IBVIAAN Ch 31 — To Treat the Grand Duke like a Child

The funeral ceremony ended successfully. After I gave the last blessing, I was forced to return to the accomodation first due to the fussing of the three musketeers who said that I ‘have to take a break’.

[Ara] “Thank you for coming with me.”

I said to Lecht after finishing dinner.

[Lecht] “It’s only natural since I couldn’t have let you go by yourself.”

[Ara] “Still, you don’t normally like to make public appearances.”

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The funeral ceremony ended successfully. After I gave the last blessing, I was forced to return to the accomodation first due to the fussing of the three musketeers who said that I ‘have to take a break’.

[Ara] “Thank you for coming with me.”

I said to Lecht after finishing dinner.

[Lecht] “It’s only natural since I couldn’t have let you go by yourself.”

[Ara] “Still, you don’t normally like to make public appearances.”

My gratitude was natural since he had stood by my side through it all and put up with it.

[Ara] “Besides, you did a good deed for Linden too.”

The place where he had his very first appearance, which had never happened before, was at an event entirely for Linden. 

It was also extremely meaningful for him to have defended me, who he had shown up with. That clearly showed that Linden and I had a close relationship.

Although I, of course, hadn’t done it deliberately, it just happened out of nowhere because of Ziken. As a result, it was clear that the hot topic in politics from now on would be whether or not Grand Duke Arvis was siding with Linden.

[Ara] “You got annoyed because of me.”

[Lecht] “I’ll just ignore it.”

However, Lecht was calm, despite being the one in the eye of the storm.

[Tanma] “On the contrary, it’ll help us sort out whether it is favourable for Miss or not if we already understand the intentions of those who come to contact us.”

The butler was even thinking of turning it into our own advantage. 

I laughed, slowly becoming accustomed to the unique kindness and love of these people. 

Then, I heard the fretful nagging of the three musketeers from beside me.

[Priest —] “Saintess, please don’t overdo it… You won’t even let us help you… hic hic.”

[Priest —] “Just me doing it would’ve been enough.”

[Priest —] “If the Saintess gets sick, I’ll file a formal complaint to the top of Ezzarson!”

[Priest —] “Give them a break. They’ve just lost their Head.”

They were both worried and affectionate to me today as well.

[Priest —] “Still, they’re much better than that damn bastard who denied the Saintess.”

[Ara] “Damn bastard…?”

[Priest —] “That’s right, how dare that damn bastard crown prince suspect the verdict given by our High Priest Lydia?!”

[Ara] “‘Bastard’ crown prince…?”

I’m sometimes worried that their worries and affection are a little too much though. My eyes widened at the sight of them cursing out the imperial family without hesitation, unaware of the final blow that was about to follow.

[Priest —] “It sounded like a declaration of war against Lunarism and Grand Duke Arvis, and I’m willing to accept it. Your Excellency, should we prepare for war?”

It was the butler who answered.

[Tanma] “That’s a good id-”

[Ara] “No, you can’t!”

I slapped Lecht’s shoulder and tried to stop them.

[Ara] “How is it that all of you are getting worse as time goes by?”

There seemed to be no limit to their overreactions and fanatical comments.

[Ara] “Aren’t you all underestimating me too much?”

Perhaps Lydia’s remark, saying that I could cover this world with my divine power hadn’t been an exaggeration, since my divine power had filled the funeral hall and even reached those who were mourning on the streets outside. And yet it still hadn’t run out.

[Priest —] Hic hic. But you were shaking. Huhu.”

[Ara] “I was just a little dizzy since I wasn’t used to using this much all at once. It’s not because of any lack of divine power.”

As I continued to comfort the priests who seemed to burrow into the ground with guilt over not having properly assisted me, a gentle touch swept my hair to the side.

[Lecht] “Still, don’t overexert yourself.”

It was Lecht, who was also concerned.

[Lecht] “Who will treat you if you get sick?”

[Ara] Haa… Then just who was the one who called the top five healer mages and twenty doctors last time, just because I overslept a bit due to being too fatigued?”

I said, as if I couldn’t believe it, but Lecht let out a sigh of dissatisfaction instead.

[Lecht] “Yet they still couldn’t relieve you of your fatigue. Useless things.”

If such talented people are useless, then who in the world is useful then?

Shocked, I looked at Lecht, only to find that his eyes were serious.

[Ara] “Okay. I’ll never overexert myself, so stop frowning already.”

I laughed, thinking that I should stay healthy, even if it was just because I felt sorry for the doctors and healer mages.

[Ara] “Even though you still look cool with a frown on your face, I still prefer the Lecht with a smile on his face. So stop frowning, okay?”

I pressed my thumb against Lecht’s furrowed brow, attempting to smoothen it out. The furrowed brow then relaxed like magic.

[Ara] Aww, so cute.”

t/n: this is something you’d say to a child. english equivalent would be like ‘aww that’s it, good girl/boy’ etc

That’s when I heard the priests whispering to the side.

[Priest —] “Of course the only person who could treat Grand Duke Arvis like a child is our Saintess…”

[Priest —] “As expected, she’s so cool…”

I blushed at those words as Tanma burst into laughter.

I felt flustered and apologetic that it seemed like that, even though I hadn’t meant it that way. But despite hearing that he was treated like a child, Lecht just acted like nothing happened and pressed his face more into my hand.

[Ara] “B-By the way, will Linden be alright?”

Thinking that I’d probably pat his head and treat him like a child again if we continued to stay like this, I quickly retracted my hand and changed the topic.

Although I returned to the accomodation with the three musketeers after the funeral, Linden was probably still at the burial site. It was obvious he still had to deal with other people.

[Ara] “He kept pretending to be fine, even though he clearly wasn’t fine at all…”

He kept a bright expression on his face, but his lack of mischievousness and frequent sighs revealed that he was merely hiding his complicated emotions.

At my words that were tinged with worry, Lecht replied softly.

[Lecht] “He probably did that since thinks he’ll collapse if he doesn’t.”

I found that Lecht was looking at me when my head turned at the understanding tone that empathised with Linden’s pain.

[Ara] “What do you mean?”

[Lecht] “Knowing that your emotions will go out of control the moment you acknowledge that you’ve lost it. Knowing how vast the darkness that will swoop in to attack you will be, the moment you bring it up.”

[Ara] “…”

[Lecht] “So it’d just be better to endure it and pretend that you’re okay.”

Each word was filled with understanding and empathy. Just like someone who had gone through a similar experience to Linden .

[Ara] “It’ll fester inside if you don’t snap out of it though.”

I was worried since I had also ended up being entangled in my emotions when I had let them pile up one by one by brushing it off and saying I was ‘fine’. I was able to snap out of those emotions thanks to Lecht, but…

[Lecht] “It’ll be alright. The prince is a strong man.”

Lecht said, patting my head.

I nodded my head. But my worries weren’t easily dispelled. Since Linden was someone who best suited the words, ‘a soft heart under a strong exterior’.

‘Still, the saintess female lead will go and comfort you.’

I pressed down my worries by recalling the original story. But it wouldn’t be too long afterwards that I came to regret my foolishness in overlooking the fact that we had already deviated greatly from the original plot.

* * *

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I tossed and turned in bed for a long time, unable to fall asleep. I eventually got up.

[Ara] “I can’t sleep because I keep worrying!”

The face of Linden, who always had to force a smile, kept lingering in my mind, making me unable to fall asleep. Even though I knew that the female lead would comfort him anyways, I didn’t think I’d be able to fall asleep unless I saw her comforting him with my own two eyes. 

Even though being nosy frustrated me, I couldn’t help it.

<To Linden, losing his grandfather was as if the last candle in his life had been extinguished.>

That terrible phrase kept grating against my nerves.

[Ara] “Candles or whatever…! I’ll make you a damn campfire…!”

Losing my temper for no reason at the original novel, I ran to the building that enshrined the Head of Ezzarson.

I was just about to go in after greeting the guard who was guarding the building until the door opened as a blond man walked out.

[Ziken] “You again. What is it now?”

It was none other than the crown prince, who had frowned and gotten annoyed at me. What the hell am I supposed to say to you when you ask me ‘What is it now?’ as soon as we meet?

[Ara] “Although I’m not sure what sort of answer you want to hear from me, I find it quite embarrassing that Your Highness completely changes your attitude right away when there’s no one around.”

However, Ziken continued to speak, further proving my point.

[Ziken] “Do you know how much humiliation I suffered because of you?”

[Ara] “And why is that my fault? You should blame yourself for not believing me and coming to your own conclusion, Your Highness.”

[Ziken] “You tricked me!”

[Ara] “I only said the truth. It was you, Your Highness, who chose not to believe me and came to the conclusion that it was a lie.”

[Ziken] “You deliberately left out the fact that your divine power is different!”

His angry voice echoed through the streets at night.

[Ara] “I was going to explain, but you didn’t even give me a chan-”

[Ziken] “Ha! Well I guess you’ve switched sides since we’ve broken off our engagement, so this must’ve been your way of sharpening your knife in order to get revenge on me.”

…Yeah, you didn’t even give me a chance to talk, just like right now, asshole.

I looked at the pathetic Ziken who was being sarcastic to me, despite being entirely in the wrong himself.

[Ziken] “Do you feel refreshed now? Will you sleep peacefully now that you’ve got your payback?”

Wow, how am I even meant to react to such a childish comment? Are you really the crown prince? It was so absurd that I couldn’t even find the strength in me to retort back.

[Ara] “Think whatever you want. Can you please get out of my way instead? There’s something I have to do in there…”

[Ziken] “Do you know how big of a shock Livi received because of you?”

Don’t interrupt people when they’re speaking. How many times has it been already? I would’ve already punched him if he wasn’t the crown prince. 

Although I was irritated momentarily, I wasn’t able to protest due to what he added next.

[Ziken] “How shocked must she have been to go back to the temple before the funeral ceremony had even finished?!”

[Ara] “What…?”

[Ziken] “That kind hearted child even came to bless Linden, despite knowing that he was hostile toward her…!”

[Ara] “What did you just say? The saintess went back to the temple?”

[Ziken] “That’s right!”

At Ziken’s words, I put aside my manners, pushing him to the side to go in. He lost his temper, but couldn’t catch up to me.

‘If the female lead has already gone back to the temple, then who will comfort Linden…!’

A dark environment greeted me as I opened the door abruptly and ran inside. The large space was created to commemorate the Head of Ezzarson, with a dim lamp lit at the innermost part.

I could dimly make out the figure of a man sitting next to the Head of Ezzarson’s remains, which were protected by layers and layers of magic.

Linden was sitting by himself, all alone in this cold, dark space.

My heart dropped with a thud.

* * *

Throughout the funeral, Linden never went to the area where his grandfather’s coffin was located. 

He knew he was going to crumble the moment he saw his grandfather lying motionless in his coffin, so he adopted a self-defensive attitude.

He dealt with the nobles who had come from far away. 

There was no one who had really come to pay respect to his grandfather. Everyone was busy trying to judge his worth by asking him questions about his future plans. 

It had always been like that, so there was no reason for him to get particularly hurt or surprised over it. He just laughed at them, thinking that life was just this futile. 

It was when he was conversing like it was nothing with those people who were trying to push him into the abyss.

[Ziken] “You’re lying!”

An angry shout that sounded from inside the hall made his head turn. There, Linden spotted a familiar head of blue and silver hair.

His heart seemed to melt the moment he saw that blue hair that resembled the night sky. 

Ara had come. What a relief… 

She was no different to a buoy or a lighthouse to Linden, who seemed to have been thrown into the open sea. 

Nevertheless, he was nervous about her being with his brother, so he quickly walked over to that side before hearing an excessive remark.

[Ziken] “How dare you commit such blasphemy!” 

Blasphemy? Did you even know that the woman standing next to you was a fake?

Linden recalled the fact that Ara had tried to ‘poison’ Saintess Olivia.

Was it really true? Could a woman who doesn’t even know how to be calculative and just gives it freely really try to poison someone? A woman who gives off such warm and tender divine power?

Linden was slightly sceptical of it. 

Ara had to be innocent. Wasn’t there a siutation where the fake was worshipped as a saintess in the first place anyway? Such a scheme was still likely to remain, even after additional attempts.

[Ara] “Whatever it is, just say it. I’ll listen to it all.”

There’s no way such a woman could hurt anyone.

People left one by one after the funeral ceremony that was overflowing with the blessing of Lunar. Everyone was busy talking about the authenticity of Ara being the saintess as well as Grand Duke Arvis. The political scene would’ve been reversed just from one event, but the fact that both incidents took place at his grandfather’s funeral ceremony caused the way they looked at Linden to change.

The first to feel this the most strongly after Linden was Ziken. He approached Linden, who was standing by himself at the burial site after everyone else had left.

[Ziken] “Princess of Darchez and Grand Duke Arvis? You’ve put in some effort, little brother.”

[Linden] “…”

[Ziken] “But don’t tell me you’ve forgotten… have you? Imperial Father’s words on how Grand Duke Arvis would only lead us all to destruction if he really showed an interest in politics, let alone help you.”

Linden remembered. To never provoke Grand Duke Arvis.

Ziken clicked his tongue as he observed Linden’s expression.

[Ziken] “How much were you driven into a corner for you to wake up a sleeping lion?” 

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IBVIAAN Ch 30 — Because it’s You

“Since when did the both of you become so close?”

Although he was looking at me, the question itself seemed to be directed at Linden.

“Since Older Brother broke off your engagement with her?”

Linden replied leisurely. His following comment that he added was surprising.

“Back then, I held it in since it’d be Sister-in-law who’d get criticised for no reason if I was close to her.”

He was provoking Ziken. He was adding more pressure to my earlier request for an apology from Ziken by turning it around and saying, ‘You have a fiancee, yet Older Brother is having an affair?’

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“Since when did the both of you become so close?”

Although he was looking at me, the question itself seemed to be directed at Linden.

“Since Older Brother broke off your engagement with her?”

Linden replied leisurely. His following comment that he added was surprising.

“Back then, I held it in since it’d be Sister-in-law who’d get criticised for no reason if I was close to her.”

He was provoking Ziken. He was adding more pressure to my earlier request for an apology from Ziken by turning it around and saying, ‘You have a fiancee, yet Older Brother is having an affair?’

“However, now that she’s become a woman who has no relation to Older Brother, I tried to act cute in front of her. Though of course, it was rather difficult since Ara kept pushing me away since she was trying to keep her loyalty to Older Brother.”

He emphasised the phrase, ‘a woman who has no relation’. He had a multitude of purposes, all of them included an intention to attack Ziken while protecting my dignity.


When I called out his name softly in gratitude and apology, Linden smiled with his eyes, as if telling me not to worry.

