IBSGAD Ch 10 – What Do You Mean By That?

“Then, when I turned twelve years old, I stopped looking for someone to be on my side. To be more exact, it was the very day I was trapped in this clam house because of my older brother.”

I clearly remembered what Duke Ether had said earlier. 

Was this the person who imprisoned the young Duke Ether in the clam house?

According to Duke Ether, this person wasn’t on his side when he was a child.

And apparently, the former Duke had passed the household to Ain, the current Duke of Ether, and not this man.

“My name is Cassian von Ether.”

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“Then, when I turned twelve years old, I stopped looking for someone to be on my side. To be more exact, it was the very day I was trapped in this clam house because of my older brother.”

I clearly remembered what Duke Ether had said earlier. 

Was this the person who imprisoned the young Duke Ether in the clam house?

According to Duke Ether, this person wasn’t on his side when he was a child.

And apparently, the former Duke had passed the household to Ain, the current Duke of Ether, and not this man.

“My name is Cassian von Ether.”

The man smiled unpleasantly upon the appearance of Duke Ether.

He talked smoothly about things no one had asked to hear.

“You’ve already been deprived of the ‘von Ether’ name.”

That was how Duke Ether approached him. The cold gaze was completely different from the one he used when he looked at me.

The Duke Ether, who was rumored to even have cut down humans, since monsters often came in human form, would suit that sort of expression.

“How cold-hearted of you. How could I, who isn’t even a commoner, live without a family name, huh?”

Cassian looked back at Duke Ether with an eerie smile. 

Only then did the black shadow that had covered me disappear. I shot a glare at the back of his head.

Usually, it was common for the eldest son to inherit the family, so Cassian naturally would have protested against this unusual situation.

He wouldn’t have left such a person here, but what if he had no justification to take his life?

Then there was one answer.

He must’ve been banished.

Just from hearing the conversation between the two of them made it seem like he had been banished.

But why was this man, Cassian, here then?

“I mean, I now have a niece…”

Then, Cassian looked down at me. 

I took a half step away from him the moment his shadow tried to block out the light again.

Rottier’s sword firmly guarded me as I retreated back into the light.

“I knew you were getting married, but I didn’t think that you’d have a daughter first.”

Cassian laughed silently.

“You’re like a punk who grew up in the wrong order, Ain. Hmm?”

Then, he looked back at the Duke of Ether. 

Who was the punk who grew up in the wrong order? 

In other words, he was the one who was going to become the Duke, but Duke Ether stole it from him?

What’s with that disappointment1 that seems like it’s breathing?

“In the absence of family events, access to the entire Ether estate is prohibited. Did you forget?”

Duke Yether looked at Cassian coldly. At that, Cassian stretched out his arms.

“If this isn’t an event, then what is it?”

And you’re pointing at me? 

Don’t tell me that ‘this’ is me? Do you treat people like objects since you’re already a useless son of a bitch2?

“Now that I have a niece, shouldn’t I give her a birthday present? After all, she’s been born again. Not on that Barony’s filthy floor, but reborn here.”

He grinned.

Was it just me or were they talking about my birth? Maybe not? 

This man had a unique talent of making others’ fist clench at every word that came out of his mouth.

“And before the banishment is withdrawn, I should at least gain some points first. Since children are weak to gifts.”

Then, Cassian turned to me and sat down. 

But you’re already totally screwed if you’re trying to gain points from me though? My own frowning face met Cassian’s brazen one.

It was the moment I was about to snap back at him.

“Step back, you’re making the child uncomfortable.”


Duke Ether suddenly grabbed the back of his neck and dragged him away from me.

Nice, Duke!

—Crunch, crunch! 

I could see pieces of the shattered shells that had lost their light, scattered under Cassian’s foot as he retreated.


At that moment, all my pent-up anger and frustration rose up. Even though I knew I’d be able to get those clamshells again, I felt overwhelmed by my emotions, perhaps because I was now a child again.

Argh, he’s dead!

If I had been able to use magic without any repercussions, it wouldn’t have been the shells that broke, but his fucking ankle instead!

It was when I clenched my fists.

“Your hands will get hurt, Young Miss.”

Azelta wrapped her fist around mine, as if she was worried.

“But it was the prettiest clam…”

All those who destroyed pretty things must be blown to bits! It was when I was about to puff out my cheeks.


I could feel Duke Ether’s gaze scan my surroundings.

He looked over in my direction for a moment before dragging Cassian away.

“You should come in and talk if you have something to say.”

“Oh, gosh.”

Cassian didn’t forget to chatter away, even whilst he was being dragged away.

“Are you going to ruin my first meeting with the child too? How could you not welcome more family members to a child who doesn’t have any family?”

He continued to pour out more unpleasant words as he gradually got further and further, and didn’t stop until the very end.

“Is that kid going to be raised like you?”


At those words, Duke Ether slammed the door of his office shut instead of answering.


