IBVIAAN Ch 49 — Trap

A mysterious rumour that began with the ‘disappearance’ of a messenger.

“Did you hear about it? Apparently, the divine power of Solarism can’t normally cure infectious diseases like this one.”

“Then what was Saintess Olivia doing during the day?”

It started at a tavern that was located in a corner of the capital. The tavern was so small that only close acquaintances knew that it was owned by the Ezzarson Guild.

“So… you’re saying that Saintess Olivia is a fake?”

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A mysterious rumour that began with the ‘disappearance’ of a messenger.

“Did you hear about it? Apparently, the divine power of Solarism can’t normally cure infectious diseases like this one.”

“Then what was Saintess Olivia doing during the day?”

It started at a tavern that was located in a corner of the capital. The tavern was so small that only close acquaintances knew that it was owned by the Ezzarson Guild.

“So… you’re saying that Saintess Olivia is a fake?”


An even more terrifying image was added onto the already dangerous rumour of how ‘Saintess Olivia is a fake’.

“Then what was that power?”

“You didn’t hear? Apparently it’s forbidden magic.”

“What? F-Forbidden magic…?!”

The bad news travelled quickly. Within a few days, there was no one within the capital that hadn’t heard of that rumour.


Around the time when the rumour spread and eventually reached inside the Great Temple of the Sun God.

“W-Where did that sort of nonsense come from…!”

“You think it’s nonsense? Just go and ask that woman and you’ll know.”

It was Lydia, who had appeared at the front steps of the Great Temple without even so much as a sound. 

The words she relayed to the High Priest, who was trying to understand the circumstances of the incident, gave him quite a huge shock. “I’m saying that the power you’ve been worshipping until now is one that belongs to a demon.”

In any case, he had been rather frustrated at the fact that Olivia refused to open her mouth for whatever reason she had. But to think that the words that slowly came out would turn his world upside down like this…

* * *

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“Damn it…!”

After Lydia’s visit, the High Priest of Solarism couldn’t even eat properly, let alone sleep due to his anxiety.

‘Forbidden magic? Demonic contract? Damn it all!’

The words she had said had explained everything that had remained unexplainable until now. 

The High Priest tore at his own white hair and gnashed his teeth. 

‘Is that woman crazy…?! And all while she had the name as a saintess too!’

He swore at Olivia, who he had sincerely respected as a precious saintess just last week. The most intolerable of them all to him was the attitude of the High Priestess of Lunarism.

“The power you’ve been worshipping until now is one that belongs to a demon.”

He had known earlier that she was a half-demon. 

Sixty years ago, the passing Lydia had chanced upon him while he was doing odd jobs. She had told him that he had a unique ability, and showed him how to release his divine power. Thanks to this ability which was greater than expected, he became the high priest at a young age. He tried asking around for her so he could express his thanks, but she had disappeared like the wind.

Then, he met her again ten years ago. When he heard that there was a woman who could hear Lunar’s voice, and that she had become Lunarism’s High Priest, he went to meet her. 

But the moment they met, he knew. What she was at that time. And that she wasn’t a normal human being. 

His grateful feelings and whatever else he had for her disappeared, and he was only appalled and disgusted at her appearance which didn’t age. 

He then informed the emperor of this. But what was more surprising was the emperor’s reaction. The fact that he had said there was no law that dictated or opposed half-demons from becoming high priests, so what exactly was the problem? At that response, he concluded that the emperor and the Lunar religion were one in the same boat. He thought that the emperor saying he was a believer of Solarism was tantamount to just a political act.

Ever since then, he has bumped heads with the emperor again and again to try and overthrow the Lunar religion. Although he wasn’t happy at the fact that the crown prince and the saintess were dating, he also used that fact to poke at the emperor’s sore spot. 