“To think that you came to such a conclusion after seeing me have such a bad experience with her.”

Ziken said, as if he couldn’t understand Linden.

“That’s why it’s not you, Linden.”

“Although I don’t know what you mean by that, I think I have a better eye for people than you.”

“What sort of confidence do you have to say that you have an eye for people when you keep a woman who’s committed crimes and blasphemy against the sacred by your side?”

Ziken’s last words were an obvious jeer. 

I wrinkled my forehead. However, Lecht’s words pierced through the air before I could even say anything.

“From the way it’s come out, can I take it that you’re accusing me of blasphemy too since I’ve guaranteed it?”

It was a tone that was asking just to confirm. However, the contents of the sentence was so heavy that Ziken’s face looked embarrassed for a moment.

“As I said earlier, I’m not doubting Grand Duke Arvis. In any case, I’m worried that that woman is deceiving the Grand Duke.”

Although he answered calmly, he couldn’t hide his impetuousness completely.

“You don’t seem to know since you don’t come here very often, Grand Duke Arvis. That woman is an extremely vicious female!”

“Crown Prince, you…”

Looking at Ziken, who was continuously slandering me, Lecht repeated softly.

“I must have seemed like a fool who would easily be deceived by such lies to you.”

His voice was so cold, I felt the temperature around me dropping.

Well, that’s true. Lecht wasn’t the type to be fooled by anyone. No one would try to deceive him, unless they were hoping to kill themselves.

“I-I didn’t mean that…”

Ziken’s face began to turn pale at Lecht’s point.

“The High Priest of Solarism has clearly determined that she has no divine power!”

He hastened to mention that important fact. I didn’t miss the opportunity this time, and added quickly before anyone interrupted.

“He said that I didn’t have the divine power of ‘Solarism’.”

I had wanted to say it earlier, but wasn’t able to due to his sudden yelling.

“I don’t have any of the divine power of ‘Solarism’, but am overflowing with the divine power of Lunarism.”

“W-What sort of forced narrative…!”

“It’s the truth.”

When I shrugged my shoulders, as if to say, ‘there’s no helping it since that’s the truth’, the confusion in Ziken’s eyes permeated my gaze. In fact, I could understand his confusion since I had been unaware of that fact too. 

However, I didn’t say that out loud. Since I had been too disgusted at the fact that you painted me as a fraud without even listening to a single thing I had to say.

He turned his head to Olivia, his eyes seemingly asking her for help. Holding onto his arm tightly and looking at me with the same confused eyes as him, she opened her mouth slightly.

“I think I’ve heard of that before…”

The appearance of Olivia, who spoke in a small voice, was extremely pitiful. She seemed to be at a loss since she couldn’t lie, even though she knew she should take the crown prince’s side. Her appearance was so pitiful that I had no choice but to chime in. 

“I also found out for the first time when I met the High Priestess of Lunarism. In any case, there are more people in the empire who are unaware of it since Solarism is more well-known.”

Although it was annoying for me to give the crown prince a loophole to escape through, Olivia was just too pitiful to turn a blind eye to. I had treated her badly in the past, and the only thing she was guilty of was falling in love with the wrong man.

“So, shall we stop talking about this now? We’ve only talked about irrelevant topics at the funeral ceremony of the Head of Ezzarson.”

Please, let’s talk about something else. I hastily wrapped up the topic and turned around before Ziken could speak of any nonsense again.

“Linden, I’m sorry I’m late.”

I finally got to tell Linden what I wanted to say as soon as I arrived.

“We came running as soon as we heard the news, but…”

“It’s fine. I can already tell how hard you’ve tried just by seeing your arrival, even when you get such bad motion sickness.”

Linden smiled and patted my hair into a mess. Although he said he was fine, I still felt apologetic.

“Is there anything else I can do to help?”

Linden smiled as I looked at him with a teary face.

“Why? Will you listen if I tell you?”

“Whatever it is, just say it. I’ll listen to it all.”

I spread both arms and patted my chest.

“If you’re that confident, then what will you do if I ask you for a favour that’s too unreasonable?”

“It doesn’t matter since I just won’t do it if I can’t. So just tell me everything!”

Linden burst into laughter at my logic that didn’t quite make sense. It was a much more relaxed smile than the one before. 

As his tension was relieved, I also put my mind at ease, smiling as I added.

“You already know. I’m a pushover when it comes to you. So when I say something, just hurry up and take it.”

I suddenly recalled Linden asking ‘Why aren’t you calculative?’ when we parted last time. 

As I spoke confidently, Linden’s smile became subtle. He seemed like he was happy, yet also seemed like he was forcing a smile.

“You’re saying that even though you know I can’t do that because it’s you…”


He seemed to have mumbled something, but I couldn’t hear him properly so I asked him again. However, instead of saying it again, Linden rearranged his facial expression and smiled prettily.

“Then, I’m really free to ask to my heart’s content?”

Mmhm, go ahead.”

“Please bless the last journey Grandfather will embark on.”

I heard sighs and gasps all over the place. Regardless of them, Linden continued.

“To be honest, I didn’t know if you’d get here on time, so I asked for a favour from the Temple of the Moon God.”

Linden glanced slightly behind him.

Aha, so that’s why the priests…”

The three musketeer priests who were looking at the crown prince with rage bubbling in their eyes, smiled as soon as I turned around.

“But now that you’re here, I’d be very happy if you could do it personally yourself. It’s not enough for the funeral hall to be filled with your blessing, but rather, overflow with it. To the point where you exhaust all of your divine power.”

I smiled and held one hand out, knowing that he had deliberately added that in there due to my request for a ‘strong’ favour.

“You seem to have underestimated me.”

Light began to burst forth from my palm. It flowed out as if it had been frustrated from being confined for so long, growing at a tremendous speed.

“No matter how much you extort, my divine power will never run out.”


My cluster of lights filled the funeral hall in an instant. The scene that unfolded seemed to be large snowflakes fluttering to the ground as time stopped for a moment, yet also resembled a sight wherein someone had scattered thousands of cotton flowers.

It seemed beautiful, even to me, despite it being a power I had created. Just by judging from the sighs and expressions of the people around me, I could tell that I wasn’t the only one who thought so.

I slowly walked inside to where the coffin of the Head of Ezzarson lay.

The cluster of lights was now not only on my hands, but had now scattered over my whole body. It evoked an extremely mysterious atmosphere.

An old man who looked a lot like Linden, who was standing beside the coffin, lay inside with his eyes closed. My heart broke at the thought that the old man would’ve been worried about Linden, all the way until he closed his eyes.

“May all the lingering concerns you have be dispelled. They now belong to the living…”

I continued to speak, hoping that the power of my blessing would warmly envelop the path he takes to leave.

“May you have no worries, nor apprehensions on this last journey.”

I kneeled next to his coffin and put my hands together.

“May your departure be peaceful.”

A tremendous amount of divine power spread throughout my body, and a light that was so bright, it was blinding, burst from my body. That light seeped into the body of the Head of Ezzarson and even to everyone gathered in the funeral hall, as I closed my eyes and prayed for the blessing to be upon the Ezzarson Head’s last road.

It was the least comfort I could offer for Linden, who was unable to even properly mourn his loss of the most precious person in the world to him.

* * *

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“Frody! Frody!!”

Back at the temple, Olivia went straight into the prayer room and locked the door. 

Although the priests had expressed their concern when she, who had left with the crown prince, had run back with a face of urgency, she shook them off, saying that she wanted to be alone. The prayer room was made to be soundproof in order to prevent the contents of her prayers being leaked out, so no one else was able to hear her calling for someone anxiously.


Hwiyu~ What has made my contractor so angry?”

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The black smoke that flowed out from her necklace gradually took shape. Olivia grabbed onto the clothes of Frody, whose appearance was gradually being revealed.

“How could this happen?”

“What are you talking about all of a sudden?”

“How could that woman be the Saintess of the Moon God?”

Frody, who had been wondering what she was talking about, let out a hmm~ when she said the words, ‘Saintess of the Moon God’.

“You must’ve met that saintess, right? What do you think? I thought she was cute.”

“You knew…??”

Olivia looked at Frody with a face of betrayal.

“You knew she was the Saintess of the Moon God, yet you didn’t tell me?!”

Frody tilted his head, as if he didn’t understand why she was angry.

“I just managed to destroy her… I just managed to push her into the bottomless pits of despair, so how could she be the Saintess of the Moon God?!”

Aha, was she the princess my contracter hated?”

He knew his contractor was trying to destroy the Princess of Darchez. 

There were a lot of things she had asked him to do in the context of framing or secretly attacking her. But not once did he know what the woman who was the princess did, nor what she looked like. He just brought what Olivia asked for and did what she asked him to do.

Frody’s objective in coming to the human realm was to continue to scheme and provoke Lecht, not pay attention to human affairs.

“Why does that bitch have it all…! Why?!”

Olivia screamed and threw a cushion on the floor. It was fortunate that there weren’t many things to throw and break in the prayer room. Otherwise, he’d end up getting cut with glass like last time.

Olivia’s eyes flashed as she breathed in and out heavily with both of her fists clenched tightly. Green eyes the colour of a fresh bud, which were once naive and pure, were now quickly dyed with anger and other twisted emotions.

“Frody, did you properly prepare that last time?”

“Of course I did. Have you ever seen me disappoint you, Miss Contractor?”

“When can I use it?”

“Right now?”

Frody looked out of the transparent part of the colourful stained glass window. There were a multitude of people coming and going to and from the temple since it was still daytime.

“That’s… From now on, let it loose at the place where I told you.”

The corners of Frody’s mouth went up as he watched her one gentle eyes covered in madness. He approached her with a very pleased look, pulling her waist toward him and lifting her chin up.

“Your wish is my command.”

In a dangerously sweet voice, Frody covered her lips with his.

A sticky and wet sound filled the prayer room.

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IBVIAAN Ch 29 — Standing Right in Front of You

Ziken must have felt it too since he suddenly retreated a few steps back. However, he stepped forward again to retort, perhaps because his ego was wounded.

“What’s with you?”

The surrounding area became even noisier with whispers of, ‘What’s wrong with that person’, and, ‘Did they come with the Princess?’. Although it was a natural consequence of Ziken’s shouting, I could tell without even having to look around that all the attention in this large funeral hall was now focused on us.

“Who is interrupting the conversation between the crown prince and princess?”

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Ziken must have felt it too since he suddenly retreated a few steps back. However, he stepped forward again to retort, perhaps because his ego was wounded.

“What’s with you?”

The surrounding area became even noisier with whispers of, ‘What’s wrong with that person’, and, ‘Did they come with the Princess?’. Although it was a natural consequence of Ziken’s shouting, I could tell without even having to look around that all the attention in this large funeral hall was now focused on us.

“Who is interrupting the conversation between the crown prince and princess?”

It was an implication that he’d have to pay the price if he wasn’t at a high enough position.

I couldn’t hide the absurdity on my face. 

Don’t tell me, you don’t know who Lecht is…? I thought since the emperor was aware of Lecht’s identity, obviously Ziken, the crown prince would be aware of it too. Didn’t Linden recognise him in an instant as well…? Oh, I wasn’t in any position to talk since I didn’t recognise him either, but weren’t Ziken’s circumstances completely different to mine? 

As I looked at him with an expression as if he was ridiculous, I heard Lecht let out a preposterous snort.

“The fact that you don’t recognise me… It seems like the emperor hasn’t fully recognised you as the next emperor yet.”

Lecht’s soft murmur spread throughout the quiet funeral hall, creating a small stir in the crowd. Although his natural speech that lacked formalities as well as his arrogant tone were surprising, what was most surprising to them was probably what he had actually said. 

They all looked at each other with wide eyes while others hastily covered their mouths with their hands or fans. 

Ziken’s eyes widened as if something had stabbed him, his face flushing red in an instant.

“Just what sort of nonsense…!”

Ziken, whose anger had flared up again, was about to begin shouting again, but the female lead who was next to him pulled his arm sharply.


Ziken turned his head toward her, as if to ask why she stopped him. However, Olivia’s eyes weren’t on Ziken but on Lecht instead. She furrowed her eyebrows, as if she had suddenly thought of something, and opened her mouth cautiously.

“Your Excellency, the Grand Duke of Arvis…?”

Ziken’s eyes became round like saucers at the name she said as the surrounding crowd also became dead silent.

At the sound of his name, Lecht’s gaze, which had been on Ziken, slowly turned to Olivia. Olivia flinched briefly at his gaze before plucking up her courage again and taking a step closer to him.

“It is Your Excellency the Grand Duke, right?”

There were gasps here and there at the words that were spoken one more time, as if to check. 

There was no one amongst the empire’s nobles that didn’t know of Grand Duke Arvis, who was lavished with the trust and favour of the emperor. Nevertheless, this was the first public appearance of him, who was always shrouded in mystery. Their attention was focused on him.

“Do you remember me? I went to the Grand Duchy two years ago go give a ‘blessing’…!”

As this was something I wasn’t aware of, I looked up at Lecht with wide eyes. And was greeted with his face which was full of displeasure.

“Saintess of the Sun God.”

“Yes! That’s right, I’m the saintess from back then!”

Olivia exclaimed in a delighted voice upon Lecht’s recognition of her. She laughed and took a step closer to where we were standing.

“Even then, it was a pity that I could only bump into you once, so I’m really glad that I get to meet you again like this.”


“I couldn’t give you a proper blessing since I didn’t get to see your face even when I left.”

Olivia reached out her hand, her eyes seemingly dripping with regret. It looked like she was trying to grab Lecht’s hand, the one that wasn’t holding my shoulder.

“So I made up my mind to definitely do it for you when we meet again…”

However, her hands couldn’t touch Lecht.


Since Lecht coldly swatted her hand away.

“I said there was no need for it though.”


His voice was as cold as an ice rink. It was an even colder voice than the one he used to deal with Ziken.

“You seem to have forgotten, so I’ll say it one more time. The Grand Duke of Arvis serves the Moon God. Stop trying to mix anything else into a place that has already been blessed sufficiently by Lunar.”

Lecht wrapped his arm tighter around my shoulder as he said that. His warmth helped to calm my chaotic emotions that erupted upon my meeting with Ziken.

‘That’s true… the Grand Duchy, which is owned by the Demon King, serves the Moon God.’

Olivia nodded her head, as if to say it was reasonable, and let out a small sigh.

“Oh… then…”

Looking at the expression that seemed as if the world was caving in on that face that looked like a rabbit would make anyone who saw it uncomfortable. It was an appearance that stimulated a protective instinct, with a face that made one want to pat her on the back and ask her if she was really okay.

“Lunarism only has a history of 100 years and the number of priests is small, so the power of the blessing would be weaker compared to Solarism.”

Olivia continued with a worried expression.

