IBVIAAN Ch 42 — The Type to Invite Scolding

The fact that no one came to the temple for healing was so humiliating to the point where there were no visitors to the temple.

[Priest] “So they’ve all fallen for the words of those Solarist bastards and are suspecting our Saintess, huh?”

I didn’t know the reason why, but a lot of the priests, including the Priest Trio, were busy expressing their anger.

[Ara] “Don’t be too upset. All we’ve done is give them a choice, there’s no need for us to forcefully heal them.”

They seemed angry at the fact that people were doubting me, but I didn’t really mind. Since the truth would be revealed one day, I thought it’d be better for me to think about how to catch Olivia red handed.

‘There must be someone who knows I sent her peppermint tea.’

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The fact that no one came to the temple for healing was so humiliating to the point where there were no visitors to the temple.

[Priest] “So they’ve all fallen for the words of those Solarist bastards and are suspecting our Saintess, huh?”

I didn’t know the reason why, but a lot of the priests, including the Priest Trio, were busy expressing their anger.

[Ara] “Don’t be too upset. All we’ve done is give them a choice, there’s no need for us to forcefully heal them.”

They seemed angry at the fact that people were doubting me, but I didn’t really mind. Since the truth would be revealed one day, I thought it’d be better for me to think about how to catch Olivia red handed.

‘There must be someone who knows I sent her peppermint tea.’

She couldn’t have gone out to buy tea leaves by herself as a princess. And even if she did, there would’ve been a maid or a knight who had followed her out. There had to be someone who knew that the tea Meliara had prepared and sent out was actually peppermint tea.

‘The problem was that I didn’t have any of my previous memories, so it was hard for me to single that person out.’

I began to feel quite hopeless at the thought of having to go back to the Duke’s estate just to find that person. 

Should I send in a spy to investigate all the servants in the Duke’s estate? But the problem was, apart from the embarrassment of having my spy discovered, there would also be the misunderstanding that I still had lingering feelings for them as well.

‘Finding someone who knew that Olivia was the one who prepared the poisoned chamomile tea… would be even harder.’

According to what Lecht had told me in the morning, the blue substance in the bottle that Ziken had showed me was the cause of the epidemic. The fact that she had obtained a poison from the demon realm from Frody in order to prevent herself from being found out was a chilling act in itself.

‘Was there nothing else I could do but meet up with Frody and try and persuade him to help me after all?’

I stroked Kelber’s head that was resting on my knee as I mulled over the problem. I was also scratching the chin of the Lunarism messenger bird which was sitting on Kelber’s back. The name of the hawk, which was like a mascot of the Lunar religion, was named ‘Lu’. Both of them were essential to stabilising my mental and physical health. 

But someone soon appeared, breaking the stability that was once there.

[Muso] “Your Majesty!!”

[Ara] “That scared me.”

Muso was loud from the moment he appeared this time as well. He came in normally through the temple doors instead of breaking something this time, running towards me, who was sitting on the stairs.

[Muso] “I heard that you were going to be staying here for the time being, so I came running over here!”

Oh, yeah, we left you at the accomodation… To be honest, I had actually completely forgotten about him, but I pretended I hadn’t and smiled prettily.

[Ara] “It’s good to see you. I had just been wondering whether or not I should go and pick you up.”

[Muso]Heok, Your Majesty is always so considerate of me, as expected. I’m touched.”

He sat cross-legged on the floor with a teary expression on his face.

[Ara] “Have you finished fixing the broken door?”

[Linden] “It’s all been fixed.”

Although I had directed the question at Muso, the answer to that question sounded from above my head. I turned my head to see Linden with half his hair tied up.

[Ara] “Linden…”

My heart began to feel heavy when I made eye contact with him, the last moment I had seen of him replaying in my mind. However, Linden smiled and spoke quickly, as if to stop the words coming out of my mouth.

[Linden] “They say that mages all have weak bodies, but as expected, not all of them are like that. He fixed the door in one night.”

[Muso] “Yes! I completely fixed it!”

Muso announced gallantly, regardless of whether he was aware of the awkward atmosphere between Linden and I.

[Linden] “I heard the rumour. So my brother is trying to paint you as the culprit?”

[Ara] “Yeah, he said he found the evidence in my room or something.”

I sighed as I recalled yesterday’s incident. Muso let out a loud ‘Ah!’ and said at my deep sigh.

[Muso] “Were those guys in armour that came to the place where I was yesterday actually the bastards that caused trouble for Your Majesty? I heard it from the prince over here.”

 My eyes collided with Linden’s again at Muso’s words. At Linden’s slight smile, I tried to smile with him, but the lip muscles that were used to form a smile felt too stiff and awkward.

[Muso] “I didn’t even know and just let them go! I didn’t even know that the room those bastards went into was Your Majesty’s room…! I’m such a useless person! I sincerely apologise!”

