IBOMLEW Ch 11 — Is My Body not Your Type?

Fervin’s body was overflowing with tension. His whole body heated up, and he couldn’t continue to maintain the sweet expression that he had unconsciously made. 

It was because all he could feel was Irwen’s burning lips in his embrace. Although there was a thin shirt acting as a barrier between them, it seemed worse than having nothing there.

He clenched his teeth hard enough to break them. 

His large hand pushed Irwen in the other direction, but she muttered in her sleep and burrowed her head back into his arms. There was a mixture of sleepy breathing and the deep breaths of someone trying their best to control themselves on the bed.

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Fervin’s body was overflowing with tension. His whole body heated up, and he couldn’t continue to maintain the sweet expression that he had unconsciously made. 

It was because all he could feel was Irwen’s burning lips in his embrace. Although there was a thin shirt acting as a barrier between them, it seemed worse than having nothing there.

He clenched his teeth hard enough to break them. 

His large hand pushed Irwen in the other direction, but she muttered in her sleep and burrowed her head back into his arms. There was a mixture of sleepy breathing and the deep breaths of someone trying their best to control themselves on the bed.

Fervin decided to just seal the restless lips in his embrace with a tighter hug. He held Irwen tightly in his arms and whispered in her ear, “How can you sleep so comfortably while I’m here? Am I not attractive? Am I not your type?”

She wrapped her hand around his waist, as if in reply to his question. It was clearly just an unconscious sleeping habit that she had unconsciously done in her deep sleep. But all of this was a temptation for him.

“Yeah, well in any case, I was the one who fell in love first, and the one who wanted this in the first place was also me.” He stroked his wife’s soft hair and buried his lips in them for no reason. 

He closed his eyes in an attempt to sleep. It was a calculation that tried to bury his current time of anxiety with sleep, since he wasn’t able to endure staying awake any longer.

That was when Irwen let out a deep sigh and rubbed her face against him.


It was the moment the instinct he had tried to put to sleep woke up again.

Fervin decided to just give up on trying to sleep. Since it didn’t make sense for someone to fall asleep when someone they loved was there in the first place.

Just how many hours had passed already? Fervin lay there for a long time with Irwen in his arms. Naturally, he couldn’t sleep. 

The cottage in this place had become a hideout for him to escape several times from Irwen’s verbal harassment, but it had now turned into a lover’s hideout. His whole body was burning with heat and was feverish. 

He released Irwen from his embrace momentarily and unhesitatingly took off his shirt. His scorching hot body was then exposed to the cool air that came from the rain. Although he had already exposed his upper body which was like a sculpture, it was still hot enough for him to frown. 

Hnng…” Irwen curled up, as if she were cold. 

Fervin grabbed the quilt in his hands to cover her quickly and then abruptly gathered her into his embrace. 

Irwen seemed to be warmed up by the heat radiating from his body. She mumbled in her sleep with her eyes closed and slept soundly. 

Fervin smiled unwittingly at her figure. Thinking about it now, he didn’t know how many years it had been after their wedding since he hugged her like this.

Irwen, who seemed to be as cold as ice, was quite warm. Was her heart also this warm? He thought it’d be good if what he knew about what she was like on the inside could be the amount as how much he touched her. He couldn’t figure out what she was thinking inside, ever since she had woken up after collapsing. 

Even though she used to have a bad temper before, she would at least be honest and spew out whatever she was thinking on the inside, but despite being kind now, he couldn’t figure out what her true thoughts were.

Naturally, there was also something else he wanted to hear from her. It was his secret wish from the moment he first saw her. 

Gently sweeping her hair with his hand, he whispered, “I love you.” That was what he wanted to hear. From when they first met, until now.

At his touch, she clung to him, as if it were an unconscious sleeping habit. A soft and squishy sensation was pressed against his chest. Fervin bit his lip at the soft flesh that was felt beneath the thin material of the dress.

It wasn’t just his face burning anymore. Fervin felt his whole body flaring up as he tried to stifle his groans. He tried to endure it by biting the middle finger on his right hand. His body reacted to everything she did. 

