SMCS Ch 22 — At Times, Ignorance is Bliss

“…Thank you, please come again.”

My hand that was holding the bill trembled like a leaf that was barely hanging off its branch in the midst of a strong typhoon. I almost let go of it several times because I didn’t have any strength in my hands.

It was also because the customers had ordered a total of six coffees.

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“…Thank you, please come again.”

My hand that was holding the bill trembled like a leaf that was barely hanging off its branch in the midst of a strong typhoon. I almost let go of it several times because I didn’t have any strength in my hands.

It was also because the customers had ordered a total of six coffees.

It was a task that I never would’ve been able to complete myself if I hadn’t swapped with Leah in the middle.

After the customers left, we were plunged into confusion before we could even properly bask in the joy of receiving our first order.

Leah, who was organising the empty glasses in the now empty shop, tilted her head and asked, “Just what could be the reason? Do you have any guesses, Ms. Lorella?”

“Who knows…”

However, I didn’t have a specific answer.

When asked why we had sold so much and what made the coffee good, the customers had all left in a hurry without even telling us the reason. They had all just said that it was because it was good.

“Although I don’t know what the reason is, I hope everyone will come again.”

I nodded my head at her voice that somehow seemed excited.

Of course, my entire arm still ached to the point of numbness, but I didn’t care if my arm was going to fall off if it meant customers would continue to come back like this.

‘As long as it sells, not even 100 cups of dalgona coffee would be a problem!’

I repeated this mantra to myself, clenching my fist with determination. 

Then a few days later…

My wish actually came true.

* * *

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The first customer who had come visited the store again the next day. The customer of that customer also came back. Along with new customers, as if they had all made appointments with each other.

The orders were all the same. Dalgona coffee with plenty of condensed milk in ice-cold milk.

“Excuse me, have you finished making my order yet? I only asked for two.”

“I think I ordered first though, so when will it come out?”

And not long after, a bizarre sight of various madams queuing in front of the store soon appeared. Regardless whether it was raining or windy, it never changed.

…Wait, what’s going on here? Why is there such a sudden increase?

But that wasn’t the only strange incident.

“Goodness, I see you’re here as well.”

“Oh my, hello. Don’t tell me… you as well, madam?”


Customers blushed simultaneously whenever they bumped into someone who they were acquainted with. Even if they made eye contact, wasn’t it just staring into their eyes? 

It was the same whenever I talked to them. When asked why they visited the store, they all avoided my gaze and said that they were just here to ‘drink coffee’, as if they had all agreed on it in advance.

‘Just what is it?’

This wasn’t the only place that sold coffee though.

My curiosity only grew larger.

But more importantly, I could never miss this opportunity.

I dispatched all the maids in the mansion. However, seeing as even that wasn’t enough, we recruited Leah’s acquaintances, and even the priestess that I had been acquainted with at the temple.

It was no exaggeration to say that I had brought together literally everyone that I knew.

Thanks to this, the kitchen was crammed full of people, yet no one said a word.



Only desperate groans leaked out from time to time.


Having already stirred the whisk for a long time, a groan soon burst from between my lips. My mind wandered while my upper body slumped forward simultaneously. 

After being transmigrated into a strange world, the thing I yearned for most desperately wasn’t fast internet, my phone, a TV, or airconditioning. Instead, it was an electric whisk!

“Miss, are you alright?!”

Shocked, Joy, who was sitting opposite of me and had been rubbing her arm tearily, caught me. “Swap shifts with me, alright?”

“I can’t. I-I haven’t done forty whisks yet…”

“I’ll do it…!” Joy replied solemnly and snatched the whisk from my hand. Then, she closed her eyes tightly and began to stir like crazy.

“Ms. Lorella… there’s a customer outside right now…” Those words flowed out of the mouth of Leah, who was sitting next to me and still somewhat fresh, energetically whisking away. By now, the number of customers that had just come must have increased again, so someone should go out to man the front.

Half pitying myself and the other half agreeing with her words, I clumsily stood up.

And sure enough, once I went outside, there were twice as many customers as before.

“Excuse me, I’d like to order!”

“Could I also order two extra drinks?”

As soon as I appeared, there were shouts from all over the place. It almost seemed like hell.

…Save me.

Almost having audibly screamed, I clenched my lips tightly together.

