SMCS Ch 9 — You’re Not Supposed To Eat That!


He slowly stepped forward while calling my name.

His black hair, which had been neatly arranged and brushed back, even on the day he had returned home after a long war, was for some reason, a mess, with bits and pieces of it sticking out here and there.

His eyes, which never always seemed to be aloof, no matter what the circumstances, were sunken and bloodshot, giving off an indescribably vicious atmosphere. 

Even his complexion was as pale as a corpse’s.

And by the way… why were his clothes also in such a mess?

It was the appearance of someone who had neither eaten nor slept for a few days.

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He slowly stepped forward while calling my name.

His black hair, which had been neatly arranged and brushed back, even on the day he had returned home after a long war, was for some reason, a mess, with bits and pieces of it sticking out here and there.

His eyes, which never always seemed to be aloof, no matter what the circumstances, were sunken and bloodshot, giving off an indescribably vicious atmosphere. 

Even his complexion was as pale as a corpse’s.

And by the way… why were his clothes also in such a mess?

It was the appearance of someone who had neither eaten nor slept for a few days.

In fact, although we had only met twice in the span of two years, I had still heard about Periot while I was living in the Duke’s residence. 

I was also well aware that he had knife-like nature which was famous for not leaving even a pen in his office just in any random place.

So it was hard to believe, even if I saw it with my own two eyes. How could such a Periot appear here in such a thoroughly ruined state? 

Perhaps I was dreaming.

“I just asked the two of you what you were doing right now.”

With each step he took, the long sword that was hung at his waist moved with an eerie sound. Thanks to that, I realised that this was in fact, not a dream.

Yeah, in fact, this wasn’t a dream, but rather, the entrance to hell, right?

As soon as I heard that frigid voice, the sprigs of flowers that were swaying to and fro with the wind behind Periot seemed to resemble the emaciated arms of the dead, beckoning to me to go to hell.

Even the once beautiful lake seemed to look like a black swamp of the dead, one which had no return once crossed. Goosebumps ran down my spine. 

Just why was that man here? Don’t tell me you came all the way here from chasing after me?

Just when and where did you start watching from?!

As I recalled what I had been doing until just now, I felt a chill envelop my whole body, as if all the blood from my body had just been drained from my body.

‘Th-Thankfully it was a failed attempt…!’

What would have happened if my eyes had really been filled just with shares and I had actually pressed my lips against his?!

The answer was fixed. I would’ve been sightseeing in the afterlife already.

Since no excuse would’ve worked on a psycho who imprisons people right away at just one word of his wife seeing another man…!

“Why can’t you speak? Are you perhaps suffering from aphasia1?”

While I hesitated to answer, Periot came closer and closer toward me. It was when I unknowingly took a step back in retreat due to the pressure he was emitting from his body.

“Hold on.”

Someone was blocking my way. 

A clean, white, and wrinkleless uniform underneath long blond hair.

“How surprising to meet you in a place like this. It’s quite far from your estate.”

It didn’t take very long for me to realise that the person standing in my way was General Leonon.

“Don’t tell me you came all this way just because of this person?”

The sound of the footsteps that were approaching stopped abruptly at Leonon’s question.

“Although I don’t know what’s going on, doing this here won’t be a good idea. There are many eyes watching.”

Even in front of this wretched Periot, who seemed to be possessed by an evil spirit with a grudge, Leonon still spoke in a calm manner.

Periot laughed briefly, as if he were dumbfounded.

“I should be the one to ask what’s going on.”

But he soon glared at Leonon with blazing eyes.

“Just what is the new head of the Holy Knights doing with someone else’s wife right now?”

The sound of his teeth grinding slipped out, and even reached all the way to me.

“What? Wife…?”

Leonon’s eyes, which were looking back at me slowly, were full of unmistakable shock. I couldn’t look him in the eyes, as if I had become a sinner.

Although I couldn’t tell him and hid it, I was still planning on being honest with him and apologising one day.

If only that crazy Grand Duke of the North hadn’t exposed everything like this!

“Yes, that’s my wife.”

At that time, Periot spoke while raising his chin arrogantly. His face was full of mocking laughter.

It was the same expression he had when I had handed him the divorce papers. When I recalled the memory of that moment, I started to get angry without even realising it.

“Who the hell is your wife? Who?!” 

I quickly ran past Captain Leonon.

“Give me proof that I’m your wife!”

“…What did you say?” 

Periot frowned with displeasure, but that didn’t matter to me. I wasn’t that angry or afraid, since more than anything else, I knew he couldn’t show any proof.

We only had a wedding and lived together for less than a day, and our wedding vows, which were the most important of all, didn’t even exist anymore!

Under the laws of this country, aristocratic marriages without a marriage certificate were considered null and void. It was something I definitely couldn’t be unaware of since I had wanted to escape from that hellish Dukedom somehow. 

