

[Alion] “But seeing it now after coming here, even that’s all just a cowardly excuse. Even though I was weak, while you were living in fear, you were much more…”

He couldn’t bear to finish his sentence. 

Since she, at a much younger age, and with a much smaller body, was already being pressured by this unsurpassable mountain of a father, while he had been running away due to his fear.

Knowing that, Alion was at a loss for words for a long time. Staring only at the teddy bear that was inside the gift box, he murmured quietly in a voice that was almost a sigh.

[Alion] “I didn’t need to do anything that grandiose… I clearly could’ve just started with the basics.”

Those words that were murmured quietly made my heart tighten. A sour feeling tickled the edge of my throat. 

He had figured out the problem more accurately than I thought he would. 

[Alion] “So, give me one more chance, Meliara. So that at least once, I can be a proper older brother to you.”

[Ara] “…”

[Alion] “Come back.”

I couldn’t say anything to that.

[Meliara] Heuheuk…

Since I wasn’t the recipient of those words, and since the actual Meliara was crying silently next to me.

I wanted to be angry just like how I felt deep in my heart, since it was already too late. But I couldn’t even say anything recklessly, since it didn’t seem to be my place to get angry like that. 

The desperate appearance of Alion, who doesn’t even know that his little sister is already gone. The sound of Meliara sobbing, and her tears that are still leaking out, even now. And a teddy bear that, even though is late, has arrived all the more too late.

I felt that this whole situation was regrettable. 

A single word of resentment popped out of nowhere as I looked at the teddy bear that was lying on the table like that.

[Ara] “Why are you only here now?”

Why are you so late? And what’s with this extremely common teddy bear?

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There was a long silence that followed the end of that sentence. 

It was Alion who got up from his seat first.

[Alion] “…Goodbye.”

I only looked up from my position, since there was no reason for me to stop him from leaving. 

The light in his eyes when we made eye contact was dark. I could still see the fatigue I had seen when I had encountered him at the accommodation. 

I could now understand why his face was always so dark. 

Even if he was only the Little Duke, he might’ve had a better life than Meliara, since he would’ve had the care of everyone in the Duchy. But…

‘This man was also just a victim of a broken family.’ 

He too was a man who needed just as much affection as Meliara needed. 

I could see that now. 

But there was nothing I could do. 

Since nothing would change, even if I went back with him. The fact that he was already too late was now an irreversible reality. It would only be a deception for me to pretend to be Meliara to reward his efforts, just to ease my mind.

[Ara] “Little Duke.”

I wasn’t in a position to forgive him, since I wasn’t Meliara. So this was the only sincerity I could freely tell him with my position.

[Ara] “Stay healthy.”

Alion’s pupils shook violently for a moment. But in the end, he still left the room without leaving a reply. 

The sound of Meliara’s sobbing grew louder as the door clicked shut after his departure.

[Meliara] Heuheuheuk…!

I could neither give her a pat on the back since I couldn’t even touch her, nor did I have the ability to give her any words of comfort. The best I could do was give her some time to herself. I left the room with her, crying sadly in front of the teddy bear. 

I took a heavy step after telling the priests not to enter that room for a while. 

I had only wanted to ask him for some evidence, but I had unintentionally caught a glimpse of the deep and complicated feelings between the two siblings. Although it wasn’t intentional, the situation became even more complicated since there was a foreign existence stuck between the two of them.

‘I don’t think it’s possible to ask for Alion’s cooperation anymore, so what should I do?’

Should I really use a spy to steal the evidence…?

But I didn’t want to employ such a method after seeing the complicated relationship between Meliara and Alion.

The problem was just that going ahead without either Frody’s testimony, or Alion’s evidence was like hitting a rock with an egg.

‘I should be able to clear my head a bit if I take a walk.’

I headed to the garden with the thought that I’d be able to think a bit more comfortably after getting some fresh air. I followed the long hallway and watched the scenery outside of the large window.

[Ara] “It’ll really be winter soon.”

I was hit by the chilly air as soon as I opened the door to the garden. I was lucky that I had my outerwear on. 

A cold energy wafted up as I walked on top of the lawn. It was a refreshing and pleasant coldness. It helped to ease the complicated thoughts that were cluttering my head.

I suddenly felt a prickling sensation at the back of my head as I was looking at the cloudless blue sky. I turned my head in surprise, but I couldn’t see anything there.

‘That’s strange. I thought I could feel someone looking at me.’

Thinking that I had mistaken it for the feeling of the cool wind, I turned my head back. However, as if to prove that I hadn’t been mistaken, Kelber suddenly stood in front of me with his back turned to me, his hackles raised.


[Ara] “Kelber…?”

I began to feel anxious upon seeing Kelber baring his teeth threateningly at the empty space in front of us. 

I put my hand on my chest and circulated my divine power around my heart. I could feel the shield that I had absorbed from the side temple in Chivan Village. Preparing to take it out at any time, I leaned closer to Kelber, who was now the size of a lion.

At that moment, the fragrance of gold osmanthus flowers tickled the tip of my nose. I could tell who it was immediately. 

[Ara] “Frody.”

As soon as I finished speaking, a small breeze billowed frighteningly in the space in front of me and revealed his figure.

[Frody] “Oh, it looks like the Saintess is right. How did you know?”

[Ara] “It’d be stranger if I didn’t know, when you’ve been so strongly appealing for me to notice you like this.”

Frody approached me, the corner of his mouth curling up.

[Kelber]Woof woof!

Kelber barked loudly at him as he approached me. 

Frody’s pet snake, which didn’t seem to like that, grew in size and sprang up toward Kelber. The five-headed snake that was as big as a horse, and Kelber, who was as big as a brown bear, quickly began to entangle each other.

It was a far cry from his playful tussling with Gryphon. The two of them rushed to kill each other. 

The snake was using its body to try and bind Kelber, who cleverly avoided it and was trampling on the moving torso of the snake. It looked as if either of them would be severely injured if they were even bitten once.

But I didn’t have time to worry about Kelber’s fight. 

Frody, who had narrowed the distance between us in an instance, was now right in front of me.

[Frody] “Hello, Saintess.”

‘Although I thought of meeting him in order to persuade him, I wasn’t expecting him to show up in person like this either.’

Was it because I knew he had a hostile relationship with Lecht? Or was it because I knew that he was the figure behind Olivia’s true self? Although he had never harmed me, nor did we have a particularly bad relationship, I could still feel chills travelling up my spine.

[Frody] “I thought so last time as well, but your face is really pretty, Saintess.”

I took a step back as he examined my face closely and evaluated it. 

[Ara] “I appreciate the compliment, but could you please stay away from me? This distance is a little burdensome.”

Nevertheless, he approached me just as much as I retreated.

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i don’t think i’ll ever be able to fully forgive alion for being a bystander and in a way, enabling the abuse of meliara for all those years through his inaction, but i rlly love how the author did this whole scene. this situation clearly shows the effects of death and grief on a family and how all members of a broken family suffer from the aftereffects of it.

the duke channels his grief into anger and directs misguidedly toward the existence that took his wife away from him and neglects to think about how his wife will feel if she knows the existence that she so painstakingly brought into the world at the expense of her own life is treated so harshly by her own father.

we see a young misguided alion whose surroundings have shaped him to hate meliara. and i can’t exactly blame him there, because he was only a child as well, and it should’ve been an adult that told him how all these complexities work. but he should’ve known better when he was already 18. it shouldn’t have taken him overhearing meliara to get him to realise he’s done wrong. ara phrases it perfectly: he too is a victim of a broken family.

but i like the way they phrased his apology because he doesn’t try to make excuses; he acknowledges that everything he’s saying is an excuse and he’s aware that none of this can justify how he acted and takes responsibility. he also doesn’t get angry that meliara doesn’t want to reestablish a relationship with him.

and meliara is truly the most pitiful of all; she’s been framed as a culprit and no one in her household is willing to believe her– or at least to her knowledge; not until she’s ousted of her own body does she know that her older brother has always unconditionally believed in her.

this chapter is one of my favourites but it’s truly a tragedy; it’s bittersweet and melancholy and i’m crying rn to kenny by still woozy ;-;

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IBVIAAN Ch 44 — A Desperate Attempt to Make Up for It

Upon arriving at the Grand Duchy using the space travel portal, Lydia immediately started to work without further ado. Her job was easy since everyone who needed her touch was already gathered in one room.

Although there were many horned demons, and demonic creatures that would be outside the bounds of what would be familiar to humans, they didn’t bother her at all.

[Ryno] “You’re not a human, are you?”

Ryno asked as he looked at her, who he thought would’ve been much more startled, but was unusually calm, as if she was used to it.

[Ryno] “Seeing as you have no horns… Do you have more human blood than demon blood?”

[Lydia] “Just like how the size of a demon’s horns does not make a difference to demons, the presence or absence of horns also has nothing to do with how much of each side’s blood you have mixed in you.”

[Ryno] “So you are of mixed race!”

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Upon arriving at the Grand Duchy using the space travel portal, Lydia immediately started to work without further ado. Her job was easy since everyone who needed her touch was already gathered in one room.

Although there were many horned demons, and demonic creatures that would be outside the bounds of what would be familiar to humans, they didn’t bother her at all.

[Ryno] “You’re not a human, are you?”

Ryno asked as he looked at her, who he thought would’ve been much more startled, but was unusually calm, as if she was used to it.

[Ryno] “Seeing as you have no horns… Do you have more human blood than demon blood?”

[Lydia] “Just like how the size of a demon’s horns does not make a difference to demons, the presence or absence of horns also has nothing to do with how much of each side’s blood you have mixed in you.”

[Ryno] “So you are of mixed race!”

Ryno didn’t care if she was closer to that of a human or a demon in the first place anyway.

[Ryno] “Woah! It’s my first time seeing another half-demon other than me!”

Ryno shifted closer to sit next to Lydia, who was washing her hands lightly to heal the next person.

[Ryno] “Maybe that’s why I felt you looked familiar…!”

Lydia focused on the next patient after glancing at him for a bit.

[Ryno] “My name is Ryno. What about you?”

[Lydia] “You’re very extroverted.”

[Ryno] “I mean, it’s my first time seeing another half-demon! I even thought that I was the only one in this world!”

The shining eyes that were fixed on her face were quite burdensome.

[Ryno] “You won’t feel annoyed if I drop the formalities, right?”

[Lydia] “…”

[Ryno] “Let’s speak comfortably as friends. How about it?”

[Lydia] “Friends… Even if I’m older than you, I’ll still be 100 years older than you.”

[Ryno]Heok. You didn’t seem like you were.”

Obviously having not thought that Lydia would be older than him, Ryno covered his mouth in surprise. But soon after doing so, he began to talk once again.

[Ryno] “When did you meet Her Majesty? I first met her 100 years ago, but back then, I…”

Lydia didn’t bother to stop him from talking excitedly about Ara. Since she also liked talking about Ara as well.

[Ryno] “…so that I can repay Her Majesty’s faith in me…!”

He continued talking until Lydia had finished healing everyone. Finally finished with healing her last patient, Lydia stretched her stiff body. It had become dark outside before she even knew it.

[Ryno] “What about you? When did you first meet Her Majesty? How did you meet her?”

Ryno finally concluded his story before asking about Lydia’s story. Lydia turned her head to look out of the open window beside her. The autumn wind was floating in softly.

[Lydia] “The first time I met Miss Ara was on a cool, windy night like tonight.”

Lydia smiled as she recalled that day back then.

[Lydia] “She had an appearance that resembled a black rose, different from what she looks like now.”

[Ryno] “That’s right. Her Majesty was beautiful, even when she had black hair.”

Lydia continued to speak calmly when Ryno responded to her words.

[Lydia] “At that time, Miss Ara told me something I had never heard before in my life.”

[Ryno] “What did she say?”

Since she had something as cool as, ‘You’re going to become an invincible guy’ to him, he similarly anticipated what sort of incredible words she’d say to Lydia. And naturally, Her Majesty didn’t disappoint him.

[Lydia] “It’s the first time I’ve seen such a pretty girl like you. So why are you covering up this pretty face?”

Lydia raised her hand to brush it across the Lunar pattern that covered half of her face.

[Lydia] “I would always try and cover it in a hurry, since everyone around me would only ask why that sort of thing was on a girl’s face.”

[Ryno] “Cover it…?”

At her words, a glimpse of a past memory flashed through Ryno’s mind.

[Ryno] “Huh…?”

He sprang to his feet and reached a hand out toward her. His eyes grew round as he covered the left side of her face with the pattern with his own hand.

[Ryno] “T-The masked noona from back then…?”

t/n: used by younger males to address older females

Lydia let out a grin at Ryno’s words.

[Lydia] “Do you remember now?”


[Lydia] “You’d always follow me around, saying noona, noona. So you’ve forgotten about it all, huh?”

Ryno’s mouth was so wide it seemed like his jaw was about to drop.

[Ryno] “W-Why did you pretend not to know me?!”

[Lydia] “I was wondering how long it would take for you to remember.”