Furthermore, the moment the crown prince’s fiancee touched the saintess, he immediately inflated the situation in order to put pressure on the emperor. It seemed like the dissolvement of the engagement between the crown prince and the Princess of Darchez would deal a huge blow to the emperor’s power, so he gloated over that quite a bit as well.

But he didn’t expect that same exact Princess of Darchez to return as the Lunar religion’s saintess! And to top it all off, to think that their own saintess was a fake…!

‘If the emperor hears about this…! Damn it, damn it, damn it!’

Angry, his eyes glistened as they darted around the room.

‘No, I’d rather… yes, if it’s like this, then there’s only one way.’

He found a loophole he could use to survive.

‘Let’s knock down our own athlete1

As he opened the door to leave, he saw that the paladin who was standing guard by the door looked shocked. 

“Where is she?”

“She…? Ah, are you talking about the saintess?”

Saintess? What a disease. His irritation rushed to his throat, but he managed to hold it in. 

“Where is she?”

“She’s with His Highness the Crown Prince.”

What a malicious woman. 

After the incident that burst out in the square, he had asked her a few times how that had happened. However, she had said she didn’t know and cried with a terrified expression on her face. It was obvious he had only asked her a question, yet she had made him bewildered by making him out to be some shameless old man. 

What was even more infuriating was that the crown prince ended up falling for her actions and started to protect her. After Lydia’s visit, it was as if she had suddenly forgotten how to leave the crown prince’s side. As if she knew what had been said and fled. It was an action that showed she understood that the High Priest couldn’t possibly touch her while she was next to the crown prince.

“Where? The garden?”

For her to be in such a visible place also bothered him, as if she were deliberately teasing him. After confirming with the paladin, he strode leisurely to the garden and discovered Olivia, who was fussing in the arms of the crown prince. 


The crown prince’s knights blocked him as he took a step forward. When the crown prince’s knights turned their blades towards the High Priest, the Paladins also naturally protected the High Priest in turn.

“Your Highness. Who was the one who gave permission for these knights to be brought into the temple?” Normally, no one other than the paladins were able to be armed in the temple. But now, with the permission of the High Priest, the knights of the crown prince were given special permission to be allowed within the Great Temple.

“And just who was the one who reached out for help since the Paladins couldn’t touch the civilians recklessly?” Ziken retorted at the High Priest’s remarks. Just like he said, the disturbance in front of the temple these days couldn’t have been stopped without the crown prince’s knights. 

There was palpable tension between the two of them. 

“Saintess. I’m thinking of going to the imperial palace.”

Ziken wasn’t the only one who was surprised by the sudden change in the High Priest, who was normally respectful to the saintess until just a few days ago. The Paladins didn’t seem to understand the situation either and alternated their gazes between the saintess and the High Priest. The rumours that were circulating the capital began to slowly creep into their heads.

“I plan to make it clear that I’m the biggest victim in this incident.”


Olivia’s breath stopped at the words of the High Priest, as if she already knew everything.

“Whether you want to run and hide or ask for His Majesty’s forgiveness—it’s all up to you.” He remarked coldly before heading to the main entrance.

“Then the Solar religion won’t remain unharmed either!” Olivia shouted at his receding figure. When the High Priest stopped and turned around, she added, “Have you ever thought about what would happen to the Solar religion’s prestige if the information about me was leaked outside?”

The High Priest scoffed at her words, as if it was ridiculous. “It’s already ruined. I’m just looking for a way to reduce as much damage as possible right now.”

Of course, this was the High Priest who valued his pride and prestige above everything else. But Lydia also knew. So if both she and the Saintess Meliara—who had a severely bad relationship with the Solar religion and that woman—knew, then there was no way they could be let off so easily. 

It was only a matter of time before the emperor knew about it. Even though the emperor didn’t have much animosity with the demons, he couldn’t let go of people who dabbled in forbidden magic.