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Anger is bad for the body! 

Although I knew, I couldn’t help but burn with anger.

“Young Miss, are you angry?”

Azelta tried to sooth me as she returned with me back to my room. I nodded my head without thinking.

“Yeah. Really angry!”

What a complete motherfxcker! I couldn’t say that, so I had to find another expression to use.

In the meantime, I saw the hammer in the corner of my room.

The hammer I had used to break my candy.

“I just want to hit him once!”

I said while scowling at the hammer. I wouldn’t have any other wishes if I could just hit him with that once!

Azelta turned to look in the direction I was looking in, and then she burst into laughter.

“I’ll hit him for you later.”


“Yes, with that.”

Then, Azelta pointed to the hammer I was looking at.


Then I don’t think he’ll come out unscathed then?

Nevertheless, when she was asked with sparkling eyes, Azelta still nodded her head.

“Of course. I hate him too.”

Judging by what she was saying, she seemed to be sincere. Soon after, however, she knelt down again in front of me and brought herself to my eye level.

“So, Young Miss, let go of all your bad feelings. In here.”

She placed a hand on my chest.

“It’ll hurt if you keep bad feelings in here.”


Although she wasn’t a doctor, what she said was surprisingly accurate. The mana that was circling around my heart was particularly sensitive to my emotions. 

“I’ll bring you something delicious instead!”

Azelta grinned, then clapped her hands.

“Bring it in!”

At that, the door clicked open as a trolley entered the room.


Even if I look again after washing my eyes… 

“It’s porridge though?”

Are you scamming me right now?

It was when I looked up at Azelta in dismay.

“Not the porridge. The thing next to it.”

At my gaze that seemed to be saying that I had been deceived, Azelta quickly brought me what was next to it. It was a very small snack.

A snack that was the size of my palm.

“It’s a snack!”

But can I eat this? Didn’t I throw up after eating that candy?

I lifted my gaze to look at Azelta. Azelta nodded her head as if it were okay.

“It’s made out of easily digestible ingredients, so you’ll be able to eat it safely.”


Although I haven’t escaped from the clutches of porridge yet, new food would always be welcome.

How could I live without being a foodie in this tough and difficult world?


I took a bite of the snack and immediately closed my eyes.


The sweet taste that spreads in your mouth! This feeling that melts on the tip of your tongue!

“How is it?”

Azelta asked me. I slowly opened my eyes.

“I taught the cooks a severe lesson and asked them to make something even more delicious in the future. Don’t you also expect it to become more and more delicious too?”

She asked me with a bright expression. 

…What else could I do but pacify her? I had to accept it.


“I’ll look forward to it.” 

Then, I continued to eat the snack. But isn’t this so… delicious?

It still is easy to digest, right?


It seemed that Azelta and I were not the only ones who hated Cassian. 

Duke Ether naturally did, and it seemed as if Rottier and Doctor Delphiro were also both of one mind and tried their best to avoid him.

“His current location has been pinpointed to the garden.”

“The garden?”

“In any case, I think he wants to meet the Young Miss.”

The face of Rottier, who was speaking, was rather displeased.

And when I heard it, I also felt displeased.

“Young Miss, how about going to the rear garden today? Although it’s a lot more spacious than the garden, there are still many places for you to rest.”

Azelta stealthily suggested that to me.

“Alright. Let’s go to the rear garden!”

Nearly ten people, including me, Azelta, Rottier, a few maids as well as Delphiro, who was there to accompany me on my walk in case of an emergency, headed to the rear garden.

However, despite our efforts, it was all futile as Cassian was still waiting there.

“Oh, I thought you’d come this way, since you wouldn’t have gone in the direction of the garden.”

I clenched my fists when I saw that brazen face.

“His Grace must have already commanded you not to come around the Young Miss.”

Rottier revealed his displeasure. Cassian carelessly approached me, as if he couldn’t see him.


Rottier’s sword had been unsheathed halfway. Cassian made an exaggeratedly startled face.

“You wouldn’t want the precious young miss’s eyes to be tainted with the sight of blood, would you?”


Rottier stopped at those words.

No, Sir Rottier! If it’s the blood of that punk, I think I’ll be able to bear with it!

My true feelings seriously nearly slipped out of my mouth. Meanwhile, Cassian had now turned to me.

“I came because I have something to give to you. Ain’s eyes are also on me, so I won’t be able to stay with you for long.”

Do you even still place any importance on Duke Ether in your eyes? I looked up at him with my arms crossed.

When I was an adult, threatening my opponent was fine, but doing so in the form of a child was… 

I had to struggle to try and cross my short arms in a cool way.

“I won’t accept it.”

So when I spoke with such a confident (?) posture, Cassian looked at me, as if he hadn’t been expecting that.

“Why? I might give you something good.”

“I won’t take what Mister gives me, no matter how good it is.”

No matter how good something was, if it was given by a bad person in the first place, then it was bound to be bad.