[Ryno] “I-It’s because I thought you were a human! Obviously I thought you were already dead…!”

Lydia grabbed his hand which was covering half her face, still seemingly not believing him.

[Lydia] “Long time no see, crybaby.”

He had deliberately pretended to be energetic and strong for 100 years already, since he didn’t want to be criticised for being vulnerable, just because of the human blood in him. Overturning all that effort he had put in, Ryno started to cry upon reconnecting with the friend he hadn’t met for 100 years.

* * *

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Late into the night, we put our heads together to plan a counterattack.

[Linden] “Wouldn’t the Little Duke have wanted to prove Meliara’s innocence, judging by how he gathered all the evidence like that?”

[Ara] “I still think it’s simply because he wants to restore the Duke of Darchez’s reputation.”

I just couldn’t believe that he was struggling to clear his sibling’s name after leaving Meliara neglected for so many years beforehand. But Meliara was a bit more innocent.

[Meliara] Still, I’d like to think that he did it because he believed I was innocent… Is that too naive of me…?”

In any case, she would still carry the hope that he believed in her since she still had affection for her older brother.

[Linden] “It’s still a bit strange when you think about it. No matter what his initial intentions were, why isn’t he revealing it and just staying put when he now knows for sure that his little sister is innocent?”

Linden expressed more doubts about Alion’s current actions than the reason behind it.

[Ara] “Maybe he still lacks all the sufficient evidence, or perhaps he’s just waiting for the right timing to reveal it.”

While we exchanged our varying opinions, the one who gave the most useful conclusion was Lecht.

[Lecht] “No matter if it’s his initial intentions or what his current mentality is. Nothing will change unless we meet him.”

We had to meet him to see what his intentions were, and what his current mentality was right now. We also had to meet in order for us to take the evidence too.

[Ara] “Regardless of anything else, he’s more likely to meet me rather than Lecht or Linden, so I’ll request for him to make a visit.”

I was a bit worried since I had sent him back so cold-heartedly last time so he might not agree to my request to meet now. If he said he wouldn’t meet me, it’d be beyond my capacity, since there was no other way for us to meet, seeing as I currently was unable to leave the temple.

However, it was immediately revealed that all my worrying was meaningless the next day. Receiving the message, he came to see me as soon as the sun rose.

* * *

I greeted him in the temple’s parlour.

While I was meeting with Alion, Linden said that he’d look into Olivia while Lecht also left, saying that he’d try to track Frody’s footsteps.

[Ara] “You came quite quickly.”

[Alion] “…it’s because I’ll always be too late.”

He hesitated for a while before he spoke.

[Alion] “So it’s my desperate struggle to make up for it, even if it’s only now.” 

I couldn’t help but pay attention to the expression of Meliara, who was sitting next to me, at his words that were filled with a meaning I couldn’t quite understand. Looking at Alion with a complex expression on her face, she whispered.

[Meliara] It’s a bit awkward, since this is my first time seeing my older brother’s face this close…

But still, to think that it’s her first time seeing her brother’s face this close despite living under the same roof for so long. As long as they’ve had a meal together, no, then doesn’t this mean they’ve never even had tea together before?

Alion seemed to look even more annoying for no reason. 

He spoke quietly, perhaps because he had glimpsed the emotions that showed on my face.

[Alion] “Drinking tea together… I think it’s our first time.”

[Ara] “So you know.”

To be honest, even though Meliara had been amazed by this ‘first time’ of theirs, I didn’t think that he’d notice either.

Even though I was conscious of my detest of him, my voice still inevitably sounded a bit too curt. My cold reaction caused him to look at my face.

[Alion] “I heard you had a disturbance with the Crown Prince.”

He changed the conversation soon after.

[Alion] “That’s probably why you contacted me, right?”

[Ara] “It’s similar to that.”

[Alion] “What do you need?”

Without even asking what had happened, he asked. At his sudden reaction to tell him what I needed, I felt a bit flustered.

[Ara] “Is that what you’re most curious about…?”

[Alion] “…What would you like me to be curious about?”

[Ara] “You must have heard the full story already. About how they found the drug in my bag, or how I’m being suspected of spreading the epidemic. So I thought you’d be the most curious about whether or not I’m innocent.”

[Alion] “You said it’s not you.”

[Ara] “What…?”

[Alion] “You said it wasn’t you. That’s what you told me, or did I mishear that?”

[Ara] “It wasn’t me… I did say that.”

[Alion] “So is there any reason for me to be more curious about that?”

At his sincere looking appearance and the words that were said with a frown, as if they were a given, I was lost for words for a moment. I didn’t know how he interpreted my silence, but he added.

[Alion] “If you say it’s not you, then it isn’t.”

[Ara] “…Did you always think like that?”

I was rather embarrassed by his completely unexpected response.

[Ara] “Did you always believe… that your little sister was innocent…?”

[Alion] “…”

[Ara] “Is that why you investigated like that every time a situation occurred?”

[Alion] “You knew I investigated it all, as expected. I thought I had been pretty secretive already.”

[Ara] “…”

He paused for a moment before speaking again.

[Alion] “It wasn’t that I specifically believed you were innocent. I just believed you.”

[Ara] “What do you mean by that…?”

He said to me, who didn’t understand the difference between the two.

[Alion] “Because you always said it wasn’t you.”

[Ara] “…”

[Alion] “It didn’t matter if you weren’t innocent. I just believed you when you said it wasn’t you.”

I kept suspecting that the reason he investigated was to protect the reputation of the Duke of Darchez. But that wasn’t the case. Regardless of whether the reputation of the Duchy was restored, or whether she was innocent or not, he had only simply believed his little sister.


I turned my head at the truth that was unusually heavy. I could see Meliara next to me, who was just as shocked as I was.

[Meliara] Brother… believed in me…? But I thought you hated me, Brother…

[Ara] “Do you normally believe the words of someone you hate without doubting it?”

I threw Meliara’s question back at Alion. At that moment, Alion’s face was stained with embarrassment. His eyes shook violently.

[Alion] “It’s not that I hate you…!”

Instead of saying something that sounded like an excuse, he just kept his mouth shut. After a brief moment of silence, he opened his mouth again.

[Alion] “Tell me what you need.”

His objective of switching the topic was too obvious.

[Alion] “Seeing as you’ve got both the Grand Duke of Arvis and the Lunar religion on your side, you must need something that can’t be done without me, right?”

[Ara] “Correct.”

[Alion] “Tell me. I’ll see if I can do it.”

[Ara] “The things you’ve investigated about me so far.”

He frowned without saying anything, as if he didn’t understand what I was saying right away.

[Ara] “You have the messenger who delivered the tea to Saintess Olivia, right? I need that person.”

[Alion] “…”

[Ara] “Other than that, all the evidence that can prove my innocence, like the ledgers of the shop that sold the poisonous herbs.”

Realising what I was aiming for, only then did his frown deepen.

[Alion] “Are you thinking of using it?”

[Ara] “Yes.”

[Alion] “You won’t be able to restore your relationship with the Crown Prince if you touch Saintess Olivia. You know that, right?”

[Ara] “I have no thought of restoring that relationship.”

I peeked at Meliara who was next to me. I thought she would hope for that relationship to be repaired, since she loved that foolish Crown Prince. However, she shook her head, as if she could read my thoughts.

[Ara] “I can’t go back anyway.”

Meliara nodded in agreement with my comment. She seemed to have made up her mind too.

Alion seemed to be troubled over something for a moment.

[Alion] “Alright.”

[Ara] “Really…?”

[Alion] “I can give it all to you.”

I was even momentarily surprised by his unexpectedly refreshing answer.

[Alion] “Instead…”

His words that meant to introduce conditions caused my lips to shut. 

As expected, there’s no way he would just give it all away. I was the one who was foolish to think that he would help me without a price after hearing all that nonsense of him believing his little sister. 

In the end, he too, was a nobleman who took net profit into account.

[Ara] “Instead?”

As I waited quietly for his request, his lips moved slightly before he spoke in a breathy voice.

[Alion] “Instead, will you come back to the Duchy if I ask you to?”

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IBVIAAN Ch 43 — Who Would I Trust, if not You?

[Ara] “Is it really the Little Duke?”

[Linden] “Yeah. I even double checked it since I couldn’t believe it either.”

I couldn’t understand why I was hearing that man’s name here.

[Linden] “To be honest, I also looked into everything where you and that woman were involved with each other since I had suspicions about a lot of things as well, but…’

In other words, he had run a background check on me without informing me, but it didn’t matter to me. Because I knew just how touchy Linden was on having all the information in his grasp first.

[Linden] “And the places I had stuck my hand in all had traces of the Little Duke presence.”

[Ara] “So apart from the poisoning case, the Little Duke had been investigating everything before that?”

[Linden] “Yeah. It’s too much of a coincidence.”

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[Ara] “Is it really the Little Duke?”

[Linden] “Yeah. I even double checked it since I couldn’t believe it either.”

I couldn’t understand why I was hearing that man’s name here.

[Linden] “To be honest, I also looked into everything where you and that woman were involved with each other since I had suspicions about a lot of things as well, but…’

In other words, he had run a background check on me without informing me, but it didn’t matter to me. Because I knew just how touchy Linden was on having all the information in his grasp first.

[Linden] “And the places I had stuck my hand in all had traces of the Little Duke presence.”

[Ara] “So apart from the poisoning case, the Little Duke had been investigating everything before that?”

[Linden] “Yeah. It’s too much of a coincidence.”

How could there be such a good opportunity for him to coincidentally investigate all the past ‘villainous’ acts of Meliara and find out that she had actually been framed instead? No one would bother investigating unless they already had doubts about what they knew. But to think that just investigating wasn’t enough and he even needed to take away an important witness…

[Linden] “This is just my opinion, but…”

Linden snuck a look at my face and spoke cautiously.

[Linden] “The Little Duke of Darchez… I think he knows you’re being framed.”

[Ara] “What?”

[—] “There’s no way…”

The quiet voice of a woman sounded in my ear, overlapping with my own voice.

Shocked because there was no one else around me except for Lecht and Tanma, I turned my head to where I had heard the sound come from. But there was no one there.

[Ara] “Just now, did you hear someone else’s voice?”

[Linden] “A voice? Whose voice?”

[Ara] “A woman’s voice…”

[Linden] “I’m not sure.”

Linden tilted his head at my question while Lecht walked over to the place where I was looking. Behind a pillar. He looked behind the curtain and shook his head.

[Ara] “Never mind, I must have misheard.”

But I was sure I heard it. It was strange, but since Lecht said he didn’t feel anything, I brushed it off, thinking only I had felt it.

[Ara] “So what you’re trying to tell me is that the Little Duke seems to believe that I’m innocent?”

[Linden] “Yeah.”

[Ara] “The Little Duke and I don’t seem to have a relationship that justifies such faith in me though…”

Meliara and Alion’s sibling relationship was in a way, worse than that of strangers.

[Linden] “Although I haven’t met the Little Duke very often either, he’s not the type of person to be so affectionate.”

[Ara] “No, that isn’t the problem.”

He neglected the young Meliara, who was being mistreated by the Duke, and turned a blind eye to her abuse. By hiding behind the position of a ‘bystander’, what he had done was nothing short of enabling and agreeing with Meliara’s abuse. 

It was a totally different matter to being an affectionate person. But now, he seems to believe that I’m being framed…?

[Ara] “How hypocritical.”

If that isn’t the case, then the only other possible reason is…?

[Ara] “Maybe it’s a ploy he’s made to make me return to the Duke’s estate.”

[Linden] “But to say that…”

Linden looked even more perplexed at my suspicion.

[Linden] “You and Olivia first had conflict when the Little Duke was at the front lines for the subjugation, right?”

[Ara] “That’s right.”

[Linden] “I think he asked someone to look into it as soon as he heard news of it at the front line.”

[Ara] “…That was almost two years ago.”

[Linden] “Yeah, so… personally, I don’t think it’s a ploy constructed to get you to return to the Duchy.”

It wasn’t something that happened recently. It’s something that’s been like that for a long time already. 

I massaged my head, which was full of complicated thoughts. My throat felt stuffy, like someone who had eaten something wrong.

[Ara] “You’re saying that he might have trusted and cherished me, even while he neglected me for such a long time?”

[Linden] “I just said it since it could be a possibility.”

Linden added cautiously, perhaps because my voice was too sharp. 

Nevertheless, the only thing I could do was let out a sigh. My throat felt stuffy. Whether it was anger or annoyance, an emotion that I couldn’t quite identify rose up from within me.


I shut my eyes tightly and tried to empty my stomach of its contents with a sigh, but it was useless.

[Ara] “Even if that’s how he truly feels…”

There’s already no one left for him to tell.

[Ara] “Even if it’s late, this is just too late.”

I heard a soft, muffled sound, as if it were responding to my words that I had blurted out.


Despite the person trying not to make a sound, it was the kind of sobbing that couldn’t be held in. 

[—] Heuheuk…

I turned my head at the quiet sounds of sobbing so sorrowful it was enough to shake people’s hearts just by listening to it.

