SMCS Ch 19 — Looking Forward to it, and Waiting

It bothers you? 

My heart started to beat to its fastest. My muddled mind struggled by itself to somehow come to the most plausible conclusion. 

No way, is that why you had such a vague expression on your face when you took the cloak… no, no. He does know what circumstances I’m in, so it could bother him if I might have run into Periot and his subordinates again. If we’re talking about Leonon’s nature, then it’s definitely a possibility. How could he be so thoughtful?

It was just when I was about to tell him not to worry and that it wouldn’t happen for a while. 

Again, Leonon whispered deeply, “And…”

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hi, so some clarification with what it means to buy shares/stocks: readers often ‘invest’ in a certain character who they want the male lead to be and in a sense, buy that character’s stocks.

so for example: god i’m a whore for the cold and obsessive male lead trope periot is! i’m going to go all in and invest everything into periot QAQ my cold duke of the north, let’s only have a happy road ahead from now on, i will only buy periot stock from now on ❤

It bothers you? 

My heart started to beat to its fastest. My muddled mind struggled by itself to somehow come to the most plausible conclusion. 

No way, is that why you had such a vague expression on your face when you took the cloak… no, no. He does know what circumstances I’m in, so it could bother him if I might have run into Periot and his subordinates again. If we’re talking about Leonon’s nature, then it’s definitely a possibility. How could he be so thoughtful?

It was just when I was about to tell him not to worry and that it wouldn’t happen for a while. 

Again, Leonon whispered deeply, “And…”

As I lifted my head to follow his voice, my vision was filled with his eyes that were blue like the sky.

“It also worries me that you might not have anyone you can trust and reveal your true feelings to in the County.”


…There’s a maid, Joy. However, my face was so hot that I couldn’t find it in me to reply and simply bowed my head instead. 

I wanted to continue the conversation naturally somehow, but the inside of my throat was slightly ticklish, as if someone was brushing against it with a feather. The feverish heat that originated from my heart started to spread to every corner of my body.

The swing was still swinging at a pleasant pace. In the midst of the silence, a pleasant scent wafted to the tip of my nose as the swing moved back and forth.

After a moment of silence, Leonon was the one who opened his mouth first.

“I’m sorry for saying something so pointless.”

When I turned my head again, he was staring straight ahead with his face stained completely red. I was a bit disappointed for some reason at the fact that his gentle gaze toward me had already disappeared. 

I quickly shook my head. “No, you managed to cheer me up.”

“That’s very good news.”

Only then did Leonon’s eyes turn to me again. I smiled broadly as our eyes met. My heart began to pound much louder than before.

Ding dong!

「‘This area’s hype king’ purchases 500 of Lorella’s shares out of sheer frustration.」

「Please! Make! Out! Already!」

And as if it had only been waiting for the right moment… the system window suddenly went wild. 

Ding dong!

「‘This area’s hype king’ refuses to stop and purchases an additional 700 of Lorella’s shares.」

「Make out! Make out! Make out! Make out! Make out! Make out! Make out! Make out! Make out! Make out! Make out! Make out! Make out! Make out! Make out! Make out! Make out! Make out!」

It was a message that was almost completely insane. The same message was sent over and over again, as if they couldn’t get enough just by sending it once. 

You want me to make out with him? In this sort of situation?!

I clenched my fists so hard that they turned white and let out a scream in my head internally, ‘I can’t do it! I really can’t do it!’

I might’ve been able to rush in and act crazy if I didn’t have any positive feelings toward Leonon. But I didn’t want to take advantage of the person who had truly comforted me, and furthermore… even I’m having a hard time right now! I feel like my heart is going to explode! 

But my mind soon began to waver like the swing that was still shaking back and forth. Can… I really not do it? Even though my life is at stake? I just saw a rival selling 50,000 shares at once. Is there really a reason not to do it?

A trick came to my mind in a flash as I was repeatedly mulling over my internal discord with complex feelings.

‘If I truly can’t do it, I just have to pretend to do it, right?’ 

Wouldn’t he catch me if I fell off the swing? At that time, if I just got a bit closer, and if I leaned just a bit closer, wouldn’t my lips touch his chin? If my lips landed there, then I could probably cover it up as a mistake. 

In addition, it was a great location for ‘the hype king’ to go wild over. It would look like a kiss from that angle if I went a little further, so it’d be a shame if it failed. They would definitely not be able to endure not buying shares over something like this! 