[Ara] “No, it was inevitable since you didn’t know what Ziken looked like.”

It was only natural since he had never heard about what he looked like or even met him before, and had only been told by the Priest Trio that he was the ‘Crown Prince’.

[Ara] “More importantly, about the Grand Duchy…”

It had become a situation that was beyond my capacity since I couldn’t leave this place either.

[Muso] “I knew it was the plague as soon as it broke out so I’ve already prevented it from spreading any further.”

Since it was a poison that the demons were familiar with, unlike the case with humans, they were able to take action as soon as the symptoms appeared.

[Ara] “But it’s not getting any better either.”

[Muso] “Everyone who’s caught it is quite tough, so they’ll be able to hold out until your return.”

[Ara] “If you’ve caught it, you’ve caught it, and if you’re sick, you’re sick.”

It was also quite frustrating to let go of people who you knew were sick. However, due to the nature of the Grand Duchy, I couldn’t just ask any priest to go instead of me either. 

Who was going to take responsibility for it if the priest collapsed from shock after being sent to a place that was teeming with horned demons and peculiar demonic creatures…?

[Lydia] “I’ll go.”

Lydia, who wasn’t standing too far away from us, approached.

[Ara] “Ah, Lydia, I appreciate the offer, but…”

There wasn’t anyone that I trusted more than Lydia to heal the people of the Grand Duchy. But the reason why it was troublesome to send her to the Grand Duchy was the same reason I couldn’t send any other priest either. 

No matter how calm Lydia was, it would still calm as a shock to her.

[Lydia] “I know what you’re worried about, Saintess. But it’s alright.”

Her smile was as gentle as it always was.

[Ara] “No, the problem isn’t what you’re thinking of, Lydia. It’s actually a bit more troublesome…”

[Lydia] “It’s alright.”

Lecht, who was sitting next to me, leaned toward me when I was at a loss at being unable to explain the reason clearly to her. He whispered softly to me, the distance between us so close I could feel his breath against my ear.

[Lecht] “The High Priestess over there, she’s a half-demon.”

[Ara] “Yes… What?!”

The one who was being shocked wasn’t Lydia, but me?!

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I turned my head to look at Lydia.

[Ara] “No way…”

She smiled, as if she knew what Lecht had just told me.

[Ara] “Then Lydia, with this child… and him…”

I pointed to Kelber and Muso, one after the other. Lydia smiled and nodded her head. It meant that she could see the true form beyond the illusion magic.

[Ara]Huu… I feel betrayed…”

[Lydia] “I didn’t tell you since I didn’t think it was that important to you, Saintess.”

[Ara] “Well, that’s true… it doesn’t really matter.”

It didn’t matter whether Lydia was a human, a demon, or of mixed race.

[Ara] “I just feel embarrassed by my past behaviour when I didn’t even have to be careful in front of you, Lydia.”

[Lydia] “It was very natural. It is alright.”

[Ara] “I feel even more embarrassed when you comfort me like that, Lydia…”

Lydia laughed softly when I covered my red face with my hands.

[Lydia] “Then, I’ll be back soon. It should only take one or two days with the space travel portal.”

[Ara] “Oh yeah, you can use that, Lydia.”

I was just thinking about how nice it’d be not to get motion sickness like I did in a carriage, but Lydia laughed and said.

[Lydia] “You can also use it too if you want. It isn’t a matter of ability, but of gaining permission.”

[Ara] “Really?”

[Lydia] “There’s isn’t anything you can’t use in the entirety of Lunarism, Saintess.”

Then I’d definitely use that next time I travel to and from the Grand Duchy!

[Ara] “Then you should’ve told me that earlier! Then I wouldn’t have had such a hard time riding in the carriage.”

Lydia said something out of the blue just as I was smiling at the good news.

[Lydia] “To be honest, I didn’t tell you since I thought you wouldn’t use it, even if I did tell you.”

[Ara] “Why wouldn’t I use something that’s so good?”

[Lydia] “The motion sickness is worse than riding the carriage.”

[Ara] “Huh…?”

[Lydia] “The motion sickness is 100 times worse than the carriage. So I don’t use it unless it’s really urgent either.”


Forget using it next time. Motion sickness that’s 100 times worse than a carriage? I’ll definitely die…

Lydia laughed as I shuddered.

[Lydia] “Then, I’ll have to ask you to stay at the temple for the time being.”

[Ara] “Stay safe!”

I clenched my fist in support of Lydia, who said she’d go despite having to suffer terrible motion sickness.

[Lydia] “Could I ask you to be my guide there?”

Lydia nodded her head succinctly, asking Muso as she approached him.

Muso looked at Lydia with a blank face that was unlike his usual self, murmuring.

[Muso] “We’ve met before, haven’t we?”

Lydia tilted her head and smiled at his words.

[Lydia] “Have we?”

[Muso] “I-I guess not.”

Lydia only smiled at Muso’s weirdness.

