SMCS Ch 17 — Actual Female Lead Vibes vs Acting Prodigy

The cry of the owl, which seemed to have sounded out piercingly the whole night, had already subsided at some point in the late night.

Fog began to seep through the dense forest path lined with fir trees. With every step I took, the lower hem of my dress would be dampened by the evening dew from the leaves.

However, it wasn’t long before I had no choice but to stop abruptly again.

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The cry of the owl, which seemed to have sounded out piercingly the whole night, had already subsided at some point in the late night.

Fog began to seep through the dense forest path lined with fir trees. With every step I took, the lower hem of my dress would be dampened by the evening dew from the leaves.

However, it wasn’t long before I had no choice but to stop abruptly again.

Then Winnard, who had been walking by my side without a word, also had to stop as well. He took a few glances at the side of my face before asking in a very cautious voice.

“Should we stop and call the carriage now?”

Instead of replying to him, I sighed heavily…

“Lorella, just how long are we going to keep walking…”


I ended up letting out a loud scream at the sky, just like that. As I cut Winnard off, I went even further.

“This bit-”

My anger started to flare up again. However, I was still worried that ‘they’ would hear me if I started to pour out my curses to the sky.

With my pride trampled and unable to voice out my miseries, I became frustrated due to my restrictive circumstances. After looking up at the cloudless night sky in thought with my hands on my waist, I finally settled on kicking an innocent tree with my feet.

“Seriously! I’m so pissed off!”

“Calm down, okay? Of course, I understand why you’re doing this, but you should still settle your emotions right now.”

Winnard continued to comfort me tirelessly. I couldn’t even count how many times this situation had repeated itself anymore.

Although it was a dark forest road that could rely on the moonlight to light the way, I was the one who had suggested that we get some fresh air before getting on the carriage. Otherwise, there would be no way for me to extinguish this blazing anger.

However, instead of calming down, my anger continued to rise without any signs of stopping. We hadn’t even been walking for that long before I’d repeatedly walk a few steps, then kick a tree, then walk another few steps, then kick a tree again. 

I opened the system window and looked at my small, cute, and insignificant amount of shares. The more I did so, the more I kept thinking of the shares of the other candidate that Winnard had shown me.

“50,000 shares? Someone’s gone through such a damn hard time for a few hundred shares, but 50,000 shares?!”

Was it because it wasn’t mine? I didn’t know why it looked so big. No… it was actually a really large amount. Every time I thought about it, my lips would twitch and I would feel a stifling sensation on the inside of my throat.

“Now, now, you’re now not allowed to look at the system window. Why do you keep opening it when you know you’re just going to get even angrier?”

Winnard spoke softly while closing the system window in front of me. However, my anger had already reached its peak.

“What? My sister is so cool? Do everything you want to do?!”

t/n: i changed the tl from ‘has so much style’ to ‘so cool’ bc it just makes more sense. can be interchangeable w/ ‘badass’ too.

Saying they were the hype king, they didn’t even forget to leave out these sort of hype comments!

Besides, to think that even ‘That bastard isn’t the male lead, right’, who I haven’t even seen a trace off, bought 10,000 shares!

Is this how it would feel if I witnessed the betrayal of a loved one? I trembled from the unbearable feeling of jealousy and betrayal.

However, the most shocking thing was ‘A Mansour in cider’, the new name that I had never even met before, had bought a lot of her shares.

If you want, I can also put an IV drip of cider into your blood vessels…!

Bam bam!

Every time I kicked the tree trunk, dry leaves would fall on top of my head.

“She’s fooling everyone. She’s clearly just fabricating a favourable situation that allows her to sell shares!”

Why did she get the man to kneel before at a collapsed building in the middle of the night? What was the point of hiding such a beautiful appearance under a ragged cloak, just to throw it back to powerfully reveal her beauty?!

That was when Winnard muttered softly under his breath to himself.

“I don’t think you’re in the position to say that about other people…”

“What did you say?”