[Ara] “You can’t hear this either?”

I asked Linden, but he shook his head with an expression that showed he didn’t know what I was talking about.

[Ara] “Lecht too?”

Lecht shook his head as well. Tanma was no different to them.

I got up from where I sat and moved carefully to where the sound was coming from.

[—] Heuheuk…

To be honest, it was a little creepy. To think that no one else but me could hear the sound. 

But that was all the more reason for me to investigate it thoroughly. The source of the sound was none other than behind the pillar. It was definitely where Lecht had just checked earlier.

My eyes widened when I poked my head in slightly to check the identity of the sobbing person.

[Ara] “Huh…?”

[—] !

Surprised by my voice, the woman fell back onto the floor on her butt.

Brown eyes that looked back up at me. Clean skin. A face that looked exactly like mine, but filled with tears. 

[Ara] “Meliara…?”

[—] You can… hic, see me…?

The source of the auditory hallucination that had been heard earlier was none other than the original owner of this body.

* * *

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I deliberately took Lecht and Linden to my room in case anyone else could me if I talked outside. Butler Tanma stayed outside, saying that he would go and keep the priests in order instead of me.

[Ara] “You really can’t see it?”

Pointing to Meliara’s soul, I asked them again, but both men shook their heads.

[Meliara] You’re the first one who’s seen me.

The way she trails off at the end of her sentence, her way of speaking, and even her act of tucking her hair behind her ears. All of them were described as her habits in the original story. 

I stretched out my hand again, but it went straight through her, just like it had before.

[Ara]Ha, I really can’t even touch it.”

Even though it didn’t seem like I was hallucinating, it was still my first time seeing a ghost, so I didn’t really know how to accept it.

[Ara] “If I’m the first one to see you, then why were you hiding like that earlier?”

[Meliara]​​ Oh… because I feel like I’m in a place where I’m not supposed to be for some reason…

She felt like she did something wrong, even though her opening her eyes here wasn’t because she wanted to. I felt suffocated just thinking of how she had been treated to think like that.

[Ara] “You said you couldn’t go outside this temple, right?”

[Meliara] Yes…

[Ara] “If the area inside the temple is special, then… is the fact that I can see you also thanks to the fact that I’m the saintess?”

[Meliara] That could be the case… It could also be because you’re me as well…

I exchanged a few words with her, feeling like I was talking to a mirror. The more we talked, the more I understood. This wasn’t an illusion, but was Meliara herself.

[Ara] “So the day before I opened my eyes in this body, you had earnestly wished to just ‘disappear like this’? And then when you woke up, you found yourself here in the temple in this state?”

[Meliara] Yes…

[Ara] “How could that be?”

Although she had wished to die, she hadn’t personally drank any poison, nor had she jumped off from anywhere either.

[Meliara] To be honest, back then… it felt like something had burst out from here… and now that I think about it, it seemed like the mana exploded…

[Ara] “Mana…? Don’t tell me that was your magic being unleashed?”

[Meliara] Maybe…

[Ara] “Weren’t you unable to use magic? You, who couldn’t use it, unlike the Duchess…!”

How much persecution had she received from the Duke though…! I couldn’t just recklessly talk about her terrible past, which she was all the more aware of than me, so I just shut up.

[Meliara] That’s what I thought as well, but I guess it was actually possible…

She lowered her head and looked down at her own two hands. For her mana to burst out causing her to become a mage at that moment; why then of all times? 

Looking back at that time, it was where even her engagement had been broken off, and she had lost all hope. Anyone who fell into an abyss like this would think that they just wanted to die, even if it was just for a moment. But the moment she had that thought, the first magic she had in her life burst out from within her, making her soul disappear from her own body. 

Just how pitiful would this woman’s life be? Even though I was angry and frustrated just from hearing about it, Meliara herself was quite calm.

[Meliara] I was stupid… I should have been more careful…

[Ara] “It’s not your fault. How could you be careful when you didn’t even know you could use magic?” 

It was never her fault. I would rather blame God than put the blame on her.

[Meliara] I should’ve worked harder in order to learn how to use magic faster…

[Ara] “How could you work any harder than you already did…!”

And to think that during all this time, you thought that you caused harm to other people just because you couldn’t use magic fast enough.

[Meliara] Thank you for saying so.

I realised upon seeing her smile softly, as if she were happy, even with such obvious words that were a given. Just how low Meliara’s self-esteem was. It upset me once again when I thought of the environment she grew up in, which led to her becoming like this.

As I closed both eyes tightly with a sigh, Linden called out to me.

[Linden] “Ara, if I’m not mistaken, then… there’s someone there, right?”

Turning his head, he gestured lightly to where Meliara’s soul was standing. But to him, it would look empty.

[Linden] “And that… if I’m not out of my mind, then…”

Looking alternately between where Meliara was standing and where I was standing, he spoke cautiously.

[Linden] “Meliara Darchez?”


How many times have I sighed already? But when I thought about everything I had to explain in the future, all I could do was let out another sigh again.

[Ara] “Lecht, Linden. I have something to tell the two of you. It’s going to be something absurd that you’ve never heard anywhere else before.”

I asked Lecht and Linden simultaneously.

[Ara] “Can you promise to believe what I’m saying?”

[Lecht] “You’re asking something that’s a given.”

Lecht’s answer came frighteningly quickly, as soon as he heard my question, while Linden seemed to hesitate for a while before nodding his head.

[Linden] “Who would I trust, if not you?”

[Ara]Huu… Then, shall we take a seat first? It’s going to be a long story.”

* * *

The story, which I thought would take the whole day to explain, took less time for them to digest than I thought it would.

[Linden] “So ever since I first met you at the lodging, you’ve been a different person.”

[Ara] “I’m sorry for not telling you right away.”

[Linden] “No, I completely understand. There’d be no need for you to tell me if we didn’t have this close of a relationship as we do now.”

He was right. Since there’s no reason for me to go around talking about this for no reason. 

[Linden] “I’m glad I know, even if it’s now.”

A soft smile was spread prettily across Linden’s face.

[Linden] “I seem to understand everything now.”

He looked relieved, as if he had finally realised something. In any case, he seemed to have noticed how much I changed and thought it was strange. As expected, he’s quite quick-witted.

[Ara] “Lecht too, I’m so-”

[Lecht] “There’s no need for you to apologise.”

Lecht stopped me mid apology. Instead, he brushed the back of his finger against my cheek and whispered.

[Lecht] “Since what I’ve been waiting for is…”

He didn’t finish his sentence, perhaps because he was conscious of the people around us. However, I could still understand the obvious words, ‘Since what I’ve been waiting for is your soul anyway’, that he had swallowed.

[Lecht] “So that’s why you were saying that it would’ve been of no use, even if I had found you sooner.”

Judging from the relieved look in his eyes as he whispered, he seemed to have been hung up all throughout the day over our conversation yesterday. He smiled as I nodded my head.

[Meliara] Someone wrote about my story…?

While the two men only cared about when they discovered the difference between Meliara and I, Meliara reacted in a completely different direction.

I spoke apprehensively.

[Ara] “Even if a story was written about this place, it’s definitely still its own world and space.”

I felt like with her already low self-esteem, she’d have an even bigger sense of shame upon realising that this place was only a world within paper.

[Ara] “But I guess it’d be the same if you wrote about my world as well, it’d also be like a world inside a book too?”

Although I tried to explain the situation in a hurry, Meliara was fixated on a completely different point than what I was thinking.

[Meliara] So someone read my story…

[Ara] “Meliara…?”

Her tears dripped down uncontrollably.

[Meliara] So there was someone who took interest in my life… I’m glad…

She didn’t even seem to care that she was seen as a ‘villainess’ in it. She was just glad that someone had been paying attention to her, even if it was someone in another world. 

I felt my chest getting stuffy by seeing the reaction that showed just how lonely her life had been.

Just what sort of grudge did Olivia have against this kind of person?

[Ara] “Meliara, could you finish what you were saying earlier? The story of you and Olivia.”

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IBVIAAN Ch 42 — The Type to Invite Scolding

The fact that no one came to the temple for healing was so humiliating to the point where there were no visitors to the temple.

[Priest] “So they’ve all fallen for the words of those Solarist bastards and are suspecting our Saintess, huh?”

I didn’t know the reason why, but a lot of the priests, including the Priest Trio, were busy expressing their anger.

[Ara] “Don’t be too upset. All we’ve done is give them a choice, there’s no need for us to forcefully heal them.”

They seemed angry at the fact that people were doubting me, but I didn’t really mind. Since the truth would be revealed one day, I thought it’d be better for me to think about how to catch Olivia red handed.

‘There must be someone who knows I sent her peppermint tea.’

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The fact that no one came to the temple for healing was so humiliating to the point where there were no visitors to the temple.

[Priest] “So they’ve all fallen for the words of those Solarist bastards and are suspecting our Saintess, huh?”

I didn’t know the reason why, but a lot of the priests, including the Priest Trio, were busy expressing their anger.

[Ara] “Don’t be too upset. All we’ve done is give them a choice, there’s no need for us to forcefully heal them.”

They seemed angry at the fact that people were doubting me, but I didn’t really mind. Since the truth would be revealed one day, I thought it’d be better for me to think about how to catch Olivia red handed.

‘There must be someone who knows I sent her peppermint tea.’

She couldn’t have gone out to buy tea leaves by herself as a princess. And even if she did, there would’ve been a maid or a knight who had followed her out. There had to be someone who knew that the tea Meliara had prepared and sent out was actually peppermint tea.

‘The problem was that I didn’t have any of my previous memories, so it was hard for me to single that person out.’

I began to feel quite hopeless at the thought of having to go back to the Duke’s estate just to find that person. 

Should I send in a spy to investigate all the servants in the Duke’s estate? But the problem was, apart from the embarrassment of having my spy discovered, there would also be the misunderstanding that I still had lingering feelings for them as well.

‘Finding someone who knew that Olivia was the one who prepared the poisoned chamomile tea… would be even harder.’

According to what Lecht had told me in the morning, the blue substance in the bottle that Ziken had showed me was the cause of the epidemic. The fact that she had obtained a poison from the demon realm from Frody in order to prevent herself from being found out was a chilling act in itself.

‘Was there nothing else I could do but meet up with Frody and try and persuade him to help me after all?’

I stroked Kelber’s head that was resting on my knee as I mulled over the problem. I was also scratching the chin of the Lunarism messenger bird which was sitting on Kelber’s back. The name of the hawk, which was like a mascot of the Lunar religion, was named ‘Lu’. Both of them were essential to stabilising my mental and physical health. 

But someone soon appeared, breaking the stability that was once there.

[Ryno] “Your Majesty!!”

[Ara] “That scared me.”

Ryno was loud from the moment he appeared this time as well. He came in normally through the temple doors instead of breaking something this time, running towards me, who was sitting on the stairs.

[Ryno] “I heard that you were going to be staying here for the time being, so I came running over here!”

Oh, yeah, we left you at the accomodation… To be honest, I had actually completely forgotten about him, but I pretended I hadn’t and smiled prettily.

[Ara] “It’s good to see you. I had just been wondering whether or not I should go and pick you up.”

[Ryno]Heok, Your Majesty is always so considerate of me, as expected. I’m touched.”

He sat cross-legged on the floor with a teary expression on his face.

[Ara] “Have you finished fixing the broken door?”

[Linden] “It’s all been fixed.”

Although I had directed the question at Ryno, the answer to that question sounded from above my head. I turned my head to see Linden with half his hair tied up.

[Ara] “Linden…”

My heart began to feel heavy when I made eye contact with him, the last moment I had seen of him replaying in my mind. However, Linden smiled and spoke quickly, as if to stop the words coming out of my mouth.

[Linden] “They say that mages all have weak bodies, but as expected, not all of them are like that. He fixed the door in one night.”

[Ryno] “Yes! I completely fixed it!”

Ryno announced gallantly, regardless of whether he was aware of the awkward atmosphere between Linden and I.

[Linden] “I heard the rumour. So my brother is trying to paint you as the culprit?”

[Ara] “Yeah, he said he found the evidence in my room or something.”

I sighed as I recalled yesterday’s incident. Ryno let out a loud ‘Ah!’ and said at my deep sigh.

[Ryno] “Were those guys in armour that came to the place where I was yesterday actually the bastards that caused trouble for Your Majesty? I heard it from the prince over here.”

 My eyes collided with Linden’s again at Ryno’s words. At Linden’s slight smile, I tried to smile with him, but the lip muscles that were used to form a smile felt too stiff and awkward.

[Ryno] “I didn’t even know and just let them go! I didn’t even know that the room those bastards went into was Your Majesty’s room…! I’m such a useless person! I sincerely apologise!”

[Ara] “No, it was inevitable since you didn’t know what Ziken looked like.”

It was only natural since he had never heard about what he looked like or even met him before, and had only been told by the Priest Trio that he was the ‘Crown Prince’.

[Ara] “More importantly, about the Grand Duchy…”

It had become a situation that was beyond my capacity since I couldn’t leave this place either.