I took a deep breath and delivered the final blow.

“Show me the marriage certificate, you psycho bastard!”


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At some point, before I knew it, the sun began to set as dusk began to settle in.

A rather chilly wind blew continuously from the other side of the lake. Periot’s disheveled hair also swayed alone with the wind.

Although it wasn’t my first time feeling it, I once again realised that Periot’s eyes were like a deep cave, devoid of even a single light. Those black eyes which were like obsidian somehow made my spine feel cold just by looking at it. 

During my stay in the Duke’s mansion, I had heard the servants whispering about his eyes, but I had never felt it as deeply as I did today. 

As I turned to face Periot, who was staring at me with a sharp force behind his eyes, my heart began to pound like crazy as the excitement and adrenaline rush from earlier gradually began to wear off.

However, I tried not to show it and stared at the man who was standing upright like a stone statue with all my might.

It was clear that he wouldn’t be able to pull out the marriage certificate since it had already been burned to ashes. And unlike the Dukedom, there were many eyes here, as well as Leonon, so he wouldn’t be able to forcefully drag me away.

So I wasn’t afraid anymore…!

“I’m a psycho bastard…”

The lips of Periot, who had been quietly muttering to himself, gradually curved into a smile. A smile that was clearly made by his cold face suddenly came to mind.

…No, actually, to be honest, I’m still a bit scared!

Why the hell are you laughing? Just where in what I said was so funny to you?

“Yeah, like you said, I can’t bring it out. But so what?”

He very slowly approached Leonon and I. Although Leonon was blocking me just in case of an unexpected situation, Periot’s gaze still remained directly on me.

“Once it’s in my hands, the fact that it belongs to me remains the same, Lorella.”


I was taken aback and was dumbfounded at his easygoing whisper. What he had said was just so ridiculous that I didn’t even know what to say back to him.

Just when I was looking at Periot with my mouth agape, someone stepped out in front of me once again.

“Hold on.”

Beautiful blond hair that was clearly noticeable, even in the dark. It was Commander Leonon.

“It’s rather difficult to just pass over those words just then. Is it true that the marriage certificate doesn’t exist?”

Right, I was so angry that I had forgotten that the only person who could help me right now was actually right beside me. His calm voice felt like a ray of light from heaven.

I rejoiced and hurriedly opened my mouth.

“I’m telling you the truth, Commander! The vows have already been burned to ashes!”

Leonon looked me straight in the eye, like someone who was trying to see if I was lying.

It wasn’t unreasonable for him not to believe me. As a marriage becomes null and void if the marriage vows disappear, everyone makes sure to protect it in a variety of ways.

In particular, it was common practice for aristocrats of Duke Periot’s calibre to bring in a high-ranking priest and create a boundary with their divine power.

But for me, I had no choice but to hope that Leonon would believe me unconditionally.

“There was a fire in the mansion the day I ran away. If you ask the Duke’s serants, you’ll be able to find out that what I’m saying is true!”

I almost shouted in desperation and clutched his arm tightly.

“So, Duke Periot and I are no longer…”

“Lorella, that’s not where you’re place is supposed to be.”

At that moment, an ice-cold voice cut me off. 

When I turned my eyes, I saw a pair of indescribably harsh eyes look at me… No, to be more precise, he was glaring at my hand which was holding onto the arm of Commander Leonon.

However, rather than letting go of that arm, I held onto it even tighter. This was my only lifeline right now.

“Are you going to test my patience?”

Periot spat out each word, as if he were chewing, in a low voice that seemed to have been pulled up from underground.

Then, the expression on the face of him, who was striding toward me, became indescribably frightening. I swear, this is the first time I had seen such a hideous and vicious face in both my current and past life as well.

“I was wondering what you were so dissatisfied about that you’d even run away from home, so…”

However, in the face of fear, my anger outweighed my fear.

What are you so dissatisfied about? Those were the words I never wanted to hear from the mouth of the person who remained ignorant to the shame and humiliation I had been subjected to for two whole years.

“I guess I should listen to what you have to say at home. We should go back right away.”

“What are you talking about, listening to what I have to say?!”

I shouted and hurriedly hid behind Commander Leonon, as if I were going to argue with only my face peeking out. 

“Someone who was on the battlefield for two years and didn’t even bother to send a letter back, and now you want to talk?!”


A rather low and cold voice seemed to grab onto the back of my neck.

“Whether you shout or swear at me, do it by my side.”

Wait, no, his hand which was clad in black leather gloves stretched out toward me without any hesitation, as if he really was trying to grab onto me.

“I don’t want to! Why should I?”

It was when I was about to sink down to the floor in order to resist and stay in place somehow.

“You should calm down.”