He took his lips off his innocent finger and headed toward her face. His lips that seemed to almost burst with heat, seemed to be descending on her lips, but then went further down. He kissed her collarbone which seemed to shine like ivory reverently, as if he were worshipping the most noble thing in this world.

He had barely held back from kissing her loveable lips. It was because of his own conscience that refused to allow him to kiss her without her consent. So he could only continue to endure it. 

However, he wasn’t sure how long this would last. Irwen seemed to have complete faith in his self control since she could even show such a defenceless appearance to him, but he could no longer believe in his own self control. 

Although he had managed to refrain from doing so today by resorting to the pain brought about by self harm, if he managed to win Irwen’s heart by the time appointed by the elders where they were meant to sleep together, then… 

Fervin bit his finger once again upon finding himself heading toward her lips.


There were red teeth marks clearly engraved on his hand. And throughout the night, he continued to try and tamp down his desires with pain. The blood from his hands splattered onto the white bedsheet. 

* * *

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The next day.

I woke up from the morning sunlight that was shining strongly through the windows. This place was my bedroom, with ivory wallpaper covered with lily of the valley and roses, red carpet, and silky duvets that made a rustling sound. It was the couple’s bedroom that I occupied and used by myself, to be more precise.


Mrs. Tilly, who had swept open the curtain and dusted it off, came running toward me when she discovered me. The expression on her face was so happy it could’ve been mistaken for someone who had just found the most precious treasure in the world.

“You’re awake! It would’ve been even better if you had woken up when Master had left earlier though.”

“W-Wait…” I interrupted Mrs. Tilly’s chattering. “Why am I here? I was definitely in the cottage last night, so how did I wake up in my bedroom?”

“Oh, just look at my mind right now. You were asleep when you came here, so naturally you wouldn’t know the situation at that time.” Mrs. Tilly clasped her hands together with an ecstatic light in her eyes. “Master came to the mansion this morning with madam in his arms. He was the one who brought madam here! He handled you so carefully it was as if madam was as fragile as freshly fired porcelain made by the master himself!”

“Really?” A voice full of doubt slipped out of my mouth. I couldn’t imagine Fervin treating me as gently as freshly fired porcelain.

Mrs. Tilly added excitedly, “Master said he would come and sleep here on the appointed day where you have to sleep together from now on. Although the master said that he’d sleep somewhere else if you preferred another place, this is the couple’s bedroom though?”

“Sleep together…”

“We will do our best to help the two of you not feel uncomfortable in the future when you sleep together, madam. I’ve already informed the elders of the Carlisle family, but they’re very happy with the atmosphere between the two of you, and are already retrieving the day that you’ll sleep together from the astrologer! My word, something’s finally happening!” Mrs. Tilly trembled violently, clearly overwhelmed with emotion. 

Reality seemed to weigh heavily on my shoulders. Since I had said that I would fulfil my duties, I had no choice but to follow through with the day of sleeping together. 

“Only sharing a room on the day of sleeping together…” I let out an unintentional sigh.

But Mrs. Tilly seemed to have misunderstood me. With an insidious light in her eyes, she said, “Madam, don’t worry. Don’t tell me you think that Master will leave you alone in this lonely place every night? He will come and stop by often to see you once he’s finished with the state affairs, madam.”

My eyes flitted in every direction in a fluster. But I soon regained my composure. He wouldn’t touch me recklessly since we had already made an agreement. Although I hold respect for fulfilling my duties, having children was clearly a separate matter from fulfilling my duty. Yeah, at least I can be relieved in that respect.

Mrs. Tilly chatted busily while she attended to me. It was the first time I had seen her so excited like this.

“By the way, did you have a good night last night, madam? Well, I didn’t expect for you two to spend the night in the cottage, but I think it’s very romantic in its own way! Oh, also, did the musk pouch have any effect at all? That pouch of musk is so rare that there are only three in the empire, and was a special gift from the elders of the family to the master. Its effectiveness is also extremely rare. Apparently this can make a couple’s affection for one another surge like a waterfall, even if they’re a couple that’s cold towards each other or one that’s on the verge of a divorce… Has the relationship between the two of you gotten better at all?”

Mrs. Tilly’s eyes seemed to be glistening in anticipation, as I turned my head away from her burdensome eyes. The musk pouch, perhaps brought back by Fervin, was wrapped in leather and was placed on the table. 