“Although there’s no helping it if Your Excellency doesn’t believe it, I’ll still give you a blessing for a bright future.”

In other words, ‘Even if you believe in another god, I’ll gladly grant you a blessing for your peace and happiness’.

Gosh, it’s just like what a saintess should say.

“You’ll allow me to do at least that, right?”

It won’t be easy to refuse such a request when you ask with such a pure face…


…I’ve underestimated Lecht once again. 

My bad. Lecht’s refusal was so blunt I almost laughed out loud. Nevertheless, laughing right now with this timing would look bad, so I managed to keep my lips tightly shut.

“And since when was the power of the blessing determined by how long a religion’s history was, or how many priests it had?”

Lecht made an extremely good point.

“I meant that there’d be a lower probability of God’s touch gracing that place since there were less priests. Just look at the fact that there hasn’t even been a saintess for 100 years already…”

Olivia said, as if she were genuinely concerned about the Grand Duke who believed in Lunarism. But unfortunately, it was a very misguided concern.

“What do you mean there’s no saintess?”

Lecht said, as if asking what nonsense they were spouting.

“She’s right in front of you.”


This time, it was Olivia’s turn for her eyes to widen, as if asking what he was talking about.

Then, Lecht pulled my shoulder to stand me in front of him and said.

“Here, the saintess of the Moon God is standing right in front of you.”

Olivia’s shocked eyes turned in my direction, followed by the shocked eyes of the people standing behind us.

“What do you mea…”

Olivia whispered in a voice that couldn’t seem to believe it. Our surroundings started to stir as well.

Suddenly in the spotlight, I smiled awkwardly and scratched my cheek. Then I jabbed Lecht’s stomach with my elbow.

“How could you say that here…!”

And protested quietly.

“Then did you just want me to leave it when they spouted that nonsense about not having a saintess when our saintess is right in front of them?”

Though he replied in a loud voice, contradictory to my whisper.

“But we haven’t even held the proclamation ceremony yet…”

“They never said we couldn’t reveal who the saintess was before the proclamation ceremony.”

“That’s true, but still…”

No, why does this guy only say the right thing? There’s nothing else for anyone to say…! 

I couldn’t do anything else so I just smiled awkwardly while listening to the murmuring around me.

“Princess Darchez is the saintess of the Moon God…?”

“Grand Duke Arvis said so… There’s no way that person is lying…”

“He is the Grand Duke, right…? There’s no one who actually knows anyway.”

“Saintess Olivia said he is.”

Since they couldn’t believe that I was the saintess of the Moon God, doubts about Lecht’s identity began to circulate. Eventually, the chaotic mood exploded based on the words of the crown prince.

“You’re lying!”

Ziken took a step forward, pulling Olivia back behind him.

“The High Priest of Solarism has already testified that the Princess has no divine power! Yet no she’s a saintess.”

He was confident in what he said. 

Well, that’s somewhat understandable. Since I used to think like that too. He probably didn’t know that the divine power of Solarism and Lunarism were two different things.

“Your Highness, although you’re correct in saying I have no divine power in Solarism, I am the saintess of Lunarism…”

“Don’t talk nonsense!”

I tried to explain to him, but he just cut me off and got angry again.

“It wasn’t enough for you to poison Livi, and now you’re a saintess?! You’re really a woman who knows no fear! How dare you commit such blasphemy!”

“…Your Highness, are you doubting what Grand Duke Arvis said?”

I pointed out that him claiming I wasn’t a saintess was tantamount to saying that Lecht’s words of me being the saintess was a lie. 

But Ziken’s answer to that was something I didn’t expect.

“How did you even think of deceiving Grand Duke Arvis?”

He didn’t think I was lying, but rather thought I was deceiving him instead.

Wow, to be this thoroughly filled with suspicion. It was admirable, in a sense.

“That poisonous tongue of yours may have been able to bring you this far, but it won’t deceive me! It’s impossible for a vicious woman like you to become a saintess!”

His proclamation echoed throughout the funeral hall. Everyone held their breath at the incident that had now become blasphemy. A chilling tension lingered over the hall.

Even though I knew I’d be the hated villainess who bullied the female lead in the eyes of the male lead, I didn’t know it’d be to this extent.

It was when I was about to open my mouth to say that it’d be better for him to take those words back, no matter how angry he was.

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“Can you take responsibility for what you’ve just said?”

A sharp voice pierced through the atmosphere that was like thin ice, like a spear. I turned my head towards that sound.

“She’ll never be a saintess and she’s just deceiving everyone with her superficial tongue. I asked if you could take responsibility for that. Brother.”

A furious Linden was striding toward us. Behind him were also the three musketeers as well. Likewise, they also had an extremely angry expression on their faces.

The moment I, who had been completely immersed in the situation, spotted Linden, I was suddenly reminded that this was the funeral ceremony of the Head of Ezzarson.


How much effort must he have put in to pretend to be calm and try not to cry, yet we ended up making the atmosphere messy with irrelevant words such as ‘to apologise or not to apologise’, or ‘whether or not you’re the saintess’.

“I’m sorry. We were too loud, weren’t we?”

“No, that doesn’t matter to me, but… I thought you’d come and see me as soon as you arrived, but you went to see my brother instead.”

Although he said it in a joking voice, he seemed to be genuinely sad, judging from his drooping shoulders and downcast eyes.

“No, that’s not it! I was going to go to you first…!”

I grabbed his hand in a hurry.

“I was on my way to you, but His Highness spoke to me and it turned out like this. Seriously.”

I made it a point in saying that he definitely occupied a higher spot in the ranking list of my heart. Obviously Linden was much more precious to me than the person who showed me such an ugly appearance.

“It’s true…!”

Thinking he was actually upset, I became anxious and started to appeal to him since he just looked at me with a tearful expression without saying anything. Then, Linden burst into laughter with a pfft.

“I know. I was just kidding.”

“What? Haa… You scared me.”

I was worried that Linden would be upset because of Ziken, so I was relieved. With my heart finally settling back into place, I let go of Linden’s hand.

I glanced at him, but he continued to smile shamelessly. Then, we burst into laughter at the same time.

Amidst our laughter, Ziken’s voice interrupted us.

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IBVIAAN Ch 28 — If I Can Ask For an Apology

Perhaps because I was distracted by my worry and anxiety, we were able to dash to the capital without my motion sickness acting up.

My mood was complicated when I came back to the place I had grandly promised to flee from. However, there was no time for me to feel sentimental. 

We went straight to the funeral ceremony of the Head of the Ezzarson Guild. We couldn’t take Kelber with us, so he had to stay at the accommodation with the butler.

‘It really is a funeral ceremony fit for the head of Ezzarson.’

this chapter is brought to you by mio
as translator, proofreader and editor!

The slug sedan chair was just as fast as the butler, Tanma said. It could run for days at the full speed of a horse.

Perhaps because I was distracted by my worry and anxiety, we were able to dash to the capital without my motion sickness acting up.

My mood was complicated when I came back to the place I had grandly promised to flee from. However, there was no time for me to feel sentimental. 

We went straight to the funeral ceremony of the Head of the Ezzarson Guild. We couldn’t take Kelber with us, so he had to stay at the accommodation with the butler.

‘It really is a funeral ceremony fit for the head of Ezzarson.’

The scale of the funeral ceremony clearly showcased the financial power of the Ezzarson Head. Both the scale of the event, as well as the procession that had gathered to say their final goodbyes to him that seemed to have no end to it.

I brushed past the grieving people and headed inside the venue.

“Isn’t that the Princess of Darchez over there?”

[t/n: the princess they’re using to refer to meliara is the one used for daughters of high ranking nobles (namely dukes and grand dukes), not the royal one.]

“I thought she was living a secluded life at home after her engagement with the crown prince was broken off, so what is she doing here?”

There were quite a lot of people who ended up recognising me.

“Don’t tell me, did she come here just to harass people?”

“She couldn’t have, no matter how crazy a woman is.”

As expected, there wasn’t a single gaze of goodwill here. Although I wasn’t too happy with them whispering about me, my concern for Linden was too great to care about their curious eyes.


However, I had no choice but to stop in my tracks when I found Linden inside. 

He was smiling while making conversation with other people. He was lightly making small talk with other people, as if nothing had happened.

“He looks better than I thought he would.”

Lecht, who was standing next to me, said. 

My heart sank at his words.

“…He isn’t.”

The fact that it looked like that to Lecht just showed how much it was choking Linden up by hiding it inside him right now.

“There’s no way he’s fine.”

Just look at what sort of existence was the head of the Ezzarson Guild to him.

<His grandfather was the only one left in this world who cared unconditionally for him. He was the only one left that would unconditionally be on his side. To Linden, losing his grandfather was as if the last candle in his life had been extinguished.>

He was the only pillar Linden could lean on after losing his mother. 

I knew it. The reason why he was smiling right now.

<But he had to keep going. All alone, without any shelter or shield. No matter how dark or cold the road ahead was, he had to keep going. Because as soon as they saw a gap in his defence, the hyenas who were sweeping his surroundings with their flashing eyes would push him into the abyss.>

Because this place was swarming with people who would bring him down, the moment he showed any weakness.

Just how many of those who came to this place had really come to mourn the death of the Ezzarson Guild Head? Everyone was here to check on Linden’s condition and how that would factor into their future plans. 

“Did Princess Darchez just come here to provoke His Highness the Crown Prince? Is she going to threaten to support the Second Prince from now on?”

“What a pathetic thing to do. Would that even work? Even a passing dog would know that the Duke of Darchez has no choice but to support Her Highness the Empress.”

Even the people who turned up to mourn the person who passed would slander me like that. 

I turned my gaze to where they were. When my cold gaze me theirs, they shuddered and turned away. It was as if they had never been talking about me at all.

“Seriously, this is the worst.”

They didn’t even have the courage to talk bad about me to my face. Although I wanted to give them a piece of my mind, I held it in. I didn’t want to cause an unnecessary bitch fight at the place where we were sending off Linden’s most cherished person. I took a deep breath and headed back to where Linden was. 

But I had to stop before I could even take more than a few steps. Since there was a voice that called out to me.

I didn’t expect the Princess to be here.”

I let out a deep sigh since the voice had a sharp edge to it. What is it this time…

I had just clicked my tongue at the fact that no one had the courage to talk shit in front of me, and it seemed that someone who would talk shit openly in front of me had now appeared. I was dumbfounded at the incredible timing. 

Vowing not to cause a big scene even if it were just for the sake of Linden, I turned around and had my breath taken away.

‘This human…!’

This was truly out of my expectations. Tall with broad shoulders. Handsome facial features and neatly styled blond hair. In addition to that, his eyes, which seemed as if you were looking into the deep sea, made him an objectively ‘beautiful man’. But…

‘You look like him?!’

The man in front of me had the same face as the man who had hit-and-run me! Although my senses had been fuzzy since I had been overwhelmed by the profuse bleeding and pain, I still remembered the face of the person who killed me. How could I forget? Although the colour of his hair and eyes were different, it was definitely his face. 

My heart pounded loudly with a ‘thump, thump’ sound. 

Was it fear? No, it was clearly anger and injustice.

I had tried so hard to survive. In a world where there had been no one by my side, I had still endured it, regardless of my circumstances, but my life had ended in vain, all because of that bastard. 

Although I had already buried it in my heart since it was my past life that I couldn’t go back to, that didn’t mean that sense of injustice had disappeared either.

“If I had known you were coming, then I wouldn’t have brought Livi.”

“Your Highness…”

At the words he said with a click of his tongue, I saw a slender woman digging into his arms with her shoulders trembling. She had soft platinum hair, and a face so pretty it reminded me of a doll. With white clothes that seemed to shout, ‘I’m the saintess’ to anyone who saw her, I could tell who she was, even if it was my first time meeting her.

“Your Highness.”

Crown Prince Ziken Srengito von Bakarta.


Olivia Duncan, the saintess of the sun god.

It was the appearance of the original male and female lead.

* * *

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The volume of the whispers around us grew even louder. Although my heart was raging at the thought of the hit and run, I tried to soothe my anger by reminding myself that they were two completely different people.

“I greet the Crown Prince. I am Meliara.”

I had long abandoned the Darchez name, so I only announced my name.

“I hope you’ve also been healthy during this time, Saintess.”

As a bonus, I also greeted the female lead. 

Although I wanted to yell, ‘Don’t date that bastard, go find another man instead!’, I still swallowed those irrelevant words in the end. Anyway, she was happy being by his side in the novel, so I reminded myself once again that the male lead and the guy who hit me were two different people. However, the following words of the Crown Prince didn’t help my resolve at all.

“Healthy? Your teasing is getting worse by the day! After what you’ve done to her…!”

He once again pinned the point of me trying to poison her on me again. 

Though of course, it was a bit unfair to say that ‘I’ did it since it was something that ‘this body’ had done before I crossed over. However, now that I had taken over this body, it was something that I had to deal with. Now, it was meaningless to try and separate ‘me’ and ‘my body’.

Suddenly having inadvertently poked at the other party’s trauma in a moment of carelessness, I smiled apologetically.

“I would like to extend my sincerest apologies regarding that situation. Although you might be disgusted at my words, it’s the truth.”

Due to the nature of the situation, it was clear that making a material offering of compensation in apology would only worsen the situation anyway.

“I’m really sorry. I’m glad you’re okay.”

I bowed my head sincerely. 

Even though she seemed pretty when I saw her in writing, she was even prettier when I saw her in person.

To think you dared to poison such a pretty female lead. I couldn’t believe that the previous owner of my body had done such a terrible thing that I could only imagine.

‘To be fair, no matter how pitiful Meliara’s background is, she was still probably reviled as a villainess.’

Because using your own wounds as an excuse to hurt others is still an evil thing to do.

I was worried that the female lead might have developed a trauma because of me and was thinking of how to convey my sincerity when the crown prince by her side suddenly raised his voice.

Ha! Are you trying to make it as if such a dangerous incident had never happened? Instead of begging for forgiveness on your hands and knees, can you only use your mouth…!”

I looked at Ziken, who suddenly had a wild outburst, in bewilderment. …What’s with him?

“Do you know how vulgar your prideful appearance is right now? Apologise properly!”

Don’t tell me you’re annoyed because I’m not crying and begging on my knees right now? …What the hell?

It was correct that I was contemplating on how to convey my sincerest apology. However, it was ridiculous to hear that someone was unsatisfied at the fact that my apology wasn’t more servile and humble. 

And it wasn’t the saintess, who was the one who was receiving the apology, but the irrelevant crown prince who spoke up.

“I had no intention of pretending it never happened at all.”

For a moment, I was so angry that I almost let loose my suppressed feelings and said, ‘You stay out of it’, but I spoke as calmly as I could.