[Ryno] “I knew it was the plague as soon as it broke out so I’ve already prevented it from spreading any further.”

Since it was a poison that the demons were familiar with, unlike the case with humans, they were able to take action as soon as the symptoms appeared.

[Ara] “But it’s not getting any better either.”

[Ryno] “Everyone who’s caught it is quite tough, so they’ll be able to hold out until your return.”

[Ara] “If you’ve caught it, you’ve caught it, and if you’re sick, you’re sick.”

It was also quite frustrating to let go of people who you knew were sick. However, due to the nature of the Grand Duchy, I couldn’t just ask any priest to go instead of me either. 

Who was going to take responsibility for it if the priest collapsed from shock after being sent to a place that was teeming with horned demons and peculiar demonic creatures…?

[Lydia] “I’ll go.”

Lydia, who wasn’t standing too far away from us, approached.

[Ara] “Ah, Lydia, I appreciate the offer, but…”

There wasn’t anyone that I trusted more than Lydia to heal the people of the Grand Duchy. But the reason why it was troublesome to send her to the Grand Duchy was the same reason I couldn’t send any other priest either. 

No matter how calm Lydia was, it would still calm as a shock to her.

[Lydia] “I know what you’re worried about, Saintess. But it’s alright.”

Her smile was as gentle as it always was.

[Ara] “No, the problem isn’t what you’re thinking of, Lydia. It’s actually a bit more troublesome…”

[Lydia] “It’s alright.”

Lecht, who was sitting next to me, leaned toward me when I was at a loss at being unable to explain the reason clearly to her. He whispered softly to me, the distance between us so close I could feel his breath against my ear.

[Lecht] “The High Priestess over there, she’s a half-demon.”

[Ara] “Yes… What?!”

The one who was being shocked wasn’t Lydia, but me?!

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I turned my head to look at Lydia.

[Ara] “No way…”

She smiled, as if she knew what Lecht had just told me.

[Ara] “Then Lydia, with this child… and him…”

I pointed to Kelber and Ryno, one after the other. Lydia smiled and nodded her head. It meant that she could see the true form beyond the illusion magic.

[Ara]Huu… I feel betrayed…”

[Lydia] “I didn’t tell you since I didn’t think it was that important to you, Saintess.”

[Ara] “Well, that’s true… it doesn’t really matter.”

It didn’t matter whether Lydia was a human, a demon, or of mixed race.

[Ara] “I just feel embarrassed by my past behaviour when I didn’t even have to be careful in front of you, Lydia.”

[Lydia] “It was very natural. It is alright.”

[Ara] “I feel even more embarrassed when you comfort me like that, Lydia…”

Lydia laughed softly when I covered my red face with my hands.

[Lydia] “Then, I’ll be back soon. It should only take one or two days with the space travel portal.”

[Ara] “Oh yeah, you can use that, Lydia.”

I was just thinking about how nice it’d be not to get motion sickness like I did in a carriage, but Lydia laughed and said.

[Lydia] “You can also use it too if you want. It isn’t a matter of ability, but of gaining permission.”

[Ara] “Really?”

[Lydia] “There’s isn’t anything you can’t use in the entirety of Lunarism, Saintess.”

Then I’d definitely use that next time I travel to and from the Grand Duchy!

[Ara] “Then you should’ve told me that earlier! Then I wouldn’t have had such a hard time riding in the carriage.”

Lydia said something out of the blue just as I was smiling at the good news.

[Lydia] “To be honest, I didn’t tell you since I thought you wouldn’t use it, even if I did tell you.”

[Ara] “Why wouldn’t I use something that’s so good?”

[Lydia] “The motion sickness is worse than riding the carriage.”

[Ara] “Huh…?”

[Lydia] “The motion sickness is 100 times worse than the carriage. So I don’t use it unless it’s really urgent either.”


Forget using it next time. Motion sickness that’s 100 times worse than a carriage? I’ll definitely die…

Lydia laughed as I shuddered.

[Lydia] “Then, I’ll have to ask you to stay at the temple for the time being.”

[Ara] “Stay safe!”

I clenched my fist in support of Lydia, who said she’d go despite having to suffer terrible motion sickness.

[Lydia] “Could I ask you to be my guide there?”

Lydia nodded her head succinctly, asking Ryno as she approached him.

Ryno looked at Lydia with a blank face that was unlike his usual self, murmuring.

[Ryno] “We’ve met before, haven’t we?”

Lydia tilted her head and smiled at his words.

[Lydia] “Have we?”

[Ryno] “I-I guess not.”

Lydia only smiled at Ryno’s weirdness.

[Ryno] “That’s strange. Why is it so familiar?”

Ryno continued to tilt his head as Lydia smiled without neither affirming nor denying his statement.

[Ryno] “Anyway, let’s go! I’ll be back, Your Majesty!”

Ryno waved at me before following after Lydia. 

But Lecht spoke sharply before I could answer him.

[Lecht] “What do you mean, you’ll come back? Isn’t it your job to protect the Grand Duchy while Tanma is away?”

[Ryno] “…Hic.

Ryno hiccuped at Lecht’s sharp jab.

[Ryno] “I-I will make sure to carry out my duty!”

I shook my head as I watched Ryno reply energetically before rushing away like he was fleeing.

[Ara] “Just by looking at him, Ryno seems like the type to just invite scoldings.”

Lydia let out a small laugh at my words, as if she agreed with me, and followed after him.

Linden whispered to me softly as I waved at them.

[Linden] “Ara, sometimes you say things that I don’t understand.”

[Ara] “Hmm?”

I turned my head to find him looking at me with a very complicated expression on his face. He seemed rather sentimental, perhaps because of how his eyes looked.

[Linden] “With the Grand Duke and the High Priestess… It’s like there’s yet another thing I don’t know about.”

[Ara] “…”

I couldn’t say anything at his murmur. Although he looked upset, I couldn’t tell him anything about the demons rashly just to comfort him.

[Linden] “I always think I know you well, but then I always find out that I don’t.”

Linden smiled self-deprecatingly and sat where Ryno had been sitting.

[Ara] “Linden, that…”

[Linden] “I’m not saying this to complain.”

Just as I was about to say something, he interrupted me and added another comment rather hastily.

[Linden] “I came because I had something to tell you.”

[Ara] “…Okay. Tell me.”

Although it was highly likely that his intention was to change the subject, I didn’t bother trying to stop him from doing so.

[Linden] “This might sound absurd, but I’m telling you because I think you’re being framed.”

[Ara] “What are you talking about?”

[Linden] “This case, Olivia… I think she was the one that did it.”

[Ara] “!”

I couldn’t hide my look of surprise. 

Although I had told Lecht and Tanma last night about my suspicions of Olivia, I hadn’t spoken about it to anyone else. 

I didn’t want to cause a commotion until I got my hands on solid evidence. I didn’t want to give her time to prepare for a counterattack by letting her know that I was going after her.

But how did Linden know? Linden wouldn’t know about Frody, just because Lecht did…

[Ara] “How… did you come to that conclusion?”

[Linden] “I was actually doing a little investigation on Olivia before this all happened. Did you know that woman was around the village where the epidemic started?”

[Ara] “Olivia?”

Linden shared the information that he had learned at that time with me. 

A saintess who suddenly disappeared from the temple. 

Apparently she had been found, collapsed at one of the villages on the outskirts, though perhaps her escape might have also been to meet with the crown prince, which she did quite often. With that village being the one exactly next to the village where the epidemic broke out.

[Linden] “I couldn’t believe it, so I tried to dig even deeper, and focused on the dates where she had ‘suddenly disappeared’.”

Having talked for quite a while, Linden paused for a moment. Trying to gauge my reaction, he asked even more cautiously than he had before.

[Linden] “Attempting to poison Olivia… that’s a false accusation, right?”

My eyes widened.

[Ara] “How did you…”

How did he get his hands on a fact that even I had only found out yesterday? I asked him while I admired his intelligence, hoping to get my hands on some evidence from how he found out.

[Linden]Haa, I knew it.”

Linden rubbed his face, as if my reaction was a good enough answer. The face that had been swept by his large hand looked glad, as if he had just finished his homework. There was also a sense of relief.

[Ara] “How did you find out?”

[Linden] “The messenger you had sent to deliver the tea said so when he was drunk at the bar I own. He said that his mistress was innocent.”

[Ara] “Oh…”

Found it. 

Someone other than me who knows that I sent peppermint tea. To think that I found it without having to put a spy in the Duke’s estate. I guess Lunar must really love me.

[Linden] “Obviously, everyone thought it was just some drunken nonsense, but the manager told me when he heard me investigating it.”

[Ara] “So where is that person now?”

Linden looked perplexed as I asked urgently.

[Linden] “That’s actually the problem. It’s also the key point that I’m trying to tell you.”

[Ara] “How serious is it for you to have to prepare me like that?”

He looked so serious I wondered if that person had died.

[Linden] “There’s someone who’s been looking into this case long before me, and has since taken the messenger.”

[Ara] “No way, is it Olivia?”

I doubt it was Ziken. It would’ve been too obvious if such a simple-minded guy had made such a masterful move behind someone’s back.

Contrary to my expectations of it being Olivia or one of her aides, Linden brought out a name I couldn’t have even imagined would come out.

[Linden] “Alion.”

[Ara] “What…?”

[Linden] “Alion Darchez was investigating this case before I was.”

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IBVIAAN Ch 41 — A Panacea for the Soul

As a general rule, demons were not allowed to stay in the human realm. In order for a demon to cross over, they needed the Demon King’s explicit permission to do so. This was due to the fact that in the past, a commotion caused by one or two demons had been the catalyst for a war that raged on between both the human and demon realm. 

It was a rule to prevent such friction from happening again. But there was an exception to that rule.

[Lecht] “If you are summoned by a human and obtain a human contractor, you will be able to cross over to the human realm without the Demon King’s permission on the condition that the only thing you will do will be to fulfil the contractor’s requests.”

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As a general rule, demons were not allowed to stay in the human realm. In order for a demon to cross over, they needed the Demon King’s explicit permission to do so. This was due to the fact that in the past, a commotion caused by one or two demons had been the catalyst for a war that raged on between both the human and demon realm. 

It was a rule to prevent such friction from happening again. But there was an exception to that rule.

[Lecht] “If you are summoned by a human and obtain a human contractor, you will be able to cross over to the human realm without the Demon King’s permission on the condition that the only thing you will do will be to fulfil the contractor’s requests.”

The power that could be used in this place was also limited and was dependent on the contractor’s abilities. Therefore, their messing around didn’t seem likely to cause another commotion like last time again.

[Ara] “But the magic used to summon demons is forbidden in the Empire…”

But what I didn’t understand was why Olivia was able to summon Frody. Just as the rule of gaining the ‘approval of the Demon King’ was established in the demon realm, the rule ‘prohibiting the summoning of demons’ was also established in the empire.

[Ara] “To think that the Saintess would have such a Midas touch…”

It was a story that was much more severe than simply framing Meliara. Lecht put his hand on his forehead and proceeded to say something even more shocking.

[Lecht] “She isn’t a saintess.”

[Ara] “Pardon…?”

[Lecht] “That woman does not possess the divine power of Solarism.”

I felt as if I had just been knocked on the back of my head. My head was tingling and I couldn’t find any words to say for a moment.

[Lecht] “That ability that she uses like her divine power is all borrowed from Frody’s own power.”

[Ara] “No way…! So Olivia has deceived the whole empire into thinking that she’s the Saintess?!”

[Lecht] “You could say that.”

I was so shocked I couldn’t even manage a snort.

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[Ara] “How did you know about this, Lecht?”

[Lecht] “I found out two years ago when she came to bless the Grand Duchy. She could see Kelber’s true form.”

He had said that there were two cases when someone saw through Kelber’s illusion magic and to his true form. They were either a demon, or they were under a contract with a demon. Since I was the Saintess, a child of Lunar, whom the demons served, I was able to see them despite not belonging to either of the two cases.

[Ara] “Why didn’t you tell anyone about it?”

If it was such a serious matter, then he should’ve brought the matter up with the Emperor.

[Lecht] “The only reason I stayed in the Empire was to wait for you.”

[Ara] “So whether or not the Saintess was deceiving everyone or not has nothing to do with you, Lecht.”

It wasn’t particularly damaging to the Grand Duchy, so from his point of view, there was no need for him to cause a commotion when he was content with simply living quietly.

Closing his eyes as he pressed down on his throbbing forehead, Lecht said.

[Lecht] “If I had known that woman was using it to do that to you, I would’ve dealt with it earlier.”

Opening his eyes, he looked down at me with an apologetic expression.

[Lecht] “As expected, I should have found you sooner.”

I relaxed my frown at his remorseful words.

[Ara] “It would’ve been no use.”

Even if he had met Meliara sooner, he would’ve brushed past her since it was before I had arrived in her body.

[Lecht] “Why would it have been no use? I could’ve dealt with the Crown Prince and the Saintess if I had known you were having a hard time.”