I forced my numb arm to write down every customer’s order carefully. Then, just as I was steeling myself to return to the kitchen once again, I spotted a familiar face.

It was that same guest that had come on the very first day.

“Excuse me ma’am! Please wait!”

I emptied my coffee and turned around to grab her.

“Oh, hello.” As soon as she saw me, she covered her mouth and let out a sheepish laugh.

“Ma’am, I apologise, but since you’re the most frequent customer, I’m just going to ask you plainly.”

I got to the point with a solemn expression on my face.

“Why do you visit our store so frequently?”

That’s right. Even if my arms falls off when it falls off, I had to find out what the reason was today. Just why there was a sudden rush of people. And just why no one would tell me about the taste of the coffee!

“Is the reason you’re coming because there’s something special about the coffee? Or is there another reason?”

“Um, the thing is…”

Just like how the other guests had, she didn’t answer again this time, simply fidgeting with her fingers and blushing. Nevertheless, I couldn’t afford to back down today either.

“This is something we must know in order for us to keep the store open in the future. So please feel free to just speak frankly.”

At those words, the customer seemed to agonise over something for a moment before shifting her mouth closer to my ear. 

“The truth is… the constipation latte here is an extremely hot topic these days.”

“Oh, right. Pardon?!”

W-What latte?

“I know that’s not what it’s officially called, but everyone has been calling it that after someone called it that.”

Then she waved her hand as if it wasn’t her. 

“Back then, no matter what method I tried, all of it was useless, but after drinking just the constipation latte, the effect was immediate!”

“No, that cons-, that’s not its name…”

“To be honest, it’s also helped a lot of people other than me. That’s why I’ll continue to by again from time to time.”

Thanking me with a bright smile, the madam turned around and disappeared. I… couldn’t bear to chase after her, who was already far away at this point.

Even during that time, the customers kept streaming in. All of them shouted orders for one, two, three cups in front of me.

I see. So that’s why so many people had come and ordered as if they were competing against each other, and while they waited for the coffee, would gaze off into the distant sky with reddened faces…

Fufu, I see.

…Constipation latte.

My eye twitched at that very moment.

I’m a main character candidate too, yet it couldn’t have been anything else?! Why did it have to be XX latte?!

Never had any female lead in any world developed and sold something that helped lavatory situations. Besides, coffee was the ultimate king of elegance and sophistication!

How could I be the only one like this?

Why only me?!

Tears trickled from my eyes yet again.

* * *

Fortunately, my heartache didn’t last for very long.

The cure for it was no different.

It was money.

“Whether it’s a constipation latte or an enema latte, who cares?!”

Why would I care when I was making so much money…!

Oh, if you’re in the middle of eating, I truly apologise.

I bowed out of habit toward the system window that was floating in the air beside me.

Then, I looked back toward the ledger and smiled.

Thanks to XX latte, the increased number of customers began to show interest in other products besides the coffee. For example, products like the cheese balls and fatcarons. 

Because of this, our sales began to rise steadily in a steep curve. To the point where sometimes, other products would be sold out before the coffee. 

Whew, this time I actually feel a strong sense of patriotism.

Furthermore, despite the fact that we decided not to stir the coffee a hundred times, the latte still continued to sell well. The reason being that I now knew from experience that the effect didn’t come from the whipped foam itself. 

Of course, when I finally confessed the truth, a riot almost occurred in the kitchen, but…

Although my shares hadn’t increased and I had instead been attacked by hate comments, I was still extremely proud at the fact that I had achieved these results with my own two hands.

It was a relief that I hadn’t driven someone else’s store to ruin, and the fact that the initially penniless me, was making steady income, although it wasn’t much, also gave me strength.

As the business started to stabilise, not only was the financial situation less suffocating, but I also had more breathing room too.

Thanks to Leah hiring two efficient and friendly employees, I began to show my face at the shop whenever there was a problem or there was something to discuss.


Opening my eyes rather late this morning as well, I got out of bed feeling refreshed and opened my large closet.

The once empty space had been filled with luxurious dresses and shoes. 

All of it had been arranged as I couldn’t overcome Joy’s pestering.

The moment the profits came in, Joy called all the designers to the mansion, as if to nag me. She had said that it was the least I could do to break free from the stereotype of a single woman.

I also agreed to some extent, so I spent quite a bit of money on dresses and shoes at first.