“I do feel genuinely apologetic, and I will continue to say sorry until my feelings have reached your heart.”

After shifting my gaze to the saintess and saying my apologies one more time, I continued.

“If the Saintess will believe my sincerity if I beg on my hands and feet, then I am willing to do so. Even a local kid knows that pride is the most unnecessary thing in an apology.”

I added, pointing out that none of what he had said applied to me. 

The truth was, I thought that I’d only be putting a burden on the shoulders of the kind-hearted saintess if I had just recklessly cried and begged on my knees in the first place. 

No matter how close to death the good-natured female lead was, she would have had no choice but to forgive her upon seeing such an appearance from the villainess. I had given her the simplest of apologies since the forgiveness I would’ve received would’ve been ‘extorted’ rather than truly willing.

However, I couldn’t help but feel annoyed when I heard that it was my pride that had something to do with it.

“By the way, Your Highness.”

But there was something even more unpleasant than that.

“Why would Your Highness force such an apology? As far as I know, Your Highness doesn’t have the qualifications to say such a thing to me.”

“What did you just say? Qualifications?”

“Yes, qualifications.”

Ha! Livi is mine. I’m well qualified enough to make sure she receives a proper apology.”

Staring at him, who was speaking proudly, I said.

“That’s exactly what I’m pointing out. Didn’t this all happen because of Your Highness’ extremely liberal view on love?”

He furrowed his eyebrows.


The Empire was a place where polygamy was permitted. However, it was only legally permissible, and ‘an affair’ was still not something that was easily accepted. 

That was one of the major reasons why everyone still looked down on Linden and rejected him. Since the emperor had taken Linden’s mother as a queen even in the presence of the empress, simply because he had ‘taken a fancy’ to her.

[t/n:  the raws don’t actually say queen, but it’s referring to an empress (황비), just not one with a status as official as the legal empress (황후). i’m just using different terms for differentiation purposes.]

“I’m not trying to absolve myself of all fault.”

I added an explanation, just in case the female lead had misunderstood me.

“My fault is mine alone. I admit it. I will definitely apologise and live my life with those feelings.”

Attempting to poison someone was bad. I had no intention of denying that.

“But isn’t Your Highness’ fault a fault too?”

But apart from that, this man’s fault shouldn’t be absolved either. Just like how no matter how much of a villainess Meliara was, the duke’s fault of abusing her would not disappear.

“If I can ask the other party to apologise, just like Your Highness did, then I’d like to ask Your Highness to apologise.”

I held out my palm and said expressionlessly.

“Please apologise for cheating on me, your fiancee.”


In the novel, the villainess was too busy blaming the whole situation on ‘the bitch who bewitched His Highness’. 

But no matter how much I thought about it, if the man was someone who was in his right mind, then he should have ended his relationship before going to his new woman in the first place. Rather than saying it would be politically helpful and setting up a non committal bridge, then finding love somewhere else.

Love or power.

If you had chosen love, then you should have given up cleanly on a political marriage and thought of other ways to gain power. If you had chosen power, then you should have buried the love in your heart, even if it tore it in two.

Wouldn’t you have been able to properly become an emperor if you could at least clearly determine and carry that out? At least that was what I would’ve thought. 

Ziken’s face turned red and blue. This very expression showed that he seemed to think I had a point. The words he finally uttered with a crimson face after repeatedly opening and closing his mouth like an idiot was…


Just look at the way he raised his voice since he had nothing to say. Wow, how ugly… The male lead who had seemed infinitely cool when I was reading the novel was actually so ugly in person.

It was when I was about to tell him to keep it to himself since I didn’t want to hear anything unless it was a sincere apology.

“I couldn’t bear to hear anymore.”

A deep voice flipped the atmosphere.

Lecht, who was watching everything from behind me, walked out to stand next to me. People’s eyes turned to him in an instant.

“I held it in since I thought I’d get scolded for intervening.”

Lecht said, wrapping his arms around my shoulders and pulling me into his arms.

“But I can’t stand seeing you being bullied anymore.”

While the words he whispered to me were sweet, the look in his eyes was full of a savage force that seemed as if he were about to tear into Ziken at any moment now.

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IBVIAAN Ch 27 — Sad Because You’re Too Nice

I see. So he wasn’t given the name Muso lightly, just because of the way he ran forward ignorantly like a rhinoceros, but it was a name that was given with a deep trust in this child’s infinite potential.

“…How cool.”

I felt an inexplicable sense of defeat upon hearing the story behind his name. 

The woman that was me 100 years ago was really cool. To even be able to let someone keep such wonderful words in their hearts for the rest of their lives.

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I see. So he wasn’t given the name Muso lightly, just because of the way he ran forward ignorantly like a rhinoceros, but it was a name that was given with a deep trust in this child’s infinite potential.

“…How cool.”

I felt an inexplicable sense of defeat upon hearing the story behind his name. 

The woman that was me 100 years ago was really cool. To even be able to let someone keep such wonderful words in their hearts for the rest of their lives.

“There are a lot of people who have been waiting for Your Highness other than me as well! Especially Sir Tanma, the aide, when Your Highness saw his odd eye that was said to be bad luck, and for the first time in his life, he heard you say that ‘Your uniqueness will bring good luck’. That’s why the aide, who used to wear an eyepatch, now wears a monocle. Haha.”

You were even able to make someone else’s insecurity something they should be proud of.

“Those bastards who are still waiting anxiously for Your Highness in the demon realm must be so jealous that I’ve become Your Highness’ exclusive errand boy! Since it’s thanks to Your Highness that they’ve been able to protect their pride, and of course, their life!”

You became a life’s saviour that makes someone pledge a loyalty that wouldn’t fade, even after 100 years had passed by.

‘With that promise as my motivation, I’ve endured an unbearable 100 years.’

You made someone fall so deeply in love that they’d even wait 100 years.

This… there’s no way to beat this. How could I win over such a wonderful person who left such a deep mark on the hearts of so many people?

My head drooped. I was disappointed. 

I had tried to find out more about myself from 100 years ago to gauge how different we were. If we were too different, I was going to try and satisfy Lecht’s expectations and be more like me back then. If that didn’t work, then I was going to try and seduce him by acting with more charm than her. But how was I meant to fight with such a big gap between us already from the start?

‘To think I could feel such a sense of defeat from myself.’

This world’s wellbeing, and the fall of the empire, I suddenly felt as if it were all in vain.

“Y-Your Highness? D-Did I say something wrong? Why are you crying?!”

“I’m not crying.”

“Your words and your actions don’t match though?!”

I could see Muso waving his hand in every direction, flustered. 

I really didn’t want to cry over something like this, but the tears kept coming out of frustration and urgency.

“I-I would like to wipe away your tears, but Your Highness is sitting on my handkerchief…! I-I deserve to die for my sin! I’ll go and receive my punishment, so please stop crying!”

Muso began to beg while saying something extreme again, but I couldn’t bear to tell him the truth. How could I tell him that I was crying because I was jealous of myself 100 years ago?

It was then. A large shadow fell over the two of us.

“Last time, you fearlessly confessed your love to my woman, and this time, you made her cry?”

Lecht, who had appeared from god knows where, was looking down at us.

“You wouldn’t be able to pay her back for her tears, even with your life.”

He looked angry. Very angry.

“Your Majesty, that’s…!”

Muso, who was about to protest, shut his mouth and prostrated himself flat on the floor.

“I’m sorry!! I’ll happily accept whatever punishment you give me!”

No, why are you taking the blame all by yourself? I opened my mouth to explain that it wasn’t Muso’s fault, but Lecht was faster.

“I’ll decide on how to dispose of you later.”

He came toward me, leaving Muso who had merged himself with the ground.

“Lecht, this… heok!

I opened my mouth in the atmosphere that seemed to need me to explain why I cried, but he suddenly hugged me tightly. Caught off guard by him princess carrying me, I stopped crying.

“Whatever the reason is, let’s go inside first. It’s cold.”

My body was cold, just like he said. No matter how much Muso had tried to generate warm air in my direction, it was still basically autumn weather.

“…I’m fine though.”

“Well, I’m not.”

When I let out a sound that said I didn’t want it, he cut it off with a single sentence. 

With my mood suddenly pleasant for no reason, I leaned against him.

“It’s not actually Muso’s fault.”

“If you say so, okay.”

“You can’t keep scolding someone who’s innocent.”

“I’m getting suspicious since you keep covering for him though.”


As I spoke in a stern voice, he smiled faintly and hugged me even tighter.

“Don’t worry. Since that’s what you want, I won’t do anything.”

His words once again showed that he fully respected my opinion. Lecht’s words always started and ended with me like this. I thought this was extremely good at first.

When a man who seemed to be cold began to take care of me with such a gentle expression, my stomach filled with butterflies… but now that I realised I was extremely different to the woman I was 100 years ago through my conversation with Muso, I started to feel repulsed. His affection was suffocating.

Although they all claim that it was ‘me’, she and I were still two different people from my point of view. I wanted to look like her, and share the same memories as her.

As all these complicated thoughts were rolling around in my gloomy heart, Lecht had already arrived at my room before I even noticed. He lowered me onto the sofa and began to wrap me tightly in a blanket that was folded next to me.

“What are you doing…?”

When I asked him about his behaviour that was completely random and wasn’t like his usual behaviour at all, he handed me a warm cup of milk I didn’t even know when he had prepared.

“When you’re sad, you feel better after being wrapped up in your blanket and drinking something warm.

“Did the me from 100 years ago do that?”

It was something that I knew, even if I hadn’t finished my sentence. I just asked for no reason. No matter what happens, it’ll always end with that woman from 100 years ago.

“Can you tell me why you were crying now?”

As I stared at the warm milk in my hands, Lecht sat in front of me and asked. It was an expression that showed his determination to destroy anything that made me cry.

“Lecht is so considerate.”

I brought up my feelings honestly.


“I’m sad because Lecht is too nice.”

Although I could see his bewildered expression, I said what I had to say. There was no way I could solve this problem by myself anyway.

However, contrary to my seriousness, he smirked instead.

“Whether it was 100 years ago or now… you’re the only one who would say things that no one else would agree with, like how I’m considerate.”

Again, again! Again with the me from 100 years ago! I pouted.

“Seriously, just what on earth did that woman not do…”

I set my cup of milk down, trying to soothe my ugly heart.

“I have something to tell you. It’s important.”

I thought my seriousness about this matter wouldn’t be conveyed if I was wrapped up in a blanket, so I adjusted my posture and sat down.

“Tell me.”

“Let’s start afresh again.”

“Start what?”

I realised I had spoken out too hastily when I finally spit the words out, so I quickly added.

“I’m talking about this relationship. It’s a strange relationship, it’s like we’re a couple, but not a couple.”

That’s how it was if you looked at it. 

He referred to me as ‘my woman’, yet we had never established what our relationship was. Although he confessed his deep feelings for me, it was a story of how he had been waiting for the me from 100 years ago, so he wouldn’t let me go now that I had appeared. 

It wasn’t a confession of love for me, nor did I really know what feelings I had in my heart for him.

Although it was true that my heart would flutter for him, if you asked me if I liked him, then I really didn’t know yet. The most honest answer I could give was probably to say that I didn’t have enough feelings for him to turn into lovers yet.

“I know that Lecht has been waiting for me for 100 years. Thank you so much for the care I’ve witnessed personally. But…”

I tried to find a way to convey my thoughts as clearly as possible in order not to hurt his feelings.

“To be honest with you, I don’t know.”

“You don’t know?”

“The me from 100 years ago doesn’t feel like me.”

Apart from not having any memories of her, the more I heard about her, the more I felt estranged from her. She was a more confident, more accepting, and wiser woman than I was.

“So actually… I’m a little scared at how much affection Lecht is giving me.”

Lecht’s brow furrowed slightly at my words.

“I’m afraid I won’t be able to live up to Lecht’s expectations. I’m scared that Lecht will be disappointed once he finds out that the real me is very different from what Lecht thought I’d be.”


“Don’t get me wrong though! It’s absolutely not that I dislike receiving Lecht’s affection at all!”

I could sense a hint of impatience in the voice that said my name, so I added quickly.

“How should I put this… I think I’ll need some time to get used to it.”


“Plus, I don’t actually know a lot about you either, Lecht. Of course, other than being the Demon King, having waited for me, and being a considerate person. Although I know all of that… I still think it may be too early for us to define our relationship with just that alone.”

I explained my stance on this as calmly as possible, hoping that he wouldn’t get offended.

“So, can we start all over again?”


“I will try to get to know more about Lecht as soon as possible and get used to your affection. So, please stop thinking about the me from 100 years ago, and just look at the me in front of you right now.”

I understand that it’d be difficult. But at some point, it was an issue that had to be brought up, at least once. It wasn’t like I could suddenly find my memories from 100 years ago, nor was it possible for me, or him to bear his burdensome feelings.

“Is that too much for me to ask for?”

But that was just my opinion anyway. This could have seemed like an unreasonable request from his point of view.

I looked into his eyes and asked him. 

However, the look on his face as he looked at me wasn’t one of bewilderment or anger. Nor was he disappointed or flustered. It was full of affection. As if I was cute for making such a request.

From his point of view, it must have been bewildering for a lover, who he had finally met again after 100 years, to want to start from zero again. As I was waiting for his answer, he suddenly burst into laughter.

“So this is what it feels like to hear that.”


“So, is it my turn to tell you this?”

When I tilted my head, he reached out his hand to hold my clenched fist. He then added with a faint smile.

“Even if this world splits in two, I will never be disappointed in you.”

“No, that’s why the me right now may not live up to what you think of me…!”

“Even if you are substantially different to the person you were 100 years ago, my heart won’t change. Since what I love about you is your very existence.”

He cut off my hasty protest.

“But I’ll try. I’ll only look at the you right now.”

Somehow, it felt as if there was a smile in his voice. He whispered with such a cheerful expression on his face that I wondered if I had really just pushed this man away.

“I already know how loveable of a woman you are, so it’ll be hard for me to ignore everything though.”

He continued to speak affectionately, as if he didn’t care about my face turning red or not.

“I will try to restrain myself so as not to make you feel burdened. However, can you cut me some slack if my feelings jump out of control sometimes?”


“Since you’re just too loveable.”


I felt as if the world had stopped when he put an end to his sentence. 

How could this man be so radiant, even at this moment when I’ve rejected him?

He smiled as he carefully examined my face, which must have already turned a ripe peach colour. It was a smile that made me unable to fight back.

“That much should be acceptable, right?”

Although I should’ve said no, I wasn’t in any position to protest. My heart kept pounding and blood kept rushing to my head making my eyes go wide.


My thoughts and everything flew away at those words that sounded like a complaint.