I laughed at his words that unhesitatingly branded both the imperial family and Solar religion as his enemies. It was very much something that Lecht would do. 

[Ara] “But how could the High Priest not know that her ability isn’t actually divine power?”

After all, the High Priest of Solarism was the one who judged that Meliara’s body had no divine power at all. But to mistake a demon’s power as divine power, does that even make any sense?

[Lecht] “Frody’s ability is ‘enchantment’, so it must have concealed the feeling of her power quite well. Otherwise, maybe they’re all just in cahoots with each other.”

To have even the High Priest in the same league as them…? It was a situation that I didn’t really want to think about.

[Ara] “I’d like to believe that isn’t the case, but… I guess we should try and investigate it together.”

Lecht had said he had just left it because it had nothing to do with him, but I couldn’t do the same. I could tell just how much that woman had done so far, just by looking at Meliara’s life.

[Ara] “This is an act of deceiving the people who love and believe in her and the Solar religion.”

It wasn’t just one or two people who donated money to the temple in order to receive just one of her blessings. I was angry at both her framing Meliara for attempting to poison her, and all of her previous schemes and misdeeds. 

But the incident this time was the one that upset me the most.

[Ara] “How could she even think of spreading an epidemic?”

To even hurt the very people who believed in her.

She deceived people with her false abilities, coercing them into supporting her and taking their affections. And by doing so, had driven them into a corner.

[Lecht] “Isn’t she a woman who raised her position by trampling you underfoot? There’s nothing she can’t do.”

[Ara] “She’s a woman who’d even go as far as scheming for a civil war, just for her own interests if we leave her alone.”

Other than having been falsely accused by her, what was more pressing was having to catch her in order to prevent further damage.

[Ara]Haa, but I don’t know how to catch her. The Crown Prince who is absolutely obsessed with her is unusually stubborn. Moreover, if the High Priest is also in on it, then…”

That idiotic man was ready to believe that a stone rolling on the ground was gold if she even said the word. It seemed like a love that was strong enough to bring you to tears to strangers, but to me, it seemed like a ridiculous complacent obsession. 

[Lecht] “Then we can just obliterate the Crown Prince’s sources of influence.”

[Ara] “No, you can’t!”

Lecht’s immediate reply was so bloody that I slapped him on the shoulder.

[Ara] “I’m trying to catch her in order to prevent her from doing any more damage, but if you do that, then we’ll actually go to war for real.”

Even if Lecht was the Demon King, the Emperor would have to declare civil war on Lecht, with him touching the Crown Prince as more than enough justification to do so. It was tantamount to trying to prevent the danger of a civil war and creating an actual civil war in the process of it.

[Lecht] “Then shall we just take care of him without anyone knowing?”

[Ara] “Are you going to continue saying such frightening things?”

I glared at him with a deadpan expression.

[Ara] “The Crown Prince may be extremely frustrating and annoying, but…”

Although it was true that he enjoyed showing off his power and behaving like that, at least he didn’t do anything that would hurt the citizens of the empire like this. If you ask me, this man was also probably a victim of Olivia’s lies.

[Ara] “He’s only an idiot, and not an actual evil person at heart.”

Though of course, that didn’t mean he was innocent of all the crimes he committed while he was ignorant. It wasn’t a crime to be ignorant, but he couldn’t irresponsibly avoid his crime with the excuse of ‘I didn’t know’.

However, in Ziken’s case, I thought it was worth brushing over.

[Ara] “And won’t you only be pruning the branches if you catch him? We have to get rid of the roots.”

Catching Ziken would solve anything, since the one we were trying to get rid of was Olivia.

[Ara] “First off, our main priority is to make it clear that she was the one who started this incident as well… Frody won’t defect to our side, right?”

[Lecht] “If we utilise the authority of the Demon King, I can make it so that he tells the truth.”

At Lecht’s pleasant words, my feeling of discomfort, as if I had indigestion, was soon replaced by a good feeling.

[Ara] “Really? Then we’ll find him tomorrow and reveal the truth!”

[Tanma] “No, you can’t.”

But my joy was soon blocked by Tanma. 

Tanma, who had received my puzzled look, explained with a troubled expression on his face.

[Tanma] “I also agree that it’s of the utmost importance for us to catch that woman and clear Miss of her innocence. But I am against Your Majesty using your authority to do so.”

[Ara] “Why?”

Is there a reason why he shouldn’t use it?

[Tanma] “It is against the rules of the demon realm to impose your authority on him, since staying in the human realm under a contract with a human means being free from the ‘Demon King’s approval’.”

[Ara] “Oh, so there’s another rule.”

Finding out about yet another rule I was unaware of gave me a headache.

 [Lecht] “It doesn’t matter. I’ll call him out tomorrow.”

[Tanma] “You can’t, Your Majesty. Don’t you know how great the cost you’ll have to pay for tampering with the rules of the human realm?”

[Lecht] “I’ll take care of it.”

[Tanma] “Your Majesty!”

Looking at the unusual atmosphere between Lecht and Tanma, I asked cautiously.

[Ara] “What happens if you break the rules?”

[Tnama] “On a small scale, you’ll be stripped of the Demon King’s authority, and on a large scale, you’ll be banished to an infinite world of space and time.”


Didn’t you say it wasn’t a big deal?

[Ara] “Then you can’t, you absolutely cannot do that.”

[Lecht] “It’s not a big deal. There’s nothing to worry about.”

[Ara] “I can tell just how serious it is just from hearing about it, what do you mean it’s nothing?!” 

[Lecht] “Tanma has exaggerated it for no reason.”

[Ara] “No way. Even if it’s exaggerated, the risk is too big. We can find another way.”

I couldn’t push Lecht into a difficult situation just to clear my name.

[Lecht] “It’s really fine.”

[Ara] “I said no!”

I began to grow restless when Lecht kept saying it was fine. Since this man was someone who would even suffer an accident for me.

[Ara] “Don’t you dare! If you do, I’ll ignore Lecht for the rest of my life!”

I saw Lecht’s fingertips flinch at my threat. It was a reaction that came out whenever he was flustered or a point had hit its mark. He nodded meekly, just as I expected.

[Lecht] “We should find another way.”

I smiled proudly at the sight of him obediently listening to my words.

[Ara] “Then how should we reel that woman… no, how we’ll catch her; should we think about it more tomorrow and just head in for today? Being physically healthy is essential to hunt after all.”

Although I was someone who preferred to live quietly whenever possible, I was going to catch her. Not because I was an extremely righteous person, but because the least I could do was to try and protect the people as the Saintess of the Night God to the best of my ability.

* * *

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A priest approached Lydia, who was looking up at the moon outside of the large window.

[Priest] “High Priestess, I have a question.”

Instead of answering him, Lydia said something completely irrelevant.

[Lydia] “Today’s full moon looks just like a red moon.”

[Priest] “A red moon?”

The priest looked up at the moon that Lydia was looking at.

[Priest] “Isn’t it impossible to predict the cycle of the red and blue moon?”

[Lydia] “It’s just a feeling.”

[Priest] “It’d be nice for it to be a red moon. If the red moon, which only rises once every twenty or thirty years, comes out at the Saintess’s proclamation ceremony, don’t you think we’d be able to lift our heads a bit higher?”

Lydia smiled with him upon hearing his excited voice.

[Lydia] “It will come out. Since Lunar will want to talk to Miss Ara.”

[Priest] “Oh, that’s right. Apparently Lunar is rather chatty.”

Among the priests, Lydia was the only one who had ever communicated directly with Lunar.

[Lydia] “Yes, they’re quite chatty too…”

Lydia smiled mysteriously as if she suddenly thought of something.

[Lydia] “Since it’s been 100 years since they’ve met.”

[Priest] “100 years?”

The priest looked at Lydia with an odd expression on their face.

[Priest] “Oh, I guess you’re right. It’s been 100 years since the last saintess has appeared.”

Lydia smiled meaningfully at the priest’s question. The priest, who didn’t notice, then went on to tell her why they had sought her out.

[Priest] “What should we do with what the Crown Prince sent? I reported it yesterday but you haven’t said anything, so I’ve come again to ask.”

Yesterday, a slightly friendly message arrived from the crown prince’s faction, saying that they wanted to strengthen their ties with the Lunar religion in the future.

[Priest] “I don’t know where they got their audacity from.”

They appealed the fact that the Crown Prince and new saintess had previously been engaged. Even if there had been an unpleasant situation in the past, the relationship could still be renewed again. However, it was ridiculous from the Lunar religion’s point of view.

[Priest] “They sent us that yesterday, yet today they’re trying to paint our Saintess as a sinner.”

It was like they were using Ara as a link to strengthen their ties with the Lunar religion, while simultaneously trying to shame and accuse Ara at the same time.

[Lydia] “The one who wants to strengthen their relationship with us isn’t the Crown Prince himself, but the forces behind him.

In other words, attempting to accuse Ara of a crime was an act that solely belongs to the Crown Prince.

[Priest] “If so, why would the Crown Prince do something that would go against his own influence…”

[Lydia] “He must be blinded by love.”

Lydia suddenly thought of Lecht as she said so. She let out a laugh.

That’s true. Some people could even dedicate 100 years to a single person, so what the Crown Prince was doing right now was merely childs play.

[Lydia] “Ignore it.”

[Priest] “Yes!”

The priest replied happily, as if he had been waiting for that response. He didn’t ask any useless questions like, ‘Will that really be alright?’. It was because deep in his heart, he didn’t want to associate with someone who had insulted the Saintess. 

Lydia, who was left alone again after the priest left, looked up at the moon once more. She smiled as she recalled Ara again.

[Lydia] “I really wouldn’t have recognised her if you hadn’t said anything, Lunar.”

There was a secret of Lydia’s that people didn’t know of. Although it had been twenty years since she had first heard Lunar’s voice and become their high priestess, she had already lived for over 100 years. 

That was when Lunar told Lydia something about the saintess, among the many conversations they had.

[The previous saintess and the new saintess are the same person.]

Rather than the fact that they were both saintesses, it meant their soul itself was the same. However, it was difficult to think of them as the same person since they had a different appearance and had no memory of 100 years ago.

[Lydia] “His Majesty the Demon King must be a master at recognising her.”

She thought she was second to none at loving Ara, but in the end, she still couldn’t beat the Demon King.

‘It’s a bit sad that you can’t remember anything though.’ 

Lydia smiled as she touched the design on her face with her fingertips. A new world had opened up to Lydia 100 years ago thanks to her, but she herself had no memory of it. 

She thought about talking about it, but she gave it up in the end. Since telling someone, ‘I was that girl back then’, who didn’t even have any memory of it, was burdening them as well.

‘Well, my grief can’t be compared to His Majesty.’ 

He could’ve been resentful and hurt at the fact that she had forgotten such a deep love… but he still looked at her with eyes that dripped honey, and only took care of her. The Demon King who ruled over the entirety of the demon realm, would be excessively nervous and attentive to her every word.

It might seem ridiculous to other demons if they saw that, but Lydia understood. 

As long as they had life in them, they would have no choice but to be drawn to Ara. Ara wasn’t just a ‘user’ of divine power, but divine power itself.

The divine power of Lunar specialised in purification. It wasn’t just poison or diseases that it purified. It also purified a person’s mind. Just by being around her, all the pain and wounds suffered throughout your life are healed, and your mind is immediately relieved of all anxiety. 

A panacea for the soul. Who in the world wouldn’t like that?

t/n: panacea is a cure all for all diseases

[Lydia] “Loving Ara is uncontrollable.”

Lydia herself was still unaware that she was also one of them, falling back into the memories of her and Ara from 100 years ago.

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넌 내 모든 거야
내 여름이고 내 꿈이야
넌 내 모든거야
나 있는 그대로 받아줄게요

you’re my everything
my summer and my dream
you’re my everything
i’ll take you just as you are.


IBVIAAN Ch 40 — The Relationship Between That Man and Woman

I had no intention of stopping him from digging his own grave. But unlike me, there was someone who had to stop this from happening.

[Olivia] “There’s no need for you to go that far, right…?”

Olivia, who was gripping onto Ziken’s collar tightly, asked cautiously. But Ziken let out a sigh, obviously already misinterpreting the reason for her desperation.

[Ziken] “Livi, are you going to ask me to forgive her again?”

[Olivia] “That…”

[Ziken] “Don’t worry. I’ll investigate it thoroughly and get to the bottom of this case to make sure they won’t be able to get away with it this time.”

It was a statement from a man who firmly believed that I was the culprit.

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I had no intention of stopping him from digging his own grave. But unlike me, there was someone who had to stop this from happening.

[Olivia] “There’s no need for you to go that far, right…?”

Olivia, who was gripping onto Ziken’s collar tightly, asked cautiously. But Ziken let out a sigh, obviously already misinterpreting the reason for her desperation.

[Ziken] “Livi, are you going to ask me to forgive her again?”

[Olivia] “That…”

[Ziken] “Don’t worry. I’ll investigate it thoroughly and get to the bottom of this case to make sure they won’t be able to get away with it this time.”