The kick that I had tried to release in a burst of anger stopped momentarily.

He’s… right?

But my embarrassment because of that only lasted momentarily.


I turned around and gave him a fierce look.

Even if other people don’t know, you shouldn’t say that!

However, this damn guide, whose quick wittedness was second to no one, had already backed too far away for me to even grab ahold of his collar anymore.

“Ah, right. Would you like me to tell you something?”

Annoying people as much as they could bear and then skillfully changing the topic was also one of Winnard’s talents. 

“What is it.”

Go on, give me some useless information! I really won’t let you get away with it this time.

I quietly rolled up my sleeves, measuring the distance between me and him.

“The messages that pop up when shares are sold. They’re called ‘comments’.”

Smiling confidently, Winnard had a look on his face that seemed to say, ‘You didn’t know this, did you?’. On the other hand, upon hearing the familiar word, I even stopped rolling up my sleeves just to stare blankly at him.

“What? Comments…?”

“Such a thing exists. To put it simply, just think of it as a short article in which you express your feelings and opinions.”

No, if you’re talking about comments, then I’ve regularly posted them before…?

My head went blank for a moment at the unexpected words.

They look down at the situation, buy shares, and write comments. The more I repeated those words, the more I could see it overlapping with someone else’s appearance.

…That being me in my previous life.

“Let’s go now. You’ll catch a cold.”

Something warm was draped over my shoulders. When I lifted my head, my eyes met the eyes of Winnard, who had taken off his cloak and put his arms around me, smiling softly.


So looking at a handsome face right in front of you really won’t offer you any comfort when you’ve really fallen into despair, huh. With such random thoughts in my head, I hesitated before opening my mouth.

“So that villainess who’s my rival didn’t actually sell 50,000 shares… instead, it was all because of the ‘My sister is so cool’ comment…?”

“That’s right.”

The moment I heard such a simple and clear answer, it felt as if a huge shock had been dealt to my brain.

A moan escaped my frozen lips.



I flopped down and released a cry mixed with despair just as Winnard tilted his head in question.


My shoulders automatically started shaking due to the cold night air. Although my wet dress stuck to my ankle like an ice sheet, my heart felt even colder than that.

“Wh-What’s wrong?”

A bewildered Winnard followed me in dropping to the floor on his knees.

“This is insane…! How am I meant to beat that?!”

“Why are you pretending to cry again… No, wait, are you actually crying?”

Although I could feel a hand struggling to help me up, I couldn’t find the strength to get up. Instead, all I could do was let out a cry that was mixed with frustration.

“Unlike me, she actually feels like a female lead…! Even I would buy her shares if I was a reader!”


I realised how big of a mistake it was to think that it was simply a competition in the number of shares sold, and also that other candidates would be people similar to me.

Most of the messages that I had received so far had only been about Commander Leonon or Periot. There had never been a single word about me. Seriously, not even once! 

However, Sable Lilly was different. They said, ‘My sister is so cool’. This means it doesn’t rely on whichever guy she sticks herself to. No, maybe they even think she’s better off without a male lead!

Judging from my experience as a reader and her actions, Sable Lilly was probably… a villainess with a story. Since it’s rare to be a fan of an actual villain.

Perhaps it was the villainess main character cliche, wielding a blade of revenge without shedding any blood or tears, trying to break away from her life where she had only been taken advantage of? Crazy, even I’d binge-read this!

In any case, when I put it all together, I came to the conclusion that she felt like an actual main character. She wasn’t like me, who was only earning shares through my clumsy acting.

First of all, there’s a difference in intensity between an ordinary woman who’s taken over someone else’s body and a villainess with a story!

Someone who feels like a main character and me, who only acts as the main character. Just which side would win?


I started to cry again when I asked myself such an obvious question.

Then, I felt a gentle hand patting my shoulder.

“It’s alright, Lorella. You’ve been doing well so far.”

It was all the more depressing for me to hear the warm comfort I normally couldn’t have even imagined to hear. 

“It’s because my shares look so tiny in comparison… Huuuu.”