It was clear that he either didn’t take my request seriously, or that he enjoyed my flustered reaction whenever he was determined and seductive. Otherwise, there’s no way he could have such a pleased expression on his face.


Of course, I had nothing to say and just nodded dazedly at him again, as if I had been mesmerised.

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* * *

Lecht acted well according to my request. The way he expressed his affection was no longer as over the top as before and had definitely decreased, and he never brought up how I was like ‘100 years ago’.

Although I couldn’t say I didn’t feel regretful at all, I was satisfied since it at least wasn’t burdensome or uncomfortable anymore. However, before we were even able to adjust to our relationship’s new dynamic, a piece of news arrived that would change everything.

It was the obituary of the Head of the Ezzarson Guild.

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IBVIAAN Ch 26 — The Woman that was Me 100 Years Ago


As Lecht’s ferocious gold eyes turned to Muso’s direction, he hurriedly shook off my hand before hiding behind Tanma. Although he had a young face, he was built like a brown bear and wasn’t able to hide behind Tanma very well.

I approached Lecht, whose eyes seemed to tear apart Muso at any moment now.

“What happened?”

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As Lecht’s ferocious gold eyes turned to Muso’s direction, he hurriedly shook off my hand before hiding behind Tanma. Although he had a young face, he was built like a brown bear and wasn’t able to hide behind Tanma very well.

I approached Lecht, whose eyes seemed to tear apart Muso at any moment now.

“What happened?” 

I intuitively felt as if Muso would be in danger if I hadn’t done so. 

Lecht’s gaze shifted to me as I stood in front of him and asked him a question. I put on the prettiest smile I could muster to ensure the wellbeing of Muso. Lecht’s expression softened noticeably, as if it had been eaten.

Turning his attention to me, he held out a bouquet of flowers. It was the roses that I had seen yesterday, now beautifully trimmed.

“Wow, what’s the occasion? Why the bouquet all of a sudden?”

I hugged the colourful bundle of roses in my arms. The faint scent of roses began to permeate the room.

“You said that bouquets shouldn’t need to have a reason for them to be given.”

“I did?”

I was about to ask him when I said that when I noticed the look in his eyes.

“Oh, the me from 100 years ago.”

Oh god. The me 100 years ago hadn’t even known shame. To think that I said, ‘Buy me a bouquet of flowers. Always. At any time.’. 

In any case, all these benefits were thanks to me from 100 years ago. I praised the past me.

“Have you had lunch yet?”

Lecht asked as I buried my face in the bouquet for a whiff.

“I haven’t eaten yet.”

“Then let’s have it together.”


I handed the bouquet of roses to Solte and asked her to put it in a vase before following after Lecht. 

He then naturally grabbed my hand. His behaviour was so natural that I didn’t even sense any awkwardness. 

I only realised the situation after I had walked past a few guards and servants after thoughtlessly walking alongside him for a while. The servants burst into giggles after greeting us, while the guards saluted us with a satisfied smile that I couldn’t quite understand.

“By the way, Lecht. Why are we holding hands…?”

When I asked him while looking down at our interlocked hands with wide eyes, he explained calmly.

“Because you said we should hold hands when we walk together.”

No, did the me from 100 years ago say that as well?

“Otherwise I’d walk too fast and you’d get sad and scared when left behind by yourself.”

Wow. The me from 100 years ago must have been great at flirting. You’re telling me that you said all those things without feeling any shame at all?

“That… how long had we known each other for when I said that?”

No matter how aggressive I was, it must have been after we became a couple, right? We were at least a thing, right?

“Three days.”


I said something shameless like asking you to hold my hand, only after we had known each other for three days? You’re seriously incredible, me.

“It’s good.”

I held Lecht’s hand tighter as I expressed my respect and gratitude to the me from 100 years ago.

* * *

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Lunch was more enjoyable than I expected. The food that came out suited my tastes perfectly, the dessert was the ice cream I especially wanted to eat, and Lecht was a friendly talking partner. 

Friendly… because although he never took the initiative to lead the conversation, he still answered all my questions well. However, I wasn’t complaining since I had a lot to talk about as well as questions I was curious about. Rather, I took advantage of the opportunity to ask him a lot of things I was curious about.

“So you’re saying Kelber looks like he only has one head to other humans?!”

“That’s right.”

“And the slugs pulling the carriages look just like horses?”


“No way…!”

I heard about a lot of things I was clueless about. In particular, he explained that the main reason he had followed me to the East was because I had recognised Kelber in his true form. 

He had wanted to ask me to go with him to the Temple of the Moon God for a while when we arrived at Chivan Village, which I had been planning to go to since the beginning. Although there was no need for that since Lydia appeared in the middle anyway.

“So I’m the only one who can take that holy object, right?”


In addition, I found out that the defensive cheat that I had been thinking of taking was a holy object and wasn’t something that could be taken unless I was the saintess in the first place. I didn’t even know that and had been planning to steal it on my way to fleeing the country.

Then, upon recalling my plan to flee the country, I looked at Lecht again. The reason I was going to flee the country was because the Demon King was going to destroy the Empire.

However, with the Demon King sitting right in front of me, no matter how I looked at it, Lecht didn’t seem to have any intention of invading the Empire. Although he was a man who could wilfully ignore the emperor, he didn’t seem like he would trample over others so recklessly.

“Lecht, about that rose.”

I decided to put my faith in Lecht, who I had met personally, instead of the future written in the novel.

“You said it’s endured for 100 years, right? Without withering nor breaking.”

Since I couldn’t ask him, ‘Are you planning on destroying the Empire?’, I thought up a question with the help of the description in the novel.

“Then… what would you do if it withered?”

Lecht’s hand, which was lifting the teacup, suddenly froze in its place. The cup was placed back onto the saucer with a ‘clack’ sound. The sound was louder than I expected.

“If the rose died, then that would mean your soul had ceased to exist.”

He explained, perhaps because he thought I didn’t understand.

“So that neither reincarnation nor revival is possible. Your existence has ceased to exist, both in this world, and anywhere else.”

Although it was a grave remark, I could spot a subtle wrinkle in his forehead.

“But the fact that the rose has withered…”

Anger flashed across Lecht’s face for an instance. And then it was soon quickly filled with a sense of forlornness.

He looked at me with empty eyes, like a person whose reason to live had disappeared and said.

“It would’ve meant that I had lost you.”


“If I lose you… I’d probably start by wiping out this continent that took you away from me.”

I felt chills starting from my tailbone climb up my spine and all the way to my skull.

“After that, this world, then every dimension that’s in existence… and finally God. I would eliminate them, one by one.” 

A quiet anger could be felt in Lecht’s voice. It was an anger directed towards this world that had ‘taken’ me away. But after a while, warmth soon filled his voice, as if the anger had never been there.

“But you’re in front of me right now. So I don’t really want to imagine that.”

He looked at me and whispered in a tone that seemed to be of complaint. But my tense shoulders didn’t loosen up easily.

‘So if it weren’t for me, you were actually thinking of wiping out the Empire?!’

If I hadn’t been transported into this novel. If I hadn’t coincidentally run into Kelber that day. Although all sorts of ‘if’ scenarios came to my mind, the biggest realisation I had was the importance of my existence in this world.

‘Then what’s going to happen if Lecht is disappointed that I’m different from the me 100 years ago…?’

Although I had simply thought, ‘I’ll just find out what I was like 100 years ago!’, I now started to worry about something completely different.

* * * 

For the sake of the wellbeing of the world, I urgently needed to find out about what I was like 100 years ago. Because I now knew that the weight on my shoulders was not just Lecht’s expectations, but also the destruction of the Empire route.

But it wasn’t as easy as I thought it’d be. And that was because Lecht wouldn’t leave me alone.

At the beginning, a bouquet of flowers was given everyday, making the room reek with the strong scent of flowers. There wasn’t even enough space on the table to put them anywhere.

“It’s better to look at fresh flowers. So it’s fine if you stop giving them to me.”

“Every garden you see outside the window belongs to you.”

Just because I had said it was a bit too much, he decided to give me a garden of several thousand pyeong1, rendering me speechless.

“Wait, now what else is this?!”

“I thought they would all look good on you, so I just bought one of every colour.”

Since he couldn’t give me flowers, as if his hands were just itching to buy them, he constantly bought me clothes, shoes, and accessories.

“It’s too much! Even my room is full!”

“As expected, just having one floor is too small.”

And then gave me a villa as a gift for my excuse of not having anywhere to put them.

“There’s nowhere for me to wear it anyway. Aren’t I just at home everyday?”

“You must be bored. Do you prefer going to plays, or concerts?”

He interpreted my words of having nowhere to go as me saying I was bored, so he called for various theatre and orchestral groups.

‘I don’t even have any time to find out about me from 100 years ago…!’

I didn’t have much time to think without him there, so I racked my brains for a bit and ended up saying…

“Demonic creatures are so fascinating! I’d like to spend some time with Kelber!”

It was absolutely ridiculous. But…

“In any case, I’ve made a demonic creature zoo for you. Did you want to take a look?”

He wrapped up my flimsy excuse beautifully. His affection was like an unstoppable tsunami.

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Even though I tried to find out about myself from 100 years ago to set a course of action so as not to disappoint him. I had even thought to seduce Lecht if the me from then and now were just too different! But I didn’t even have time to come up with such a plan, let alone find out more about me from 100 years ago!!

With a heavy heart, I chose the most extreme method that I had left for my last resort. 

* * *

“…So why did you say we were doing this again?”

Muso, who was squatting in the bushes at the back of the building with me, asked. 

“…I thought that this way, Lecht would leave me alone.”

I avoided his gaze since it sounded like a childish solution, even to me. Fortunately for me, however, Muso didn’t seem to be someone who thought of complications like that and would back me unconditionally if it was regarding me.

“Are you avoiding His Majesty?”

“Well… yes, something like that.”

“What has His Majesty done to wrong you, Your Majesty?!”

Wait, how did you come to that conclusion…?

Huu, I knew it. I knew His Majesty would make a mistake someday.”

He shook his head with a look of ‘today’s the day’.

“Go ahead. What has Our Majesty done? Huu, I’m already getting the feeling that it’s not the usual big problem.”

“No, he didn’t do anything wrong. I’m just trying to avoid him because of some circumstances…”

“What? It can’t be!”

When I spoke truthfully, Muso let out a big gasp before coming to an absurd conclusion again.”

“So His Majesty is suppressing you, Your Majesty!”

Bro. Why are your conclusions always so extreme?

“You always say that people’s freedom shouldn’t be restricted recklessly, yet you yourself don’t actually put it into practice either?! I’m so disappointed in His Majesty!”

“It’s not about suppressing my freedom…”

“Don’t worry, Your Majesty. I’ll risk my life to help you escape.”

I licked my lips as I watched Muso’s eyes blaze with determination. How is he always so resolute?

As I was thinking about how to pacify this situation, I decided to just change the subject altogether. “Why is Muso so good to me?” I sat down on the handkerchief that Muso had laid on the ground and asked him with my chin cupped in my hand.

“Because Your Majesty is my life’s saviour.” To prevent me from getting cold, Muso only chose warm winds, letting it flow to me and replied, “Also, Your Majesty is the one who gave me my name.”

With a smile that seemed to look happy, I asked back, “Your name? Muso?”


“The me from 100 years ago was quite…”

You even had a bad sense in naming. You can’t just name them ‘Muso’, no matter how much they resembled a rhino or how determined they were. That’s just too much.


To say my sense in names was lame was the same as saying his name was lame, so I simply twisted my words.

“I think so too! When you first gave me that name, I wondered if you were crazy.”


Although his honesty might have sounded rude, I laughed awkwardly, knowing that he hadn’t meant any harm as he added.

“Your Majesty is the only person in this world who could see me, who grew up at a garbage dump and was covered in rubbish filth, and say that you’d call me ‘Muso’, since I’d become an invincible2 guy!”


However, I let out a sigh when I heard the true meaning of the name, which was completely different from what I expected.

[1] unit of measurement, approx 3.3m2

[2] ryno’s (now changed to muso) name is actually 무소 (muso) and invincible is 무소불능 (musobulneung) so it’s actually a bit of wordplay.

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IBVIAAN Ch 25 — Love is a Meaningless Action

Deep inside the Great Temple of the Sun God, the saintess’ prayer room was quiet. A faint voice broke the silence.

“What’s making you think so hard like that, Frody?”

At the sound of her calling his name, a demon with a broken horn sitting by the window watching the sky turned his head.

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as translator, proofreader and editor!

Deep inside the Great Temple of the Sun God, the saintess’ prayer room was quiet. A faint voice broke the silence.

“What’s making you think so hard like that, Frody?”

At the sound of her calling his name, a demon with a broken horn sitting by the window watching the sky turned his head. 

Sitting on her knees on a soft cushion in the middle of the prayer room, she had her two hands clasped together, as if she had just been in the middle of ‘praying’.

“It’s unlikely for you to be so quiet.”

Fair skin and charming blonde hair. Even her voice sounded pure, instantly stimulating the beholder’s protective instinct. Her pure white clothes, as well as the flowers and ornaments that adorned her hair made her look wholly otherworldly.

At her whisper, Frody smirked and said while raising an eyebrow perversely. “Why? Are you sad that I’m not paying attention to you, Miss Contractor?”

As he rose from his seat and approached her softly, the woman pouted her lips.

“It’s not that. I was just worried about you since you looked like you were deep in thought about something serious.”

Her expression and tone of complaint was enough to shake the hearts of many people. However, it didn’t work on Frody, who possessed ‘enchantment’.

“To think you can say something so cute.”

Frody knelt on one knee beside her, grabbing her chin and pulling her up.

“You’re clearly anxious at the thought of me thinking of abandoning you.” His blue eyes shone dangerously. “My ‘saintess’.”

“I told you, it’s not that…”

Frody gently wrapped his arms around the waist of Olivia, who was about to protest. As his hand touched her waist, Olivia could no longer continue speaking and let out a low moan. His power, ‘enchantment’, began to flow upon the physical contact.

“F-Frody… we’re at a temple…”

“You’ve done it at a temple before, so what’s the problem? Does it feel new to you again?”

Frody’s hands slowly wandered over the robes of the saintess. Olivia’s skin was lit aflame by his touch that descended down her waist, back, ribs, chest, and finally, her lower abdomen.

“Still, the prayer room is a sacred place…”

“You’re still worried about that sort of thing despite not even being the real saintess?”

The strong scent of gold osmanthus began to permeate the surrounding area. Olivia felt an electrifying sensation at the tip of her tongue as it ran down her throat with an almost sweet taste. 

Despite knowing that it was dangerous, she still couldn’t resist the temptation that was right in front of her. There were not many people who could resist the power of Frody in the first place, who had been nominated as a ‘Demon King candidate’ with Lecht.