Commander Leonon tore Periot’s arm away. Holding onto his wrist tightly, he looked into Periot’s eyes and said.

“Aren’t you scared right now?”

It wasn’t that I was scared, but rather, I was trembling with anger… 

However, it seemed like I wasn’t the only one who was trembling with anger.

The voice that leaked out from between Periot’s lips also trembled with anger.

“…Leonon Berhardt. I’ve made it clear to you already.”

It was a voice so cold it couldn’t even be compared to everything until now, so cold it was enough to freeze your ears.

“I said that’s my wife.”

Shaking his hand off roughly, he glared at Leonon with a sharp gaze that seemed as if he would cut down everything.


“How dare you, a third party, do something so presumptuous?”

Periot’s remarks seemed to bear a blade as much as his ferocious gaze did. However, Commander Leonon showed no sign of agitation.

“I just want to help. You don’t need any qualifications to show goodwill. Furthermore…”

Leonon merely stood upright and continued to speak in a rather low voice. Although his voice was calm and quiet, it still felt somewhat firm.

“Isn’t this sort of action what they call, dragging away someone weaker than you by force?”


“That would include pursuing someone who couldn’t even run properly and even releasing dogs after them, or having armed knights attack a carriage.”

“Ha, how amusing.”

Periot smiled and swept back his hair. A black long sword suddenly appeared menacingly through the flapping cloak for a moment.

“I didn’t know that the noble Commander of the Holy Knights had a hobby of taking interest in other people’s wives.”

“You’re crazy. How can you be so vulgar?!”

“This is my last warning. If you keep meddling in my wife’s affairs, I won’t let you off.”

In an instant, the atmosphere started to freeze over. I was as if an invisible deadly sharp blade was dancing overhead.


It was when I hid behind Commander Leonon while swallowing my saliva, without even a thought of intervening.

Ding dong! 

「’The hype king of this area’ slams the keyboard with their head and buys 500 shares!」

Suddenly, a cheerful bell, which didn’t match the atmosphere, rang out. 

Ding dong! 

「SLdlkfsDSlkjd Ng%$#73SDFJKdkd)IfbwqlS23p9u@@@@87!!」

At the same time, an indecipherable message appeared on the system window. Just what on earth does this mean?

But thanks to that, I finally came to my senses.

Yeah, now wasn’t the right time to do this. Now is not the time to look on to someone else’s house fire idly2!

“Periot, please stop it already!”

To ensure that I made my stance clear, I raised my voice without even batting an eye. Only then did Periot’s gaze, which had been glaring at Leonon, finally turn toward me.

I didn’t panic and continued to speak calmly.

“No matter what you try to do, I have no intention of ever going to that house again.”

“Then where will you go? There’s nowhere else for you to go other than the Dukedom.

“Wh-What did you say…?”

Unlike me, who was at a loss for words and couldn’t speak properly, Periot asked once again with a cold and expressionless face.

“Tell me. Where else would you be if you weren’t by my side, within my reach?”

His voice gradually became more and more dreary.

“I will destroy it right now.”


At that moment, something broke in my head with a loud crack.



“Why the hell are you being like this to me, you craaaazy bastard!”

I stomped my feet and shouted loudly.

At that moment, I couldn’t care less about the countless onlookers surrounding me, nor Commander Leonon at all. There was simply nothing that could enter my sight. 

The anger, irritation, fatigue, and sorrow that had accumulated over the years suddenly came crashing down on me, like a raging wave. The resentment that I hadn’t been able to tell anyone finally erupted.

“Please, just leave me alone…! Just go away! We’re strangers that have nothing to do with each other anymore!”


Then, for the first time, Periot’s eyes began to shake violently. 

“Did you just say that we were strangers… who had nothing to do with each other anymore?”

“That’s right! I did! So what? Of course there’s a limit to how much of a psychopath you can be! Why do you keep tormenting people like this? Just why?!” 

Damn it, I’m so pissed! Just wait and see if I’ll be able to sell the Grand Duke of the North keyword again! If I do, then they’re not a person, but a dog, a dog!

“You’re saying stuff I don’t understand again. And, why do we have nothing to do with each other again?”

However, despite all kinds of curses and harsh insults, Periot still seemed to have regained his composure once again.

“I already said that I wouldn’t allow that though.”


I clutched my stiff nape.

You crazy fucker… I really can’t get my words across to you!

I was so full of anger that the sky seemed to spin as I started to feel dizzy, and I even felt dizzy, as if I were trapped inside a spinning barrel. 

It was the low but firm voice of Commander Leonon, that saved me.

“You should send a formal complaint to the Imperial Palace, Duchess. Then, something like what’s happening right now, won’t ever happen again. If you’d like, I’d be happy to be a witness.”