It was a statement from a man who firmly believed that I was the culprit.

Olivia bit her lower lip. Ziken brushed his thumb over her lip upon discovering it and smiled.

[Ziken] “The habit that appears whenever you’re anxious has come out again.”

[Olivia] “…”

[Ziken] “Don’t worry. I’ll make sure to protect you from that woman’s retaliation or anything like that.”

He really said anything he wanted, despite being in front of the person who was directly involved in the incident… 

But that probably wasn’t what she was worried about anyway.

[Olivia] “But…”

[Ziken] “Trust me, Livi.”

The disjointed conversation between her, who was caught up in anxiety, and Ziken, who was just making wild guesses, looked so ridiculous to a third party who knew the truth.

In the end, Olivia couldn’t help but nod her head. Realistically, there was no justification for Olivia to stop Ziken from actually investigating the facts of the case. No matter how much she was called a ‘kindhearted saintess’.

Appreciating the patheticness of Ziken, who had driven his own lover into a corner, I interrupted their discordant conversation and asked.

[Ara] “Then shouldn’t Your Highness step aside and go chase after him immediately?”

I spoke while looking at the sick people surrounding me. There were a lot who had run away at the sudden confrontation, but there were still a lot who remained. I could tell how desperate they were, even without asking. Since I had seen how they were constantly monitoring the situation and seemed uneasy over whether I’d really get taken away or not.

[Ara] “I need to heal the people here.”

There were still a lot of people who were waiting for the divine power’s touch in places other than here too. 

I was thinking of investigating the past between Olivia and myself, as well as the relationship between Olivia and Frody in my spare time while I healed them.

Nevertheless, Ziken, who always got in the way every time, didn’t let it go very easily this time either.

[Ziken] “I can’t let someone who’s still under suspicion, like you, continue to heal people.”

His words naturally caused the expressions of the people beside him to darken. 

I tried to speak while holding back a frown. 

[Ara] “Please do not harm the innocent people around you just because of your suspicion which is directed towards me, Your Highness.”

There might not be many people since the epidemic hadn’t had a severe outbreak yet, but after a while had passed, there would be people in need of urgent care coming out soon. Turning a blind eye to them all would be too harsh.

[Ziken] “I don’t know what else you’ll do if I leave you here.”

[Ara] “Then assign someone to monitor me.”

I could just do it while avoiding the eyes of the monitor if it was for the investigation. It was more important to heal these people first. 

But Ziken didn’t allow that either.

[Ziken] “Then I’m just burying my head in the sand. How am I supposed to believe that you’ll actually heal people?”

[Ara] “…”

I couldn’t even find any words to respond to his words that were suspicious of even the fundamentals. What use were my words to someone who didn’t even believe my intentions?

Someone who would resolve my concerns appeared exactly at that time.

[Lydia] “That part is our responsibility.”

The composed voice that came from the entrance caused all of our heads to turn in unison. Lydia, who was so elegant even the act of her taking off her hood seemed so, was walking towards me.

[Lydia] “Saintess, how have you been?”

She was the first to greet me.

[Lydia] “I’m quite late, aren’t I?”

She also added that it took quite a long time to gather all the priests who were scattered outside the capital. Lydia only turned her gaze to Ziken and Olivia after greeting Lecht with a look.

[Lydia] “It’s been a while, Your Highness.”

[Ziken] “I didn’t expect even the High Priestess to come.”

Ziken greeted Lydia with a courteous appearance, completely different to the one he had when he faced me.

[Lydia] “Please speak comfortably, Your Highness.”

[Ziken] “How could I do that? You’re the High Priestess.”

Lydia spoke in a tone of amazement at his words that were full of respect.

[Lydia] “That’s strange.”

[Ziken] “What do you mean?”

[Lydia] “Then why are you so courteous to me, who only takes care of people on behalf of god, and yet so disrespectful to even speak informally and raise your voice at the Saintess, who is the child of god?”

Ziken, who had a benevolent smile on his face as he asked, immediately stiffened at Lydia’s answer. She had only coldly stated the facts, but it was still a satisfying line nevertheless.

‘It’s probably because I’m firmly entrenched in that bastard’s head as ‘that vicious bitch’.’

He must’ve taken on such a rude attitude since before he saw me as a saintess, he had previously viewed me as a wicked woman who had harmed his lover.

Ziken did a double take as he looked alternately between Lydia and I, like someone who had heard something that he never could have thought of. Nevertheless, the expression on his face clearly showed that even if he was dying, he still hated the idea of being respectful toward me.

Lydia started to speak once again, ignoring him who displayed such an attitude.

[Lydia] “I will hereby guarantee it with the name of the High Priestess right here. She is not someone who would dare to do harm to people.”

If it was the Priest Trio who said that, I would’ve just thought that they took my side unconditionally since they just liked me, but it felt different when Lydia, and not anyone else, said something like that. So this is how it felt to receive someone else’s complete trust in you.

[Lydia] “However, I will not cause any disruption to your investigation if you wish to do so, Your Highness.”

She even expressed her confidence at how he wouldn’t be able to find anything, even if he conducts an investigation.

[Lydia] “Rather, if you allow it, I’d be happy to assist Your Highness in catching the man who dared to frame our Saintess. But in return…”

[Ziken] “In return…?”

[Lydia] “While the investigation is being conducted, the Saintess’s residence will be changed to the Great Temple.”

[Ziken] “!”

If we’re talking about the Great Temple, not even the imperial family could bring their knights in there without their permission. If we took that point into consideration, then it would definitely be the safest place for me in this situation.

[Lydia] “I’d like to take this time to inform everyone here. The Saintess will be staying in the Great Temple of the God of Night until the full story of the incident has been revealed.”

Lydia declared without even seeking Ziken’s permission. 

She was relying heavily on using the fact that I was the Saintess after highlighting it. She was appealing to the fact that despite not having a proclamation ceremony, I was still an existence worthy of being protected by the Lunar religion since I was Lunar’s Saintess. 

If Ziken still insists on taking me away right now, it would be tantamount to a declaration of war against Lunarism. Ziken couldn’t respond hastily, perhaps because he also understood the underlying meaning behind her words.

[Lydia] “If anyone is in need of healing, please come and visit the Great Temple at any time.”

Lastly, Lydia turned back toward me with a gentle smile on her face.

[Lydia] “The Moon God’s Saintess right here, Ara, will heal you.”

The words of her, who had even remembered my wish of being called ‘Ara’ instead of ‘Meliara’, completely reversed the atmosphere in which Ziken had the upperhand in. 


* * *

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We all headed back to the Great Temple after the long battle between Ziken and I ended. 

The Great Temple was even more spectacular than the temple I had seen in the mountains. Although it wasn’t particularly flashy at any place, there was still a subtle beauty to it. 

The priests who Lydia had contacted had gathered together and naturally greeted me warmly. Although there were priests who asked for a handshake or guidance, none of them were as unusual as the Priest Trio.

[Ara]Phew, I’m exhausted out of my mind.

It had already become nighttime by the time I finished greeting everyone. Only after Lydia had butted in and kicked everyone out did I finally have time to catch a breather.

[Lydia] “I told them to make preparations to welcome and receive people right away starting from tomorrow. Are you sure you’re okay with that, Saintess?”

[Ara] “Of course I am.”

I was overflowing with divine power. It was enough, not just for me to use, but also for all the priests combined to use if they wanted to.

[Lydia] “I feel a bit apologetic for only telling you now that you’ve arrived, but not everyone who comes will believe you’re innocent.”

[Ara] “I know. There will be people who don’t believe me and are just feeling me out, but there will be more people chasing after me because they believe me coming after them because they don’t have any other options left.”

Normally, as a human being, you’ll even chase after a god you don’t believe in if you’re in a desperate enough situation.

[Lydia] “Yes, that’s right. Although it’s possible for the divine power of Solarism to relieve symptoms, it’s difficult for them to completely heal someone.”

Unlike the divine power of Lunarism which ‘purifies’, the divine power of Solarism only has the power to heal festering skin, but is unable to remove the disease itself. So in the end, the only option left for them is to seek out the Lunar religion.

[Ara] “It’ll start getting busy soon.”

[Lydia] “We’ll be the ones to deal with the rude ones, so you won’t have to worry about that.”

[Ara] “Thank you, Lydia.”

[Lydia] “No, I should be the one thanking you. We haven’t even held the proclamation ceremony, yet you’re already working so hard.”

Truthfully speaking, I didn’t need a grand event like a proclamation ceremony or whatever, just because I was the Saintess. But to them, it was a procedure that had to be followed in order to show the dignity of the Lunar religion, so I just smiled in response.

[Lydia] “Get some rest then.”

After Lydia left the room, only Lecht, Tanma, and I were left in the room.

[Ara] “You’re also staying here, right Lecht?”

[Lecht[ “In the room next door.”

[Ara] “That’s a relief…”

How I truly felt leaked out of my lips without me knowing as I covered my mouth quickly, surprised by what I had just said. 

[Ara] “Oh, that… It’s because even though the temple is safe, I feel a bit more secure if you’re here…”

Lecht smiled as if he understood the additional excuse I had blurted out.

[Lecht] “Where would I, your escort be, if not here?”

Does he know how reassuring it is for him to call himself my ‘escort’ at a time like this?

[Ara] “To be honest, I was a bit scared when the Crown Prince brought in his knights. I wondered if I’d really be dragged away when I had done nothing wrong at all.”

Although I had pretended to be strong in front of Ziken since I didn’t want to lose to him, my heart was actually racing wildly at the time.

[Ara] “But you drew your sword and stood guard next to me so I was able to say everything I wanted to say. Thank you.”

[Lecht] “You don’t need to thank me for something I would’ve done naturally.”

[Ara] “But still, it’s something I’m grateful for, so of course I have to thank you.”

To be honest, I was even thankful that he said that what he did was a given.

I gave him a pretty smile. Lecht smiled with me. His smile in a room that was dark since it was night, despite the lamp being lit, had a different sort of charm to it. It was bewitching.

[Ara] “But…”

A person naturally came to my mind just as I was thinking it was bewitching.

[Ara] “About what the butler said earlier.”

I looked at Tanma, who was standing behind Lecht and asked.

[Ara] “Is it true that he started the rumour about me?”

[Tanma] “I’m sure. He apparently also carries around a small snake as a pet too.”

The fact that people saw that and didn’t care meant that Frody had humanised himself, and the pet snake was under an illusion spell, like Kelber.

[Tanma] “He doesn’t seem to have any intention of hiding his own identity.”

[Lecht] “Probably trying to feel out my true intentions.”

Lecht, who had stayed by my side silently throughout everything, spat out as if he was annoyed.

[Ara] “Why Lecht…?”

The two of them didn’t seem to get along very well last time we met either. Frody kept deliberately provoking Lecht and getting on his nerves while Lecht just ignored Frody as much as he could. He seemed to have not responded since he hadn’t crossed his bottom line yet. I could sense that their relationship was much more complex than just one of hostility.

[Ara] “You might think this is a bit odd, but I thought Saintess Olivia was the one who did it.”

[Lecht] “The woman with blonde hair?”

[Ara] “This time as well…The tea that I apparently poisoned. The truth is…”

I calmly began to explain. Of course, excluding the fact that I had read it in a novel and that I was Ara Lee and had possessed Meliara’s body. 

The fact that the tea I had given her was a different type of tea, and the fact that she seemed a bit off during the situation today. So, in many ways, I explained how all my previous incidents also had many dubious aspects to it as well.

[Ara] “I know it may seem strange to be so suspicious in the absence of any concrete evidence.”

I didn’t know the entire story either, so it all sounded vague, even to me. 

[Ara] “But for some reason… the way Olivia’s complexion changed earlier…”

[Lecht] “It’s not strange. That’s enough for your suspicion of her to be reasonable, and you’ve come to the right conclusion.”

[Ara] “Do you really think so?”

Lecht spoke resolutely, as if he fully trusted my tentative thoughts that stemmed from my gut feeling.

[Lecht] “This incident is probably that woman’s fault too.”

[Ara] “But didn’t you say Frody was the one who started the rumour… What’s with Frody and Olivia?”

How did the two of them get to know each other, does Olivia know that Frody is a demon, so on and so forth. I had a lot of questions. Lecht seemed to know, so I quickly asked him.

[Lecht] “There’s something I didn’t tell you since I thought it had nothing to do with you. I would’ve told you earlier if I knew you and her were this entangled with each other.

[Ara] “What is it?”

Lecht pressed his forehead as if he had a headache and spoke as if he were sighing.

[Lecht] “That blonde woman and Frody are in a contractual relationship.”

[Ara] “Contractual…?”

There wasn’t anything strange about it, since anyone would enter into a contract when they make transactions. It was just that Lecht was so serious I could only guess that the contents of their transaction was anything but lighthearted.

[Lecht] “It’s a contract where in exchange for Frody’s power being lent to her, that woman then serves as a medium for Frody to remain in the human realm.”