The smile on my face suddenly seemed to transform into one that was filled with malicious intent. I sneaked a glance at Leonon. …However, contrary to my feelings, my face flushed an insane hue of red when our eyes met once again.

“Are you getting off now?”

My actions in playing on the swing had gotten more sluggish as I strengthened my resolve. The quick-witted Leonon had noticed this and grabbed the swing to stop it.

“Yes…” But only a voice so soft that no one else but me could hear came out of my mouth, perhaps because I was nervous. 

I took another breath as I watched him tilt his head slightly, as if he didn’t hear me.

That’s when it happened.

Ding dong! 

「‘This area’s hype king’ purchases 10,000 of Lorella’s shares by going all in with coins! It’s a new record! A cookie has been backed as a reward.
Would you like to receive it now?
1. Yes. 2. No.」

1, 10,000 shares?!


I was so surprised that I answered in a voice that was loud enough to resonate from every corner of the greenhouse…

Ding dong!

「The cookie has been used.」

Huh? Without even any time for me to spare being flustered, a resounding crack suddenly sounded from above my head.



My body plummeted toward the ground in an instant. At that moment, I could see Leonon stretching his arms out towards me urgently. I almost instinctively jumped into his arms. And then…


…Something warm and soft was then pressed against my lips.

The sound of a bell seemed to be ringing from somewhere faraway, and the square window that was emitting light began to flash incessantly before my eyes. 

But none of that seemed to register in my mind. 

The only thing I could focus on was the ticklish and warm feeling of his breath through the gap of our lips that touched softly.

* * *

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Wait a moment.

…Wait a moment!!!


The moment both of our lips touched each other, a brief exclamation escaped from my lips out of sheer shock. At the same time, I quickly retreated from the firm torso that had been supporting my body earlier. 

My whole body seemed to be burning red, and I felt as if my heart was not only beating in my chest, but also in my fingertips and toes too. I bent my waist forward so frantically to the point where my forehead nearly touched the ground.

“I’m so sorry…!”

Even though it was an unexpected accident, I still couldn’t lift my head up righteously since I had technically premeditated it too. It really felt like I had committed treason. I didn’t mean for this to happen. I didn’t mean to attack you like this!

“I-It’s fine.”

“I will try not to make any more mistakes…!”

“It’s okay. It was just an accident.”

However, contrary to his words, Leonon’s face, which had already turned as red as a ripe apple, did not look as if it were okay at all.

“I’m still very sorry though!”

“I’ll be even more sorry if you keep acting like this.”

Both my trembling voice, and his voice which had already subsided completely, came out one after the other, as if we were singing a duet. 

That’s when it happened.

Ding dong!

I was startled by the sound of the bell. And then what unfolded in front of me… was an unbelievable sight.

「‘This area’s hype king’ rubs their nose as they smile proudly. It was the most precious cookie in the world.」

「‘Banned1 HODLer2 purchases 3,000 shares while becoming a menace. Green window3, please look away.」

What’s going on here right now…? Banned HODLer? Who the hell are you?!

As my shaking pupils skimmed over the system window, at that very moment, I saw Leonon standing stiffly like a statue behind the window and holding his lips to the back of his hand.


As soon as I saw his face burning like scorching hot charcoal, the red on his face the exact colour of a ripe apple, I let out a silent scream.

At that moment, the greenhouse door suddenly swung wide open as a number of knights rushed in.

“Commander, are you alright?”

“We suddenly heard a scream…!”

They rushed over and began to scour the greenhouse, as if they were searching for something. It didn’t take them very long to find the white branch that had fallen where Leonon and I were standing. A brief silence followed after that for some reason.

“No way… it’s broken?”

“How could this…”

When someone cautiously brought up that issue, the other knights couldn’t say anything, as if they couldn’t believe it. All they could do was alternate looks between the branch that had been broken in two, and me, with their eyes wide open. 

I couldn’t do anything but stare at the floor at their overwhelming gazes. I wanted to dig a hole and hide in it. No, I’d actually rather die!

But then, Leonon, who had been looking down at the ground, suddenly knelt down on one knee.

“…No matter what, it’s strange.”

He carefully picked up the fallen branch off the ground. His eyes were shining so sharply that it was hard to believe that this was the person who had until now, been blushing with shame. 

Feeling nervous for no reason, my gaze also turned to the end of the branch.

…The cut was neat, as if it had been slashed off with a sword. 

I felt like cold sweat was trickling down my back for a moment.

“Are you sure you aren’t hurt anywhere?”

Leonon got up from where he was and approached me. Even if it was only for a moment, the sharp light in his eyes disappeared, his gaze overflowing with concern and tenderness.