“Well, I can understand why. The first rival we saw was just that powerful.”

I heard him click his tongue for a moment, as if it were a shame.

“So… you’re going to give up?”


“If you think it’s really that hard, then it’s not like I can force you to do it…”

There was a sullen light evident in Winnard’s eyes, which normally always shone with confidence. Heat rose to my face in an instant.

“Giving up, who’s giving up? I don’t have any choice but to do it, no matter what! Anyway, you said I’d die if I didn’t…!”

My pounding heart now felt as if it were about to burst.

Jealousy, envy, sorrow, and even fear. All sorts of emotions that couldn’t be easily defined rushed in like a tidal wave.

“Yes, that’s right.”

A quiet yet low voice landed in my ears once again.

“So, what does my main character want to do?”

I slowly raised my head at his words.

Winnard was looking down at me with his cane tucked inside his arm. The moment my gaze landed on those slightly upturned lips, I suddenly came to my senses.

I shouted while looking at him with burning eyes.

“I can’t give up like this. I’ll show them everything my rivals won’t be able to show! Acting or whatever, I’ll exhaust every one of my means and methods!”

I want to live. I didn’t want to die!

“If I can satisfy all of their different tastes, I’ll certainly be able to earn hundreds, or even tens of thousands of shares!”

Huh? I seem to have heard this from somewhere before though.

However, that sense of dejavu was momentary, an incredibly friendly voice sounding out after that.

“I was just waiting for you to say that. Let’s go somewhere warm for now. It’ll be a big deal if my precious main character gets sick.”

Before I knew it, a large carriage suddenly appeared in front of me. It was the same carriage we were in before.

Fastening the oversized cloak that was about to fall off, I jumped up. Yeah, just being frustrated like this won’t do anything.

“Please don’t forget the resolve you just had. You can definitely become the main character, Lorella.”

Winnard, who was holding my hand as I stepped into the carriage, whispered softly.

“Until that day comes, I’ll never leave you.”

It was a voice so earnest I had never heard it before. However, there was a smile on his lips that was just as sweet as usual, wait no, maybe even more so than usual.

Although it was a smile so charming, it seemed as if it could captivate you, I didn’t have the energy to think anymore.

So I just held his hand tightly and nodded slowly. 

* * * 

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By the time we finally returned to the mansion, it was already well past dawn.

Winnard disappeared as he always did. Not before saying that he’d erase the coachman’s memory so there was no need for me to worry.

When I arrived at the front door and opened it carefully, I spotted someone rushing out.


A face that looked particularly haggard due to lack of sleep. It was Joy.

“Just where have you been without telling anyone…!”

Seeing the teary faced Joy, I had the thought that I’d just ask Winnard to teleport next time.

There’d also be times in the future where I wouldn’t be able to tell them where we were going, so I couldn’t make up that many excuses to the servants every time.

“Why are you so pale? Don’t tell me, something bad happened…”

“No. I couldn’t sleep so I just went out to get some air.”

While I gave a dodgy answer, I spotted a luxurious gold envelope sticking out of Joy’s apron pocket.

“What’s that?”

I tried to shift the subject as naturally as I could.

“Oh, the delivery man just came and left. It’s a letter for you, miss.”

“A letter? To me?”

I took the letter she handed me, wondering if there was anyone that could send me this other than those who were urging me to pay back my debt.

I’m pretty sure I’ve paid off all the debt though…

But you never know. Swallowing my rising anxiety, I tore the envelope carelessly without a letter knife.

And not long after reading the letter, my eyes widened.

The letter was sent by Leonon.

The letter, which began with his subordinates telling him that Duke Periot had led his men to the Mayred Country, ended with concern for my safety. With the words, ‘If you’re alright, I’ll be waiting for your reply.’

“Miss, are you alright…?”

As I raised my head at Joy’s worried tone, I spotted a carriage about to depart just over her shoulder.