Just how hard of a time did I have because of that thing! Fervin even thought I was trying to seduce him because of that! I had a lot of things I wanted to say, but Mrs. Tilly’s eyes made me swallow my complaints.

“I’m not sure about anything else, but don’t use the musk pouch from now on. It was too excessive.”

“Oh, I guess that’s true.” Mrs. Tilly had that peculiar expression on her face once again. “That’s true, the master wanted you so much even without that musk pouch, it was my mistake.”

“Aunt, Aunt Tilly!” Mrs. Tilly’s niece, Marianne, rushed to the door hurriedly, out of breath. 

Upon seeing her expression as if the world were collapsing, Mrs. Tilly asked worriedly, “What is it, Marianne? What sort of news did you receive for you to make such a fuss?”

Marianne looked at me and reported excitedly, “Master is coming back early today as well. He will come back around two o’clock this afternoon and go to the boutique with madam, so should I get them to prepare dinner a bit earlier?”

Mrs. Tilly looked at me in a fluster. “It’s probably for the dress you’ll wear to next week’s ball… Did you hear about this from the master, madam?”


I was in such a strange situation yesterday, so I naturally didn’t have time to talk leisurely about these things. 

“There’s a letter here as well, madam.” Marianne handed me a letter that had been written on a high quality piece of parchment paper. 

The letter, which seemed to have been cautiously written, had traces of smudged ink everywhere, with the following words.

I’ll be back at two in the afternoon today, so be ready, since we’re going straight to Madame Vertain’s Boutique.

“Madame Vertain? Goodness!” Mrs. Tilly cried out in delight. “To think it’s a dress from the arrogant Madame Vertain, who only deals with the imperial family! To think it’s the boutique that has to be booked a few months in advance, even for the Empress! Madam, I’m sure the master has fully prepared for your appearance at next week’s ball!”

I was also rather bewildered by this goodwill of Fervin’s. Although we said we’d fulfil our duties to one another, I had no idea why he was doing this kind of favour to me. Despite being flustered, the ticklish feeling on one side of my heart, however, didn’t feel too bad though. However, I still wondered why he had suddenly changed up his ever-consistent attitude in front of me. 

That was when Marianne sneaked up beside me and asked, “But madam, did the two of you perhaps fight last night, or did you enjoy a night of conjugal bliss… Ouch, it hurts, Aunt Tilly!”

Mrs. Tilly pulled Marianne’s ear and glanced at me in embarrassment, lowering her head. “My apologies, madam. I will firmly re-educate her on proper etiquette.” 

I waved a hand at her to release Marianne. I was curious about the cause of curiosity leading up to Marianne asking me such a question. “No, it’s fine. What exactly were you curious about, Marianne?”

“There were blood stains all over the bed sheet, and not just one, but several.”

I swept a look over my body with a flustered heart. Although it was a reasonable suspicion to have of me since she said there was blood, I shook my head. I slept too well last night for that doubt to be true. All my muscles and the fatigue that had been piling up in my whole body were completely relieved due to the good night’s sleep I had last night.

Mrs. Tilly, who was next to me, cast a probing glance toward me and said quickly to Marianne, “Just what in the world did you see? That wasn’t a blood stain, but a wine stain. I personally washed it myself, so why couldn’t you tell the difference?”

“Master was the one who spilled the wine? But the master was the one who caught the wine glass I was about to drop when I carried it the other day.”

“He probably made a mistake while he was drunk. That’s how all sorts of strange things happen in the first place.”

It was a tone that seemed to be putting an end to the topic.

* * * 

Fervin Carlisle woke up an hour earlier than usual, but ended up coming to work an hour later than usual. It happened after he moved Irwen into her bedroom and ended up admiring her visage long after the morning sun had already risen. 

He was someone who was always punctual, so everyone he met in the palace ended up urging him, asking him what happened for him to do such a thing.

“What happened, Duke Carlisle? Did something happen at home?”

“You’re even an hour late. Are you sick or something?”

“No, it’s nothing like that.” Contrary to Fervin’s curt answer, a faint smile formed on his face. It was quite novel to see a hint of warmth grace his face, which was normally always as cold as an ice box. 