Of course, any saintess that had received a divine blessing from a god could have nullified his powers, but unfortunately, Olivia wasn’t the real saintess, and was helpless before his ‘enchantment’.


At Olivia’s whiny voice, Frody’s wandering hand stopped.

“Should I stop?”

“No…! Keep going…”

But as soon as he was about to let her off, Olivia clung to him like a chick looking for warmth. Her hands, which had been clasped together in prayer were now clasping onto his loose clothes.

It was difficult to extricate yourself from the power of ‘enchantment’ once you had a taste of it.

“Miss Contractor, I have something I’m curious about. Can you answer it?”


Although she managed to answer him with difficulty, her mind was already submerged halfway in his enchantment.

“There was a fool who loved a woman so much that they changed the direction of their life, beliefs, and attitude in dealing with the world.”

“Frody, more…”

“They had even turned a blind eye to my broken heart for a 100 years, just to reunite with that woman.

Mmhm, just a bit more…”

“But then, instead of waiting for her, that guy suddenly turned his eyes to power?”

“W-Wait, this is too much…!”

“To another woman who is essential to gaining power. It’s not even funny.”


Olivia eventually groaned and fell to the side due to Frody, who had lost control of his powers while thinking about something else. As a result, the power that was filling up Frody’s heart also stopped.

Although the power of ‘enchantment’ was the ability to completely seduce the opponent and absorb their energy, it stopped taking effect when the opponent lost their senses like this.

With a disappointed expression on his face, Frody brushed his fingers through Olivia’s long blonde hair. The soft hair flowing between his fingers reminded him of that black-haired saintess from 100 years ago.

‘It’s a different woman.’

He let out a moan upon recalling the murderous look Lecht had exuded with the woman with blue hair in his arms. 

Clearly, the existence of the ‘Moon God’s Saintess’ was essential to the Demon King. All of the Demon King’s power comes from the Moon God, and the one that designated that power was the saintess, who was dubbed the ‘child’ of Lunar.

It wasn’t just nonsense when it was said that the position of the Demon King would be compromised if the saintess fell into the hands of another. The impact of it could be clearly seen through the fact that the previous demon kings always had a saintess by their side as their companion.

But that guy was different. He was a fool who had given his heart and soul to that black-haired saintess 100 years ago.

Ever since she said she’d return one day, he’d looked just like a puppy who’d lost its owner in a pitiful exchange, so he had thought that he wouldn’t have paid attention to any other saintess, even if they showed up.

But to think he had shown such an appearance over a woman other than the saintess with black hair. It was something he couldn’t have even imagined.

‘But that’s fair. Love is a meaningless action anyway.’

Frody looked down at Olivia with a smirk. Just take a look at her for instance. It only took an instant for her to lose her true self in someone else’s enchantment.

‘But it would still be amusing to provoke him.’

Just as he was thinking of an enjoyable prank, a knock sounded from the door of the prayer room.

“Livi, it’s me.”

Frody grinned at the all too familiar voice of the man. “Miss Contractor, a fish has arrived.” With a snicker, Frody gradually disappeared, leaving only the heavy scent of gold osmanthus in the air.

“Sorry for interrupting you. But it’s something I have to tell… Livi!” The blond haired man who had opened the door, came rushing in hastily upon finding Olivia, who had fallen to the ground. “Livi, what’s wrong? Livi!”

As the crown prince hugged her limp body, Olivia’s eyelids slowly fluttered open. “…Your Highness?”

“…Your Highness?”

Haa, Livi. Are you being impractical again and praying even while your body is still weak? I already told you to be careful!”

Opening her eyes, Olivia smiled at him after glancing around the room and letting out a sigh. It was a smile so warm it seemed to be able to melt anyone’s heart. “Did I end up like this after praying for Your Highness’ peace and safety?”


Her sweet voice moved the heart of the crown prince. Looking down at her with eyes dripping with affection, he hugged her in his arms tightly.

“How did such a loveable woman like you become mine?”

“Your Highness…”

“There’s really no one else for me but you.”

“…Me too. You’re the only one for me.”

Olivia also hugged him tightly, their faces inches apart. The priests of the sun god, who rushed in at the news that the saintess had collapsed, could only quickly avert their eyes from the overflowing love between a man and a woman.

* * *

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“Solte, where’s the butler, Tanma… oh?”

I found the butler standing in the hallway just as I had opened the door to hurriedly ask Solte a question.

“Good afternoon, miss.”

“Mister Butler, you came just in time! I wanted to ask you something!”

However, my eyes landed on the man next to Tanma before I could say anything.

“And this person is…?”

It was the man I had seen when Frody had appeared.

“I sought him out since I figured that we’d need someone exclusively serving you completely from now on.”

“But don’t I have Solte?”

There were also many other maids who were exclusively reserved to serve me other than Solte.

“Of course, she’ll suffice as an escort and maid.”


“Apart from that, you’ll also need an errand boy and someone to vent your anger for you.”

‘Vent my anger…?’

Despite his words being mixed with some strange vocabulary, Tanma continued to speak before addressing the point.

“I’m sure you’ve already seen him before. This guy’s name is Muso.”

“Hello! I’m Muso, who will be taking care of all the miscellaneous tasks by Your Majesty’s side from now on!”

Gosh, that shocked me. My shoulders flinched from the roaring voice that seemed to resemble a foghorn in volume. 

Disregarding my surprise, Muso grabbed my two hands with both eyes of his sparkling. “I will exhaust this very life that Your Majesty has saved for you!!”

“No, there’s no need for you to exhaust it or anything…”

Despite my soft murmur, he chose not to listen to it and continued on bravely. “I can’t believe that the day we get to see Your Highness again has really come…! Every moment waiting for Your Majesty was noble and worthwhile! I am honoured to be able to serve you, Your Majesty!”

…Is it just me who feels like the number of fans has increased by one more?

I turned my gaze to Tanma and shot him a look that clearly conveyed a plea for help. However, instead of helping, Tanma only gave a satisfied smile in return. It was an extremely spiteful smile.

When I sent a resentful look back with the meaning of, ‘Why did you bring this sort of guy here?!’, Tanma let out a laugh before opening his mouth. “Although he has a problem with controlling his volume due to his over-enthusiasm, you can just tell him to shut up. He listens well.”

No, those tips won’t help. His voice was so loud, I doubt he’d even be able to hear my voice in the first place.

“Even so, he’s the most capable man in this mansion.”

When Mister Butler was away from the demon realm, Muso was the one that took over the duties of the butler of the Grand Duke Mansion, so the fact that he had capable skills seemed to be true. 

It was as fascinating as it seemed to be. To think that this guy, whose aura was exactly that of an enthusiastic new employee who had just been admitted to the company, had abilities comparable to that of the vice president.

“But Mister Butler, did you also leave the demon realm?”

A burst of laughter escaped from the lips of Tanma, who I had always thought was a ‘butler’ at the Grand Duchy. It was a chilling smile.

“His Majesty, the Demon King, also left the Demon King’s Palace empty, so I also had to take care of that too.”

Although he had said so mildly, I was still able to discern the grievances that were hidden behind those words. 

I snuck a glance at his eyes and asked, “There’s no way Lecht left that position to wait for me here… right?”

“Don’t worry. It ended up being like that because our damned Majesty was just too damn stubborn.” Tanma smiled and naturally cursed his boss. It was an impressive skill.

“You’re right! It would’ve been fine for His Majesty to wait in the demon realm as well, but he was just too stubborn and insisted on the human realm! Your Majesty, you’re perfect!”

No, but what does his insistence on the human realm have anything to do with me being perfect?

“Come to think of it… did you also say you were ‘waiting’ for me, Muso? So you also met me 100 years ago?”

“So you really don’t remember…” He looked sullen for a moment. But his expression soon came back to life, as if it had been resurrected. It was like Ottogi1, which would never fall. “But that’s okay!! Because I remember you, Your Majesty!”

His words made a smile appear on my face. Although I didn’t remember him, the important thing was that he had memories of me from 100 years ago.

‘I can ask him about me from 100 years ago!’

I covered one of his hands that were holding onto mine with one of my hands. Although I wasn’t able to cover his entire hand with my small hands, I was still able to convey the meaning I wanted to through that action.

“Then, I’ll be counting on you from now on, Muso!”

Since I’ll have a lot to ask!

Looking at his hand that was touching mine with wide eyes, Muso shouted while smiling so wide his gums were exposed. “Yes! I love you too, Your Highness!”

No, I said I’ll be counting on you, not I love you. Still, I smiled at the expectation that I could hear about me from 100 years ago.

It was then. I heard a deep voice from the door that was still open.

“Just what are you doing right now?”

I turned my head to see Lecht, who was staring at me and Muso. To be more precise, he was glaring at our hands clasped together.

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[1] 오뚜기 ottogi is a large korean food manufacturing company.

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IBVIAAN Ch 24 — Do a Terrible Thing in the Name of Love

Although it was already night, it wasn’t dark at all thanks to the full moon in the sky. 

I probably would’ve enjoyed the night’s walk more, had it not been for this ambiguous situation where neither of us were fighting or had yet to fully reconcile with each other, but my nerves were completely focused on what he wanted to show me.

The place where he took me to was a garden located deep within the Grand Duchy.

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as translator, proofreader and editor!

Although it was already night, it wasn’t dark at all thanks to the full moon in the sky. 

I probably would’ve enjoyed the night’s walk more, had it not been for this ambiguous situation where neither of us were fighting or had yet to fully reconcile with each other, but my nerves were completely focused on what he wanted to show me.

The place where he took me to was a garden located deep within the Grand Duchy. 

I couldn’t even remember how many guards I had met along the way to the place surrounded by tall and thorny vines. Not only were there guards, but also several demonic creatures standing guard there. 

There were also several protective barriers placed there by mages that had to be lifted. It didn’t even seem like the emperor’s bedroom would be as well protected as this.

The place that we finally arrived at was a rose garden.

“Wow, there are so many roses…”

Even though this was the season for roses to wilt, all the roses here were still fresh. Although it wasn’t completely blocked off from the outside air, a warm energy that kept the temperature seemed to keep it from dying.

The colored roses each showed off their own beauty in their own individual circular sections. Red, white, pink, and yellow. Amongst them, the black roses’ section was in the very centre, being protected by all the other colours.

“So black roses are this pretty?”

Although I had seen many roses in my life before, this was my first time seeing a black one. It was so beautiful it seemed as if it had been painted with ink.

“Woah, what’s that?”

My gaze came to a stop at a single rose that was floating in the centre of this space. I walked past Lecht who had stopped in his tracks and headed toward the rose.

Had he cast a spell on it? It was both larger and fresher than the other roses, and had a different radiance to it.

The black rose grew brighter as I drew closer to it. A smile spread across my lips since it looked like it was glad to see me, as if it were a greeting.

It wasn’t emitting a blinding light either. Its soft glow was like a mood light, adding to the atmosphere.

“Is this a rose too? Or was it made through magic?”

I looked back at Lecht and asked. And then my eyes widened upon seeing his expression.

He had this expression after suddenly pulling me into a hug at the temple too. As if he was also in pain. As if he was also happy. 

A look of complicated emotions that were all intertwined into one big mass.


As I took a step toward him to ask him, he let out a sigh mixed with a small groan and opened his mouth.

“Yeah. Since it’s shining so brightly like that.”

Lecht’s low voice flowed in the breeze.

I looked back at the rose doubtfully at his words. Hey, hasn’t it been shining ever since I approached it…?

“Since it shines by your side, I can’t let go of you.”

“What does that mean?”

What do I have to do with a rose shining? As I was thinking about it, a phrase suddenly flashed through my mind.

<Because the rose has withered.>

The flower in that scene was definitely a black rose. Dark and beautiful, just like that child floating in the air right now.

I felt like I had just been hit in the head with a frying pan. 

Lecht took a step closer to me as I stared blankly at the rose, my thoughts complicated as those two points came together in my head. He slowly reached out a large hand and covered my face, turning me toward him. 

His gaze toward me, who was wide-eyed, was filled with infinitely deep emotions. I felt as if my whole body were about to melt away softly despite the cool night breeze.

“100 years.”

A deep voice tickled my ears.

“I’ve waited for 100 years. Just to meet you.”

The weighty information conveyed in his blunt tone was enough to make my heart rate soar.

You’ve waited 100 years? And that’s all just to meet me?

Although it still hadn’t completely sunk into my head yet, the affection that filled his voice and eyes continued to stir up a storm in my heart.

Holding onto my heart that seemed as if were about to melt from affection and flutter away, I asked.

“Were you waiting for the saintess of the moon god?”

Lydia had told me that the moon god’s saintess hadn’t appeared in the last few hundreds of years. So, from the standpoint of the Demon King, who worships the moon god, he must’ve been waiting for the saintess.

However, Lecht shook his head slightly at my question.

“Whether or not they’re the moon god’s saintess isn’t important.”


“Of course, although I knew that you were going to appear as the saintess of the moon god, what I was waiting for wasn’t you as the moon god’s saintess, but just you as yourself.”

I had no choice but to continue asking questions in response to the words that were beyond my comprehension.

“But why… me?”

“We first met 100 years ago.”

“Maybe you’ve mistaken me for someone else? The human life span isn’t that long.”

“I’m not sure if the time I met you had been during your previous life, or even the life before that. But what I’m sure of is that I definitely haven’t mistaken you for someone else.”

He was resolute in his opinion. It wasn’t a tone of speculation, but a voice that only those who had complete confidence could make.

“How do you know? The person you’re thinking of might be a different person to me.”

I’m not Meliara. I was just another person who had taken over Meliara’s body. So if he had been waiting for Meliara, then she wasn’t here.

Because of this, the thought that those huge expectations and emotions were directed towards Meliara and not me, made me extremely uncomfortable.

“It’s you.”

“How can you be so sure?”

Although it wasn’t my fault that I took over Meliara’s body, his deep emotions made me feel like I had sinned, so I had no choice but to ask in a curt voice.

“I’m not sure about you, Lecht, but I…!”

He spoke softly in a calm voice just as I was about to have an outburst.

“I told you. It’s because that shines.”

The black rose next to us glistened, as if replying to his words.

“That is a rose made from a fragment of your soul that you left 100 years ago.”


“This admirable guy has endured all kinds of bad weather without withering, only looking forward to the day it would finally meet its master again.”

I had a strong feeling that he was actually talking about himself instead of the flower.

Enduring for 100 years. 

I had the illusion that he was whining for praise, having gone through such a difficult time just in order to meet me again. To the point where his voice was quietly earnest.

“It shines powerfully just because you, its master and main soul, has returned to its side again and given it more strength.”


“So don’t tell me that I’m mistaken.”