I ran quickly in front of it to block it. As the startled coachman hurriedly pulled the reins, the two horses reared onto their hind legs, neighing violently.

“It’s dangerous!”

Disregarding Joy’s screams, I opened the door to the carriage and shouted loudly.

“To the Holy Knights of Ecrestus, quickly!”



This time, the bewildered voices of the coachman and Joy sounded in unison. However, I banged my fist against the carriage wall and shouted, brief and loud.

“Set off!”

Soon, the carriage began to move with a rattle. Listening to the sound of the horses’ hooves galloping faster and faster, I clenched my fists so tightly that my palms started to hurt.

* * *

In front of the large front gate of the white marble building, so beautiful that it felt sacred.

I rubbed my face with a feeling of dismay. It was because it was only then that I had remembered that I had come without making an appointment.

As if I had been possessed by something, I had gotten into the carriage without any plans. Although I didn’t know if Commander Leonon was even inside or not, was I even actually allowed to come at such an early time?

I had the thought of asking one of the soldiers standing by the front gate, but then I immediately shook my head at that thought. It was because I had the sudden thought that as expected, it just wasn’t polite to turn up so out of the blue.

Although I had been told that I was welcome to come at any time, no matter what, it was still beyond common sense for me to come and call for him like this all of a sudden.

Just why on earth had I come all the way here without any plans or anything? It was ridiculous. 

Maybe it was because I had just witnessed my rival, Sable Lilly’s performance. Anyway, it was my mistake for not being able to think deeply since I was in a hurry.

However, still not being able to give up my lingering feelings, I asked the coachman to wait around for a moment before wandering around the Knights headquarters for no reason.

From the inside of the walls came a fierce shout. It seemed to be training time.

It was when I had eventually finished my short walk with no gains and was just about to move toward the waiting bay for carriages.

“Lorella, wait…!”

The door opened with a bang from behind as someone urgently called out my name.

Looking back in surprise, I spotted loosely tied blond hair.

“Wait a minute… haa.

Commander Leonon ran to my side in the blink of an eye. Breathing heavily, he asked for my understanding and put his hands on his waist, bending his body slightly. 

His breath hadn’t been disturbed in the slightest, even when he had been swinging his sword against several assailants. I tilted my head without realising it.

After catching his breath for a while, he smiled in embarrassment and said softly.

“It’s been a while, Lorella.”

“…What? Oh, yes. Hello, Commander.”

Staring at his face in a daze, I greeted him a beat later after receiving his greeting. I was both happy and shocked that he’d appear right as I was about to give up and go back home.

“How did you know I was here…”

“The soldier standing guard at the door saw you and informed me.”

At my cautious question, a smile as bright as the blinding sun poured in along with his answer.

“You came all the way here already, so why did you just want to leave?”

“Ah, that’s…”

My eyes darted back and forth quietly in order to find the words to answer the question that was asked innocently. Thanks to this, I found that the appearance of Commander Leonon was a little different from usual.

Today, instead of his usual white uniform that was devoid of wrinkles, he was wearing black trousers and boots that wrapped snugly around his calves.

As expected, he must have been training too. Given that the buttons on his white shirt at the bottom of his neck area were somewhat loose.

Of all places, my gaze happened to land on his sweaty collarbone that was conveniently right in front of my eyes. Beneath it were… well-sculpted muscles.

His arms, which were exposed under his sleeves that were rolled up, looked equally just as firm.

i would worship him tbh he looks as majestic as the sun itself

“W-Well, that’s…”

I lowered my head and parted my lips. But no words came to my mind.

a few things this chapter:
idk i love leonon but i always feel like him and lorella’s interactions are always a bit bland. actually nah, i feel that way with periot too.
maybe i’m just biased toward winnard bc i feel like she gets to act the most natural with him GHSDIJDSFDJ

also mood when lorella went a bit crazy over the competition bc ngl if i was in her position i’d be threatened by sable too bc she is actually girlbossing a bit too hard HGSDLKJFSSFD
also the fact that she doesn’t even have a choice too ;-;

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