I couldn’t help but widen my eyes. What he told me was, as expected, a grave story on a completely different level.

im actually really curious about the relationship between lecht and frody since i don’t think their relationship is purely one of hostility either,,,hopefully it gets revealed soon!!

IBVIAAN Ch 39 — The Moment Everything in the Original Novel Flew Away

Meliara had given her peppermint tea. Olivia collapsed after drinking chamomile tea. But the one who tried to poison Olivia was Meliara?

What sort of planting a green bean only for it to yield a red bean1 nonsense is this? Feeling dubious, I asked one more time for confirmation.

[Ara] “You’re saying you collapsed after drinking the chamomile tea I gave you?”

Ziken temper flared at my question.

[Ziken] “What exactly are you playing at now, Princess!? To even poke at other people’s trauma like that…!”

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as translator, proofreader and editor!

Meliara had given her peppermint tea. Olivia collapsed after drinking chamomile tea. But the one who tried to poison Olivia was Meliara?

What sort of planting a green bean only for it to yield a red bean1 nonsense is this? Feeling dubious, I asked one more time for confirmation.

[Ara] “You’re saying you collapsed after drinking the chamomile tea I gave you?”

Ziken temper flared at my question.

[Ziken] “What exactly are you playing at now, Princess!? To even poke at other people’s trauma like that…!”

He hurriedly jumped to Olivia’s defence. Olivia fisted her temple robes with her small hands as her slender shoulders trembled violently. Although I felt a bit apologetic at her pitiful appearance, this was something that I needed to confirm.

[Olivia] “You even announced that you were going to send chamomile tea in front of everyone…”

Olivia said, her voice full of terror.

[Olivia] “You said that you’d know that I was rejecting your goodwill if I didn’t drink it, so I… hic…”

Hearing her say that she was forced to drink it under my coercion and threats, I felt dizzy, swiping a hand across my forehead. 

Although the original story had already changed drastically, this was part of a future that hadn’t happened yet. All the events before I came here were exactly the same as the original novel’s. I didn’t just trust the original novel blindly. 

But there hasn’t been anything wrong with what happened in the past so far. So if that was the case, then how was I meant to accept these two inconsistent facts?

‘Who made the switch in the middle…?’

If that was the case, then this was a serious situation. Although I had now left the Duke household, I was still a princess at that time, so it could be interpreted as an attempt to incite discord between the Darchez Duchy and the temple. Furthermore, even the Crown Prince, Princess, and the Saintess had all been deceived by it.


I had a strong gut feeling that this wasn’t done by a third party at all. 

I fixed my eyes onto Olivia. 

Contrary to her trembling shoulders and slender figure that was held in Ziken’s embrace, her shifty eyes that kept glancing at me were strange. It wasn’t a gaze that stemmed from fear or cautiousness, but a vigilance that came from envy and jealousy.

A phrase flashed in my mind.

<[Meliara] “It’s not me, Your Highness! No matter how jealous I am, I won’t do something so illogical or senseless!”>

At that time, I had brushed past that line with the thought ‘The villainess is speaking nonsense again’, but now it sounded a bit different.

 One after another, all the other ‘evil deeds’ that were commited by Meliara in the original novel suddenly came to my mind. Even the line that Meliara shot back every time.

<[Meliara] “Did such a thing happen? But what do you mean it’s my fault?”>

I had only thought that she was extremely shameless back then, but what if that was actually the truth devoid of lies…?

<[Meliara] “You know what the truth is, Saintess! So why are you saying something else instead?!”>

My head began to throb as if I had been hit hard in the back of my head by the line that was full of Meliara’s pent up anger. My heart began to pound. 

Olivia is…?

‘Since when did she…’

I didn’t know when or where it started. But at some point, everyone would single out Meliara and attack her ceaselessly whenever something happened to Olivia. They even sometimes swore at her without even considering the logistics of the situation, to the point where it even felt a bit excessive. 

I had thought it was natural since she was a ‘villainess’, but what if everything was actually someone else’s well-crafted scheme? And if Meliara had only been stuck in that framework…?


A bitter laugh escaped from my mouth. 

So this is how it felt to be played. It was the moment when everything in the original novel that I had believed in flew away in an instant and returned to being a blank canvas again.

It was already confirmed that the male lead was an absolute disgrace unlike the original novel, so it wasn’t exactly that strange for Meliara to not actually be a vicious villainess either.

But the fact that the female lead was blackened and was actually the secret mastermind behind it all hit me harder than I expected. The sense of betrayal was different to when I found out about the male lead’s true nature.

‘No, Ara Lee. Let’s not jump to conclusions. Nothing has been confirmed yet.’

I could feel my fury bubbling up inside, but I managed to correct my thoughts. I had a hunch, but not any actual evidence. The only thing that was telling me to find out the truth was just a ‘feeling’.

[Ziken] “This should be enough evidence, right? Don’t make things any bigger than they are and just come with us obediently!”

Coming to my senses at Ziken’s roar, I took a deep breath in.

[Ara] “I’m not going.”

[Ziken] “What?”

[Ara] “There’s still no solid evidence that I did it.”

I lifted my head up stiffly and started to act shamelessly.

[Ziken] “There isn’t any evidence that’s more solid than this medicine coming out of your bag!”

At Ziken’s protest, I began to speak, my eyes glued to Olivia.

[Ara] “I told you, that’s an unknown bottle I’m not aware of. Maybe someone put it in there to frame me.”

She avoided my eyes when we made eye contact, just as I expected. Although it was an action that could be interpreted in a variety of ways, my doubts continued to grow.

[Ziken] “Th-That immoral woman is making that sort of speculation again…!”

Ziken swore at me again, but I didn’t yield to him. 

I couldn’t help it. If I allowed myself to be arrested just like this, then I wouldn’t have enough time to investigate the truth as well as what was going on with Olivia. I couldn’t leave such an important matter to someone else, so all I could do was thoughtlessly refuse to cooperate with them.

[Ara] “I won’t go with you until you’ve finished your investigation.”

[Ziken] “Say something that makes sense!”

At my unreasonable stubbornness, he became so angry it seemed like he was about to collapse from high blood pressure at any moment now. 

There was a heavy tension that lingered over the confrontation between those who defended me and Ziken’s knights. There was a long bout of silence.

A long shadow suddenly drifted past Ziken and Olivia.



At the appearance of the shadow of a person, Olivia screamed in surprise while Ziken also naturally jumped in shock.

[Ziken] “Wh-What?!”

Ziken, who had belatedly discovered the identity of the shadow, stumbled over his words before demanding.

Butler Tanma, who had appeared from who knows where, looked sharply at Olivia and Ziken, who had suddenly screamed and jumped in surprise. With an expression that seemed to think that they were ridiculous, he nodded perfunctorily at them before walking toward Lecht. All of his actions were so natural and normal that I wondered if this space was still the one that had been filled with tension until recently.

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[Ziken] “What the hell were you guys doing until he came nearer to you!”

[Knight] “I-I couldn’t feel his presence at all.”

[Knight] “I couldn’t see him…”

[Ziken] “How could you have not seen such a tall man?!”

Ziken shouted at the knights behind him. They all looked extremely wronged. 

Truthfully speaking, I was extremely surprised as well. Even though I was looking toward the entrance, I hadn’t even seen the butler at all. Coming back to my senses, I noticed that the butler, like a ghost, had already passed Olivia and Ziken.

‘As expected of the second in command of the demon realm…’

When I looked at the butler with a look of admiration, the butler smiled at me before turning to Lecht.

[Tanma] “I’ve found the place where the false rumours of Miss spreading the disease started, just like you’ve ordered.”

His words drew the attention of everyone here. Ziken, who was scolding the knights, and the knights, who were being scolded unfairly, all looked to Tanma.

[Lecht] “And the result is?”

[Tanma] “All of the rumours lead back to a single man.”

At that moment, a quick glance was exchanged between Tanma and Lecht.

[Tanma] “He’s said to be a man with an appearance that is estimated to be in his late 20s and early 30s. He also has bizarrely pale skin.”

Everyone swallowed dryly at the description of the one who started the rumour.

[Tanma] “He’s said to have extremely charming sky blue eyes which resemble a winter lake. His hair is about this long, and…”

The more he explained, the deeper I frowned.

[Tanma] “Apparently, his hair is a rare style that is a mix of black and white hair. But most importantly of all… he’s apparently so charming that all who see him fall in love at first sight, regardless of their age and gender.”

This… is clearly Frody. No matter how many times I heard it, it was clearly Frody, with the only description missing being his ‘horns’.

[Ara] “Lecht, this is…”

I tugged at Lecht’s clothes slightly and whispered inaudibly to others to him. Lecht nodded slightly, as if he was saying that it was the person I thought it was.

It’s Frody? The source of that rumour…? I had definitely thought it’d be Olivia though…

I turned my head to check on Olivia. Sure enough, her face had turned a pasty white and her pupils were shaking violently. As if a big secret of hers had just been revealed. But why was Olivia so flustered when the source of the rumour is Frody…?

Ziken, who had no time to check on Olivia’s condition, interrupted Tanma.

[Ziken] “What you just said, are you sure?”

[Tanma] “Yes, I discovered it by contacting the majority of the people who were in the area who had heard of this rumour. I can call them over myself if you don’t believe me.”

Ziken didn’t question it, perhaps because the person speaking was an aide to Grand Duke Arvis.

[Ziken] “So where is that man now?”

[Tanma] “That’s what I’m talking about right now…”

Tanma let out a huff and rubbed his chins softly.

[Tanma] “I couldn’t get a hold of his whereabouts.”

[Ziken] “What did you say?”

[Tanma] “I don’t know if he’s able to freely use some sort of teleportation magic, but he can be at the 24th Street at one moment, then appear on the 7th Street 5 minutes later.”

[Ziken] “There’s no way that’s possible! Are you sure it’s the same person?”

[Tanma] “Everyone gave the exact same description.”

It was also quite unlikely for various people to have such a unique appearance. Unless several people had predetermined to do so and dressed up exactly the same.

[Tanma] “Oh, they all said that as well. When they were with him… he smelled strongly of flowers.”

[Olivia] “Oh.”

Olivia was the first to react to Tanma’s last comment. A shaky sigh escaped her lips. She seemed to be shocked that she had made a sound and quickly covered her mouth with her hand. But her erratic gaze and trembling hands couldn’t be covered.

[Ziken] “Livi? What’s wrong?”

[Olivia] “Oh, that’s…”

Olivia finally opened her mouth to speak after only repeating the words ‘uh’ and ‘um’ for a long time, her voice filled with fright.

[Olivia] “To think someone actually tried to frame the Princess… I can’t believe such a terrible thing has happened…”

Ziken looked at her ardently at her trembling words.

[Ziken] “You were so worried about the woman who tormented you to that extent? Haa, what should I do with you when you’re so full of kindness?”

I almost let out a jeering laugh at the sight of him hugging her tightly, as if he was going crazy due to his love for her. 

Do those actions really seem like she’s ‘worried’ about me? There should be a limit to how blinded by love you can be. 

She was no pushover. How would you react when you find out that the woman in your arms has, in fact, pushed all those false accusations onto that woman you thought was evil with her schemes and acting?

‘This situation should also be Olivia’s fault… so why is Frody appearing out of nowhere?’

Don’t tell me they’re working together…? If it wasn’t for that, there’s no way she would have reacted like that to Tanma’s explanation. To be fair, if I knew about Frody, then it was rather close minded for me to assume that Olivia didn’t know as well. What remained of my little doubt was only whether or not she knew Frody was a demon. 

Feeling another incoming headache at the thought of how to figure this out again, I opened my mouth.

[Ara] “You’ve cleared me of all suspicion and charges now, right? Then could you please step back? There are still many sick people waiting to be healed.”

[Ziken] “You haven’t been absolved of everything yet! How do you explain the bottle from your bag?!”

[Ara] “That’s obviously been planted by someone in order to frame me…”

[Ziken] “And the proof that that was the case.”

[Ara] “…”

[Ziken] “See. The charges against you haven’t been lifted yet.”

It was when I was feeling suffocated by the suspicion of the persistent Ziken.

[Ziken] “We can just catch that guy and ask him.”

Ziken made a wise choice but came to a stupid conclusion.

[Ziken] “If he’s the one who claims you spread the disease, then he’s one of the two. Either he’s trying to frame you, or he’s seen you use the bottle.”

Even while he was speaking of both possibilities, he was still putting more emphasis on the latter. Looking at me while raising one corner of his mouth sardonically, he commanded the knights.

[Ziken] “Go and bring the person who started the rumour.”

He looked arrogant, as if he were whispering, ‘I’ve got you now’.

But does he know? Just how pale Olivia, who was in his arms, is right now?

[1] The proper proverb is ‘planting green beans will yield green beans, planting red beans will yield red ones’ the meaning being ‘the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree’ or ‘you reap what you sow’. But Meliara has mixed them together to show the inconsistency of the story line.

ziken try not to get angry or raise your voice challenge,,, also ziken had WAYYYY too many lines in this chapter fr :/

IBVIAAN Ch 38 — My True Feelings That Even I Doubt

I asked Lecht cautiously after sending back the ghostly pale Ziken.