“I’m fine…!” I shouted loudly for no reason in an attempt to distract myself. 

He was extremely affectionate, thoughtful, and naive as well, but above all of that, he was even the Commander of the Imperial Holy Knights. As a skilled prosecutor, he was quick witted, with all five of his senses fully developed as well. It would be a huge problem if he examined the branch and found out that I was a bit different to other people. 

For now, it seemed like my first priority should be to avoid this place first. I opened my mouth hurriedly. 

“Oh, th-that’s right. Should we just have tea next time? I think I should take my leave now…”

Leonon looked at me for a moment, then nodded his head. “I’ll go and see you off.”

We stepped out of the greenhouse, leaving the bewildered knights behind us. I tried to be as reticent as I could as we walked back through the hallway. Fortunately, Leonon didn’t bring up anything in particular either. 

When I exited the building, there was already a carriage waiting for me by the curb. It was the carriage I had rode in. The coachman also seemed to recognise me and began to prepare to depart.

“Thank you so much for today. And…” I stood in front of him and bowed my waist. “…I’m sorry!”

Alright, it’s time for me to escape in a legitimate manner! I bit my lip and turned around in a hurry, but then I suddenly heard someone call out my name, ‘Lorella’.

“Please wait for a moment.” 

I had no choice but to stop my foot from descending onto the foothold of the carriage at his urgent tone.

“W-What is it?”

The moment I slowly turned around without being able to conceal my anxiety, the parts of Leonon’s determined face which I had tried not to picture filled my eyes. Those good looking lips that were pressed together neatly. 

Had my lips really been on top of them just then… No, what sort of thoughts are you having in this sort of situation?!

As I swallowed dryly and tried to control my facial expressions, lest Leonon find out what was going on in my head, he quietly opened his mouth. “Will we meet again?”

Even though what he said wasn’t that big of a deal, his face still turned red again.

“What? Oh, of course.”

With a big smile, I nodded in unison with Leonon. Only then did his face seem to glow. 

“I’ll be the one to invite you next time.”

To be honest… I didn’t think I’d be able to come to the Holy Knights’ Headquarters for a while. Maybe after around a hundred years, when the legend of a woman breaking ‘a branch that won’t break, even if a dozen elephants trample over it’ in one go disappears…

“I don’t mind either way, so please decide on whichever one is more convenient for you.”

“Thank you, then see you next time.” I smiled gratefully at his kind consideration and nodded lightly at him.

“I’ll be looking forward to it.”

Following his own words, Leonon reached out toward me as if he intended to escort me. I gently placed my hand over it. But for some reason, he held my hand tightly and didn’t have any intention to release it.


The moment the shadow of a cloud drifting by slowly hung over his brightly shining blond hair. A light kiss fell on the back of my hand.

“I’ll be waiting.”

[1] 빨간 딱지 (literal translation is ‘red label’) refers to labels that signify foreclosure, bans, etc. in this case i’m guessing it refers to when an account gets banned or restricted on social media.

[2] 존버단 is a slang word that has been used a lot in the stock market and pubg especially with the approximate meaning of ‘tough it out’, or ‘hold on for dear life’, thus the abbreviation HODL. another example could be kdrama fans who have endured X years of waiting for another season (SCARLET HEART QAQ)

[3] the green window refers to naver, and the ‘red label’ or ‘banned account’ can refer to an account naver has restricted because of their age. so assuming this account isn’t allowed to technically view this since it’s ‘age restricted’ (e.g. r15, etc), it’s telling naver to turn a blind eye and close their eyes.

author’s note

the hype king returning the favour

naver comments

yebin (dks2****)
no, there’s no way this person can be the second male lead, that can’t happen, you have to make him the male lead

hyein (henn****)
i’ll cry if he’s the second male lead

kim seok jin’s team won’t lose (cind****)
i will buy all of this man’s stock, please be happy with this man

tutu (take****)
if my beautiful blond who is like a gift from the sun to me is a second male lead… i’ll shit myself

everyone say thank you hype king !!!!!!! rlly sacrificed some coin for progression of the plot SLAYYYYY thanks for ur sacrifice soldier HGLDSKFJDFS

also banned hodler’s name was a literal ASSCRACK to figure out how to tl there was like three slang words in it and i literally scoured namuwiki for it i almost cried

ne ways, i’ll be including some of the korean comments i found funny in every chapter from now on (until the story ends and the author locks the whole story GHLSDFKJDF QAQ)

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