People quickly noticed. Something good had happened!

“Although I heard that you and the Duchess got along well these days, now it seems like the rumour really is true, huh?”

“Oh, well…” Fervin’s lips twitched, as if he valued his words like gold. However, the back of his neck was already red. At the appearance of the atmosphere becoming softer, people continued to speculate.

‘Just how much had changed for us to see a smile on the ‘Duke of Carlisle’?’

News of the change in the Duchess of Carlisle had begun to come in from all over the place after her sudden collapse and recovery. There was also news that not too long ago, she had invited several other nobles and members of the imperial family to perform moving songs as well.

The Emperor liked her singing, the Duke of Sibelom praised her for her beauty, and the social butterfly of high society, Marchioness Celestine, had openly said she had fallen in love with her sophisticated stage presence and wanted to have tea with her. 

Everyone was curious. Just how much had the Duchess changed to the point where everyone wanted to get along with her?

“Everyone who attended the party that was held at the Duke’s mansion praised the Duchess’s beauty, singing skills, and class, without leaving out a single compliment. So when will we also be able to see your wife?”

Fervin’s eyes crinkled beautifully at their interest in Irwen. Even his brilliant platinum blond hair seemed to shine more, as if reflecting his refreshing mood. “You’ll be able to meet my wife at the imperial palace’s ball next week.”

“I’m looking forward to it. It’ll be the first time everyone’s seeing your wife at the imperial ball, right?”

“That’s right. I’ll definitely look out for the both of you and say hello then.”

Fervin’s face would’ve stiffened in the past if there was such a hot interest in Irwen, but now, he only had a subtle smile on his face. Just thinking of her was a good thing. 

In the soft atmosphere that was different to how he was usually, the people around him continued to converse pleasantly. Seemingly drunk on the atmosphere, one of them brought up the topic everyone was curious about without any hesitation.

“Now that the relationship between the two of you is quite good, can we expect any news of a successor soon? Hahaha!” Seemingly unaware that Fervin’s face had turned cold momentarily, he continued to speak, “The two of you must be healthy, so it’ll only be a matter of time before you have a baby. Later, I’ll have my wife send some quality medicine that’s good for pregnancy.”

“That’s a matter for us as a couple to take care of. And…” Fervin’s warm face disappeared and instantly transformed into a chilly face. Seeing that there were some people who seemed to be at a loss, he added firmly, “I won’t tolerate anyone putting any pressure on Irwen either.”

His oppressive tone made them all stiffen. Lowering their gaze from his cold eyes, they nodded simultaneously upon spotting an injury on his finger in the shape of a tooth mark. 

He seemed to be able to see rumours of, ‘Oh, seems like his relationship with his wife took a turn for the worse recently’ in the air. 

Fervin hurriedly hid his finger and his face became even colder. He didn’t think it could get this awkward. He hadn’t thought that the traces of last night’s desire could be misleading to others. 

Without even a moment for him to calm down, he faced the final boss of misunderstandings.

* * *


“As expected of the Emperor!”

“You’re just as cool as you are today, Duke Carlisle!”

When Fervin appeared in the drill hall with the Emperor, the guards greeted them with loud shouts. The Emperor would often make unscheduled visits to the drill hall, and each time, he would apply for a match with Fervin. 

Although the match between Fervin, who was the Chief Commander of the empire, and the Captain of the Imperial Guards also drew a lot of attention from the soldiers, his match with the Emperor was explosively popular. It was especially popular since Fervin, the empire’s best warrior, would be showing off his splendid swordsmanship against the Emperor. 

“Please have a great match today as well!”

“I think I’m falling in love with you!”

“I’ve already fallen for Duke Carlisle, please accept my feelings!”

The two of them took off their outerwear, cheered on by the countless number of soldiers. 

When Fervin handed his outerwear to Sir Dobre, the Captain of the Imperial Guards, he blushed, as if it were an honour. Although Sir Dobre, who was standing next to Fervin, was also in good shape, it simply wasn’t able to be compared to Fervin’s taut body. 