[Ara] “Lecht, you weren’t actually being serious… right?”

[Lecht] “What do you mean?”

[Ara] “About accepting the challenge.”

Although I tried to quell my anxieties, my efforts were futile in the end due to Lecht’s reply.

[Lecht] “Of course it’ll be a war if he touches you.”

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I asked Lecht cautiously after sending back the ghostly pale Ziken.

[Ara] “Lecht, you weren’t actually being serious… right?”

[Lecht] “What do you mean?”

[Ara] “About accepting the challenge.”

Although I tried to quell my anxieties, my efforts were futile in the end due to Lecht’s reply.

[Lecht] “Of course it’ll be a war if he touches you.”

[Ara] “No…!”

I stopped him in a hurry. The only one who could stop this man, whose everything started and ended with me, was me.

[Ara] “That foolish Crown Prince was obviously just saying that to show off his ego. So how could you just take it as a challenge…!”

[Lecht] “…” 

[Ara] “The empire will be destroyed if you truly raise your sword against it, Lecht!”

Lecht didn’t open his mouth, even at my scolding. Just as I was contemplating how to overcome this troublesome situation, I suddenly heard the sound of Lecht trying to stifle his laughter.

[Ara] “Why are you laughing?”

[Lecht] “I just didn’t expect for you to have that much faith in me.”

Seemingly in a good mood, Lecht looked at me like I was adorable. 

[Ara] “No, it’s not a matter of having faith in you, rather, it’s just a fact.”

I saw it in the original novel. Of you completely obliterating this place.

[Lecht] “But it isn’t to the point you’d believe that it’s a ‘fact’ without a single flicker of doubt.”

Although I could be sure of it since I had really seen such a scene in the original novel, Lecht seemed to look at it differently.

[Ara] “No, I mean…”

He spoke up just as I was about to protest that that wasn’t what I meant.

[Lecht] “There is no fixed outcome to any war. A moment of carelessness can result in a backstabbing, and a small mistake can wipe out an entire army.”

[Ara] “…”

[Lecht] “Even I have never been 100 percent certain that I would win. But you’re already even more sure of it than I am. To the point where you can firmly say that it’s a ‘fact’.”

What he said was right. The war I had witnessed in the original novel was a war that began due to the withering of the rose, where Lecht was completely beside himself and not in his right mind. It was clear that if a war broke out this time, both the quality and the circumstances would differ from that war since the reason for this war would be due to Ziken’s provocation. 

[Ara] “But… no matter how I look at it, I don’t think Lecht would lose though…”

But aside from that, I still thought it’d be Lecht’s victory by a landslide anyway. He’s the Demon King… Demons were fundamentally more durable and stronger than humans. And they would use demonic creatures too. No matter how you look at it, it’d be Lecht’s victory for sure. 

As I murmured softly while scratching my cheek in embarrassment, Lecht reached both hands out to my face. He cupped my face with both hands and bowed his head slightly. With his forehead now touching mine. The warmth from his body lingered around me.

[Lecht] “I know you hate when I talk about the past. But in my eyes, in both the past and the present, you were and still are…”

[Ara] “…”

[Lecht] “You see through my true feelings even when I find myself doubting them, and flood me with your baseless trust and faith.”

His slightly muffled voice was affectionate. The feeling of his thumbs stroking both of my cheeks was earnest, as if he couldn’t hold it in any longer. 

Although I found myself once again comparing myself to the me 100 years ago, the sentiment sweeping through my heart was different. In the past, whenever he told me about myself 100 years ago, I’d only feel burdened, and honestly, a little jealous too. 

But I didn’t feel that sort of burden anymore. There was only a gentle breeze in my heart now. It tickled, so I lowered my gaze and started fidgeting with my fingers for no reason. 

This wasn’t what I meant to say… What was I going to say again… 

The words I was going to say disappeared from my mind, with only butterflies filling my stomach. The skin that was touched by his hands seemed to be extra sensitive as my heart started to beat faster and faster. 


It was the butler’s needless cough that brought my mind, which had been absorbed in a world where only the two of us existed, back to reality.

[Tanma] “I wouldn’t interrupt the two of you if I didn’t need to, but I will dare to interfere since the situation right now is quite particular. We still have a lot of work left to do.”

The place where he jerked his head towards was filled with people who were looking at us with shining eyes. They weren’t the gazes of those who were waiting for a doctor, but resembled those who were watching a sweet play instead. 

Realising that we were doing such a thing in public, I stepped away from Lecht.

[Ara] “Then, shall we finish our work?”

Turning my body stiffly since I couldn’t bring myself to look back at Lecht due to my sheer embarrassment of it all, I spotted a dash of pink at the end of my field of vision.

[Ara] “Oh.”

Already far away from me, Linden was walking away. That pink hair gradually disappeared around the corner at the end of the road. 

My heart, which had only been feeling ticklish, suddenly started to tingle slightly. It felt as if I had just applied an extremely potent salve on it. I felt like I seemed to know what this uncomfortable feeling was. 

Kelber dug into my hand as I continued to stare vacantly at the place where he had disappeared.


He tugged slightly at my sleeve with his teeth, as if he was saying, ‘Let’s go and heal them, quickly’.

[Ara]Mmhm, we should get to work.”

I turned on the heel of my foot with a heavy heart.

* * *

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I poured my energy into healing the influx of sick people. Lecht led the people adeptly whereas I had no idea where Tanma had gone. 

It was around sunset when the Priest Trio appeared, causing a commotion in the peaceful clinic as they arrived.

[Priest Trio] “Saintess! There’s a big problem!”

Every one of them was saying the exact same thing, unlike how they usually always quarrelled.

[Priest Trio] “You must leave right now!”

There was an urgency in their voices as they ran towards me, trying to avoid the crowd of sick people. Surprised, I briefly asked the people I was dealing with for their understanding and went to greet them. Beads of sweat were dripping down the foreheads of all three of them.

[Ara] “What on earth has happened for all of you to run here with your faces so ghostly pale?”

[Lunarism Priest] “You should escape right now!”

[Ara] “Why?”

[Lunarism Priest] “The Crown Prince, that man has finally burst into action.”

I frowned. Not much time had even passed before I had to hear Ziken’s name again. Don’t tell me you’re really going to go to war?

[Ara] “What did that person do? Take your time to explain…”

Before I could even finish asking them to explain the situation, the sound of clanking armour drew nearer, and the door that the Priest Trio had just come through swung open once again. 

[Ziken] “There you are.”

With a triumphant expression on his face, Ziken strode in with a group of knights. Olivia was also by his side.


The Priest Trio blocked his way and stood in front of me while Kelber was by my side guarding me. Lecht, who had been on the opposite side of the room, was now standing next to me before I knew it.

Ziken pushed the sick people who were blocking the way in front of him to the side and scoffed jeeringly as soon as he saw me.

[Ziken] “Drag that woman out.”

The knights stepped forward at his command. Flinching in shock, I stepped back and bumped into Lecht, who was standing next to me.

Without another word, he wrapped his arm firmly around my shoulders and pulled out his sword. Kelber also raised his hackles and enlarged his size while the Priest Trio didn’t budge an inch from where they were standing, as if they were about to have a fistfight with them at any moment now.

[Lecht] “Are you going to go down this path after all?”

I swallowed dryly at Lecht’s words. 

Ziken, are you really choosing to go to war?

[Ziken] “Please step back if you don’t wish to be an accomplice, Grand Duke.”

[Ara] “Accomplice…?”

Ziken pulled out a small bottle at my question.

[Ara] “What is that?”

[Ziken] “The cause of this epidemic.”

I furrowed my eyebrows. 

If that’s the cause of this epidemic… does that mean that that’s what caused the disease?

His next words were even more absurd.

[Ziken] “This came out of your bag.”

[Ara] “What sort of nonsense…”

It was my first time seeing the glass bottle, which still had a few drops of its blue contents.

[Ara] “This is my first time this.”

[Ziken] “You’re even feigning innocence right now. It came out of your bag.”

[Ara] “It’s an object I’m not aware of. More importantly… don’t tell me you searched my room? Without even a warrant or any notice at all?

Even if you’re the crown prince, can you even rummage through other people’s rooms too?

[Ziken] “It was standard procedure to conduct an investigation due to the rumours of you spreading this plague.”

[Ara] “Do you think it even makes sense to conduct an investigation based solely on rumours?”

[Ziken]There is no smoke without a fire1.”

[Ara] “You should notify the other party if you were thinking of conducting an investigation. This feels more like a secret background check in order to nitpick and find a fault to incriminate with more than an actual investigation.”

[Ziken] “Well, it turned out to be a wise thing to do in the end, didn’t it?”

I let out a sigh automatically. What he had determined about this serious situation as a result made me feel like shit, and above all, his final conclusion was wrong as well.

[Ara] “That isn’t mine.”

[Ziken] “It came out of your bag so stop pretending.”

[Ara] “How am I meant to know if it actually came out of my bag, or if Your Highness just showed up holding it and insisted it came out of my bag?”

[Ziken] “Are you even accusing me of lying right now?! Me, the Crown Prince?!”

[Ara] “Then you’re saying that I’ve done something so extensively damaging to the people? Me, the Saintess?”

Ziken frowned when I returned what he had said to me, tit for tat.

[Ara] “Besides, if I really did that, then why would I have to struggle so hard to heal all these people one by one?”

[Ziken] “You’re dissatisfied with the fact that Livi is the Saintess of the Sun God and has everyone’s love all to herself, so you’ve staged your own self-fabricated scenario to expand your influence.” 

Even though I’ve always thought so, I was always shocked at how imaginative this guy is with his narrow-minded thinking.

[Ara] “And also. Isn’t it strange for me to use a bottle that contains a liquid that is apparently the cause of the disease and put said empty bottle back in my bag? Isn’t that pretty much admitting to being the culprit? So why would I do such a stupid thing?”

[Ziken] “…”

Even if I really did that, that’s way too sloppy. It makes more sense for me to dispose of the bottle to where it can’t be found after I use it. Whether it’s shattered or buried in acid; even throwing it in the trash makes more sense, but you’re saying that I just kept it in my bag?

[Ara] “Obviously someone is trying to frame me.”

It was also very pathetic seeing Ziken run to try and arrest me after thinking that he had found the reason for the disease without my detection. I was very worried about the future of the empire, and wondered whether such a pathetic guy could really become the next emperor of this empire.

Ziken’s face turned red, perhaps because of the thought that he had been caught in someone else’s conspiracy and been deceived by their scheming.

[Ziken] “I didn’t know that your tongue could be so poisonous and sway someone, even when you’ve already been caught doing something!”

I shook my head at him, who always just kept raising his voice.

[Ara] “You’ll find out if my tongue is poisonous or if I’m just telling the truth after you conduct an actual investigation.”

[Ziken] “…”

[Ara] “Don’t tell me you didn’t even think to do a proper investigation? You scoured my entire room over some baseless rumours for nothing and you’re just going to accept this inconsistent situation?”

Ziken was speechless when I shot back at him. As he stuttered and floundered for an answer, Olivia, who was beside him, interrupted him.

[Olivia] “It’s because you’ve committed something this openly before in the past.”

[Ara] “…?”

[Olivia] “After you said that you’d give me tea in front of everyone, you actually sent me the tea you talked about.”

She was talking about her own birthday, where all the nobles who wanted to get in line with the Crown Prince sent Olivia a bunch of expensive gifts. The original novel’s Meliara had expressed her jealousy of Olivia by offering to send her tea. It was a statement that belittled her, meaning that, ‘You’re only worth a cup of tea’. And she had actually sent the tea as well.

[Olivia] “And there was also poison in that tea.”

Her words left me speechless. Now that I was thinking about that incident, it was also extremely similar due to its overlapping points of extremely shamelessly announcing ‘I’m the culprit’. It meant that since there was a precedent, then it was reasonable to think that I would have done so.

[Ara] “Saintess, that’s…”

That situation was different to the current one since it was me, but also not me at the same time. But how was I supposed to explain that?

Ziken decided that now was the time for him to add something as I lagged behind a bit.

[Ziken] “To think that you shamelessly chose to send chamomile tea since you knew that Livi enjoys drinking chamomile tea before bed every evening…!”

He clicked his tongue, saying that it was extremely wicked of me to do so. Although his words were aggressive, I felt a sense of oddity to them.

[Ara] “Wait. Chamomile?”

I quietly repeated the question in a slightly foolish voice.

[Ziken] “That’s right. I was suspicious of why you sent it on purpose, but the gentle Livi…!”

He kept chiselling away at me with his highly temperamental voice. But I was no longer listening to him. 

I didn’t have any memories from when that incident happened. But one thing was for sure.

<Meliara chose to send chamomile tea among the various teas. It was one of Olivia’s least favourite teas.>

Meliara hadn’t given Olivia chamomile tea, but peppermint tea instead. 

A cold sensation starting from my feet started to wrap itself around me.

[1] rumours and gossip have some truth to them

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