“Really? Thank you!”

I answered without any hesitation. 

Right, once get checked at the Imperial Palace, even if it’s Periot, we still won’t be able to claim that we’re a married couple.

In addition to that, there was Leonon, the Commander of the Ecrestus Holy Knights, who had seen from the very beginning, just when, and in what shape I had fled in. It was clear that his testimony would be more credible than anyone else’s.

“If you don’t mind, then please!”

“It’s something I naturally should’ve done. Please do not worry.”

He smiled softly at me, then looked back at Periot and said flatly.

“I will do everything in my power to help prevent such a violent and abusive incident from ever happening again.”

“Thank you so much…!”

The bell rang loudly, as if in response to his extremely reliable words, but I didn’t bother to check it. 

At least for now, my feelings and the feelings of hype king would be exactly one and the same!


 Periot, who had been looking at us without saying anything, made a strange sound that seemed to be a laugh, but not a laugh at the same time.

“Alright, go ahead and try it if you want then.”

Then he whispered quietly, distorting his mouth in a strange way.

“…I will chase you to the ends of hell.”

Commander Leonon, who clicked his tongue briefly at that sight, quickly stood by my side to guard me and nodded slightly.

“That’s enough. Let’s go back now. The night air is rather cold.”

“Yes, it is.”

I turned around coldy, without even giving a glance at Periot. Then, it happened when I was being escorted by Leonon and was about to leave.

Ding dong, ding dong! 

「‘This area’s hype king!’ slapped their forehead and bought an additional 500 shares.」

「‘Trying a taste of the obsessive maniac3’ has bought 300 of your shares.」

My footsteps halted abruptly for a moment.

It wasn’t just because of the two bells which rang out in unison.

Ding dong! 

「‘Trying a taste of the obsessive maniac’ smacked their lips and purchased an additional 200 shares.」


That unbelievable message made the vision in front of my eyes go white.

W-Why would you eat that?

…You’re not supposed to eat that! 

[1] aphasia is a condition that robs you of the ability to communicate. it can affect your ability to speak, write and understand language, both verbal and written. aphasia typically occurs suddenly after a stroke or a head injury. (source: mayo clinic)

[2] 남의 집 불구경 to become a mere spectator, to look on unconcernedly.

[3] the word 광공 was originally derived from bl novels, but is now known widely across novels as a character who is overly obsessed with the female/male lead.

ok um,,, yawl, sue me but i’m rooting for periot HGSDLFKJDSFJ i’m shitting tears rn bc im a slut for the character that is cold and can’t express his emotions too well but its downright obsessed with mc trope HGSDLFDFSJDS
like i know damn well if i was in lorella’s position i’d be so fucking done with periot BUTTTTT since i’m a reader,,, ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
like GOD maybe it’s just something abt his devotion to her ??? like obviously lorella wouldn’t know bc he’s never expressed it, so to her, he just seems like the psycho ex stalker he is GHDSFLKDFJSJDS but since we get his pov,,, GHSDFLKJDFS
like im deadass shitting tears it’s so cute like bro hasn’t forgotten her and keeps thinking abt her every single day on the battlefield hGDLSKFJFDSJ IM CRYING

like it’s his actions that speak louder than his words but like i get it, his fucking actions in the first and second chapter to lorella were jack shit,,,sorry periot, i’m rooting for u but u done fucked up in the beginning GHSDLFKJDSFJ

n e ways, my ship rn is plot twist if winnard and lorella get together bc i sort of loved their dynamic, plus (at least so far) he’s the only one who actually KNOWS who she is. plus i would feel guilty to leonon since he likes her but she’s just doing all this to get shares HGDSLKFJDSFJ

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  1. It’s really fun when the FL berates the Duke as a crazy bastard 😂
    Reading this novel is really exciting. Can’t wait for the next update.
    Thank you for translating this. 💛

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  2. Please update soon! Like I’m curious as to why he has such a hard time conveying something in a socially acceptable way (like surely he has seen regular people interact with one another?) instead of pulling this kind of sh*t that’s just going to make people draw comparisons. It truly astonishes me how there are these tycoons with all their smarts and accomplishments yet can’t even show affection or jealousy in a healthy way with the FL like why….? It’s not hard to fake it, even if all you want is to be a Bowser

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      periot is actually modelled after a well known trope in korean webnovels: the trope, ‘grand duke of the north’ typically refers to the type of cold mls that find it hard to show affection but secretly harbour an almost obsessive and possessive love toward the mc, so it’s very much on brand for periot to act the way he does.

      furthering on that, i think the author is intending to make all the potential mls popular tropes in novels, i.e. periot being the cold ml that’s very obsessive, leonon who’s the sweet second ml trope that we all find ourselves rooting for, etc. again though, this is just my guess ehehehe

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