Thus, the High Priest intended to abandon that woman immediately and try to appeal to the fact that he and the Solar religion were the victims in this situation. That way, even if rumours spread, they could at least receive the protection of the emperor and create a public image where ‘The Solar religion was the unfortunate scapegoat for that witch’.

“I can’t just stand and watch while the Solar religion collapses because of you.” With his words that seemed to indicate the end of the conversation, he turned around to leave.

That was when the urgent voice of Olivia sounded out. “Everyone, catch the High Priest! That guy is about to betray the Solar religion!”



At her cry, the crown prince’s knights rushed toward the High Priest. Although the startled Paladins blocked them in a hurry, they all wore expressions of confusion. One was the High Priest while the other was the saintess—both of whom they had an obligation to protect. 

“What is that woman saying?! The traitor must be you!”

“None of you believe me, do you?” 

At Olivia’s face that seemed to have been dealt a huge shock and the trembling of her shoulders, the tip of the Paladins’ swords trembled slightly. They all knew about what had happened in the square as well. As well as the mysterious rumour that had spread throughout the capital. Naturally, they were more inclined toward the High Priest’s words than hers. 

Nevertheless, her charming appearance and the tears in her eyes were also huge weapons against them. Their judgement was easily shaken. 

“If you don’t catch that person… my life might be in danger…! Hic…!”

There were many of them who decided to become paladins with just a glance at the saintess. Even if they hadn’t, not one of them hadn’t received her helping hand. As if they were possessed by something, they all slowly lowered their swords and opened a path for the crown prince’s knights.

“W-What are you all doing right now?! That woman is clearly a traitor!”

The approaching sight of the crown prince’s knights striding toward him seemed as insurmountable as a forest fire devouring a tree. It was when he stepped back with a pale face. 

“Now, now~. That’s enough.”

He ended up bumping into someone behind him, as the extended hand of the crown prince’s knight was then shoved away by a firmer hand. 

Although the voice was mixed with a bit of mischief, it was still quite grave. 

The one who had struck the knight’s hand was Grand Duke Arvis, and standing right next to him was the blue-haired Princess of Darchez.

* * *

“Princess, I’m sure I told you not to leave the temple!” The first person to react when I appeared in the Great Temple of the Sun God was naturally Ziken. 

“Oh, that? His Majesty the Emperor has rescinded that order.”


Ziken paused when he heard that the emperor had touched the restriction that he had personally imposed himself. He must have also heard the rumour that was circulating around the capital. But he probably thought it was just a false rumour and brushed it off. He believed in Olivia, thinking that there was probably a reason why this was happening to her. He was a fool that was blinded by love. 

But… to think that the emperor would meddle in this? It was clear that something was starting to become even more complicated. 

“High Priest? I’ve come to escort you. I’ll bring you to the imperial palace safely.” I smiled at the High Priest, leaving behind the crown prince who seemed to be swamped by layers of confusion.

To be honest, it didn’t matter what happened to the High Priest of the Solar religion. But I did it deliberately since I knew how much it’d provoke Olivia if I decided to side with him at this moment. 

“How do you know that I’m going to the palace…?”

“I just do.”

I swept my gaze over Olivia, who was in the crown prince’s embrace, the knights of the crown prince who were trying to grab the High Priest, and the absent-minded Paladins who had stepped down. My gaze lingered a moment longer on Olivia specifically.

“Honestly, I’m a little disappointed since this went too according to my expectations. I wish you had a more original response.” 

At Olivia’s trembling appearance in his arms, Ziken naturally raised his voice without fail. “What do you think you’re doing right now, Princess? You don’t have the qualifications to insert yourself into this situation!”

As Ziken started to talk about qualifications again, I snorted as if it were ridiculous and pointed at Olivia. “Just how much has that woman over there done to me so far?”

“Done to you…?”

“…!” Olivia’s breath stopped at the words I added. She chewed her nails so thoroughly that her thumb began to bleed.

The expressions of the knights also appeared to be mixed with confusion and astonishment.