Lecht said, as if making the final court ruling.

“The soul that I’ve waited 100 years for, that’s you.”

My heart throbbed. If it was a soul, and not a body, then that was me. It wasn’t that I had stolen the affection that was supposed to be given to Meliara, but it was that they belonged to me in the first place.


An unbearable sigh escaped from between my teeth. 

He had waited 100 years. For my soul. But for what reason?

There wasn’t much variety in the answers that I could come up with to that question. And all of them were based on melodrama as well. 

To get revenge for a great resentment. To seek forgiveness for an infinite sorrow. To repay the favour due to endless gratitude. Or, he had done a terrible thing in the name of love.

As I was at a loss for this or that, he whispered in a voice that was full of ardent emotions.

“You said it back then. That we’d definitely meet each other again.”

He moved his hand which had been on my cheek and brushed it through my hair. I felt a tingling sensation from my hair, as if there were nerves there too.

“And that at that time, you wouldn’t leave me alone.”

He drew my hand towards him as he reminisced about a promise I couldn’t remember. He put my hand on his chest to cover his heart, as if doing so could keep it from running away.

Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump.

His heart rate that vibrated from underneath the palm of my hand was far beyond normal levels. It was fascinating that the heart of Lecht, who always looked calm and unperturbed, could beat so fast. And be so fluttery.

Since there was no way I could be unaware that this heartbeat was completely because of me.

“With that promise as my motivation, I’ve endured an unbearable 100 years.”

His heart raced even faster, as if in agreement. To the point where I was worried it might combust like this.

“That’s why I can’t let you go.”

Although I still felt like he was trying to justify himself, and still felt like he was trying to convince me to stay too. The only thing that was certain was knowing that his heart was for me..

“Because this heart, for as long as it beats, will only beat for you for the rest of its life.”


“So… I guess I can’t let you go.”

It was a confession that was covered with an obsession so terrible, the weight of it was difficult to bear. But when I heard it, although my heart sensed the danger it was in, instead of fleeing, it began to roll down toward him.

Thump. Thump.

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My heart was accelerating with his confession, just like how his heart had been motivated by my words in the past. 

Thump. Thump. Thump.

I was overwhelmed with emotions that were hard for me to extricate myself from.




artist said white in his eyes? nah.

* * * 

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Coming back to the room that day, I didn’t know what sort of mood I had returned with.

With blood rushing to my head, I couldn’t even give him a vague answer since I couldn’t even think properly.

Instead of rushing me for an answer, Lecht just quietly led me to my room. 

I wasn’t in my right mind when I got back to my room.

“Because this heart, for as long as it beats, will only beat for you for the rest of its life.”

It was the first time in my life receiving such a deep confession. My face flared crimson red every time it came up randomly.


I wonder how many times I had screamed under the blankets already. The heart that had been racing so fast seemed as if it were about to go on strike soon.

After staying up all night with a fluttering heart, I finally calmed down a little. I could finally reflect on what he had said.

‘But what I’m sure of is that I definitely haven’t mistaken you for someone else.’

He said he had met my soul 100 years ago. 

So when is that? In my previous life…? Then in my previous life, had I lived in this world? 

So was I a demon back then? Maybe that’s how I met Lecht, the Demon King.

I wonder what I looked like? Was my personality similar to my one now?

‘It’s inevitable that I don’t have any memories of that time, but…’

It was also inevitable for me to have complicated feelings. 

A characteristic of humans was that every person, even twins, were different, depending on their background. No matter how much of the same soul we share, our personalities could be different due to the different lives we had lived, so if I had different beliefs and principles 100 years ago from the ones I had today, then I could be seen as a completely different person.

‘Although my heart is racing at the fact that he waited 100 years for my soul… I would be lying if I said it wasn’t burdensome.’

It was just like my concerns on whether or not I would be able to meet the expectations of the Lunar religion as a saintess who finally appeared after a few hundred years. 

No, it felt even worse than that.

What if he was disappointed? Wouldn’t he feel betrayed if I suddenly changed after he waited for 100 years? Wouldn’t you be upset that I had no memory of it?

Shaking my head wildly, complicated emotions filled my heart, even as it fluttered in excitement.

‘Nothing will be solved if you continue digging your own grave like this!’

First, let’s find out what I was like 100 years ago! 

I jumped up from my seat.

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IBVIAAN Ch 23 — I’ll Hate You For the Rest of My Life

“Linden knew, right?”

I still remembered Linden’s ambiguous behaviour at the start of the journey.

‘How do you know that person?’

‘Since he’s someone who’s a close acquaintance of His Majesty the Emperor.’

this chapter is brought to you by mio
as translator, proofreader and editor!

“Linden knew, right?”

I still remembered Linden’s ambiguous behaviour at the start of the journey.

‘How do you know that person?’

‘Since he’s someone who’s a close acquaintance of His Majesty the Emperor.’

Although Linden wouldn’t have known that Lecht was the Demon King, he at least knew that he was the Grand Duke of Arvis. There was no doubt about that.

However, the reason he didn’t say anything to me must have been because Lecht had forbidden him from mentioning it.

Now that I think about it, there were a lot of strange points that I had naturally brushed off when I was unaware of the situation.

“Why did you hide it?”

The shock of learning that Lecht is the Demon King still lingers. I was still scared at the thought of what he was going to do to the Empire.

However, there was still one more emotion that was larger than that, stabbing at my heart. Was it the feeling of betrayal? Or was it sorrow?

“Because I wasn’t sure about you at first.”

He answered me flatly.

“There was no way for me to know how you’d react later.”

Although it was a stiff tone that had no emotion in it, I could tell that it was true from the look in his eyes.

“So what you weren’t sure about, is it being sure that I’m the saintess?”

“I’m sure it’s you.”

So it was that.

“The less people that know that I’m the Grand Duke of Arvis, the easier it is to maintain confidentiality, so I normally don’t talk about it.”

“Then Linden…”

“Hmm. Well he’s a case that found out by himself.”

“Come to think of it, it’d be weird for you to ignore the prince when you didn’t know him.”

“…Is that so.”

Now that I think about it, it was pathetic of me to believe the weak basis of, ‘it’s because he’s one of the emperor’s people’. Even Linden would have been suspicious.

“So you didn’t know how I’d react later?”


“When I asked you where your home was and where you lived, you still avoided my question.”

There was clearly an opportunity for him to bring it up.

‘A place with a good view of the galaxy, and lots of animals.’

That was clearly an answer that avoided saying the whole truth.

“Wasn’t that something you should’ve told me at least then?”

He lowered his gaze as I reproached him with the little resentment that I had bottled up. After looking at my feet for a while, he finally raised his eyes again.

“I was afraid that you’d avoid me.”

Although this too, was said flatly, perhaps because of the look in his eye, my shoulders that had been tense soon relaxed.

“When people normally find out that I’m the Grand Duke of Arvis, they usually fall into one of two groups. Those who think they can get something out of me, and who are interested in scheming.”


“And those that flee in fear or avoidance.”

That was understandable. 

He was renowned for being trusted and favoured by the emperor as the descendant of the empire’s founder, but nothing was known about himself. There were rumours that he was eccentric, and that the whole family would be ruined if they wronged him.

The land that was under the Grand Duchy was as large as the capital, and his army was strong enough for it to be acknowledged even by the emperor, so even the Mage’s Tower didn’t dare to provoke him recklessly.

When faced with such overwhelming power, it was obvious what people’s reaction would be. Lecht, who had lived as the Grand Duke for 100 years, must have seen it many times.

“So you thought that I’d be like that too.”

He probably thought I’d choose the latter since it didn’t look like I wanted to get anything from him.

“I didn’t mean to deceive you.”

“When you hid it for a month and had the chance to bring it up, you just beat around the bush, but you weren’t trying to deceive me?”

“…I was going to tell you when you woke up.”

“Shouldn’t you have told me before you brought me here?”


He couldn’t find an answer to rebut my logic. No matter how you thought about it, it was clearly him at fault. 

I was so shocked that I fainted at the news. It was even my first time fainting since being born.

Still not being able to fathom this poking feeling in my heart, I took half a step back.

That was when he began to open his mouth to speak again.

“If I had told you, would you have followed me here?”

It was now my turn to be at a loss for words at his logic. He was right.

I would have fled as soon as I knew that he was the Grand Duke of Arvis.

No matter if I was the saintess or whatever, with the Demon King right in front of me, I would’ve run away without even looking back. The reason why the novel had become an ‘anticlimax’ and why I wanted to flee the country was right in front of me, so of course I would’ve escaped.

“If you, who was even burdened by the position of saintess, knew about me… then you wouldn’t have even been able to fall asleep on my back.”

That was too true. I wouldn’t have even been up there in the first place. Lecht was piercing right through the truth.

“Still, deceiving is deceiving.”

However, in the end, he still deceived me.

“You’ve even taken away my chance to choose whether or not I want to run away or follow after you.”

I could see Lecht’s fingertips flinching at my point. Although his expression hadn’t changed at all, it felt like I could read his thoughts.

It was then that I had a realisation of what exactly this feeling that was weighing down on my heart was. It wasn’t a feeling of betrayal or sorrow; it was anxiety.

‘Because I have no intention of letting you go.’

I couldn’t understand what those words meant.

‘Your job is to do whatever your heart desires. It’s up to me to follow you.’

I constantly wondered if what he said was true.

‘Let alone her body, even the traces left of her can’t be found?’

The unidentified man’s words kept ringing in my ears. 

<And in that way, he destroyed the very empire he had built with his own hands.>

The future of the novel that hadn’t yet unfolded kept coming into mind.

“I didn’t mean to force you.”

I didn’t know if I could take his words that he had softly whispered to heart.

“Then let me go.”

So defensive words popped out of my mouth instinctively.

His expression changed greatly this time. His eyes widened and his shoulders also stiffened. His calm breathing which could be heard before suddenly stopped.

After the end of a long silence, his lips finally parted again.

“That’s… difficult.”

In any case, this answer was within my expectations. However, I spoke curtly upon hearing that answer.

“So you didn’t mean to force me. Then shouldn’t you let me go if I want to leave?”

Hiding it from the beginning for fear of me avoiding him was a completely different story to doing so to prevent me from running away. That was not only taking away my chance to choose to run away, but also my freedom to run away.

His silence had caused me to roll into the den of demons, and aside from it being scary, it also wasn’t pleasant to have the faith I put into someone being betrayed.

“I’m leaving.”

Frankly, despite having nowhere else to go, I was stubbornly sticking to my feeling of betrayal and sadness.


“Let me go.”

“I said no.”



“Why does Lecht get to decide where I’m going? I’m the one that’s leaving though?”

Why do I feel so hurt about this?

“Then are you going to use your power and authority to block me from leaving? Then how can I possibly trust you at this point?!”

My ugly way of speaking started to become harsher. 

I wonder why that was the case. There’s no reason for me to get this angry. So what was making me so emotional?

“Also, what did he mean by as long as it’s a saintess, it doesn’t matter? Just what else are you hiding from me?!”

Oh, I see. So that’s what I’m so upset about.

It wasn’t that I was scared because he was the Demon King, nor was it because I felt betrayed over the fact that he deceived me.

No, maybe I had felt like that in the beginning. But that wasn’t the case now. 

The reason why the tip of my nose kept feeling stuffy and the feeling of wanting to cry keeps welling up from within.

‘But… this isn’t what our Demon King has been waiting for though?’

‘Ahh, so as long as it’s a saintess, it doesn’t matter?’

It was the fact that Lecht was waiting for a saintess. And it was the fact that I wasn’t the one he was waiting for.

‘The saintess this time seems to be gentler than the last one, huh?’

He was probably talking about the previous saintess. The saintess whose life Frody had said was completely ruined.

So, it wasn’t me who was meant to receive all of Lecht’s kindness, but it was that saintess.

“Let me go.”


Feeling like I was about to cry, I closed my eyes and shouted.

“I hate men who lie!”

My shrill voice filled the spacious restaurant. In the silence that followed, the only sound that could be heard was my panting for breath.

Along with his expression of surprise from earlier, Lecht was looking at me with another expression as well. He looked extremely flustered… no, as if he had received a great shock.

Today was a day where I had witnessed a variety of emotions on his face. Normally, it would have been fascinating, but I wasn’t particularly happy about that right now.

“Ara, I…”

He stretched out his hand toward me, calling me quietly. However, I stepped back reflexively and moved away from him.

At that moment, his eyes shook, like the flame of a candle in front of the wind.


He called out for me once again, clenching his fist which had stopped awkwardly midair.  There was a sense of embarrassment in his voice, but I, who had felt overwhelmed with emotions already, wasn’t in the right mindset to consider his feelings as well.

Since I was busy protecting my wounded heart. I was busy hiding it since I felt as if my pride and innermost thoughts had been revealed.

Another step backwards of mine made his legs flinch. It was a movement that seemed to stop him from approaching me any further.

“I’m leaving. Don’t stop me.”

I mumbled as I hastily wiped away the tears that had started to drip down my cheeks at some point. It was stubbornness to stick to feelings of resentment and pain.

“If you stop me, I’ll hate you for the rest of my life!”

After that, I left the restaurant as if I were fleeing.

Kelber rushed after me with a whine, but Lecht, however, didn’t go after me.

* * *

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“Lecht… must be very angry, right?”

It had been a whole day since I yelled emotionally at Lecht.

He hadn’t come to look for me, nor had I left this room. My meal had been brought up by Solte, and Kelber had remained by my side.

I hadn’t been able to sleep that evening since I was so resentful and angry. However, after a day, an apologetic feeling began to ooze its way into me.

“Should I apologise…?”

It was certainly wrong for him to deceive me and bring me here without consulting me first. However, I didn’t think I had needed to shout so loudly.


Kelber, who was lying on the bed, raised his head at my sigh. 

As I hugged Kelber, the soft feel of his fur relieved my mood, albeit only slightly.

kelber is so sweet IM MELTING ;-;

However, although Kelber’s warmth gave me a sense of peace, my mind was still complicated since it hadn’t solved the underlying issue.

‘I could’ve said it in a nicer way, so Lecht must have been flustered since I suddenly got angry at him.’

In any case, this mouth of mine was the source of trouble. Anyone who had a temper vented on them out of the blue would get upset. Lecht was no exception to that.

Just as I was sighing, stroking Kelber’s back in my arms, I heard a knock at the door.

“You can come in.”

I thought it was Solte who was going to bring me warmed milk, so I spoke to the door. However, Solte didn’t open the door.

‘Did you not hear me?’

Or were you having a hard time opening the door since you were carrying so much stuff? 

I got up from my seat and opened the door instead. However, I was surprised by the figure standing on the other side of the door.