And after that, I bought a small gift for Commander Leonon and sent it to him along with a letter thanking him for his help.

Even holding multiple banquets wouldn’t be enough to show my gratitude, but to do that, I would still need more time to prepare.

Rather than waiting until then, I still wanted to express my sincerity, no matter how small of a gesture it would be. I also thought it was more meaningful since it was bought using the money I had earned myself.

In any case, I was looking through the closet with a happy heart, wondering what dress I should wear today when I heard a knock at the door.


Mm, come in.”

Joy’s round face poked out from behind the door as soon as I answered. Despite the rainy day today, I couldn’t help but smile involuntarily when I saw her curly brown hair and exceedingly kind grey eyes.

“Did you sleep well, miss?”

“I did, how about you?”

“I did as well!” 

Joy ran toward the bed with a big smile on her face. However, the trembling of her shoulders seemed somewhat different than usual.

“What’s wrong? Did something happen in the morning already?”

“Miss, this arrived today!”

She presented something from behind her as she answered at the same time.

It was the most sophisticated looking envelope I had seen in my life. Although I couldn’t see which household’s seal was on it, I could still tell it was of some sort of importance.

“Where did it come from?”

I had only sent the present to Commander Leonon yesterday, so there was no way he had already sent me a reply…

It was when I muttered something along those lines and flipped it over.


My eyes widened to the point they almost popped out as my fists clenched unconsciously.

“Finally… it’s finally here!”

“Yes, miss!” Joy also nodded tearily.

It was a letter from the Imperial Palace.

It could only be the resolution they had come to about my request for my marriage to be annulled that I had sent the other day.

* * *

The day after the letter had arrived.

I was sitting by myself in an unfamiliar building.

Apparently this place, which was located right next to the entrance of the Imperial Palace, was where all the departments that dealt with various civil complaints and the mediation of disputes between the nobility were situated.

Naturally, since it was a building that was attached to the imperial palace, there was nothing that could said about its grandeur. In addition to the grand decorations, even the desk and chair that was in front of me gave off an imposing air.

I sipped at the steaming hot high quality black tea in front of me in an effort to control my pounding heart.

“Thank you for your patience, Ms. Lorella.”

At that moment, the door on the other side swung open, and a man in a crisp cloak appeared. It was the official of the Imperial Palace that I had been introduced to earlier.

“What was the result?”

I sprang up from my seat in a hurry. Despite the fact that I could already anticipate the result, I still couldn’t suppress my trembling heart. 

“Yes, as per my notification earlier, the marriage annulment has been granted. This will continue to be stand in effect unless the Chambers presents the exact same marriage certificate with both your thumbprints on it.”

Oh yeah! This day has finally come!

Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray!

I bit my lip as hard as I could to prevent myself from cheering three times.

Seeing my appearance, the officer nodded, as if he could understand how I felt.

“I know how you must be feeling right now. Actually, that’s why I told you that you didn’t need to come here in person either… In addition to the first notice we sent you, we’ll also be sending you a notice on the final results by post as well.”

“It’s alright. It’s an important matter so of course I had to come here personally.”

Since I can’t possibly guess what that psycho would do in the meantime. 

“It’s been hard on you. The same result will be sent to Duke Chambers’ household as well.”

“But as you said earlier, you didn’t receive a single reply from them…”

“It’s probably an indication of their disagreement, but since there’s no validity behind that, you won’t need to worry about it.”

“Oh my, is that so…?”

I blinked my eyes as if I were surprised.

All the while secretly cursing them inwardly, ‘Just who do you think you are to disagree with the imperial court’s decision?!’

“My lady is free now. The Chambers household no longer holds any authority over you.”

Although I tried to keep my composure in my own way, I couldn’t hold it in when I heard that sentence.

“Thank you so much!”

As I became so ecstatic that my shoulders started to tremble, the officer responded with a smile, “You must be relieved.”

“It’s refreshing! From now on, I won’t even put the North in my thoughts anymore!”

The sorrow I had experienced disappeared, as if it had been washed away immediately. I wanted to exclaim to the world just how wonderful this feeling was.

“No! Rather than that, I wish there was only east, south, and west in this world…!”

It was when I raised my voice to the fullest extent, filled with that exact feeling.

“…I guess I should apologise about that.”

A low voice sounded from behind me.

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