“Mis Olivia. I’m thinking of going to the palace now. And I will be telling His Majesty about everything you’ve done so far.”

“W-What do you mean things I’ve done? Just what are you talking about…”

“What are you asking for when you’re the one who knows better than I do? Oh, and of course, I’ve prepared all the evidence needed as well.”


“So you have two options right now. One, you can go with me to the imperial palace to confess your sins, ask me for forgiveness, and plead for mercy in front of His Majesty the Emperor.”

Our surroundings became chilly, as if it had been splashed with icy water.

“Or two, be dragged away by force, watch all of your past misdeeds being brought out, and then be punished accordingly with your crimes.”


“I recommend taking the former option if you still have your future in mind, but honestly, the latter isn’t too bad either.”


“What do you want to do? Miss Olivia, the ‘Saintess’?” I could hear the sound of Olivia swallowing dryly all the way over here. I noticed that she had already been completely caught in the trap I had set. 

“Y-You have no right to drag me away…!”

Oh, you weren’t fooled. What a shame. 

I smiled and said, “Yes, you’re right. I can’t drag you away by force.” What right did I have to do that? I was simply here to declare war on Olivia. My only purpose was to provoke her. 

A wave of relief washed over Olivia’s face at my words. She collapsed onto the floor, perhaps because her legs had gone weak, as Ziken hurriedly took care of her. 

As I was about to turn around with a small sigh at that appearance of hers, Linden had a bewildered expression on his face as he asked, “Are we really going to leave like this?”

“Just one minute is enough for me to dispose of them.” Lecht said affectionately, as if he thought I was going to keep a low profile instead of dealing with them.

“No, it’s not like that.  Even if it’s the Solar religion, this is still a temple. There is no need for us to spill any blood, nor do I want to.”

No matter how different a god was, as a saintess, I didn’t want to cause a disturbance at another god’s base. 

“I can’t help it since you didn’t like the two options that I gave you. There’s no choice but to go with the third option.”

“Third option?”

When the two men asked me simultaneously, I spoke clearly enough for me to be heard by Olivia. “Whether that woman comes or not, I’ll just do what I have to do.”

“Aha.” Linden nodded as if he understood what I meant immediately.

“It doesn’t matter if that woman is there or not if I just reveal everything in the first place.”

A sharp scream sounded out when I tried to walk out. “No…! We have to catch that woman! She can never leave!”

It was Olivia’s final move. 

However, it wasn’t the Paladins or the knights of the crown prince that moved at her words. It was the huge number of knights behind me. 

Private mercenaries that were owned by Linden as the Head of the Ezzarson Guild. Although they were private mercenaries in name, their ability was just as good as any other imperial knight. A part of the knights from the Grand Duchy had also come over a few days ago. Of course, only those who could humanise themselves came. And the Paladins of the Lunar religion that moved at Lydia’s command. They were people who were willing to lay down their lives to protect me, their saintess.

As soon as they heard Olivia’s shrill cry, they transformed from waiting quietly to putting their hands on their weapons and surrounding me. From my point of view, they were like a wall that couldn’t be broken through unless all the knights that were directly under the emperor’s command were dispatched. 

I turned my back on them and only turned my head, looking down at Olivia who was collapsed on the floor. With a gaze that was devoid of hate and ridicule—eyes that contained nothing.

“Just who is catching who?”

Olivia’s face turned pale at my words.

why is this framed like they’re the avengers LMAO

[1] knocking down someone on your own team, friendly fire.

olivia is proof that pretty privilege is alive and well

also can we talk abt the fact that lydia literally paved the way for the high priest of the solar religion (and tbh in my head i pictured him as having a phat ass crush on lydia but that’s just me LMAOOOO) but the moment she’s a half demon NOOOOO sounds a lot like fragile masculinity and low self esteem to me ://// NOT TO MENTION THE PREJUDICE BUT YEAH

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