I turned my head away. 

Then, I heard Cassian’s voice.

“If you argue with me and live like that, you’ll lose all your friends.”

I almost choked on what I heard next.

Is that something you should be saying to a kid? Speechless, I turned to him.

“I have a lot of friends though?”

At least I seem to have more than you? I pointed toward Azelta, Rottier and Delphiro.

Cassian, who had been following my fingertip slowly, turned his gaze back to me.

“Those things aren’t friends.”

Those things? I frowned.

That expression he used clearly meant that he didn’t treat Azelta, Rottier, etc as human beings.

“Especially that beast-like punk…”

He narrowed his eyes as he looked at Rottier. Then he laughed.

“I don’t know if it’s because you’re still young, but in this world, there are definitely some people who should never fit in.”

So in other words, Rottier is that sort of person?

Why? Because of his magic eyes?

He’d been going on about beast-like eyes or something, but I still didn’t like anything that punk said.

Just how shady and filthy was your life for you to be afraid of those with magic eyes?

I glared at him and enunciated each word extremely clearly.

“I’ve finished listening to your self-introduction.”


Then I turned on my heel and walked away from him.

“Let’s go, my friends!”

I spoke as if they had all heard me and headed back to my room.

Naturally, I didn’t look back, whether it was for Cassian or whatever else.

After Nassia had left. 

Cassian blinked with a dumbfounded expression on his face for a moment.


Looking back on the words of his new niece, he immediately recalled what he had said. 

“There are definitely some people who should never fit in.”

So she was saying that the person who should never fit in was him, right?


Cassian sighed for a moment before bursting into laughter.

“She has a rather sharp edge for a five year old child.”

He thought he was about to get cut.

In an instant, the smile disappeared from the face of the rambling Cassian. 


“I’m going to take a rest. I’m in a really bad mood!”

The little miss of the house said that and locked herself in her room.

Azelta, Rottier, and Delphiro, who remained outside the door, faced each other.

Azelta especially couldn’t take her eyes off the door she had closed.


She burst into a different sense of laughter from Cassian. Wasn’t the way their Young Miss kicked out that uninvited guest so satisfying?

“Anyway, even if he’s here for a family event, his stay here can only be extended up to 24 hours. So all you have to do is keep the Young Miss away from him in the meantime.”

That was when Rottier spoke up. He was talking informally to the two of them, unlike when he was in front of Nassia.

“Right. We just need to block him for 24 hours. His mental state won’t be very beneficial for the Young Miss.”

Delphiro was the same, twirling his index finger next to his temple in response to what he said. It was when it was time for Azelta to respond too.

—Poof! Poof!


A mysterious sound began to be emitted from the room. 

Rottier’s hand reflexively went to the handle of his sword.

However, he tilted his head to one side once he read the presence in the room.

“The only one in the room is the Young Miss.”


At those words, the doubts of the three people deepened even further. So just what on earth was this sound?

Don’t tell me?

Azelta rolled her eyes and opened the door only slightly.

Through the gap in the door, the eyes of the three people simultaneously headed toward Nassia.

The Nassia in the room was… furious.

“My clam necklace!”

—Poof! Poof!

Among the pillows she was hitting fiercely at, was a pillow that was embroidered with a rather dark gold color which resembled Cassian.

Even if it was clenched tightly, the fist, which was at most, the length of an adult’s index finger, slammed into the pillow hard.

“You bad guy!”

Delphiro and Azelta covered their mouths at the sight. 

Although I knew you were angry and needed to release it right away… 

…It was just too cute. The way she hit the pillow with that tiny hamster-like fist. 

Even her lips, which were tightly clamped together, were cute.

“…Did you stuff the inside of the pillow with something soft?” 

While the two of them were holding their breath, Rottier asked in a voice that seemed to pour cold water on the atmosphere.

Azelta nodded her head.

“Of course. It’s the finest grade of cotton.”


The gazes of the knight, the maid, and the doctor all met. Similar thoughts were floating around in their minds.

…Sometimes, there should be a place where people can vent their anger out.

They watched the little miss’s hamster-like fists hit the pillow consecutively, one after another, and quietly closed the door.

[1] 패드립 is made up of the words ‘패륜적, depraved’, or ‘패밀리, family’ and ‘드립, meaning joke’. it refers to vulgar jokes often insulting members of your family or those in a high position of authority. take ‘yo mama jokes’ or ‘son of a bitch’ or ‘motherfucker’ for example. the insult is usually aimed at the parent rather that the person you’re insulting.

[2] see above footnote.

just everything abt her, the way she was so sassy toward cassian and kept cursing at him in her head, the way she felt offended on behalf of rottier and said she at least had more friends than cassian, and the way she just punched the pillow and pretended it was cassian HGDLSKFJSFDJ
HELPPP i was literally the same as delphiro and azelta when i read that part AHHHHHHHH

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