Seeing the white shirt clinging to the muscular body, the Emperor flashed a mischievous smile. “It’s not like our relationship is one where we’ve only met once or twice, so why are you so shy? How long are you going to take to prepare yourself for this match?”

“Just this much is enough for the match.”

“It’s not good enough for me.”

In an instant, the Emperor took off his shirt, revealing his lean body. Fervin looked at him in bewilderment, but he was adamant. “Let’s take it off refreshingly and exchange sword moves today. Don’t tell me, are you perhaps insecure about your own body?”

Fervin raised his eyebrows at the Emperor’s provocative words. “There’s no way. What I’m most confident about is my body.” 

Fervin took off his clothes coolly, unlike before when he had hesitated. 

Fervin raised his eyebrows, as if nothing had happened when the Emperor opened his mouth, as if he were about to say, ‘I knew you’d hesitate’.

“Why, do you feel uncomfortable seeing this?”

“There’s too much of a difference between your body and my body! No matter how I look at it, your body is even more built now!”

Fervin snorted without replying to him, as if he were saying ‘That’s only natural’. There was even an admiring cheer from the surrounding soldiers.

“It’s art, it’s a sculpture!”

He was greatly respected by both men as well as women in the empire.

That white body that was filled with muscles in the shape of an inverted triangle would seem like a sculpture to anyone looking.

He took up his sword and started to spar with the Emperor. How many times had he slashed with his sword without any murderous intent?

Openly observing Fervin, who seemed to be particularly glowing today, the Emperor asked, “Right, so how did you spend your night, Mr. Devoted Husband?”

Instead of answering him, Fervin hurriedly pointed his sword at him. “What are you talking about, Your Majesty?”

The Emperor narrowed his eyes and pointed at the deep wound in his right hand. It was the wound that had appeared after he had bitten his innocent finger in an attempt to rein in his lust for Irwen last night.
“I’m talking about that wound. It looks like it’s been made by a woman.”

“Focus on the match. I won’t go easy on you, even if it’s you, Your Majesty.” Fervin’s face flushed red as he swung his sword even harder. 

Although the Emperor was pushed back, as if he were overwhelmed, his laughter that leaked out, as if to say this was fun, was unstoppable.

Clang! It was the moment the sharp edge of the sword met another blade.

The Emperor whispered evilly in Fervin’s ear, “It’s alright, Fervin. There are also women who leave their markings on men in relationships. So don’t mind the wound. It looks like it must’ve hurt as well though.”

“I said it wasn’t like that.” Fervin’s green eyes flickered heatedly. 

He couldn’t bear to say that he had bitten himself while trying to contain his lust for Irwen. In any case, he didn’t want to explain it in this place anyway. Especially in front of so many people in a place like this. 

Keeping his silence instead, a tendon protruded from his sword-wielding arm.

“Hey, easy, easy! Stop making it difficult for me.” Even though the Emperor seemed to be on the verge of collapse judging by his words, his face was still full of laughter and he seemed to be enjoying himself. He seemed to conclude that the wound on Fervin’s finger had been made by a woman. 

“That’s why you should’ve taken it easy, how hard you go is exactly how hard they’ll bite.”

Fervin’s face turned crimson red. In an instant, he overwhelmed the Emperor with his skills and threw the sword he had taken away from him far away as he fell to the floor. A round of applause erupted from his surroundings, congratulating him on his victory.

Leaving the boisterous noise behind him, Fervin bent over to look at the Emperor lying below him. “Your Majesty, it’s not your place to meddle in someone else’s marriage without even knowing anything.”

“At least the affection between you husband and wife is on the right track now.”

At the appearance of a smile blossoming on the face of the Emperor, who was a friend who interfered in other people’s love lives, Fervin kindly said, “You can still smile so brightly after losing the match?”

“It’s not like I’ve only lost to you once or twice, so who cares. Anyway, like I’ve always said, you’re better off sticking with your handsome body than that sort of flowery speech. Was it effective?”


Although he had clearly stuck with his body yesterday, he could still clearly remember his failure. On the contrary, Irwen fell asleep while only his body had been excited, causing him to suffer the whole night. 

When Fervin’s expression transformed into one of nervousness, the Emperor muttered quickly, “Oh, your body must not be your wife’s type.”

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