The figure of the person standing in the dark hallway was too large for it to be Solte. Above all, those gold eyes that glowed softly were unique to just one person.

“L-Lecht, what brings you here…”

My heart was pounding in surprise. 

He stood at a distance and said nothing. Those two eyes of his that resembled evening stars in the fathomless night sky just stared at me.

He was just as expressionless as always, but I could tell he was agonising over something, perhaps because of the dark shadow that was cast over his face. It was obvious that he had a lot of things to say, but didn’t know what or how to say it.

“Did you drink?”

I couldn’t smell it at first, but as I stood facing him for a longer period of time, the smell of alcohol quietly crossed through the door frame.

“…A bit.”

He spoke with a face that didn’t seem like it only had a bit at all.

He parted his lips, as if he was about to say something, then closed them tightly once again, so I eventually spoke up first.

“Can I ask you about just one thing?”

“Ask as much as you want.”

“Why won’t you let me leave?”


I should’ve asked my questions like this in the first place instead of just getting angry like I did before. Although I had an emotional outburst since my mind was complicated from the overload of information it had to receive at once, I still should have rationally asked for the reason to figure out the situation.

“I ended up raising my voice since I got too emotional. I’m sorry for saying such harsh words.”

Although the accident had already occurred, I still wanted to correct the situation now.”

“But since it’s Lecht, there must be a reason why you’re doing this to me, right?”


The Lecht who I had witnessed so far has been a very rational person. Although he sometimes illogically ignored Linden, upon learning that he was the Grand Duke of Arvis, it was still according to his character. And despite being unusually discriminatory against Linden, the way he treated Tanma and Kelber showed how reasonable he was.

At the restaurant that day, my judgement was clouded for a while from the realisation that Lecht was the Demon King, as well as the words Frody had said, but…

“I want to hear about that reason.”

I should’ve asked calmly like this. 

Lecht’s gaze fell to the floor at my question. 

Was it a reason that was difficult to say? But I still wanted to hear it.

As I waited patiently, he finally opened his mouth after thinking about it for a long time.

“Do you have some time right now? I have something I want to show you.”

His voice was relaxed, perhaps because he was drunk. 

Although it was a bit of a sudden question, it was probably because what he wanted to show me was related to my question.

“Yes, please show me.”

I nodded my head without hesitating and followed after him.


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i think it’s great that she understands, even from earlier on when she didn’t know that lecht was grand duke arvis, that relationships are a give and take and that she’s also willing to give and not only receive.

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IBVIAAN Ch 22 — If Possible, Just the Two of Us

There was a moment of stillness. There seemed to be a bird chirping in the distance.

I couldn’t push him away, but even so, I still couldn’t say a word of consent, and just stiffened.

It happened when he opened his mouth again, just as I had become a statue of stone.

“Whew~ Our Demon King is getting hot even in broad daylight.”

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as translator, proofreader and editor!

There was a moment of stillness. There seemed to be a bird chirping in the distance.

I couldn’t push him away, but even so, I still couldn’t say a word of consent, and just stiffened.

It happened when he opened his mouth again, just as I had become a statue of stone.

“Whew~ Our Demon King is getting it on even in broad daylight.”

A voice that I had never heard before sounded from behind me. I instinctively grabbed onto Lecht due to the goosebumps I got all over my body because of his vulgar voice.

Forget grabbing onto him, rather he instead just pulled me tightly into his arms. Although thanks to that, I was lifted from my chair, I ended up burying my head into his tight embrace anyway.

A man standing at the open window sill caught my eye. 

The first thing I saw as soon as I saw him was the horn on his forehead. Contrary to what I had imagined, the horns were broken in half.

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‘A demon!’

I instinctively burrowed myself into Lecht’s arms even more and clutched the collar of his shirt tightly with my hands. My body instinctively seemed to think it’d be safe there.

The man standing at the window sill with his arms crossed was still staring at me. 

Although it was quite a distance away, I could still feel the ‘interest’ in his gaze. That feeling of interest felt sticky and sinister; just all around unpleasant.

“Sir Frody. You’ve behaved insolently. Please knock on the door before entering.”

The one who was mediating the situation was Tanma, who was standing by the door.

However, the man merely snorted at Tanma’s words and jumped down from the window sill.

“Have you been living amongst humans for so long that you’ve adapted their manners to become ours as well? Since when have we ever gone knocking before entering?”

The man who spoke with a sneer walked lightly in the direction I was in. Since he was barefoot, the sound of his footsteps couldn’t be heard at all, with every step of his as soft as a banquet dancer who could captivate their audience.

Lecht turned my body slightly and tried to hide me within his embrace, as if trying to prevent him from approaching me at all.

However, such behavior of Lecht’s did not deter the man’s curious gaze.

“Who is it? A new lover?”

He poked his head out from the side and asked me with a mischievous light in his eyes. His voice was extremely thin compared to Lecht’s, so much so that it sounded like an itchy nasally voice and a soft breeze.

“Hehe~ There’s no way my little brother can do that though, right?”

He added with a snicker, as if he was genuinely enjoying this situation.


I took a deep breath in shock when I turned my head at the sound that came from the floor by his feet, as if it was agreeing with him.

‘That’s a demonic creature! You can tell it’s a demonic creature just by looking at it!”

Of course, that also was the case with the three-headed Kelber. 

It’s just that it was my worldview and that I was also extremely formidable.

…I was so stupid.

“So you’re the saintess?”

When the man Tanma had called ‘Sir Frody’ asked such a question, Lecht’s arms wrapping around me tightened even more. 

Noticing the subtle change, the man smiled and crinkled his eyes into the shape of his fingernails.

With a charming smile on his lips, he was just like a nine tailed fox, waving its nine tails gently and beckoning me to come over. Although the way he dealt with the opponent was rather calm, he seduced them powerfully.

“The new saintess, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”


“The saintess this time seems to be gentler than the last one, huh?”


“I think they’re cuter this way. It suits me well.”

As he whispered quietly, “Please take care of me”, I felt the gooseflesh erupt all over my arms and shoulders.

It was an extremely strange feeling. My whole body seemed to be enchanted by him, as if it were possessed, but at the same time, the entirety of my soul seemed to be screaming out that I had to be careful of him.

“But… this isn’t what our Demon King has been waiting for though?”


I wondered what his comment meant. The ‘this’ he was referring to was probably talking about me, so is he saying that I’m not the one that Lecht was waiting for?

What do you mean? Didn’t Lecht wait for a long time for a saintess? But I’m a saintess though.

Ahh, so as long as it’s a saintess, it doesn’t matter? Well, it’s true that a Demon King must have a saintess by their side after all.”

“I’ll tear your mouth… you shut up.”

Lecht, who had only been listening silently to what he had to say, growled, as if he could no longer bear to hear it. It seemed like he was in the middle of spewing some harsh words, but then he stopped and looked at me out of the corner of his eye before he turned the conversation around.

“What’s wrong? Come on, we all have the right to see the saintess, don’t we?”

He came a step closer to me. The five-headed snake by his side also slithered a bit closer. 

At that moment, the wisps of black energy began to bloom like a haze from Lecht’s feet.


Kelber, who had retreated a few steps at the sound of my promise to give him affection later, stopped in front of me to block me and bared his teeth. Kelber’s tail stood up sharply with his fur raised, and whether it was an illusion or not, he seemed to grow bigger and bigger in size.


Not losing out either, the snake with five heads also opened their mouths wide and stretched out their necks threateningly.

While the two demonic creatures were fighting it out, Lecht’s eyes were still fixed on the man named Frody.

“Ms Saintess, if you already only love this Demon King so much, what about when he changes his mind? You need to meet them and give them all an equal chance.”


Now what does that mean?

I looked up at Lecht with a puzzled look on my face, but he didn’t allow his sharp gaze to drop away from the man. Instead, he pressed my face deeper into his arms and hugged me tightly, as if he didn’t care.

His refreshing scent gave me a sense of security, so I leaned forward without resisting as the man’s voice continued to sound out.

“Aww, don’t tell me, has the enchantment worn off already?”


“I had wondered why my little brother, who would only confine himself in his mansion, suddenly set out to the capital for no reason all of a sudden… Turns out that you knew the saintess had appeared and went to make preparations in advance, huh?”

“Looks like you still have the habit of looking at the whole world by your standards.”

Lecht said in a pitiful voice, as if he couldn’t bear to listen to his nonsense anymore.



Perhaps because it understood his words were a provocation, the five heads on the snake raised up even higher and darted their tongues out even more violently causing Kelber to growl more intimidatingly and grow even larger in size. He was no longer the size of a large dog but now became the size of a tiger.

Upon hearing that sound, the man named Frody, who was still smiling grimly, whispered.

“Our pretty new saintess.”

I had never been so creeped out from someone calling me pretty.

“I’ll let you know in advance, but you’d better be careful.”


The tip of his finger, which moved softly like something that belonged in a dance, was soon directed at Lecht.

“The last saintess was also naive and didn’t know anything about this world, but then she was deceived by him and had her whole life ruined. Let alone her body, even the traces left of her can’t be found.”


My eyes widened. 

Wh-What, ruined? What can’t be found? Wh-What do you mean let alone? 

My shoulders stiffened as I gradually loosened my grip on Lecht’s collar, which I had been holding onto tightly.

The fact that Lecht was the Demon King suddenly came to my mind again. 

The Demon King who destroyed the Empire.

Surely it’s a little strange that he’s trying to ‘protect’ the saintess. It would make more sense to say that he was up to something instead. 

With my imagination going crazy, I suddenly began to feel extremely uncomfortable in his arms. It was actually starting to get scary, to be exact. 

I wriggled in his arms awkwardly while the man’s voice continued.

“Ah, I was hoping I’d find you first this time.”

The mournful sign that was shed was so gentle that it would also compel the listeners to shed sorrowful sighs too.

“But I’m free to hope, right?”

He whispered in a cute voice, as if begging for me to look at him, before snapping his middle finger and thumb.

With a snapping sound, petals began to scatter across the restaurant. The distinct orange flowers that were shaped like umbrellas were gold osmanthus flowers that I had once seen in a park before. The fine flowers brightened up the heavy atmosphere and spread a deep fragrance into the air. The magnificent scent that seemed to have been sprayed with strong perfume made my sense of smell as well as my head woozy.

Just as my senses were going fuzzy, I heard the sound of a tongue clicking above my head as Lecht raised one hand in the air. 

It was when he was about to snap his fingers just like the man.

“Don’t mess with Her Majesty!”

A gust of wind had blown in from somewhere and blown away all the petals and fragrance. Shocked, all of us turned our heads to see a man standing next to Tanma, panting.

Although he looked imposing, just like someone who had just finished his military conscription, he was a man with a youthful looking face. His short hair fluttered in the residues of the gentle breeze. 

On both sides of his forehead were small horns that indicated that he was a demon. It didn’t even reach a hand span, so unlike Frody’s broken one, it was cute despite being similar to it.

Next to him was Tanma, who was holding the man by the neck with a pleased smile. He was panting for breath and leaning with his whole body forward and no doubt would have rushed forward toward us if it weren’t for Tanma.

“Now just who are you trying to ‘enchant’?! Let go of me, Tanma! I’m really going to hit that bastard this time!”

Upon seeing him huff and puff with a crimson face, Lecht let out a small sigh. 

Then Frody burst out into laughter.

Pffft! So was this useless good for nothing still alive?”


Frody’s words made the man stiffen. His face grew even redder.

“How did my little brother, who shed neither tears nor showed any mercy, slip into the role of a clean-up crew, that’s only fit for trash?”

He giggled and stepped back. Raising both hands in the air, he showed an exaggerated ‘surrender’.

“Okay, okay. I won’t touch your toys. Happy now?”

“I-Is that damn flour boy comparing Her Majesty to a toy right now?! I’m going to beat that bastard into sujebi dough!”

“You guys really have a lack of humor.”

Frody returned to the open window sill in the blink of an eye, stepping back onto it and smiled at me again. His demonic creature, the five-headed snake, suddenly shrank again before wrapping itself around his waist.

“Then, see you next time, Ms Saintess? If possible, just the two of us.”


He even winked as he threw himself out of the window and disappeared. The only thing that remained from where he disappeared was a strong scent of flowers.

“Your Majesty! Let me go after that bastard! This time, I’ll definitely…!”


At Lecht’s words, the man shut his mouth tightly. His whole face was still red, perhaps because he couldn’t cool down.

Lecht rubbed his temple and opened his mouth again.

“Tanma, why did you bring him here? I already said that it’s not the right time to introduce them yet.”

Tanma, who was still holding onto the back of the man’s neck said with a smile.

“It’s said that rabid dogs are the best at hunting crazy bastards.”


A deep torment was felt in Lecht’s sigh.

“Both of you, get out.”

Fufu, with pleasure.”

“Y-Your Majesty, may I just offer my greetings to Her Majesty…!”


Although the man whose name I didn’t know seemed to be trying to say something, he was quickly dragged away by Tanma.

The door closed tightly, leaving only me, Lecht, and Kelber in the restaurant. 

Lecht had let me go when Frody disappeared, so I stood a few steps away from him. Although I was facing him, I couldn’t lift my head up.

The silence felt extremely heavy.

‘I’ll let you know in advance, but you’d better be careful.’

I kept fiddling with my hands in front of me since my heart kept pounding and the floor beneath my feet felt unstable. My lips kept getting dry despite my constant licking, and with my eyes constantly darting back and forth, I finally looked up slightly.

Lecht was looking down at me with a very perplexed expression. Seeing as his mouth kept opening and closing as well, it seemed like he didn’t know what to say to me either.

After observing him like that for a while, I finally found my words first.

“Lecht. You’re the Demon King?”

It was a question that I knew the answer to, but for some reason, that question was the first to pop out of my mouth.


A rather delayed reply came back. It was an answer that I already knew, but my shoulders still trembled.

Another short silence passed before I asked cautiously again.

“Why… didn’t you tell me?”

In fact, that was the part I was most curious about. Although of course, I was also concerned about how he was going to destroy the empire, so if the preparations for that were finished, why he was doing so, etcetera. There were a lot of things I wanted to know.

However, this was the most doubtful point.

“We’ve already been together for a month.”

Over the course of a month, he never once told me.

“Even if you were the Demon King… you still hid from me the fact that you were the ‘Grand Duke of Arvis’.”

If it had only been a week or so, it could be that he was just careless and didn’t pay attention to that. Or he just didn’t have the time to talk about it, I understand.

But it had been a month. That was long enough for the moon to expand and then fade once again. 

This was a period of time in which anyone could have called him ‘Grand Duke Arvis’ at least once, or something about him is brought up in conversation at least once.

“Why did you do it?”

There was no other explanation other than he had deliberately intended to deceive me.

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