[Muso] “That’s strange. Why is it so familiar?”

Muso continued to tilt his head as Lydia smiled without neither affirming nor denying his statement.

[Muso] “Anyway, let’s go! I’ll be back, Your Majesty!”

Muso waved at me before following after Lydia. 

But Lecht spoke sharply before I could answer him.

[Lecht] “What do you mean, you’ll come back? Isn’t it your job to protect the Grand Duchy while Tanma is away?”

[Muso] “…Hic.

Muso hiccuped at Lecht’s sharp jab.

[Muso] “I-I will make sure to carry out my duty!”

I shook my head as I watched Muso reply energetically before rushing away like he was fleeing.

[Ara] “Just by looking at him, Muso seems like the type to just invite scoldings.”

Lydia let out a small laugh at my words, as if she agreed with me, and followed after him.

Linden whispered to me softly as I waved at them.

[Linden] “Ara, sometimes you say things that I don’t understand.”

[Ara] “Hmm?”

I turned my head to find him looking at me with a very complicated expression on his face. He seemed rather sentimental, perhaps because of how his eyes looked.

[Linden] “With the Grand Duke and the High Priestess… It’s like there’s yet another thing I don’t know about.”

[Ara] “…”

I couldn’t say anything at his murmur. Although he looked upset, I couldn’t tell him anything about the demons rashly just to comfort him.

[Linden] “I always think I know you well, but then I always find out that I don’t.”

Linden smiled self-deprecatingly and sat where Muso had been sitting.

[Ara] “Linden, that…”

[Linden] “I’m not saying this to complain.”

Just as I was about to say something, he interrupted me and added another comment rather hastily.

[Linden] “I came because I had something to tell you.”

[Ara] “…Okay. Tell me.”

Although it was highly likely that his intention was to change the subject, I didn’t bother trying to stop him from doing so.

[Linden] “This might sound absurd, but I’m telling you because I think you’re being framed.”

[Ara] “What are you talking about?”

[Linden] “This case, Olivia… I think she was the one that did it.”

[Ara] “!”

I couldn’t hide my look of surprise. 

Although I had told Lecht and Tanma last night about my suspicions of Olivia, I hadn’t spoken about it to anyone else. 

I didn’t want to cause a commotion until I got my hands on solid evidence. I didn’t want to give her time to prepare for a counterattack by letting her know that I was going after her.

But how did Linden know? Linden wouldn’t know about Frody, just because Lecht did…

[Ara] “How… did you come to that conclusion?”

[Linden] “I was actually doing a little investigation on Olivia before this all happened. Did you know that woman was around the village where the epidemic started?”

[Ara] “Olivia?”

Linden shared the information that he had learned at that time with me. 

A saintess who suddenly disappeared from the temple. 

Apparently she had been found, collapsed at one of the villages on the outskirts, though perhaps her escape might have also been to meet with the crown prince, which she did quite often. With that village being the one exactly next to the village where the epidemic broke out.

[Linden] “I couldn’t believe it, so I tried to dig even deeper, and focused on the dates where she had ‘suddenly disappeared’.”

Having talked for quite a while, Linden paused for a moment. Trying to gauge my reaction, he asked even more cautiously than he had before.

[Linden] “Attempting to poison Olivia… that’s a false accusation, right?”

My eyes widened.

[Ara] “How did you…”

How did he get his hands on a fact that even I had only found out yesterday? I asked him while I admired his intelligence, hoping to get my hands on some evidence from how he found out.

[Linden]Haa, I knew it.”

Linden rubbed his face, as if my reaction was a good enough answer. The face that had been swept by his large hand looked glad, as if he had just finished his homework. There was also a sense of relief.

[Ara] “How did you find out?”

[Linden] “The messenger you had sent to deliver the tea said so when he was drunk at the bar I own. He said that his mistress was innocent.”

[Ara] “Oh…”

Found it. 

Someone other than me who knows that I sent peppermint tea. To think that I found it without having to put a spy in the Duke’s estate. I guess Lunar must really love me.

[Linden] “Obviously, everyone thought it was just some drunken nonsense, but the manager told me when he heard me investigating it.”

[Ara] “So where is that person now?”

Linden looked perplexed as I asked urgently.

[Linden] “That’s actually the problem. It’s also the key point that I’m trying to tell you.”

[Ara] “How serious is it for you to have to prepare me like that?”

He looked so serious I wondered if that person had died.

[Linden] “There’s someone who’s been looking into this case long before me, and has since taken the messenger.”

[Ara] “No way, is it Olivia?”

I doubt it was Ziken. It would’ve been too obvious if such a simple-minded guy had made such a masterful move behind someone’s back.

Contrary to my expectations of it being Olivia or one of her aides, Linden brought out a name I couldn’t have even imagined would come out.

[Linden] “Alion.”

[Ara] “What…?”

[Linden] “Alion Darchez was investigating this case before I was.”

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